Cennetin Düşüşü (The Fall Of Heaven) – Gezi Belgeseli – Full Film

Cennetin Düşüşü (The Fall Of Heaven) – Gezi Belgeseli – Full Film

Let justice take its course
with the fall of the heaven. A vulgar prime minister was attacking
and rifling through the cities… … and natural assets of the country. There is a single-party system
that does not recognize anything… A single-party system
that is in love with its own power… … and it does not want anything
to stand in front of it. A neoliberal, Islamist
authoritarian understanding. # THE FALL OF HEAVEN # He kills mercilessly… These kids are young. Did he ever ask
what these kids ask for… … and why they are marching? He didn’t. What is the use of living like this
while our father is killing us! Isn’t it a pitty? We are dying a thousand deaths
every single day. We laid one of our youngest sons to rest. For instance,
if he hadn’t given any orders… … and if the young were treated
more gently, … it could have been a nicer thing. The more a person gets tough
with his son, … the more he will hate
from his father. But he has chosen toughness, … and he still favours toughness. This date will go down
in the history… … of Turkish political history… … as the birthday of AK Party… … that is founded by people, … who are in love with serving.
Congratulations! And after this date, … nothing will be the way
it used to be in our Turkey. No leader dictatorial will ever emerge… … in this new political party. Lead colour is generally
used to define 1990s. Public saw it
as a window of hope… … to remove
the grey atmosphere. This was exactly connected
with the inflation, crisis, … depression and conflicts
of the 1990s and… … also particularly connected
with the European Union… … and with the promise that … …the 1982 constitution will
be amended… … and with the expectation that
they are acting… … with the purpose
to ensure that… … the Turkish Society
achieves the peace… … and prosperity which
it well-deserves and… … to the European Union membership
which it also well-deserves. And thus,
this expectation was surely… … not an expectation
of revolution. Justice and Development Party was
surely a right party. Justice and Development Party was surely
a party that intends… … to sustain liberal economic policies. You replied to our inquiry
to turn on the lights by saying, “We turned on the lights” at the polls. 3rd November
2002 You voted for employment, bread… … and then education, health, … and for the steps
that will be taken in terms… … of fundamental rights
and freedoms. You voted for democracy
to operate more reliable. You voted for transmission
from a democracy… … that may not govern… … you to a democracy
that may govern you. You voted to gain the virtue… … of living
like a human being. This was my fellow countrymen’s
individual right and freedom. The hope that the Justice and Development Party
carried was perceived as the cure… … for the immense hopelessness that
the Turkish Society experienced… … in the previous period. This was a situation that put
on the shoulders… … of Justice and Development Party
expectations that… … it would not make out and answer. Consequently, in addition
to the expectations of conservatives, … as it was expected from a party
– which defines itself as conservative – … to bring democracy, … it was taken over shoulders
by a large part of the society, … including the critics.
After a while, … it was observed that
this was a burden that… … the Justice and Development
Party may not carry. We were living in the slums. I used to get sick, … and I always used
to get sick near Ethem. The road to our former house was on a hill, … and he used to take me
on his back and carry me. He once asked me;
“why are you going to work?” Ethem’s Mother He said,
“You are going there for us. And I don’t want
to receive education”. He worked;
he began to work as a welder. He used to come home with burns
on his hands and feet, … and I used to put on ointment. I used to put potato
on his eyes; … it was taking
the pain away. He looks after me. I wake up in the morning
and I talk to him; I talk to him when I am going
to sleep at night, … but he never answers me. My son has gone
to unanswered places. This square is a square where thousands
of people gather… … and celebrated May 1
during May 1 demonstration. However, we indicated that
we would implement… … our measures very carefully and… … determinedly in terms of not gathering… … in the risky area
in Taksim today. We would have liked Istanbulites
to spend this holiday in parks, 1st May 2013 … streets, shopping malls,
cinemas, theatres, … entertainment venues
and visiting their relatives… We performed a very proportional,
extremely balanced intervention… … with our 22.000 police officers in total. In the end,
our police officers were also affected… … from the gas bombs
we had thrown; … perhaps the citizens spending time… … in their houses were also affected. Class needs, profit ambition… Justice and Development Party’s need… … to close down
to the fellow countrymen, … who make a living with their labour, … the May 1 area or city centre
of Istanbul showed its first signs in 2009. Taksim Solidarity In the budget for 2009, Topçu barracks are being mentioned
in a block plan at 1/5.000 scale. A lawsuit was filed on this issue;
yet, several lawsuits were filed. This plan was cancelled
in a very recent date. On the other hand 1/5.000
and 1/1000 scale plans were prepared in 2011. Those were the plans
that were only related with Taksim Square. This is literally impossible… … without complying
with any of the rules. … because development plans were prepared. And as of that date,
relative reactions began to be raised. If I am not mistaken,
a lawsuit was filed in May 2012. At the preparation stage of plans, Taksim Solidarity was
founded upon the call… … of Chamber of Architects
and Chamber of City Planners, … and it held its first meeting subsequently. And thereafter,
it had become an activity… … that was being followed
almost every day. 28th May 2013 We had won the case, … you are not aware
of the happenings around you. This equipment came around
last night. People gathered together. They started this procedure
in Tarlabaşı, in Sulukule. Now,
they are destroying our green fields. We will not have a park
where we may bring… … our children any more. Instead, there are dreams
of constructing shopping malls… … and residences from
which renters may benefit. They never get enough, never. And we are saying
we will not let you do that. Do not come closer;
we do not want to intervene. We will have to use gas bombs. Is that it?
Is that all what you have to say? Your A plan is to use gas bombs?
You have no other plans? We are ensuring your life safety here. What they are doing completely illegal. The thing that
the government is doing is illegal. # Police buzz off!
Gezi Park is ours! #I am sorry but…… some may need
to observe Gezi Park…
… from the top floors
of the hotel.
But I don’t have such need.An illegal procedure is being
implemented now… … without any legal permit,
and people, … who stand against this,
are being subjected… … to violence as you may see. This is something
that is more dangerous… … than destroying
a venue physically… … since it shows the signs
of a despot government. By intervening people
with force, … they are attacking
the people, … who are trying to defend… the green area
and trees in here.– No matter whatever you do,… we made our minds,
and we will implement…
… our decision
just as we made it.
– He got into an argument
about a mosquito with his cousin. He woke up in the night
because of a mosquito… Ali Ismail’s Father ..and began to kill
the mosquitos. He woke up because
of the noise and said… “Okan,
what are you doing?” ”These mosquitos don’t let us sleep… … and I am killing them”. He said,
“You don’t have the right… … to kill those living creatures. Open the window
and let them go out, … and then go back
to bed. They have no demolition permit. Such thing has no place
in conscience of humanity. Neoliberal system has no religion or faith. They call themselves conservative;
their conservativeness, … religion and faith are for money. We will not let these trees cut down. They have no demolition permit
or cutting down certificate. They may not use the police
as if they are the employees… … of some private companies. The chaps set up approximately
thirty tents in the park. It is decided
to stand watch over this area. A platform was established… … and then we began
to stay in the park. We were saying
to ourselves; “if we may resist
until the weekend, … people may come out
of their offices… … and may help us.” I remember us saying that
we must manage… … to resist in here
until the weekend; … we must look after these trees
and our public area. Morning azan was just finished. An army with helmets,
with white heads that was coming under… … bright lights and two TOMAs
(Anti-riot Water Cannon Vehicle), … if I am not mistaken… I saw people still
sleeping in their tents… … and even rubbing
their eyes. They suddenly began
to attack with gas bombs… … without saying even a word… … and without making
any warning. They fired tens of gas bombs
at the level of calf. People were soaking wet;
TOMA sprayed water on them, … but they were walking
from the other side… … and coming back
to the park. At that moment,
we tried to take a position… … in the park again;
our main goal was that. They set the tents on fire right
in front of our eyes. That park would have literally burned
to the ground at that moment. I had a camera;
I had to document these scenes. I ran next to the tents, …and I have taken photos
of them being dragged… … and burned
to the ground. They attacked
to the trees with dozers at that moment; Student I also went there to take photos
of that moment. The bucket of the dozer was going to go
down right on the tree… … and I had to take photos
of that moment. I didn’t take a photo;
I ran and hugged the tree. Policemen began running
towards me right after; … they kicked me and tried… … to keep me
away from the tree. One of the policemen
looked at my groin… … and kicked me
in that area for two times. I felt the pain with
a delay of one second; I felt like something was stuck inside of me. God is mighty,
only God is mighty. The prime minister,
you may not be mighty, not you. You will fall down sooner or later! Why do they get out
on the streets, … you have to ask
these young people… … and you must listen
and understand them. Why do they get out?
Why do these young people… … get out on the streets? They didn’t do anything.
Do you have to kill them? Abdullah’s Mother You shouldn’t kill them. Goddamn! Don’t these youngsters have a future? They have a future. The prime minister would love
his own children; He would kiss and hug them. How much money is there? How much money is there, son? But my son… He didn’t have money
or anything else… A teacher friend’s leg is broken; … he continues
to receive medical treatment. Three persons are under medical observation
in the same hospital… …because of head trauma;
they continue to receive medical treatment. Also, two persons are receiving medical
treatment in Taksim First Aid Hospital… … because of falling or head trauma. These figures do not include the injured
from yesterday and those, …who experience severe heart and lung disorders
because of being affected from gas bombs. # You may not get away alone!
You have to take us all or none! # 31st May 2013 PM Erdoğan says that
he will revive history in Taksim Gezi Park. Their history is the history of shopping malls,
residences, money and pillage. Representatives of the understanding
of cutting down the tree, … the shadow of which
they can’t sell are here today… Everybody sit down! Lets go inside,
there is still gas in here. – Come inside, come in!
– Breathe slowly! Does anybody have any cologne? Throw it! Throw it! – Please wait for a while,
for God’s sake! Let people breath for a while!
This is a living creature you know… Let people breath,
enough is enough! Then, when we curse,
you say that we are cursing. There are people,
who may not walk, who have asthma; … there are people with all types of shit!
Enough is enough! – Killers, son of bitches! – And slogans are shouted. Bastards! – You dishonest shit,
why don’t you throw it over here! – Stop, stop, and don’t pump them up! # We will win by resisting! # – Let the kid go, he will die, let him go. – Look, he is running away! – Please dispel,
this is not an area for gathering! We are showing an effort
to defend Gezi Park for life, … for the conscience of Istanbulites
and since Istanbulites love their city. The chairman of the Union
of Turkish Architects We are showing an effort
that is completely humanitarian, … that is in the direction
of science and urbanism. However, AKP government does not listen
to this effort and does not consider it. It is 2:30 pm at the moment; … interventions continue
to be performed since 09:30 am. However, protestors continue to protest. The protest was taking place
in the vicinity of Gezi Park in the morning; … now, it has spread towards Istiklal Street. I had defined it as an uprising
of countrymen dignity. It was a moment of explosion
and it was a common point for everyone, … just like a tree. – We are running towards a city
where the living spaces of the city… … and everything are locked in concrete. Here, we have a park that is in symbolic nature… … and you are willing
to construct a building on this park. When we say no to this issue;
you call us “Traitors”. You say “You are puppets of external forces!” You say “You are an extension of lobby activities!” We are asking for our very basic,
fundamental human and civil rights. Take our opinion
on the areas related with our lives. The dishonour is that the regime acts
as if it knows all the answers, … and it says,
“I have the power, … I am the almighty”. This is the dizziness of absolute power. It was an incident
where the belief that the government… … and administration were acting
arbitrarily became intense… … and concrete because
of imposing several projects… … particularly hydroelectric power plant projects
and since the decrees… … of the administrative court were
not recognized. # AKP will give an account
to the public! # # AKP will give an account
to the public! # #Shoulder to shoulder
against fascism! # Be careful with the stones! Stones! Help! # This is only the beginning,
keep on resisting! # – Four or five persons are blocking his way,
they are cornering him. He hits to a wall,
and they push him to the ground and pavement. After he falls down,
they begin attacking like a wild animal. They kick him, hit him with clubs and etc.,
they hit him in any way they can. At that moment,
they unfortunately beat the hell out of him. We literally could not believe it
when we saw him. We could not stand it,
and it cut our hearts to the bone. All of his body was swollen out,
from his legs to the abdomen area, … from his hands to his face, eyes,
and he lost all of his teeth. They detected two fractures on his skull.
His shoulder is broken. He had bruises all over his body. This part of his shoulder looked
as if it was painted, … as if it was crushed by a car. How can a human being become so wild? Could there be such a merciless human being? They may not be human beings,
they can’t be. # This is only the beginning,
keep on resisting! # Have fear of God! What the hell is this!
Enough is enough! – Show mercy!
– Kill us if you dare, fire bullets! Do it if you dare! Shame on you!
It is a crying shame! Is that all?
That’s all the dignity you have! Shame on you!
Don’t you have any mother and father? Shame on you! He has the power of government! You are using the power of government
against your own public! Open the way! – Is that tear gas?
– Yes! You just came here to kill the people, … who stand together
for their fundamental rights and freedoms. A group of approximately 10.000 people began
to gather in Sıraselviler. It was said that the number of people gathered
in Istiklal was three… … or four times the number of this group. Clashes continued very severely
until the night. When we searched the websites on the Internet, we saw that people were pouring into streets
all over the country… … to show their reaction to the police violence. # We will win by resisting! # – You are the police of public!
– Asshole! There are people here, who have families!
Take your dog away! Dickhead! Take your dog away! Enough is enough,
these kids are all poisoned. – Don’t you have any kids?
– Look at that bitch! In May 31 and June 1, … we saw the police attacking people
very brutally in Ankara. They were attacking wildly
as if they had been given instructions… … to murder people. It caused a great reaction
to be shown by the residents of Ankara, … just like in any part of Turkey. # Government resign! # # Shoulder to shoulder against fascism! # What happened?
Are you scared that we are documenting this? We are documenting the custody procedures! It is prohibited to wait in here at the moment!
It is prohibited for security purposes! – This place belongs to the public!
– Custody is not an illegal procedure! The thing that must be prohibited
for security purposes is your gas bombs!I want the protestors on the streets
to return to their houses,
… and stop serving as the subcontractor
of the enemies of Turkey.
Now, we are expecting
for the violence on the streets,
… attacks against the police, illegality
and immoral behaviours to come to an end.
# Everywhere is Taksim,
Resistance in Everywhere! # # Shoulder to shoulder
against fascism! # Barricades are destroyed at the moment!
Intervention is performed! The protestors are entering Gezi Park at the moment! 1st June Sold out media! Hit! Hit! We only act on the basis of the rightful idea,
which we deem as accurate! We only act on the basis
of the legality of our rightfulness! If they convert law into a labyrinth
in which they desire us to get lost, … we only consider
the rightfulness of our purpose! # Gezi is ours! Istanbul is ours! # Tomorrow, we will look after our trees
not only to protect this park, … but also to let this city say stop to a ruler,
who lost himself, … a man who thinks that every word
he says is law! I heard a few gunshots. I thought that police cannot keep
the incidents under control anymore… … and that they fire their guns in the air
in order to dispel people. 1st June I saw that somebody was taken into
an ambulance a few minutes later, … but I didn’t recognize that
it was my brother Ethem.We have an injured here!At that moment,
while the clashes were continuing… … and after Kızılay Square was won by the public, … I thought that
“It is time to go to the wedding” … and I left the square
to go to the wedding with my wife. I received a call half an hour later. His friends told me
“Ethem is injured. He is in Numune Hospital. … You better come here.”
I had shivers for a moment. I came across to something that
I cannot quite explain. When I first saw Ethem,
I knew that we had lost him… … because he was injured from here. # For Ethem, For Justice! # I can’t stay;
I go to his grave every week. I go there and I caress him,
love him and talk to him. I give him a cigarette,
if he doesn’t have any since he feels that I am there. You see,
I have my baby’s pictures in everywhere. As I get into this room, sometimes
I feel like my son is lying down in this room. So… Because he was my everything.
I raised them without a father. I worked as a cleaning lady,
I worked in a company… … and there were times
I raised others children. Because we had nothing,
we were poor. I am ashamed! I am asking by looking into your eyes
but do not smile! You don’t smile at pain! Enough is enough!
Don’t kill our youngsters! We didn’t say a word even though
we were devastated. As the Park opened in June 1,
people began to enter to the park with great joy. There was an incredible crowd in the square; it was such crowded in a way
you may hardly breathe. But I don’t think that anybody minded it. Actor After a few hours,
people began to wonder around by saying… … “There is a vicious attack
in Dolmabahçe!” People were saying,
“Provide support! We have to go down to Beşiktaş! … We have to go down to Dolmabahçe!
People are waiting for help!”. We are not talking about a mass
that goes on the police in a controlled way. We are talking about two nights
when people were flowing in crowds… to the presidency office in Beşiktaş, … a time when the frontline
of people were scattered …as they run against the police barricade,
It was literally an unbelievable situation. It was something that was done by people, … who were even participating
to a protest for the first time in their lives. In that day, they used such an intense… … and powerful gas people were
in great pain. It was not possible to breathe
or to touch your skin. We saw that several people
in plainclothes were next to the police. But these were undercover policemen,
who were dressed like resisters. And they began using the following tactic. Undercover policemen running in streets, … people asking for help
as if they are running away from the police… … and the moment of people being arrested
when they get out for helping them. There is a doctor in the mosque! Hold it brother! Hold it!You will get into the mosque with shoes;… you will drink in there…… and you will act disrespectfully
against the religious venues of this country!
What is this all for?
For environment!
# Tayyip resign! # Be carefull! Hold his head up! Be calm, we are in a mosque!They got into the mosque
with their shoes and they drank alcohol!
Please allow only the injured to enter!
Please! – My friend, please!
– I was already here, my shoes are here don’t you see. We will be waiting for everyone
at the pool at three o’clock! My dear brother, my other half,
who voted for AKP! My resistance is not against you. I am resisting against the one,
who ignores me by depending… … on the power of your vote! In several parts of the Square,
we have “Çapulcu (Looter)” buffets… … and points where one may obtain food
materials for free. Please do not follow those, …who wish to use this crowd
that is gathered in here! Please do not buy water
and food from unjust prices! Free! These are all free! These are all free in all these locations
and they are all covered by our public, by us! After this incident, I thought a lot on
‘How did this demodification act take place?’ How did we come to have a commune? How did we manage to have a field
with no commodity? I laughed when I realized! I would like to emphasize
by underlining the possibility of being wrong; we did not want this alcoholic drink sale, … referred to with the slogan of
“Remain Sober, Resist on your feet!”, … to take place in the first place. Because it was really necessary
for people to remain sober, … as well as to make them
prefer remaining sober. We talked with the persons, who sell beer,
and we had taken them out of the park. We were receiving too many solidarity materials. We were receiving lots of cleaning materials,
various articles and food materials. After a while,
we decided to not to sell food materials… … since we had plenty of food provided
for support and since we were in opulence. Meatball sellers were the figures
that were identified the most with food materials. As much as I can remember,
meatball sellers were taken out of the park as below; There was too much smoke
that sourced from meatballs. Meatball smoke was so disturbing
morning meetings were not commencing on time. These meatball sellers were mainly comprised
of Kurdish people. Persons from BDP talked with those,
who were hardly being convinced, … and then they were convinced too. After a while, we realized that it turned
into a commune where one may keep on living… … with no money, may access to medical services
and may obtain water for free. There were people who didn’t care
about Tayyip Erdoğan or Taksim Solidarity. They were living in the park happily. We were talking about
these critical political issues over there… … and we tried to share
our opinions with them… They used to say “We are fine over here!
Why are you talking this much!” etc. I think they are right in some way. An important part of the concept,
which we call “Gezi”, is the commune status… …we had in there. Incidents were continuing
in our neighbourhood in the night of June 2. I was in Taksim at that time. They marched with a huge crowd
and they passed over… … to the TEM connection road in there. They firstly blocked
one way completely. Then they passed to the other side
to block the other way, … and a vehicle
that was coming towards them hit… … to Mehmet and Seyit Kartal,
son of my aunt. We lost my brother on that day. His murderers are still free, … although long time has passed
since that date. They rub salt
into our wound again every day. Such a mass shows up when somebody tries
to bring the streets into line. I welcome this period with excitement. But, there are occasions
when I feel hopeless from time to time. We are fighting against a male dominant,
militarist, fascist system, … but we sometimes use a language
that is similar to theirs… … since we come from the same culture. We must stay away from such issue! If we are asking for a different life,
we must ask for it for everyone. I don’t want my friends that surround me here
to be like me! I believe that I will be happier
as long as they are different, … as long as they have their own identities
and belongings… … and as long as they remain free in this way. Thank you all. All of the statements are sexist
and directed towards the body of women… Please do not shout such slogans. We have been here from the beginning. Guys, barricades are still there,
as you may know. Police continues to threaten us. Government continues to threaten us
by making pressure. Therefore, we must always remain awake. Hence, we must not leave our friends alone
at the barricades. We must send water and food supplies
as much as we can. # We will win by resisting! # The night of June 3 was a black day
for Cömert family. A policeman shot my brother
Abdullah Cömert, aged 22, … from his head in the spring of his life… …with a gas capsule that was targeted
to his head and he died. My daughter, his sister, came over and said,
“Where is Abdullah?” He actually went to the resistance protests.
She said, ”I am going too!” I told her, “Come and have your meal!”
Nobody ever ate that meal, nobody. Come over here my daughter
and have your meal! Come over here my daughter and have your meal!
You came from work. She said,
“No, I will go out to look for Abdullah! … Today is a very bad day
because Tayyip Erdoğan has given orders.” I told her, “You shouldn’t go alone,
I will come with you as well!” My eldest son saw us.
He said, ”Where are you going?” I said, “I am actually going to find Abdullah.” He said, “Wait, we will come as well.” My grandchild was there too. We went together with my son
and my daughter in law. I saw that there were thousands of people. My father is a farmer. We were in the farm field
and were gathering our crops. We were going to work
in a straw collecting job the other day, … and we harvested grains. I said ”I will sleep here in the car,
I will not go!”. As I was getting ready to sleep in the car,
I received a call. My elder brother told me
“Take my father with you and come over here!” I was hearing screams from background
and I had this bad feeling. When we came to the hospital,
the situation was very bad. Hundreds of policemen
surrounded the hospital… We went to the garden of the hospital. I asked them if they can tell me
where my family is… and they said “Downstairs”. They place they called
downstairs was the morgue. Three more buses full
of policemen arrived. My sister could not keep herself
from attacking the policemen over there… … and she slapped them. One of the policemen pulled out
his gun and said, “I will shout! I will fire!” Listen,
my son is dead and gone, …but the killer is still loose
and breathing. I want justice, that’s all! People were saying a single thing
in the crime scene. He was shot by a gas capsule fired
by the anti-riot vehicle called “Akrep” … and he had fallen down
in front of their eyes! Then come the statements made
by the Governor. He says, “He was shot
by unidentified persons. # Thousands of greetings to those,
who were fallen and fought in Gezi! # The community,
which you call supporters, … is a heterogeneous community and… … it is also a structure
that presents the social structure very clearly. One of the groups that came
to the forefront… … during Gezi Resistance was Çarşı. Çarşı is a group that is consistent
with public opposition. In addition
to this sociological structure of Çarşı, … such reaction became inevitable… … when the matter of protecting
a district came into question. They spend life
in a neighbourhood environment in there… … and Çarşı is comprised
of the kids of that district. This is one
of the biggest reasons for it… … to come to the forefront this much. On the other hand,
the situation is not different in Fenerbahçe. Fenerbahçe supporters were also became
politicized significantly… … and made them pour into the streets
since they believed that… … they were pressurized by the community… … and government during the period… … that took off
with the match-fixing case in July 3… … and since they also believed that
they were mistreated.Did you see the rags that are hanging?I told my Minister to
“Take those rags down within 24 hours!”
Those rags that are available
on Taksim Memorial will be taken down.
This square is the square of this public.Therefore, we may not allow this square
to turn into a place…
… where such illegal organizations swarm.We will not intervene to Gezi Park…… and those present in Gezi Park at all!Police came here
to make organizations in the vicinity…
… of the Memorial
and Atatürk Cultural Centre. 11th June 2013 # Murderer police, get out of Taksim! # They are trying to weaken… … and thin down the society surrounding us… … by using media organs, … by making pressure on artists
and intellectuals! They are trying to decrease
the public support that surrounds us. We must organize all of our actions, …our resistance in consideration
of this issue… … and by generating scenarios
against this situation, … and we must prepare ourselves accordingly! If we had won until now,
we won together! We will resist together after then as well,
we will win together! # Jump! Jump!
Non-jumpers will be called Tayyip! # Lay down on the ground
to prevent something… … from hitting your head! Don’t touch your face! As he manages to escape
from the hands of policemen, … these civilians block his way. They battered him
venomously and meanly… Ali İsmail was sitting half-consciously
at a bus stop. His cousins take him to the hospital. The Doctor gives him a painkiller, … and sends him to home. A doctor, who had sworn
on his honour… His shoulder was broken, … there were bruises
all over his body… … and he lost his teeth.
And he gives him painkiller! His cousins told him,
“This kid uses anticoagulant; … he takes such drugs,
is it ok for him to lie down?” The doctor said,
“It is ok. He may lie down.” The Governor did not allow this doctor
to be judged. His brother told him… “Don’t go back to home
without having your teeth treated in there!” He said,
“You use anticoagulant drugs. You may not stop bleeding if it starts!”. When they applied to the hospital,
they told them… “You have to wait until the morning!”. Ali Ismail slept on chairs
until the morning. When he applied in the morning
to receive treatment, … they told him
“Yours is a judicial case, … go to the police station
and give a statement!” He went from one police station
to the other to give statement. He gives his statement
and goes back to the hospital, …but he loses his
consciousness at that time. We want justice!
We want fairness! Who are you? We stayed there for 38 days. Ali Ismail was unfortunately beaten… … by the blows of barbarians. Murderers and real murderers, … who gave them the actual orders,
shall also be penalized! That is what we ask for! They must be penalized so that… … other people do not get hurt! We don’t want other mothers
to cry like we do! Because of insulting a police? Guys you are just… Could you give me your number? – Go on!
– Give me that number of yours! – Miss, don’t you film this!
– Why shouldn’t I, Jesus! Don’t film,
it is prohibited! Why?
How come it is prohibited? Don’t film it! Why shouldn’t I, God Sake!
Why should I turn it off? I will film you all!
Don’t worry! – Film it, Film it!
– I am filming it, pose for the camera! I realized that
they do not understand a thing at all. He will act accordingly
if he may code it… … as a type of national attempt. Or if it has been an act
that was organized only… … by socialists
and revolutionary organizations… He had an immense itch to do it. They said “Leave alone the marginal,
get out of the park.” … and I believe that
it is our biggest success. We acted without marginalizing
even a single person. They did not understand
what has been happening at all. The astonishment of
Tayyip Erdoğan was something like that. He did not understand anything. People have died and this has been
the biggest civil commotion… … that is ever observed
on this land and yet, … he tells the benefits of building
Topçu Barracks in the meeting. Can you imagine this? They did not understand a thing
as much as I am concerned. I have to say it again,
I think it is important! They tried to separate marginal
from the others… … from June 6 to June 13
and till the date… … we were taken out
of the Park in June 15. We can tell a success story today… … since we managed
to resist to this activity. I think this is the most valuable part
of the entire situation. One of the policemen was aiming at a target. I thought to myself;
“He is aiming at a target and he will shot. … If he is aiming
at such a far distance, Student he will definitely
shot someone”. He was actually aiming at me. I only saw the gas capsule
coming towards me. You feel the pain
for just one second. Then I was fainted. They made
the first intervention… … in there and
they stopped bleeding. There are ambulances at a distance
of 75 – 100 meters, … but none of them comes. They take me to Okmeydanı Hospital
with a civil vehicle… … and they take me to surgery. They attach the bones
in my head to my abdomen. I had them in my abdomen
for three months. When I first woke up
in intensive care unit, … Berkin was lying on my right. His eyes were open
and I thought that… … it was a dream and
that I will wake up… … in my house in a while. I realized that it was not
a dream or anything. Because I was in extreme pain. I made a motion
since Berkin’s eyes were open… … but he did not give any reaction. Then the nurse
and doctor came in at that point. They said
“Ohh! He has woken up!” I said “Why shouldn’t I, … do I have to sleep
for the rest of my life? … Where am I?” They got surprised
and said… “He can speak, very good! I said to myself “Jesus Christ!
What is the matter? … What happened to me?” Then they transferred me
to normal treatment room. A woman came over… But you should have seen
how much she loves me; … even my own family members
did not love me like that. Then I learned that
she was Gülsüm Mother, … mother of Berkin. I could not walk
for two and a half months… … after being discharged
from intense care unit. Doctors do not refer
to me with my name… … when I go to the hospital. They call me “Miracle Kid”.He will demolish it as if
it is a construction site!
He gave 24 hours!13rd June 2013 On that day, …my son firstly went
to a football field with astro turf. Then he came back
and took a shower. Ahmet’s Mother He asked me
“What did you cook mom?” I cooked a meal which he loved
very much on that day. He ate his meal… … and went to the wedding
of his friend. The clock shows 10 – 10:30 pm
and he calls his friend… … and asks “Why didn’t you still come
to the wedding?” They told him “Police began
to perform intervention in Armutlu, … we cannot come!”,
and thereafter, … he leaves the wedding
and goes to join them. He comes to the forefront
for sure. And they shot my son
at that moment, … they kill my Ahmet. Ahmet was right there
in the field… Ahmet’s Father … when he sees
any injustice and wrong. Yes, he was going
to the field, … he was participating
all types of protests. Muammer Güler, Minister of Internal Affairs
makes a statement… … within less than an hour
of my son’s death, … Ahmet Atakan, and says; “Ahmet Atakan was pushed
by his friends… … and he was fallen from roof.
There was no intervention.” But there was such
a severe intervention. We made allegations for the policemen
in relation with my son Ahmet. Six policemen. There are eight capsules
and they fired them on my son. They destroyed my son’s chances
of living while he had some. “Akrep” (Anti-riot vehicle) comes
and makes an announcement; “Somebody has fallen!” Other “Akrep” turns towards Ahmet
and fires 8 gas capsules on him. There are 3 policemen
in each “Akrep” … and we made allegations
for those policemen. But you know that… … there is unfortunately
no justice in Turkey. Justice only applies
for the President’s son… … and sons of Ministers. They purchased justice. Taksim Solidarity is actually Berkin Elvan.
No one else but him. It is Elif Çermikli
and 7 other brothers of ours, … who are currently in sleep. 15th June 2013 Slowly, slowly! We are burned! This is an infirmary! Please don’t! Ok, we will empty this place,
get out! Please don’t! We have a patient!
Don’t! Let us go! This is an infirmary! Give way! We may say that
it is the “Heaven Face” … where one gains
self-confidence completely… … and loses his concerns
about losing power completely. We may call it
“Absolute Bliss” status… … and when Tayyip Erdoğan tasted this… “Absolute Bliss” status,
he lost incredible amount… … of prestige particularly
during Gezi Incidents. And his reaction to this was
to direct government violence… … and public even more disproportionably. We experienced such a burst
and rise of rage… … that is directed by our government. We may define this situation
as the reaction to “Falling from Heaven”. A real learning process,
I believe it has very deep impacts. France 68 is a very large,
very massive movement. But De Gaulle comes out
of the next voting by increasing his votes. He leaves in the end. Another issue is,
we are not successful on one matter. From the speech he made
during his return from Morocco, … Tayyip Erdoğan endeavoured to raise, … reinforce and make impassable the wall
between white-collar workers, … who comprised an important power
of Gezi Resistance, … and the poor. Actual agenda
of the following period is this issue. We must aim to get over
this cultural splitting. We may call it
either “Political Islamism” … or “Neoliberal Authoritarianism”, …but this is its single basis. If we may just get over it… There were lots of policemen
making pressure… … in our neighbourhood
on the night… … that connected
June 15 to June 16. There were protests until
the first light of the day, Berkin’s Father … but
the atmosphere was very calm… … at the time
when Berkin got shot. Then children said,
“Mom, lets prepare breakfast.” My wife said,
“You prepare the table! … I will buy bread
and come back.” Berkin said,
“Mom, you shouldn’t go! They may fire a gas bomb again
and you cannot run away!”. When my wife said
“Son! Be careful!”, he answered “Don’t afraid,
I will buy and come back”. Then as Berkin goes out in the street, … they begin firing gas bombs. Berkin goes out in the street at first,
and then he goes back. As he was trying to go back,
they shot him from behind. He was shot behind his ear. That was the last time he went out.
He never come back to home again. I talked to Berkin
when I went to see him. I stayed with him
for almost an hour. I told him “Son!
You stayed here for too long. You have been lying here
for a long time, … didn’t you miss your home?” We moved to a new house!” He was looking
at me straight in the eye, … and he was trying
to say something. He was even turning his head
to this side and that side. I held his right hand
and I rubbed his chest like this. I said “Son,
come on! Let’s go”. We didn’t believe that
we would lose Berkin. We believed in his power
and stubbornness. But he lost a lot of weight
since he was weakened … and his strength was weakened. We lost him as of March 11. We lost Berkin
at the age of 14. Because he was shot
at the age of 14; … he couldn’t see
the age of 15! He turned 15 in the hospital,
in the intensive care unit! They murdered a 14 years old kid
by shooting him… … from his head as soon as
he went out in street! The pain gets bigger
as the days go by! I say every day that
my son may come tomorrow, … may be a in a little while! I call him;
his phone is turned off! My eyes are always
on the road!

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