CC: Picture My Life™ – Live Your Day

CC: Picture My Life™ – Live Your Day

With the new year comes new goals new experiences, and new ways to save memories. I’m Monica with Close To My Heart, and we’ve
created an exclusive Picture My Life™ deck called “Live Your Day” for just such times. Here’s the catch: It’s only available for the month of January. Let me show you why you’ll want to purchase a deck today. This deck helps to pace out your year. The deck comes with 12 cards featuring each month, and it also comes with multiple cards
where you can list birthdays. And what’s a good year without positive affirmations to help fulfill your goals? Remember, our PML deck comes with a horizontal
and a vertical design on each card. The Everyday Life™ planner system coordinates so perfectly with the Live Your Day PML cards. You can see here
by adding our washi tape that also coordinates with it, it just really comes together so beautifully. Let’s open up our planner. Here with the monthly
cards and our journaling monthly cards as well, you can document your birthdays within that month. Let me just show you how the— look at how beautiful this is with the 4”
x 6” cards here, and my month, and some photos. It really becomes a planner/journaling system. I love it! Now let me show you some other ways you can use Live Your Day PML. By using our Everyday Life black album, here you can see adding photos, and the Live
Your Day PML cards, it becomes the perfect gift. What a fun and beautiful gift this becomes! A really fun and easy way to put this all
together. Or you could use the cards to make a pocket
12” x 12” scrapbooking page. Oh, look at how wonderful these cards
work, so beautifully in our Picture My Life™ system. I’ve added
a few extra little tiny embellishments, but really the cards speak for themselves. Now, if you’re more of a decorative scrapbooker, I want to show you how I used these beautiful
cards in my 12” x 12” decorative page. Here
we go. So here I’ve cut out this sentiment, “Hello,” out of one of the PML cards, used a little
bit of the leftover up here, as some trim, and then have some
additional cards here as a base for my picture right in the center. Isn’t
it just wonderful how it all works together? Live Your Day is such a great deck, that it’s able to fit your personality. But remember: It’s only available for January, and only while supplies last, so make sure you contact your Close To My Heart Consultant today, or go to to find
one in your area. How do you live your day? Show us using the hashtag #ctmhliveyourday. Subscribe to our channel, and make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and at our blog,

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  1. I'm so excited about this as an "add-on" for the new planners. I'm looking forward to showing them both OFF!!

  2. I absolutely LOVE these cards! They are a brilliant addition to the Everyday Life Planner System. Cannot wait to record the birthdays each month to fire up my memory! 😉

  3. Love it – so many great ideas what you can do with these PML cards. I have already made a Birthday Card, decorated one of my dividers in my Planner & now seeing your decorative scrapbook layout – you have given me other ideas to play with this. Keep up the fab work.

  4. I have been using the extra dividers, decorated them and added index cards with my daily top 3 "To-do" lists in the various areas. Now my life is not so cluttered – and that is what it's all about!

  5. Oh, my goodness, I love these cards!!! Perfect for the Everyday Life Planner, card makers and scrappers. I love that the months of the year are included on the cards. Just Beautiful!

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