Camping at the DRIVE-IN Movie Theater • FULL TIME OVERLANDING

It’s date night guys! Good evening, from
Upstate New York. We are in Glenmont which is roughly outside of Albany for a
little bit of reference!…Ahhh… As you know, we love movies and a few weeks ago on
Prince Edward Island, we took our motorhome/camper/4×4
expedition vehicle. Whatever the heck you want to call it, to the drive-in movie
theatre and we figured, let’s do that again!
We checked in ahead of time with them through Facebook messenger and they said
that we are welcome to come with our tall rig but we should come through the back
entrance. So that we wouldn’t catch their overhang at the box office so we thought
that was kinda cute!… Well, here’s a tip for visiting the drive-in with your
motorhome, it’s probably best if you don’t take the front row! Okay, they said
it was not gonna be a packed house so we could pretty much Park wherever we
wanted! And that there was no need to park in the back 40….. Well, Shelby is
eating her dinner and tonight’s features are venom and searching and they both
look like really good movies! We have a little bonus for you…Lisa, the owner of
the Jericho theatre here is gonna give us a behind-the-scenes peek.
Hi….. I’m excited! Now here’s where the magic happens!…
Excuse the mess! Cleaning up for the fall. Okay!… This is our projector….
That’s cool. All digital correct?… This is the old-style.
Kind of buried… Okay!…This is what we used to have… Now is that on a reel?… Yep! right here…. Oh wow!… So that’s the
original. It’s called ahhh..A sword system…That’s too cool… And they would come in on reels that are little like this in canisters.
See the reels… So they would come in and a big huge canister but you
know that big. With three or four on one and two or three in the other and
then my husband would slice them together. And it would start on this side
and then we would go up and over and down and through the lamp house and onto
this reel…That’s so cool!.. And we had two of them. So the old one is in there….Now, do
you guys.. Is this all like on a DVD now? This is how it appears…. Or is it a file that they give you? This is what they come in on. Oh! It’s like a VHS tape!… Oh wow…You just plug it in your server, download it, film the show… That’s pretty awesome…Then I’ll come in and hit
play!… It’s fun!… It is. It’s so much fun! A little escape from reality!… Yeah, it is.
It’s definitely fun. It’s nostalgic and it’s out of the ordinary and in
the summer were packed! Yeah… Now we’re not so much.It’s a little cold… But it’s also a
great part of Americana and we went to a drive-in theatre in Prince Edward Island
a couple weeks ago. So it’s Canadian Acana as well!…Well Lisa, thank you so very much! Appreciate it and we are looking forward
to the features tonight!…Okay! It’s 49 degrees out here honey! So we thought we might sit outside but
it’s a little too chilly to be comfortable. And aaahh… Fortunately this is a
real added bonus. A nice surprise. Lisa and Mike said we can stay the night here!
Who has ever stayed the night in a movie theatre?
I know it’s a drive-in, not like the indoor but either way, they’re both cool! Now tell me this is not one of the
coolest things to do with your RV ever! Here’s an added bonus I didn’t think of….
We can go to the bathroom and watch the movie and not miss a thing! Well, good morning guys! I’d say uh…. One of the downfalls of bringing your motorhome or camper to a drive-in,
it’s mighty easy to fall asleep! So I hope you enjoyed this little peek inside
the projector room. Thank you so much to the Jericho drive-in for letting us park
for the night here and showing us around! We had a lot of fun! And I would
encourage you if you liked this, give it a shot!
Take your Camper/Motorhome. I don’t know about a travel trailer, that’s a little
iffy but… Give them a call first, make sure there’s space, make sure they’re okay
with it and it’s a lot of fun! Great thing to do with the family. So…. Thanks
for watching, hit that SUBSCRIBE button… We’ll see you later!

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