Can a Gaming Projector replace my TV? | The Tech Chap

Can a Gaming Projector replace my TV? | The Tech Chap

[Captions by TRINT] Hey guys I’m Tom the The Tech Chap and I love
my TV it’s a 55 inch Samsung QLED TV. it’s great for watching movies and of
course playing games I’ve got my ps4 pro and Xbox one X hoped up to it but even
though it’s a good size I can’t help think there’s a wasted opportunity given
the size of the wall behind it so I wanted to find out if a projector could
be a good replacement for my TV and give me an even better gaming experience but
also without breaking the bank so I’ve got the BenQ w 1210 ST it’s not the
newest it’s a little over a year old but it costs 900 pounds or about thousand
dollars projects a 1080p 60 picture and crucially for gaming has a super low
input lag it’s also what’s called a short throw projector which means you
can set it up near the wall ideal if like me you don’t have a whole lot of
space now I rent my house I don’t own it so
drilling holes and mounting it on the ceiling probably wouldn’t make my
landlord too happy although as you’ll find out in a minute well you might have
to so the first thing I realize is I need to bring the games console or
whatever your media sources to the projector which is slightly annoying as
I quite like having all set up and tidy in my TV stand connecting it all up is
really simple you just need the power and an HDMI
cable now I don’t have a proper projector screen but I think my white
wall should be good enough for starters the BenQ you isn’t the smallest
projector but it’s still reasonably portable if you want to move it between
rooms as this is more of a casual projector than their super high-end
mounted one for the cinema room in your mansion setting up is easy thanks to the
built-in buttons or you can use the bundled remote control and you’ve also
got these zoom and focus rings so you can adjust the zoom and the focus so
it’s all setup and we should be good to go let’s see what you can do well it works I think perhaps
short throw projector’s need to be a tad closer to the wall on this so I’ve
moved it a couple of feet closer again using my fancy array of boxes as a
makeshift stand but once again we’re still too far away
I really should pay attention it says short throw but here’s my issue you can
get some super short throw projector from the likes of Sony and LG they are
definitely a lot more expensive but they would allow me to put it on my TV stand
this Bank U is well it’s short throw ish optimal placement seems to be smack bang
in the middle of my living room which would be fine if I mounted it on the
ceiling and routed five meter long power and HDMI cables through my ceiling down
the wall and into the back of my TV cabinet but I haven’t and I do have my
damage deposit back for my landlord when I leave but logistics aside this is
pretty cool I’ve gone from 55 inches to a hundred inches it’s not a fancy 4k or
HDR projector which you can get but you will pay two to three times more full HD
at 60 Hertz will do me for now and while this would definitely look better on a
proper projector screen I’m impressed with just how good looks on my wall but
the best part is it’s properly good for gaming put the picture in fast game mode
and you’ll get around 21 milliseconds of input lag that’s on par with the best
TVs out there including my samsung QLED and way better than most projectors the
DLP projector is bright it’s colourful and it has a range of picture modes
depending on what you’re watching and because it’s not well a TV with same
edge-lit LEDs viewing angles are fantastic you could hook it up to a
blu-ray player plug in a USB stick with your movies on it maybe connect it up to
your PC and use it as a huge monitor with two HDMI 1.4 there’s enough ports
for what I need but it is showing its age a bit with VGA ports for the PC and
no USB C it does also come with built-in speakers which is one lesson of cabling
and peripherals to worry about for now but they don’t sound very good it’s fine
for messing around like I am but if you want to properly enjoy movies or games
on the big screen you’ll need to get some external speakers using it for a while I did start to
notice the room getting quite a lot warmer with my laser thermometer reading
nearly 57 degrees coming from it so you’ll probably want to open a window or
two if you’re gonna use it for a long period of time but that’s a fairly
typical issue with most projectors like this now I will confess to being more of
a consumer rather than an expert when it comes to projectors but I do like the
idea of them it never fails to put a smile on my face when I can fill an
entire wall with my games it would be so much fun to have some people round to
show this off too and maybe get some couch gaming going on the bank you also
has a pretty neat drunk simulator mode it supports side-by-side 3d content but
it’s way more fun if you use it for non 3d stuff like Forza 7, it feels like driving driving – someone should definitely have taken the controller off
me before I got into my Lamborghini Countach. I can forgive its lack of 4k
and HDR support considering the price you can get those and fancy laser
projection systems but they’re way more expensive the main problem for me is I
just don’t know where to put it it’s short throw but not short enough so the
optimum placement seems to be right in the middle of the room as far from power
outlets and my games consoles as possible if you can mount it on the
ceiling you should and you can adjust the picture settings based on your setup
so you do have that flexibility but I don’t think this setup is gonna work for
me long-term I may have to have a bit of a rethink but I am suitably impressed by
the picture quality the low input lag for gaming and just to share fun of it
and for a little under 900 pounds it’s not the end of the world expensive I’ve
put links in the description if you want to find out more about the bank you but
let me know what you think of projectors would you consider buying one or do you
already have one let me know in the comments thank you so much for watching
if you enjoyed the video tap that like and subscribe button and I’ll see you
guys next time right here on the Tech Chap [This video was transcribed by TRINT]

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  1. Learn how to play a racing game! You are the problem with all good racing games! It's called slip stream not slam into the driver!….

  2. Just replaced my TV with a epson home cinema 5050ub projector and a cheap silver ticket 16:9 110" screen and I am absolutely amazed with the setup.

  3. What a huge waste of money. I’d rather play 4K at under 25 ms with a high tier tv like your damn qled. Just get a bigger stand. You’d spend way less.

  4. Stayed at a hotel that had one of these playing jaws by the pool while we were in pool at night it was a trip I definitely recommend this

  5. Jab setting local hai to shayri ya kavitri kV studio me Kaise r pahuchta? Asan man se poochi gayi bat hai?

  6. You never use the projectors speaker. You are supposed to hook up the projector and consoles to a hometheater receiver. Gaming with stereo, or in your case monosound, should be considered a crime.
    Also, you do know that you can adjust the zoom on the projector right? So you can have the projector behind you and fill up the wall as intended.

    I got rid of my tv, so i only use my Epson EH-TW7400 UHD projector with a 108" screen and the projector is about 4 meters away from my screen, and i can go up to 150" at that distance if i want to.
    I will never ever again buy a tv, because projectors are far superior to tvs when it comes to just about everything. Bigger is better

  7. You chose a bad projector for gaming, there are multiple short throw projectors with less than 20ms input lag.

  8. Bout a Mitsubishi 85 inch DLP 3-D TV on offer up for 240 bucks cleaned out the dust in the back inside works awesome 😎 especially on my ps4 and my xfinity

  9. doesn't want to break the bank but yet spends 1,000 dollars on an older model projector
    I only spent around 200 dollars for my projector and it has the same amount of quality as this one lol

  10. I just havent had the urge for protectors I like TVs better and to top it off my favorite sixe is 55 inches so I'm not interested in the biggest I will get a 65 inch overtime because of the way sizes are going but thank God lg is talking about making smaller TVs still lol

  11. I've got the exact same TV, but in a 49" and I've had nothing but problems with it. It's been repaired 4 times, 2 new screens, One Connect box and a cable. I get flashes of light and red lines through the display. Samsung are currently in the process of replacing it. Must be a reason they don't sell these in the 49" size anymore.

  12. Build it into a coffee table then stir a rug under the table with a hole cut in it so you can run your cords…………fuck it put a camping fridge in it to you know you want it

  13. No thank you. I play 8hrs or more sometimes, it will get burnt out. I’ll stick to a regular 4K hdr tv for now

  14. beautiful video, this is what i call a proper capture of video and show true colors of projector. 👌🙏😀😍😜

  15. My buddy has a 150 inch 4k HDR projector and screen with 5.2 surround. We watch stuff there regularly, it's awesome.

  16. Um it’s 1080 p right there that should say something ur Sacrificing resolution for size that dumb ur not getting the full capability out of ur consoles

  17. For that cash I can have a 65" smart TV Qled and still play with the lights on without the picture washing out.

  18. I'm barely making my own money, I'm only 12, I'm trying to buy myself a ps4, projector, BT ps4 headset, and a ps4 controller, anyone know a projector that runs 60 fps? Or higher?

  19. Best short throw projector is a TV. xD

    That projector is still one of the bests available on the market today and still expensive, above average in price.

  20. I have a similar projector to yours and lets just say i was face palming the entire time .

    Its not the projectors fault man you suck at setting it up and doing the research about it.

    Your using keystone to make it work which is horrible and effects the image btw.

    Honestly you should have done your research like me . I measured the throw distance did calculations for what image size it would be etc.

    I got my projector put it on got it setup and the image is fine 120 inches and fits on my wall perfectly no issues.

    All the issues you had could be solved by proper research before buying

    You got the wrong projector for that room i thinj

  21. This guy did everything possible wrong that you could fuck up when buying/setting up projector .

    This video physically hurts me

  22. That's horrible! Keystone, too small picture lights are on… nah… rethink the whole setup before creating your content.

  23. When I spend $1000 on a projector it feels like a good deal.

    When I'm shopping and see a $1000 tv it better be smart, have 120hz, 4k, be curved

  24. Honestly a bit sad that this didn’t cover speakers more. If you want to make an absolutely amazing gaming experience, good sound is a big part of that and it can be complicated with projectors.

  25. Yeah I had a projector HD set up it is cool but not worth it unless you have a dedicated room that you can run wires properly. Plus they do get HOT. Tv these days look overall better for the most part.

  26. While projectors are cool and gives you an enormous image, they're ultimately cash draining machines. I had two in my lifetime and when the lamp blows, and when I say blow I mean BANG!!!, they cost around $200 to replace. And be wary of the expected lamp life, they'll be rated to last for 3000 hours but can blow at the 2000 hour mark.

    Big image, but I'll never own one again.

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