Censorship. You are not being shown the whole picture Facebook, Google and YouTube

brother what are you doing we are
burning the books of the heretics but brother there is much truth in it
the peasants cannot understand the truth mine captain what are you doing I am
banning ze book herr private but mine Capitan what about the truth the
population cannot be trusted with ze truth what are you doing I’m deleting
the anti-vaccine groups they’re right the science isn’t settled yet the truth in
the wrong hands can be dangerous hello it’s [email protected] and today
we’re talking about I had committed a crime a crime that
required that given my name address and phone number as well as a government
photo ID to a monitoring company I also had to provide two-factor authentication
so the kumano touring company would know when I was online and where weather was
talking to my friends or doing business they needed to know this monitoring
company is responsible for what 50 percent of the adult population see this
monitoring company is called Facebook and my crime was a three second joke
about a left-wing politician during a podcast about installing CCTV cameras in
chiropractic clinics and now at submits them or give up on my podcast ever
making it out to the general public it didn’t make it at the end on to YouTube
the link would be included below but it’s included at the end because
censorship works because when you look at it because you never know my thoughts
may corrupt you so we’re gonna examine censorship as it relates to you today
and how it can control your brain and it does control your brain all the time we
can get a definition of censorship from Wikipedia which is ironic because
Wikipedia has been known to censor alternative health websites censorship
is a suppression of speech public communication or other information on
the basis that stretch material is considered objection or harmful
sensitive or inconvenient whenever we think of censorship we think of
government’s many different types of government censorship I’m going to talk
about a couple right now we’ve got direct censorship where it forbids you
from saying certain things and punishes you if you do you were in direct sin
ship which is restricting information which is far more common right now
pressuring companies pressuring individuals and promoting propaganda and
ignoring the will of the people which is seeing things like brexit and Oregon now
we’re going to talk about some controversial subjects right here and
that’s okay we’re all adults just because I’m talking about them doesn’t
mean that I support them and even if I did that’s okay free speech is allowed
we don’t wanna be any a hate speech or anything here so we’re gonna talk about
the things that are being suppressed right now whether they’re right or wrong
it doesn’t matter what does matter is your ability to decide so your ability
to understand what is happening the war truth is usually found on the middle
ground that’s where one side is one part of the story and the other side gives
the other part of the story and the truth is really found in the middle
what’s happening now there with companies and governments and
institutions as they’re denying the other half of the story so you can’t
find the middle ground so I’m at Oregon capital where censorships taking a new
form now people have vote on various bills here that then be rejected by the
public and that’s of course it should be dismissed but what the governor has done
here is which is called it an emergency and pass the law anyway now with
government we have some recourse even though this is obviously questionable we
have some recourse in elections and various other things that happen every
year but with private companies we don’t even
have that we can’t vote out the head of Facebook we can’t vote out the head of
Google and so censorship from working and not just in government like in
Oregon but it’s working in your very phone so let’s talk about this censorship
that’s happening in your life right now because I’m guessing you all watch
YouTube admittedly I have six kids so it’s like Peppa Pig and all that sort of
stuff but what you may have noticed that some of your channels that you watch on
YouTube are saying that they’re being D monetized and what that actually is it’s
economic center ship YouTube has decided to allow you to see what it wants you to
see and will have thoughts that it thinks is your correct thoughts and not
allowed to challenge it in any way and to do that they’ve taken away the money
that these channels were generating from ad revenue on their platform and whether
you agree with is usually gun channels or alternative health channels all these
different channels if you agree with them or not that’s not a problem but you
shouldn’t allow YouTube to decide what you are allowed to see and think that’s
not what its job is you are an adult you are allowed to choose and decide big channels like demolition wrench
which are a family channel of multiple spin-offs and are watched more by people
that aren’t interested in guns then our interesting guns have been demonetised
and what does that mean it means that they are not going to get rewarded for
their that they put in and therefore won’t produce that content and that just
means that YouTube’s deciding for you what you’re allowed to see and that’s
not cool and Facebook’s the same the amount of
times I do an episode like this one and it won’t get out there because Facebook
decides my thoughts are too dangerous again we are letting a company decide
what we should think and we need to stand up against that and if we don’t
think that Facebook is censoring is we don’t have to look at what Mark
Zuckerberg said to the House Financial Services Committee on October 23rd of
this year 2019 he was questioned by Florida congressman Bill Posey and this
is reported in vaccine impact but you can get it online in many different
areas this actually happened he’s there he’s questioned about people being able
to choose he says congressman I do want people to choose in brackets and that’s
why we don’t stop people from posting on the page something that’s wrong but if
someone wants to post vaccine or anti vaccine content if they want to join a
group where people are discussing that content we don’t prevent them from doing
that but what we do is we do go out of our way to make sure that our group
recommendation systems try to show people or encourage people to join those
groups we discourage that well how are you discouraging it
congressman Posey proposed well there are a number of different tactics for
example if someone is typing into the search results into the search box some
of them lead to anti VAX content we don’t recommend a devout searches to
them if you type in the name of the group exactly you can get that group
we’re not going to hide it or prevent you from joining it but we’re not going
to recommend or go out of our way to show people content there will encourage
people to join these groups therefore if you are searching for anti vaccine
groups for instance you will not find them unless you know their exact
spelling but if you’re searching for pro vaccine groups then you will find this
information without the exact spelling again we’re being denied the two sides
of the coin and we won’t be able to find the middle ground because facebook the
head of Facebook has decided that you cannot make that decision for yourself
so Facebook is stretching its power way too far and at the moment for instance
every time you look up certain information LLL put counter information
at the bottom there but when that counter information is the main post it
doesn’t put the other information below it so it’s forcing you to have that one
side again not the whole view which allows you to find the truth which is
usually the middle ground Google’s previous motto of do no evil
has recently changed to do the right thing because it was getting too close
to home they’re talking about removing anti vaccine information at the browser
level so you can’t even find if you look for it that might be doing the right
thing in their eyes but it’s definitely doing something that’s evil
and that is taking away your ability to choose are you an adult have you got
mental capacity are you able to direct free will
yes and that’s what it all comes down to it comes down to letting us decide we’re
adults so let us decide we’re human beings so
let us decide we are free so let us decide so what do we do how do we avoid
censorship and can we avoid censorship because our lives that played on social
media we use Google to search information that we want to find out and
yet Google’s telling us it’s going to restrict information to us at the
browser level meaning you won’t even get to see it what about when we want to
connect with our family and friends and keep in touch we use Facebook’s or
messenger and that’s being restricted to just check out how many episodes of mine
have been restricted and censored and I don’t even a bad person well at least I
don’t think I am eventually relax we’re going YouTube to talk to all the content
we watching more videos on YouTube that were watching TV right now especially
younger but YouTube’s deciding what you get to see I’m our conspiracy theorist but maybe I
should be because their peers have got it all figured out all your channels of
information to be restricted so what can you do and so I have a four-point plan
to combating this censorship one is use DuckDuckGo calm for your web searches it
doesn’t it’s trust you enough to be your own adult and filter through things
number two tell Facebook Google YouTube that you don’t want your information
censored educate yourselves on censorship and on the issues that
they’re trying to keep you away from because you are entertainment and for maybe it’s time to look for a new social
media because all these regimes that try and restrict information whether it was
religion governments all these different regimes they all fell and they fell
because you have power humans cannot be suppressed eventually we understand what
is happening and we we fight back so let’s fight back now let’s change from
Google to duck look go let’s change from Facebook’s of the other alternative up
below let’s change from YouTube to the ones below and of course let’s share
this information let’s share this video all around whether a chiropractor or not
I share it and get people informed about these things and share all the videos
like it and find out what it is we don’t want to be these passive people that
disappear into oblivion because somebody else decided for us and we couldn’t be
bothered to switch off a channel and have a thing for ourselves but I mean
that’s my rant for today and I only have one rent a month so we’re back next week
with a product review of anterior thoracic adjusting tool which is
absolutely awesome and some more stillness and remember I love you all
above them and inside out and don’t get lied to and be your own adult
alright guys see you later you

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