CALORIE – Short Film (2016)

CALORIE – Short Film (2016)

Take a rope Around one meter long Just to begin with And turn it around this way Take one end and turn it around again You’ll have something like this Now take the same end And turn it again… Photo booth Available balance April How many calories do i need a day to… …survive? May You’re a bitch Let’s take a coffee,
I owe you one. Let’s take a coffee… I owe you one. To have or to be? See you tomorrow, E.

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    Nah bitch you get what you asked for! Bien hecho! She's so beautiful tho and she got stood up, but what's the smile all about at the end?

  2. this me blueyescate from 9gag. I think this short film is really good. people actually don't want to die. all they want is make a living. that's all I get. and I also curious, is the girl know that the guy is dead?
    somehow I just didnt get, if the guy is tryna suicide, why not just jump from the high building or something? its hilarious.
    good job! keep it up

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