Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin animatronic face projection

Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin animatronic face projection

*ALARM* Standby. Scanners detecting more trouble in
Sector 9. No doubt it’s the work of that nefarious criminal, the sworn enemy
of the Galactic Alliance, the evil Emperor Zurg! *GASP* His robotic army is stealing Crystalic Fusion Power Cells. Without those Cells, we’ll all be
powerless! And at the mercy of Zurg. Star Command picked a fine time to send
the new recruits. Alright you Junior Space Rangers, listen up! Green Squadron
will retrieve the Power Cells, while the rest of you concentrate on those robots.
You’ll rendezvous at Planet Z. I will remain here at Star Command to
coordinate the mission. Battle stations! Report to the flight deck for immediate
launch. To infinity, and beyond!

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  1. This is pretty neat. How did you get hold of this audio without all the speaker-roar and tourist chatter? What was that heavy clicking noise that occurred every so often? Was that his face… ummm shifting slides or changing or whatever it’s doing? LOL! I’m blind and wondered what was going on.

  2. I have recently been trying to make an audio loop with the the Disneyland soundtrack but I haven't been able to find original source audio though I was just wondering if you might have seen any?

  3. I was also wondering how you achieved the effect because I would like to make one for the Disneyland version

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