– (FBE) So, you guys are in
for something fun today. – Okay. – (FBE) We’ll be showing you
some videos of kids explaining movies and you have to tell me
what they’re talking about. The person with the most
right wins. – Nice.
– Jason and I are pretty good at this. – These are my favorite.
– Yeah, I love these. – I do love this one.
– I got killed the last couple of times,
but I’m up for the challenge. – (FBE) The kids did have some
limitations. They couldn’t say any
character names and they couldn’t use any words
from the movies that would give it away too much.
– Okay. – (FBE) So, you’re ready
for the challenge? – Yes. – I’m ready.
Let’s do this, come on. – (FBE) First one,
here we go. – (Dominick) So, it starts
off with a grandpa coming over to a kid’s house,
so he’s playing video games. Then he says something
about reading books and then he starts to read it.
– I already know that one. – Aw. – (Dominick) He says
the first couple of things about a princess who had
a servant who she would command all the time.
These people steal or kidnap her and they
take her on a boat ride. It ends with the two people
that did survive except for that one guy
who got poisoned. – You don’t know it?
Come on, man. – (Dominick) Does some
random stuff. – This is–
I mean… – Outstanding.
– It’s very, very thorough. – (Dominick) The guy,
he kills this other guy who supposedly killed
his father and I guess – Got it. – (Dominick) Happily ever after.
– It’s good. – It was really good.
When it’s broken down like that, it sounds like such
a terrible movie. – (FBE) You guys wanna
show me your boards? – Yes. – (FBE) So Sharon,
you got it. It was Princess Bride.
– As you wish. – She’s the best.
She’s the one. – Ta-da.
– Yes, I know it is. You killed my father.
Prepare to die. – (FBE) Faith, you got it.
This was the Princess Bride. – Aw, it’s still good. – (FBE) Yes, you both got it.
It’s Princess Bride. – Nice.
– Favorite movie of all time. Hands down. – It’s Major League, right?
That baseball movie? – Yeah, right?
– (FBE) So yes, you both got it. It was the Princess Bride.
– Have fun storming the castle, kid. – One zero, man.
One zero. – It’s okay, one is none,
so we can still go forward. – We’ll see. – (Katrina) There is this
young boy whose parents got killed by a bad guy
and then this tall guy comes when he’s eleven,
but the boy is living with his aunt
and their spoiled son. After that, he goes
to a magic school. – Ha, I know what it is. – (Katrina) He meets a girl
and another boy who’s descending from
a magical family. – Nailed it. – Oh, good God.
– This is like a book report. – Are you serious? – (Katrina) The other
side of his head was killed and the villain
was basically destroyed for the first movie.
– Please tell me there’s more. – That’s amazing. – (FBE) Okay, you want
to show me your boards? – Yeah.
– (FBE) Yes, you both got it. It’s Harry Potter.
– Yay! – (FBE) So yes, this
is Harry Potter. – Yes. – (FBE) Yes, you both got it.
It’s Harry Potter. – (both) Yeah. – (FBE) So yeah,
this was Harry Potter. – Harry Potter!
First one. – I’m nervous, because
if you watch, she grabs her board real quick,
way before me. – It’s all about psyching
him out. I don’t even know when
I pick up the board. – She’s not even writing
anything down, she’s just ghost writing
to psych me out. – (Max) It’s an awesome
movie with a bunch of funny actors who get
stuck in a game and they have to try to..
– Okay. – (Max) Put a jewel
of some sort in a giant animal
that’s made of stone and they can’t leave the game
until they do that. – Ah, I love it! I think I got it.
– Animal made of stone. – I think I got it.
I think I got it. – (FBE) Okay, show me
your boards. Jim, you got it.
It was Jumanji. – Oh, Jumanji.
I loved that movie. – (FBE) So, this was Jumanji.
– (laughs) – (FBE) You guys both got it.
It’s Jumanji. – Wait, but I said reboot.
I get another half point. – No half point! – Bam.
– (FBE) Yes, this was Jumanji. – Yeah.
– All right. That was a great explanation. – That’s three one.
What you gonna do? What you got?
– Three to one, okay. – What you got?
– We got two more coming. – I love these so much. – (Sydney) The main character
is this prince of this very remote and not very
well known third world… – She’s good. – (Sydney) Everyone in
the outside world thinks that they’re very poor,
they don’t have anything, but actually…
– Ah! – (Sydney) They’re just hidden
in the jungle. He becomes a prince
and he has to fight someone to become the prince.
– Got it. – (Sydney) They both fight.
The main prince and the person who wants to be the prince.
They fight and… – Really good explanation. – (Sydney) The main prince,
the good one, he dies. – She’s so cute. – (Sydney) The good prince’s
sister, his mother, they find his body.
They agree to revive him and give him a plant
that makes him… – Oh no,
this is where I’m stumbling. I have no idea what that is. – (Sydney) Everything
is happy in the end. – Aw, that was–
– Such a great explanation. – Awesome. – (FBE) Okay, you guys
wanna show me your boards? Jason, you got it.
It’s Black Panther. – Yeah!
– That was Black Panther? I’m in Eddie Murphy land.
It’s sort of like Wakanda, but not as good. – Yeah.
– (FBE) Yes, it was Black Panther.
– Whoo. – (FBE) So yes,
this was Black Panther. – Yes, it was so good! – (FBE) Yes, you both got it.
– Yes. – That’s my black panther.
– (FBE) It’s a beautiful job. – Thank you.
I may not have a good memory, but I–
– You got skills. – I got skills. – (Tida) There is this
little girl and she has two stepdaughters,
one stepmother. They treat her like their
slave or maid and she has a lot of
friends that are birds and mice. Almost at the end of the movie
the girl wanted to go to a ball and everybody in
the kingdom was invited. – That one’s fair game. – (Tida) And the stepdaughters
wouldn’t let her go and no one knows it’s her
when she goes to the ball. – She’s serious about
this explanation. She is serious. – Such a happy ending. – (FBE) You guys can
show me your boards. Yes, it’s Cinderella.
– Yes. – I love winning.
I love winning. – She’s the woman.
She’s the woman. – (FBE) So yeah, you both got it.
It was Cinderella. – Ah, Cinderella.
– Ha, oh I’m sorry. Oh, I’m so sorry, Trudi.
Oh, you did so well though. – Ta-da.
– (FBE) Yes, you both got it. – Yes!
– Yay. – (FBE) Yes, this was
Cinderella. – Whoo.
– Aw, good job, Jim. – My undefeated streak.
I don’t think I’ve ever lost one of these.
– Good job, Jim. – They did a great job.
So fun, I love watching them do that.
They look like they have fun too, so that helps. – I love this challenge so much.
I love this. I wanna do this
every single time. – Thanks for watching this
episode on the React Channel. – Let us know in the comments
what movies we should guess next time. – Bye, everyone.
As you wish. – Hey guys, I’m Katie,
a React Channel producer. Thank you so much for
watching this episode and supporting this
pretty new series. Be sure to Subscribe
and hit the bell to get notifications.
Bye guys.

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