Can Stoners Explain Shrek & Other Movie Characters? (React)

Can Stoners Explain Shrek & Other Movie Characters? (React)

– (Danny) I was very much a toddler.
– This isn’t helping! – Are you as lost
as I am right now? ♪ (upbeat intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, we’re going to be
playing Stoners Explain. – Stoners Explain?
– Okay? – Oh, I’ve done this.
This gets weird. – I’ve never done this before,
and I’ve always wanted to. – Oh no! (laughs)
– Oh my gosh, I love when the stoners do things.
I love it! (laughs) – This is gonna be so great.
– Yeah! (laughs) – (FBE) We asked several stoners
to explain famous movie characters without using certain words. – Ah.
– Okay. – (FBE) So you will have to
work together to guess who they are describing. – Okay.
– That’s amazing. – Brandon’s a movie,
cinema aficionado. – I wish. Ask me how many movies
I’ve watched this year, two. – (FBE) Are you ready
for your first movie character? – I’m ready yeah.
– I’m ready! – I’m excited.
– I feel like this is gonna be hard. – Nah, this is gonna be fun.
We’re on a team. – We’re on a team, we got this.
– We got this. – (FBE) On a scale from one to 10,
how high are you today? – Pretty frickin’ high!
That I am. – I wanna say a good seven.
Maybe eight. – 10, probably 10.
I’m trying to contain myself, guys. I’m just gonna stick to my chair. – Like a 14.
– (FBE) Oh God. – Yeah, that’s accurate. (laughs) – He saves us.
Every day from crime. – (laughs) Every day. – Okay, so every movie
in the past 10 years. – Jesus? (Kendelle laughs) – (Kendelle) He makes me feel good,
I love him so much. – Okay, could be anybody, Kendelle.
Alright. – Could be the mail man. – [bleep] Product.
He gets enlisted. – Okay.
– Oh oh oh oh. – Wait.
– Okay, okay. – What? – (Danny) To be a part of the [bleep]. – Oh.
– (Izzy) So he’s like red and blue. – I know who it is.
– (Izzy) So he’s like red and blue. – He’s Captain America.
Captain America. – (Izzy) He can be black,
red and black. He has white eyes.
– No Spider-Man! – (Izzy) He has white eyes.
– White eyes. (Faith laughs)
– (Ethan) He has a toy. That I remember having as a kid.
– Ethan. (laughs) – (Ethan) That allows you…
– Give that man some water. – (Ethan) …’Cause he shoots things
from his wrists. – It has to be Spider-Man.
It’s Spider-Man, wrists. That, Spider-Man, it’s Spider-Man! – (Marissa) I don’t know
what to tell you! – That’s a dance move, girl!
– If we don’t get this! – (FBE) Who do you think it is? – (both) It’s Spider-Man. – Spider-Man.
– Spider-Man, yeah, Spider-Man. – We went from Captain America,
to now I think it’s Spider-Man? – Superman.
– Spider-Man! – I mean, Spider-Man.
– Oh my God! – The pew pew!
(Mikaela laughs) That gave it away!
– Oh yeah, Spider-Man. – (Ethan) I was describing Spider-Man.
(bell rings) – Yes you were.
– Pew pew! – Yep, that’s him.
– Got him. – Boom, we got it, let’s go.
– We got it! That was easy.
– I was also afraid that they were gonna get it confused
and talk about Deadpool or something else, where I’m like
no no no no no! – There’s just a lot of red and blue
superhero costumes. – Yeah.
(bell rings) – I can’t imagine how challenging
it is for them. How would you describe that
without saying things that are so…
– Yeah, like, Marvel, Avengers. – Beep, beep!
– Yeah. – Okay, he’s green,
that’s very essential. – The Hulk? – Mike Wazowski, boom! – (Jordan) It’s pretty much
the whole movie. – Huh. – (Jordan) I think he’s
supposed to represent the beast, in like
Beauty and the Beast? – The Hulk?
– Yes. – So funny!
– (Kendelle) Definitely smelly. Doesn’t have good hygiene.
– Smelly, Oscar the Grouch! – No.
– (Kendelle) …in an apartment. Definitely smelly,
doesn’t have good hygiene. – Uh huh. – (Kendelle) You’re not gonna find him
in an apartment, you know what I mean? – Wait, it’s not Hulk then.
– Wait, it’s not the Hulk. – (Danny) He is a bit brutish. – Shrek?
– It’s Shrek. – Yeah, Shrek.
– That’s Shrek. – (Danny) Is kind of harsh
in the beginning, and very cruel and unsympathetic.
Or apathetic. – I like that they seem nervous, they’re like
“ah, I don’t wanna [bleep] it up!” – (Ethan) He has an anthem,
everybody knows this anthem. – ♪ Hey now, you’re an all star ♪
(laughs) – (both) ♪ Somebody once told me ♪ – (Marissa) The bad guy in this movie
is really short. He’s this short little king
who has a Napoleon complex. – He’s an ogre!
– Lord Farquaad! – (Marissa) He’s this short little king
who has a Napoleon complex, and sends our hero character
to save, to save. (both laughing) Someone one, I can’t even describe her, because the king can’t go himself,
’cause he’s a little bitch! (both laughing) – It’s Shrek.
– Shrek. – That’s Shrek.
– Shrek. – (both) Shrek.
– Definitely Shrek, it has to be. – That is not The Hulk!
– It’s not The Hulk. – I feel like it might be Shrek.
– (gasps) Yes, girl, it’s Shrek! – (Marissa) I was describing Shrek!
(bell rings) – Okay, yay, yes!
– Perfect score, alright. – We’re doing so good!
– Hey! – We got it.
– Dynamic duo right here. – Yeah, yeah.
– Easy money. – Let’s go!
– (both) Yay! – That was so great.
– God, we got it though! They’re doing good!
– Yeah, they’re doing a great job. – She’s not the nicest person.
She’s definitely not a nice person. She’s trying to steal something. – Oh.
– Okay. – (Izzy) Steal something from someone. – (whispers) Ocean’s 8.
– Ocean’s 8! (laughs) – (Danny) This character’s
the epitome of like, I don’t know, psychoanalyzing,
or like knowing… – Ooh, oh my God.
– (Danny) …use for you. I know how to use you.
You’re, like I know… – Danny is all up in it.
– Oh my God! – He is in it! – (Danny) She’s scary. My older sister played this movie,
oh, it was her favorite, (whispers) she played it all the time. – Okay, so it’s a kid movie.
– It’s a kid movie. – (Danny) My older sister
played this movie. – I’m just thinking of Mean Girls. – Danny, we weren’t there! – (Danny) And I was
very much a toddler. – This isn’t helping! – (Jordan) It’s very essential
that her color is purple. – (Kendelle) This character is evil, and…
– Wait, wait! – (Kendelle) Oh, maybe they’ll know
this fun fact! She was inspired by a drag queen.
– Oh! – (Marissa) So this is a classic,
hand drawn animated film from the ’80s.
– Hand drawn. – Hand drawn.
– Like the Little Mermaid, ’80s. – (Marissa) It’s about a teenager
who sees a guy and is willing to give up
literally everything… – Ariel!
– (Marissa) …to be with him. Soooo.
– Yeah. – I’ve never seen Little Mermaid
all the way through. – You’ve never seen
The Little Mermaid!? – (Marissa) I connect
with the villain in this movie. (Mikaela laughs)
…a dumbass. – True.
– (Marissa) Gotta pay for it. (both laughing) – Dude, her descriptions
are so good! – (FBE) So, what’s your guess? – I’m gonna go with Ursula.
– Yeah, it’s Ursula. – Definitely it has to be Ursula. – I believe that it was Ursula
from The Little Mermaid. – Alright, let’s go with it.
– Ursula? – All on you, girl.
– Yep. – I’m trusting you though. – When they said purple,
for a second I thought, ah, what’s her face
from Emperor’s New Groove? – Yzma, or something?
– Oh, Yzma, yeah yeah. – I was thinking her for a second,
but I think it’s Ursula. – (Danny) Ursula from
The Little Mermaid. – Oh, oh.
– Yeah, yeah! – We’re doing pretty good. – Jordan’s clutching right now.
Let’s go. – I got it! – I’d like to say I got it
from the drag queen connection, also from channeling Danny’s sister. – Oh and purple, yes! – As a little girl,
like all the princesses are shoved down
your throat immediately. And you’re like “cool, I like these.”
Do I, I don’t know! – Mm, right. – The fun fact helped a lot actually.
– 100%. – The fact that she thought about that
was perfect. – He plays the magical, mystical guide
through the journey. – The genie from Aladdin?
– The genie from Aladdin? – (Kendelle) He… Has secrets. (laughs) Has secrets. (laughs) – He has secrets! – (Kendelle) And knows
of a powerful item that should not be ever touched.
– Okay. – Girl that didn’t help nobody. – (Izzy) Like he has
a lot of knowledge. – That doesn’t help.
– I have a feeling it’s maybe Genie? – (Izzy) Person that was in a film.
– Genie maybe, let’s see. – (Izzy) That had students in it.
– What? – (Ethan) He’s got a large beard, that tends to turn a faded color
as you age. – Wait.
– It’s gotta be Lord of the Rings. The wizard, what’s his name?
– (Ethan) Objects. – (Danny) He reminds me of Merlin.
– Yeah, yep! – Yep.
– Now he said Merlin. – What’s his name?
– Gandalf. – Gandalf! – (Danny) I don’t know,
he loves fireworks, he loves kids. – Oh, no no no no no!
It’s Gandalf. – (Danny) Like he’s still a human. – Oh, oh nope, nope. – (Danny) Like he’s still a human,
because there’s things that he enjoys. And he still like does things,
at least in this first transformation. – Okay.
– Oh, that threw me off now. – I think we should just say Gandalf. – The Genie.
– Is it the Genie? I was thinking the Genie,
and then… – Does he like kids? – Yeah, and he likes fireworks. There’s a scene in Aladdin
with fireworks at the end. – I wouldn’t have
gotten this on my own, ’cause I’ve never seen
Lord of the Rings. – Princesses, jewlery.
got it covered. – Dumbledore’s a very powerful wizard. – Yeah.
– He said transformation. – I’m thinking about…
– The actor changed in Harry Potter 3 for Dumbledore.
I think it’s Dumbledore. – Dumbledore, okay,
we’ll go with Dumbledore. – The two that are sticking to me
are Gandalf and Dumbledore. – I know nothing about this,
so this is all you right now. (laughs) – I think Gandalf.
– Okay, I’m gonna trust you. – (Kendelle) Gandalf the Grey!
– Gandalf. – Oh no!
– Oh! – Yeah, nah. – Woo, how did we get that?
– Alright! What is it,
what is Danny talking about? – I was convinced he was
talking about someone else. – Yeah!
– Good job! I was like this is
all you right now, bro. – That was, all of the first
descriptions was just it’s mystical, he’s wise. – When I look at her,
I feel [bleep] the patriarchy. – Yes!
– Okay. – (Marissa) Aspirational. – Yes!
– Okay! – (Marissa) When women work together
and uplift each other we tend to get [bleep] done. – Could be anyone. – (Marissa) She looks fabulous. – (both) Okay! – (Marissa) Not that she needs to,
but she does! – (both) Okay! – I’m just thinking like
Rosie the Riveter. – (Ethan) Velma from Scooby Doo’s
in this movie. (Ashby laughs)
– Okay. – (Ethan) She’s wearing colors
that match that, when you mix them together,
they make, oh wait, I didn’t even say the colors
that mix. – (Kendelle) She will be
the brightest person in the room, out of a room full of like ties. – Okay, so they’re lit? – Ooh, is this Elle Woods, maybe?
– What’s Elle Woods? – Legally Blonde.
– (Izzy) She’s very smart and clumsy. – (Jackson) They think she’s dumb.
But she turns out to like… – Oh what’s her name, from Clueless?
– (Jordan) Prove them wrong, kinda situation, story, movieline. – It is Legally Blonde.
I can’t remember the character’s name. – Legally Blonde.
– Oh, it’s Elle. – I think it’s Elle Woods. – I feel dumb, I can’t think
of one person. I think of like, it could be Elsa,
but it could be like Michelle Obama. It’s Tinkerbell.
I feel so dumb. – What’s her, what’s her character.
– Clueless, oh uh. – Er, uh, Legally Blonde.
It’s totally Reese. It’s Reese in Legally Blonde,
but we can’t think of her name. – Ugh!
– Wait, hold on. Elle Woods!
– Oh there you go, there you go. – (Jordan) Elle Woods
from Legally Blonde. – Oh!
– I’ve never seen that [bleep]. So I have no idea. – Oh let’s go.
It’s all him, dub season. – We’re doing really good.
– Like super good. – Yeah! – Hey!
– Yeah, oh my God! – Never would have guessed that.
– Yay! Okay, see we balance each other out!
– Oh my God! – Oh!
– Elle Woods! But I knew it! It’s like a half a point! – It looks like the cat’s
very important to her. – What?
– Cast? – Cat.
– (Jordan) She kinda looks like Cher. If you like block her face. (both laugh) – (Kendelle) Okay, she is hella smart, and is out of this world. (laughs) – (Izzy) She’s very young from
what I know her as of now. This girl is fighting off supernatural. – What?
– What? – (Izzy) And the cat is the homie
and tells you when… – Who’s like a supernatural person
with a cat? – Alice In Wonderland?
– Captain Marvel. – (Danny) She works for a company. [bleep] I don’t know exactly what,
exploration? – A company with…
– (Danny) Other worldly exploration? – Okay.
– (Ethan) This character is featured in a character that is
fighting against a predator. That’s a great hint.
Good job, Ethan. – Ethan.
– That’s a [bleep] hint. – What, why, Ethan, no it wasn’t! – (Marissa) This movie takes place intergalacticly?
Ha! – Oh, oh, okay.
– (Marissa) Intergalactic beings are what we are fighting against.
– Yeah. – (Marissa) It’s them…
– Captain Marvel. – …versus humanity,
and she is the hero. – Are you as lost as I am right now?
– Are we high? – I’m saying Captain Marvel.
– Captain Marvel. – My final guess
is like Captain Marvel. – There’s no cat in that.
– Yeah. – I don’t know, I haven’t seen it.
– Yeah, Goose. Goose is a cat.
– This is Alien! Sigourney Weaver’s character!
Ripley? Something Ripley, Ripley. – Ripley from Aliens?
– That’s what I was thinking. – That’s the only thing I think of.
– Yeah, I’m with you. I think it’s Ripley from Alien.
– Yeah. – I feel like I missed it.
– Oh wait, oh. Oh oh oh, I was thinking of Alien.
I’ll say Riley, but I know that
that’s completely wrong. – Okay yeah.
– (Danny) Ellen Ripley from Alien, and Aliens and Alien: Ressurection.
All that jazz. – Never seen it.
– Dude, I have no idea. – Ripley!
Oh my God, I was off! – (laughs) I’ve never seen Alien.
(buzzer rings) – He used the word Predator. – Woo!
– (laughs) Yes! – I’ve never seen Alien,
I just know it because any time
I’m at Universal Studios they just replay clips of that. – (FBE) You guys got three points.
That’s not too bad. – That’s pretty good!
– We got three points! – Out of six, we failed.
– That’s an F. – Yeah, that’s definitely an F. – For me, it could have been
like three or four, but you nailed it.
– I guess I speak Stoner. – We did good, I’m proud of us. I think it’s harder
for the stoners, honestly, because it’s hard to
like describe things without saying key words,
and the fact that they’re stoned. They did pretty good. – I was feeling
pretty hot in the beginning. I feel like we’re on point,
and then somewhere there, like some of the stuff,
we’re just like… – Yeah.
– Yeah, like… – You know what it was? It was, we lost on films
we haven’t watched. – I’d never done this before,
and I think this is about as well as I thought it was gonna go. I’ve interacted with a lot of stoners
and it’s pretty much like this. In just any conversation. – Thanks for watching Stoners Explain.
– On the REACT Channel. – Subscribe for new shows.
– Every week! – Who’s your favorite movie character?
– Let us know down in the comments. – (both) Bye! – Hey y’all,
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  2. "weeds give you dopamine, dopamine makes you happy. high people just don't shoot their husbands*"

    * (at least not on purpose).

  3. Danny was actually pretty accurate with the gandalf explenation like he does have a transformation. And Ethan got the beard too.

  4. I was thinking of Sabrina the Teenage Witch… before they mentioned the word 'intergalactic', and I immediately thought of Alien.
    I thought Gandolf was Dumbledore, because someone said 'students'.

  5. Hahaha, oh my gosh, I was pretty stuck on some of them, but mostly ones I've never watched 🤣!
    (Don't really know the status, but am I the only one who appreciates the cuteness of this video?) ;D

  6. i used to like you guys until you started making nonsensical and dumb videos. this video is actually a good one, which is very rare and something you only find once every decade

  7. The fact that shes wearing a "not all who wonder are lost" shirt but they missed the gandolf lotr question.
    XD that would have been me.

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