Can Parents Guess Movies Described By Kids? #6 (React)

Can Parents Guess Movies Described By Kids? #6 (React)

– (FBE) So today, we’re gonna
show you some kids describing their favorite movies.
– Oh, no way! – Yeah, that’s the one, the babies.
– I’ve always wanted to do these! – Oh, I love it.
– Yayyy! I’ve done one. – I…
– I love these so much. – I know. I love watching the kids.
– They’re so great and so cute.
– And then I suck at it. – (FBE) So, we did give
the kids some restrictions. They can’t say any character names
or words that would give it away too much.
And if they did, we bleeped them out.
So, you ready for the challenge? – All right.
– Yay! Let’s do it! – I LOVE this one!
– You won’t love it too much, ’cause you’re going down, kid. – (Bradley) So, there’s this older
brother and his younger brother. And their dad was not
paying their rent, ’cause they haven’t
got enough money. But, all of his friends…
– Oh, no! – Mm. That’s sad.
– (Bradley) …up into the basement, and they found this pirate map. Yeah.
– Pirate map. – Okay. I already know what this is.
– What is it? – (laughs)
– (Bradley) …this awesome big house. …pirate map. Yeah. Treasure map.
They were leaded to this awesome big house,
and it was a bad guy’s house. His– their secret layer.
– Uh-oh. – (Bradley) They went to that…
– I’m wrong maybe. – (Bradley) …there was this cool
wooden panel that they lifted up under the fireplace.
There’s all these booby traps. And they led it to this huge,
beautiful pirate ship. – There’s a lot of details here,
but honestly, I have not seen this movie.
– (Bradley) They took all their money, all of his money,
all of his gold. – I want to see this movie.
– I know. It sounds so good. – (Bradley) But little did they know
that the bad guys are chasing them. So, they swam back to the shore
with all their money and now they could buy
the house again, ’cause they had enough jewels
and enough gold coins. – (chuckles)
– Ooh, pirate! They talkin’ about some pirates or somethin’.
– (FBE) Okay, guess in three, two, one.
– Ta-daa! – (FBE) Cesar’s right!
It’s “The Goonies”! (ding)
– All right. “Peter Pan” was close enough. (ding) – OHHH!
– YEAH! – Oh my god!
“The Goonies”! (ding)
– YAYYYY! (laughs) (ding)
– GOONIES! – The Goo– (laughs)
– WOO! WOO! WOOOOO! – Now that my eardrum was blown out…
– My bad, my bad. (ding)
– Yes! – It’s on. Oh, it’s on.
– Oh– oh, it is on. – (Jenna) So, there’s this girl
that she went on a date with a guy…
– Okay. – Yeah.
– (Jenna) He didn’t know that she got into a car crash.
– Ohhh, this movie. Oh my god. (groans)
What is it called? – (Jenna) She got into a car crash.
– (gasps) Ohhh. – (Jenna) She got
a brain injury and she can only remember everything
before the car crash. – Ohhh.
– (Jenna) And every single day, like, the day that she went
on a date with him, she doesn’t remember.
– This is one of my favorite movies EVER!
– (Jenna) She went on a date with him. She doesn’t remember it,
because she doesn’t remember him. She only remembers everything
from the day before that they had the car crash.
And then at the end, they get married.
And they have a kid. – These kids are really good
at describing movies. – (Jenna) He has to play
a video for her every single day. Playing the video helps her
remember that she has a head injury, and they have to go
through that every day. – Aww.
– Wow, that’s deep. That was great.
I wanna see that movie. – That was a perfect description.
– Oh, “That was a perfect description, mrr, mrr, mrr, mrr, mrr, mrr.”
– It was! (laughs) – With a blank slate
over here, darn it! – (FBE) Give us your guess
in three, two, one… – That was “50 First Dates.”
(buzzer) (ding)
– Wow. – I watch too many movies! (ding)
– (chuckles) – WOOO! What you put?
What you put? What you put? (laughs)
I don’t even know what that is. 1-1, let’s go!! (ding) – WOOO!
– YAY! (ding)
– At least we don’t have to leave with our head hung in shame,
’cause we’ve got two on the board. – True.
– (Maxim) So, there’s this girl who moves into a different house.
– He’s got some style right there. – (Maxim) She’s very upset
with her life. She discovers another world
behind a brick wall, and it’s a way better world.
– Oh, I know this. – (Maxim) Yeah, everything better.
– Sure. – Or is it?
– (Maxim) She goes there two times. And then on the last time,
the [bleep]… – (laughs) – (Maxim) The [bleep]… – (gasps) I know it.
– (Maxim) …says that she needs to stay forever, get button eyes.
– Yup. – (Maxim) A huge climax ensues.
She kills the spider [bleep], and they have a garden party
with a feast. – Oh, boy.
– I’m totally lost. – Yeah, me too.
– What the hell was that? (laughs) I’m not laughing at his description.
I honestly don’t know what the hell that was. – (FBE) Okay, you can
show me your answers. So, Maxim was describing
the movie “Coraline.” – “Coraline.” (chuckles)
What’d you put? – Good luck to me.
– I put “Beauty and The Beast.” – (both laugh)
– “The Brick Wall.” – Shrek and Potter?
(buzzer) Ahhh!
– All right. (ding)
– Yeah, see? “Coraline.” – (laughs)
– That’s how I spell “Coraline.” (ding)
– You didn’t hear the button eyes? – Ohh, button eyes.
– They said button eyes. – So far, I’m really stinky at it.
– NO! – Mm-hmm.
– No clue. (ding)
– I love that– – Wow. You’re good.
– Neil Gaiman. Neil Gaiman is such a good writer.
I just love it. – I gotta get with these movies. – (Royel) So, there’s this boy.
He has family. He goes up to their shack.
It’s like, whoa, alien boy! And he’s just like, “Mommy,
Dad, there’s an alien,” and he’s gonna do something,
I don’t know. And they’re like, “Ah,
there’s no alien here. Ha, you kiddo…”
– I know what this movie is. – (Royel) “…you knee-slapper. Go back to bed.”
– Knee-slapper? Ha! – (Royel) He’s like, boink.
And he’s like, “Ahh!” And then he goes to school,
and then the alien’s just getting completely WASTED
while he’s at school. And the boy’s just like “Ahh.”
– Oh my god. – (Royel) …frogs everywhere!
He’s like, “Oh, no. Ooh, oh, frogs.”
And then he’s like, “Ahhh, alien boy, help me!”
And then the alien gets arrested. – Alien?
– No, it’s not. – (Royel) …save our alien friend.
And they’re like boom, boom, boom, boom, boom.
“I saved you!” And he’s like, boop.
And then he, like, “Whoa, we have to escape from the”–
“Oh, no! It’s the popo!” – “It’s the popo.” (laughs)
– (laughs) – (Royel) “Oh, no! It’s the popo!”
– (laughs) – (Royel) And they start flying
and then they’re like… – Lord. Lord.
– (laughs) I’m lost. – (Royel) …like, “Yeah, fam,
I’ll always be here. See you guys later.”
And then he dips. – “Yeah, fam. And then he dips.”
– “And then he dips.” – Very nice. I like this.
– Okay, he’s adorable, number one. – I like that. I like that.
– Oh, I have zero idea what movie that is.
– That was the BEST description. – (FBE) Okay, you can
show me your guesses. Jason got it.
It’s “E.T.” (ding)
– (laughs) – I would not describe
E.T.’s tear-filled exit as “dipping.”
– (laughs) – (both laugh)
– See? It is “E.T.” – Yay!
– E.T.! (ding)
– (laughs) – Gotta dip!
– The popo’s coming! – And there’s that. That was a dead giveaway.
– Boop. Boop.
– Ahh. (ding)
– Ta-da! Oh, goodness.
We’re 2-1 right now, right? Ahhh! Cesar, this is it. – (Jordyn) So, I just kinda
remember kinda in the middle, it’s kinda like this guy…
– Cutie. – (Jordyn) …was scared,
’cause this T-rex was coming. And then there was this one tunnel
that led to the [bleep]. And then lava started coming out,
and then they had to go up this tunnel, which led them up.
And then this other guy wasn’t so lucky.
– (laughs) – Hmm. That sounds so foreboding.
– (Jordyn) And then– and he went off to a…
(clicks tongue) What is it? – (chuckles) She’s so cute.
– She’s adorable! – (Jordyn) One dinosaur
was left behind, and it was really sad. – (chuckles) Oh, dear.
– I know this. I know what it is. What’s the– what’s the name
of this show? What’s the name of the series?
– (Jordyn) There was this dinosaur. It had a blue stripe
on its two backs. – It has two backs.
– Two backs. (chuckles) She’s so cute.
– She’s so cute. – (Jordyn) It was actually a girl,
but it looked like a boy. And it– all the dinosaurs
kind of ran off. And then there was this one dinosaur
that was fake. – One dinosaur that was fake?
Oh, gosh. – “And it was sad.”
– I will lose. – I don’t know.
“Oh, I don’t know it, and then I write it out,
and then I get it right.” – (giggles)
– “Mm, mm, I’m Jason.” – (both laugh)
– That is a great impression. – (FBE) All right, you can guess
in three, two, one. Don, you’re close.
It’s “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.” – (laughs)
This game was awesome. I love this game.
I like going back and forth, you know? Especially if somebody’s
real competitive like me, you know? (buzzer)
– Aww! It was fun.
– I really like this one. – There’s a dinosaur picture on there. – (laughs) Let me see your picture.
– Does that save everything? (buzzer) – I lost. (giggles) – (FBE) Vanessa,
you’re technically right. The full title is
“Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.” (ding)
– Yes! – It was fun. I love Jason.
– I hated it. I hated it. I don’t like Vanessa anymore.
I really don’t. – (laughs) See?
And I think he’s a delight. – (laughs) – (FBE) So yeah, Lotte,
you’re close enough. It’s technically
Jurassic World, though. – Ahh! – That was so much fun!
– It was awesome. It was great.
– We’re all winners, ’cause we had a great time.
– Oh, that’s easy for the WINNER to say.
– (snickers) Ha-ha-ha. (laughs)
– Oh my god. – We’re all winners here.
– We are. – But me more. – Thanks for watching
kids explain movies on the React Channel.
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– Did you guess these movies? Let us know in the comments.
– See you later. – Hey, I’m Katie,
a React Channel producer. Thanks for watching this episode.
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  2. I've been watching FBE content for years and I've been seeing Royel for years, and seeing him adapt that new slang is….. totally awesome 😀 😀 😀

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    And then like he is the poopoo
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