Camila Cabello on Struggling to Call Shawn Mendes “Baby” and Stealing from Prince William

Camila Cabello on Struggling to Call Shawn Mendes “Baby” and Stealing from Prince William

-I am so excited!
-We have so much to discuss. -Hi, guys!
[ Cheers and applause ] I haven’t been here in so long.
-I know. I missed you. We always have fun
when you’re here. Oh, I love you. That’s our thing
that we do all the time. -Wait, you know — I think you
were the first show that I did as a solo artist.
-I was. -With Shawn like 10 years ago. -I do remember that.
-Not 10 years ago. -No, yeah.
Actually, I have a picture of it actually,
because it’s very interesting. This is the first time
you debuted solo. And this is you and Shawn
on our show. -Oh, my God.
[ Cheers and applause ] -And then I was watching
the AMAs last week, and you and Shawn were
performing together. And there was this picture
of you and Shawn. [ Cheers and applause ] -We’re just, ah —
just slightly closer. -A lot has changed — a lot has
changed — a lot has changed since this and this. -We couldn’t have done
that there. -No.
-I would have been like… -Oh, really?
-Oh, yeah. We were awkward
and nervous and weird. And now we’re older
and nervous and weird. [ Laughter ] -I mean, this is purely like
two buddies, two friends. And then this is — Well, okay. -This is buddies, friends,
lovers. ♪ -Best friends and lovers ♪ Do you have any pet names
for each other? -You know, it’s so funny, ’cause
when we first started going out, it’s so weird — like, have any
of you here ever dated somebody that was your friend
for a really long time? -Yeah, I did.
I’m married to her. -Aww.
[ Audience aws ] Sweet.
-Thank you. Her name is Jennifer Lopez! [ Laughter ] She loves me right back. -But it’s kind of —
I don’t know if you found this, but it’s kind of weird
in the beginning, right? Like, it took me — it took me
like two months to be able to, like, call him “baby.” Like, I could not —
I didn’t want to say his name because we were dating
and I couldn’t call him baby, so I’d just be like,
“Hey, uh, you! [ Laughter ] “Can you hand me
that water over there?” -“Hey, guy,” yeah, yeah. -Yeah, I actually —
yeah, it’s weird. But it’s great. -And also when you’re
introducing them to each other or anything like that, you go,
“This is my, uh…” And you go, “girlfriend?” -Yeah, totally. -And then it’s like,
is that a big deal? And, like —
-Totally. Because the people around you
already know them, because you’ve known them
for a long time. So it’s just like,
and now we kiss and hold hands. [ Laughter ] -I am so psyched your album
is finally out. “Romance.”
-Me too. -Dude, I’ve heard —
[ Cheers and applause ] The songs I heard off it
are awesome. -Thank you so much. -There are so many different
sounds on it. -Thank you.
-That’s a lot for everybody. But then, I was reading — I was
like, this is the big headline. -Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Today it’s the big headline. Yesterday, the big headline was, “Camila Cabello stole a pencil
from Prince William and it could be
worth thousands of pounds.” -This was terrifying
to wake up to. -You’re in big trouble, man. -I know. And it was a joke.
I was at the royal palace. I’m just a small-town girl. I’ve never been to
places like that. [ Laughter ] -This is such a Disney movie,
by the way. [ Laughter ] “I’ve never seen a pencil.”
Yeah, no. -Not a royal pencil! They’re different.
They smell different. -That’s not true.
[ Laughter ] -Anyway, I was at the royal
palace for the first time. And I was like, you know, should
I take a little bar of soap? Like should, like, a little —
Like, just a little souvenir. You know?
-Yeah, where’s your gift shop? -Bring back home to grandma. -If there was a gift shop,
I would go there. -Exactly, but there wasn’t.
-But there is no gift shop. -There wasn’t.
-So you’ve got to make your own. -Yeah, and they shouldn’t just
leave their pencils out in the open like that. So I just like — you know,
somebody dared me to take it. -And you just took it
and you just, like, hid it? -I took it and, like,
I put it in a purse. They, like, dared me.
I was like, “Oh, my God. I have a pencil
from the palace.” And so then I went and spoke
about it in, like, the BBC radio interview the next
day because I’m an idiot! [ Laughter ] And then it became
this headline. And I just was like — my mom
showed me and I got like — I’m the kind of person that
if I got in trouble in school, I would like — I would cry. Like if the teacher,
like, called me out, I would be like,
“I’m sorry I did that.” And I saw this headline
and I was like, “Oh, my God. Am I in trouble?” But I don’t know
where the pencil is. Arrest me. I’m sorry. [ Laughter ]
Don’t arrest me. -No, but you — you actually
don’t know where the pencil is. -I don’t know.
-She tried to return the pencil. She doesn’t know where
she put the pencil. -There is a royal pencil out
there somewhere on this Earth and we don’t know where —
-Where it is. You guys, call everyone you know
right now and wake them up. [ Laughter ] If they see a strange pencil
in their house — -If it smells royal. -What does it look like? -It’s yellow.
[ Laughter ] And it has a tip
and you can write with it, and it’s got some royal magical
energy to it that only people with the seventh sense can see. -Okay, good. Perfect.
[ Laughter ] I want to talk about
your career again. Just so I can say
you have a Grammy nomination. -Yes.
[ Cheers and applause ] -You have a new album
that’s out officially today, which is so —
I’m so happy to see you on the day that the album is out
because honestly, this is going to be
the number-one album tomorrow. And everyone is going to be
talking about this. So get it right now
and check it out. -Can I just say
that you are actually the sweetest human being and
you, like, support me so hard. And you’re just
a really nice person. I just feel like
I wanted to say it. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Thank you. Well, you don’t have to do that. I was reading Spotify
put out their list of the biggest songs
of the year. And do you know that your song
with Shawn, “Senorita,” has been streamed
over 1 billion times? -Wow. -It’s the most-streamed song
on Spotify. -That’s really so cool.
[ Cheers and applause ] That’s insane. -When does the tour start? -The tour starts next summer. -Next summer your tour starts.
-Yes. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And there’s tickets on sale now.
Yay! -Tickets are on sale now. [ Cheers and applause ] No, really. We want you to go
see Camila Cabello. We want — Camila wants you
to go see her so badly. -I personally do. Personally. -Everyone in the audience
tonight is getting their own tickets to go see
Camila Cabello wherever you want.
[ Cheers and applause ] Wherever you want. Wherever you are,
you want to see her. Make your plans now.
Camila Cabello, everybody!

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  1. I’m like her whenever I’d get in trouble I would cry cuz like ion rlly get in trouble and I would get scared

  2. Just because you're visiting ANY place, least of all a palace, doesn't change your character because you joke about it. You took something that wasn't yours. Period! THAT in itself shows your character. A bad one at that. Congratulations! Now the world knows you're a thief.

  3. I started to pay attention to her in the last weeks and i am falling in love with her for she is pretty and smart and has an amazing vocal range, wish her the best🙌🏻🎵💚

  4. She's clearly an overacter. She's way too fake. She was a great girl. But after fame and shawn she was spoiled. She's no more Camila for her camila album. ROMANCE SPOILED HER

  5. Camila – you’re the sweetest human being and you support me so hard and I just feel like I wanted to say that!

    Jimmy – …you don’t have to do that

  6. Omg, she talking about their relationship seems so fake.. Why she even want to tell us that.. Every relationship between people is private and intimate.. But, NOOO, she has to bring it up every time..

  7. Hmm..I'm not sure if I can be honest here expressing my opinion without being attacked lol but her voice is very unique and I respect her for her enthusiasm etc ..but I don't like the way she look .She is nothing special to me , more of greysh looking one .

  8. I don't understand how people can think Shawn & Camila are just dating for clout. They're both adorable and so sweet 🥺♥️

  9. So they are dating omg💞💞💞💞💞 I am sorry but I felt like they were together but I needed confirmation

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