Can You Guess The Movie With Only Three Clues?

Can You Guess The Movie With Only Three Clues?

– That’s creepy. This is now giving me really creepy vibes, now that I really know what it’s from. (dramatic music) I go to the movies a lot. I am a movie buff. I like movies. I’m actually one of those
annoying, like pretentious, like indie movie guys. – Honestly, I feel like if you
give me a few blockbusters, like throw Jaws my way, I gotcha. You know, Love And Basketball, I gotcha. Anything outside of that, probably not. So, I feel like Eric might
take the W home today but I’m going to try really hard. – No Jade, I agree. I think, I think I’m gonna win. I mean… (dramatic music) Okay. Alright, we got a little furry pen. – This definitely has to do
with like a super-girly film. – This feels like an Adam
Sandler movie right here. – This was definitely
not used in Mean Girls. – Another pink thing. Alright, we got two pink things. This is a pink dog leash. Oh, oh, pink dog leash. 101 Dalmatians (buzzer) Alright, next clue. Harvard? A Harvard hat. I’m walking my dog with my Harvard hat and got my little pen. I’m getting nothing. There’s nothing going
on in here right now. There is zero happening. I’m scattering for some… What could this… – Is this from Legally Blonde? (ding) – Elle how did you know
that Chutney was lying? – Because she’s brilliant, of course. – The rules of haircare
are simple and finite. Any Cosmo girl would’ve known. (dramatic music) – Briefcase? Alright. – Whoa. – I’m going to guess
this is a very important item from the movie. – The Big Short. (buzzer) I know it’s not The Big Short. It’s The Big Short. It’s not The Big Short. Next hint. I need another hint. Taped up parrot. I have not watched a movie
where men have briefcases and murder parrots. – Clue number three. Turbolax? – It’s instant relief from constipation. – But something tells
me that this was a prank that someone did in a movie. – Oh, (gasp) I know. I know what this movie is. It is Big Fat Liar. (buzzer) – Damn, I’m stumped. – Pretty bird. Yes, pretty bird. (flatulence sounds) (splashing and grunting) (dramatic music) – A crowbar. – Okay, I’m going to go with
some Magic Mike action in here. (buzzer) – Clue number two where are you? – Manly, Scent Of A Man. Smells like man, that’s for sure. – It’s … no this isn’t Matilda. (buzzer) No, I need another clue. – Spiders, spider. What the fuck is happening right now? – Is this, this what you use
for like cologne or something? Oh, oh, for that thing. Yeah. (slapping) I’m doing this and I’m feeling something take me back to the 90s,
just taking me back. (screaming) (dramatic music) – Oh, got it. Okay, we got some glasses. Intense glasses. Matrix baby. (buzzer) – Yeah, you gotta take
off your hat for this one. See these glasses are just too cool. They don’t need a hat. Oh this person is fancy. – Ooooh! – Sports, how do you even say that word? – Al-main-nac. – Sports Almanac. – I know what it is. Okay, cool hat, Back to the Future. (ding) – Remember, keep ’em flying. (dramatic music) – Okay, typewriter, typing, hm. – This looks like something
I’ve seen on a movie poster. – Geez, creepy kids. It’s just making me think of creepy things like riders, children. – The Overlook Hotel Sidewinder. – Hotel. (gasps) I know what it is. It’s The Shining. (ding) Yes. (laughing) (intense music) (upbeat music) (ding, ding) – Winning. We learned that, just
because you haven’t watched every movie, doesn’t mean
you don’t know some movies. – And I learned that just
because you’re a pretentious, little asshole and have been to Sundance, it does not mean you’ll be able
to guess movies off objects. I’ve never felt this dumb. Why does BuzzFeed always make
me look so dumb on camera? (upbeat music)

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  1. When I saw the glasses, my mind said Back to the Future Part II, also how did Jade get 3? What I remember is that she got 1 and Eric got 2

  2. gunna guess as I go:
    Legally Blonde (right)
    no idea (wrong)
    no idea (wrong)
    Back to the future 2 (right)
    The Shining (right)

  3. #1: Legally Blonde
    #2: No idea
    #3: No Clue
    #4: NO Idea
    #5: Childs Play

  4. 1:47
    I thought it was bird box where they are blindfolded and it was about the birds and the brief case was the box…😐😐😐😐

  5. I haven’t even seen back to the future and I got it

    And also how didn’t they get home alone like bruh the crowbar and the most famous scenes in the movie

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