Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian : 5 Things Found in Every Indian Kitchen

Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian : 5 Things Found in Every Indian Kitchen

The kitchen is a lovely place for me. At home, it’s lovely.
My dad and mom cook together and… My dad’ll never give my mom direct credit. My mom will make like this amazing mutton curry. I’m like, ‘Mom, amazing mutton curry’. She’ll go, ‘Oh, thank you’. My dad will be like, ‘But, who bought it?’ If I buy bad mutton, the whole curry
could’ve been horrible. My dad’s damn cute. Yeah. Now, when you say…when you tell someone,
I know how to cook… He’ll be like, ‘Yeah, yeah.
What can you cook?’ Like no one takes it straight, like… No one believes you can cook. Yeah, hello, what can you cook? The moment…don’t ever make
the mistake of starting with egg. Okay. ‘Coz, I cook egg and hey… Egg and all is not cooking! Egg it seems. So. But, egg is pretty difficult to cook, man. You can screw up eggs.
You can make bad eggs. And then vegetarian version of this
is cottage cheese. No one gives you any respect. If you can cook cottage cheese.
No one gives you any respect. If you can cook cottage cheese. I can cook cottage cheese. Yeah, I can eat air, also. So, no one gives you any respect. Anyway, so… So, I can cook that. And… I can make chicken curry. Okay I can make chicken curry.
Yeah. That’s when I get respect. When you put the word curry,
They’re like, bro, you are like a real chef. And, it’s amazing… There’re a lot of people who are afraid
of making rice. It’s either insane confidence to make rice or absolutely no confidence to make rice. It’s like, ‘ Hey man, we have dal,
we have chicken, we need to order rice…’ I’ll make it. No, we’ll just order rice. No, I’ll make it in 5 minutes. Rice takes 5 minutes. And some people say,
‘Buddy will make rice, man’. I don’t know, sometimes it gets all
squishy and all. Sometimes it’s dry and all. We’ll just order it off, dude. Like I…I find cooking rice difficult that’s why
when I go t a restaurant and the Basmati… Each grain is separate.
– Yes. I’m like, is this some Harry Potter shit. How do you perfectly separate each granule? They’re certain things in the kitchen
that you can’t ignore. So, obviously, you have to start with the casserole.
Okay. Don’t you feel like you’re home already? This casserole is amazing… amazing utensil at home which is so elitist. It’s like, only flatbreads or nothing. It does not allow any other food item to be inside it. And because we’re conditioned to it, If you open a casserole and there’s
something other than flatbreads, You freak out. Like, oh… Okra. Who the hell puts okra? Don’t do this. Anyway. So. And it depresses this… there’s no true sadness like
opening a casserole and it being empty. You want to feel sadness?
– Yes. You ready for sadness?
– Yeah. Oh. It’s empty. Some fancy people put tissues and all. ‘Coz the flatbread needs a bed to sleep. Oh my God… Now, as you know… You can’t talk about the kitchen… Let’s talk about the rolling pin. The most sexist mom instrument, used in all advertising. If there’s a mother, keep a rolling pin there. It’s the most sexist thing you can do. This is a legit rolling pin not just a prop. You can see some flour on this shizz. It’s legit. It’s been through it’s… It’s been on the field. Yeah? It’s been in service. It’s still serving. The rolling pin…
By the way, I can’t make flatbreads. I just want to outright say it. ‘Coz I’m not a magician. The skill it takes to make flatbreads… My dad can make good flatbreads. My mom’s flatbreads…
should be given an Oscar. ‘Coz they’re so soft. Now, this is an apron. By the way, no one uses an apron in India. Does anyone use an apron? But, everyone’s bought it at one point.
– Yeah. Yeah, ‘coz you know, when I cook, I’ll wear an apron. It’ll be fun. And my clothes will be clean. So, that way, before going to a party,
I’ll cook and I’ll be safe. And I’ll take it off. No one uses an apron because in India,
cooking is not fashionable. Okay? Abroad they’re like, ‘You know, I’ll treat myself. I’ll cook. Yeah?’ Oh my God. Call my friends.
Get some wine and cheese. In India, they’re like… It’s looked down upon so much. So, no one wears an apron. Freakin’ the cleaning cloth is back! This cleaning cloth is always a part of your life. There are two types of cleaning clothes. One, which is given respect and one, which isn’t. When you buy it, there is no mercy given to it. It’s randomly, ‘You will be used for the table’. And you will be used for the ground. And the ground cleaning cloth
and this one never meet. My mom will lose her mind if I mix these two. Yes.
– She will… So, one day, I’m like,
I’m going to impress my parents. So, my dad usually cleans the table and goes.
So, my mom… So, one day, I’m like, ‘You know what, guys, chill’. I’m going to clean the table. And I took the wrong cloth, guys. I took the floor cloth. And then I cleaned the table. Next thing she burned the whole table. Now, obviously, we have to come to the cleaning. Okay, by the way, one thing I really like. I love doing the dishes. It’s my favourite thing.
– Yes. I love doing the dishes. ‘Coz there’s a certain like… Like my friend.
This is my friend Scotch Brite. It goes like, ‘Hey, when you need me to be soft… I’m your girl. When you need me to be rough. I can do that. Just tell me if it’s too much. Use the safe word. I slip little… I slip little jokes. So. But, sometimes, some scum,
some dirt can’t be cleaned with this guy. ‘Coz this is good cop. You got to get bad cop in the scene. You got to get bad cop. Bad cop is no nonsense. It’s like, ‘Where is it’?
Where is it? Where’s the dirt? And the thing is
look at how amazing this thing is. It’s…It’s like kryptonite. It’s awesome. It’s a metal mesh. And the unfortunate thing about metal mesh is that, this lasts longer than this. You know why? ‘Coz this, when it gets dirty,
you squeeze it and it’s clean. This takes it inside. It takes it inside. And you can’t clean it.
It’s like, ‘it’s okay’. I did my job. And it retires gracefully. Into the dustbin. Now, Pril… Guys, please, if someone’s not on this amazing shizz, Get on it right now. Is anyone not on Pril right now? There are some people… There are some folks… Who are shy right now. Who use a bar of… Vim.
– I’m talking about the Vim bar. It is effective. But, guys, once you go Pril, you don’t go back. Pril is the amaz….
Pril didn’t pay me to say this. But, I want to pay Pril every day. For helping everybody in dishes. This thing is amazing. If you put one drop on it, it’s gone.
Everything’s gone. You put it on your brain and
it’ll wipe your memories. Now, the Vim bar is pretty hard core. Look at this! If Medimix… Yeah. Yeah.
Never thought Medimix would get a round of applause. If Medimix works out every day
on an all protein diet. lifts weights, does power lifting… It turns into the Vim bar. Yeah. Come on, 20 push ups. I can’t do it, man.
I can’t do it. 20 push ups. It’s crazy. This thing here. Is this actually Vim or is it a cement block.
I don’t know. What the hell, man? It’s so tough. Awesome. It’s crazy. Okay, now.
There’s this new discovery that I didn’t know existed. Which is amazing… Which is I think meant for teenagers and young people, this is just…
Yeah. Guys, this is amazing, guys.
Yeah, I know. This put boxes out of business. Yes.
– But also promotes too much laziness. Like you buy a packet of sugar. Maybe I should put it in the box. Or… I could just take a second and cut the corner. And use this for the rest of my life. I think this is amazing. Thank you. Whatever scientist, made this,
lets tweet to him tonight. Saying, ‘Thank you, clip guy’. And finally… The lighter. It’s the light saber of the kitchen. You have to earn this. The lighter is visible to you the whole day. But, when you need it…
Yes. It’s magically under the stove. It’s always under the stove. But, for some God damn reason,
we look everywhere else. Where’s the lighter?
It’ll be here. It’ll be here? Check the bathroom. It might be… Under the stove … It’s like, ‘Hey, I don’t want to come’. I don’t want to come out. I want to sleep. Please. I want to sleep.
So, anyway…
I want to sleep. Please. I want to sleep.
So, anyway… As a child for hours I’ve been like… ‘Coz sometimes it stays in the same direction. Sometimes it just like… What amazing nanotechnology is this? How do they…? I genuinely don’t know how they do this? It’s crazy. Anyway, so… And the worst part is,
when you are alone at home, there’s no one around, you switch it on, you light it, it lights up. The moment you are around your friends, and you are making something, Yeah, so, anyway… One sec. Till it comes to an embarrassing moment. Let me try.
No! You don’t try. I got this. I do it everyday, man. And he’s like, ‘I told you,
let me sleep’. If you like this video… Like. Share. Subscribe. Awesome, dude.

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