Captain Fantastic Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Viggo Mortensen, Frank Langella Movie HD

Captain Fantastic Official Trailer 1 (2016) – Viggo Mortensen, Frank Langella Movie HD

What we created here may be unique in all human existence. all the way to the top. we created a paradise What we’re doing out here is so incredible. The kids are amazing. I miss mum. Mum needs to be in the hospital right now. how’s she doing? We’re a family. This is your fault. Leslie had a disease. Wherever you are, stay there. If you show up I will have you arrested. We can’t go to Mommy’s funeral. We have to do what we’re told. [we] want to see mum, grandpa [can’t] oppress us. Right now this is your first real test, remember your training. They have hot dogs. What’s cola? Poison water. Well it’s so happy that our family is together. It’s all local and organic. How did you kill those chickens. with an axe? Or a knife? I… it’s a rotisserie chicken so you buy it um it’s already dead. The kids need structure. They need to go to a real school. I sincerely hope you haven’t been doing what I think you’ve been doing. Your daughter has taught me many things just now. Will you be my wife? Alyssa comes out of a book. I don’t know anything. Even if they make it through whatever it is you’re doing to them. They’re gonna be totally unprepared for the real world, and I happen to think the opposite is true. It’s child abuse. That almost hit me. if I wanted to hit you I would have hit you. Abbey and I have decided that we’re gonna file for custody of the children. Will they take us away from you? That’s a possibility. Our children shall be philosopher [Kings] makes me sell and describe. What we have

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  1. Usually those who choose to home school have religious convictions and are against public schools because public schools are too liberal and void of God. Why would a progressive liberal like the father be so against publoc schooling.

  2. This never ended well and so Ben travelled back to the forest. He changed his identity. He became Joseph Seed and successfully began a new colony with like-minded people and named it Project at Eden's Gate. Today he is only known as "The Father". Soon a new era will rise to create the equality that people deserve

  3. Yawn more of that idiotic rhetoric that truth is found living as a savage. The philosophy of the film and everything the family does is a practice of futility. Everything the father does is trying to bring meaning to his meaningless worldview. The only thing the movie got correct was that people that buy into that worldview tend to slit their wrists.

  4. A wonderful film with such memorable characters, terrific acting and a very engaging story line. I could see it again already with boxxy software. Excellent.

  5. I just watched the movie…best movie of the year…hell pretty much the best movie EVER!!!!!…a must watch!!! Treat yourself!!!

  6. WE HAVE TO SHUT UP AND ACCEPT IT! FUCK THAT WERE GOING! THIS IS THE ATTITUDE WE NEED TO BE FREE IN AMERICA. WHERES THE FREEDOM? STEP UP!!!!!!! INSPIRATIONAL MOVIE! Was one of the greatest movies i seen in a long time. I own over 500 dvds. This is in my top 5!

  7. This movie isn't stupid enough, isn't shallow enough, doesn't have enough explosions and CGI.
    The bleating masses won't watch it.

  8. Good film, and Mortensen is riveting as usual, but you have to take the last 30 min. with a truckload of salt…ie..daughter falling off roof without GM and GP reacting, digging up Mom and then the smoky funeral pyre, again with no one noticing?…come on!…, all 3 scenes over the top, but a good film nonetheless, worth watching for Viggo, he's da bomb. Best line…"Kielyr: Okay, you can think that, but we don't make fun of people. Right, Dad? Ben: That's right. We don't make fun of people.
    Vespyr: Except Christians" HA!

  9. Mean, directionless movie that is trying to bully the audience into thoughtless admiration by a vulgar display of pseudo raw emotions. It's so vile it makes positive ideas (anti-consumerism, the virtue of learning, anti-conformism) look like ugly mental conditions.

  10. Great movie it was, an invitation to think, Once you get rid of desires you stop reincarnating and reach Nirvana, leaving nothing to reincarnate and hence nothing to experience pain. but I will personally stick to believing in the one that by His calvary, he redeemed us and offered us the chance to everlasting life.
    BTW: Christians are not incinerating the deceased, because on judgment day the bodies of those who passed away will be resurrected by the glory of the second coming of Christ. How amazing is to think and be able to come to a personal conclusion. God bless you all.

  11. Aragorn is teaching his children the ways of the Dunedain then…pretty interesting seeing how his status as king is no more and is stuck to the wild, just like when he was just a ranger from the North

    IM KIDDING, Viggo's role in this seems super legit and the movie was awesome

  12. I found this to be a smug, insufferable film. A far better movie touching on some of the same topics is "Leave no trace."

  13. Good film. Back in 1980, I went hobo for a little while. Hitchhiked across the country. Slept under bridges, in missions and that road life. Met guys doing what these folks are doing in the movie. It's definite worth exploring this world, but you have to know what that means. First of all, living alone in the woods…you have to be in massive physical shape. If you are not in the shape of a pro athlete, you are in huge trouble. And alone? Alone is tough. Ancient cultures did not do it alone. If you are alone in the woods and just break a leg…you could die from just that. So, it's a tough road and hard. But…and here's the thing…yeah, you can bring a lot of that kind life into yours. You can train and through hike the Appalachian Trail or one of the other major trails. We knew some lawyers who made huge money for 9 months of the year and spent the other three months just hiking the world. So, the hippie trip does have real freedom. You just have to be careful about going whole hog or doing it without planning. And don't forget that the outer freedom has to be supplemented by the inner freedom. And that you get from peace and spirituality, from things like Hatha Yoga and meditation. Without the inner discipline, the outer stuff eventually becomes superficial and boring.

  14. this movie right here changed my mindset this is how i wish I was raised no offense moms but it's. amazing this movie deserves ends less likes,awards and recognition…I wish everyone can watch it.

  15. Something as relatable as this movie won't be recognized by the immediate public as fantastic, as the movie states. This movie showed a diverse viewpoint and or perspective that should be represented in most if not all movies. This was an amazing film, and i'm excited to see more like it in the future.

  16. How come the music has to suck in all the movies like this. The producers push it and it even ended up on pop radio for a short while but people rejected it. Why are they still pushing this crappy style music.

  17. One of the best movies I've seen in a long time… Had me in tears, and only about 2 or 3 other movies have had the same affect…

  18. Survival skills that allow them to live anywhere under any condition.

    Education that makes them smarter than college graduates before the age of 7.

    Political learning that grants keen awareness of why modern capitalistic society is unethical.

    Philosophical learning that makes them stronger in logic and reason and sees organized religion as the hoax it really is.

    Athletic ability that makes them stronger and faster than Division I College athletes.

    What is not to love? These guys are the literal definition of awesome.

    What is even the point of integrating with a society that sucks for all the reasons these guys dont?

    Live Long and Prosper, yee Philosopher Kings

  19. if the parents intended on raising the children in the wilderness, how would they have experienced any romantic relationships?

  20. I'm so grateful I picked to do Film Studies as one of my A levels. It's exposed me to so many fantastic films and directors, as well as making me appreciate just how much effort goes into producing what many of us see as a few hour's worth of entertainment

  21. One of my favourites right next to 'Into the Wild' 🙂 Some movies are so powerful to touch your heart and shape your thought process you can never thank them enough. This movie is a gem.

  22. They should make a sequel to this how they children settled in real world .. I will definitely watch the sequel on the first day itself ..loved the idea sand theme of the film ..

  23. I love Viggo Mortensen, but no way will I watch a movie that glorifies home-schooling, which is stupid, and should be illegal. Nor will I watch a movie that glorifies stupid hippies.

  24. This movie should be telecasted in each american or entire world's household this is the movie that needs to be preserved in National Treasury Collection

  25. A very thoughtful, thought-provoking movie. I watched it twice. I hardly ever do that. And I'll watch it again, despite the anti-Christian blather of the main character (Mortensen). Truth is where you find it, folks.

  26. Best movie teaches us that we can live a perfect life with nature if you have right partner. Loved how great a father he is

  27. 1- Make excellent movie
    2- take it to the people
    3- Listen to loads positive feedback.
    4- Rehire cast and make it into a high budget series.
    5- Profit like a MF

  28. So Gavin Belson goes to Tibet and returns as a great indie director and also manages hooli part time. Damn I should visit Tibet

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