Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian : Being Manly, Waxing & Shaving.

Chai Time Comedy with Kenny Sebastian : Being Manly, Waxing & Shaving.

So, every morning I wake up and I hate shaving. I can’t say it properly. But, this is what women feel
with waxing, you know. I think. Do we have to wax? You know. When you see from
that perspective, I think it was invented because
women are like at least do something. No one teaches you… Your dad never sits with you… “Son, today I will show you how to shave.” That never happens. It’s something you always
figure out by watching people. And, I have always
never done it right. This is the Bermuda triangle. Of fuck, I left out a spot. And only girls point this out. ‘Coz girls are perfect and… One like… Sri Lanka is there. One small Sri Lanka… Every time there is a small… Girls are like usually shorter
and they will be like… I’m like, ‘What?’ What? You left out something
when you were shaving. The whole day I have to
be like, ‘Ugh!’ So, I’m doing this. I want to cross check if how
I am shaving is correct. Okay? So, we started off with like this one,
which was a single blade. I couldn’t find a single blade. Sir, do you have a single blade? You are an educated man, sir. Use two blades at least. I swear, I went to every store
and no one was like… They’re like, “Yuck, bro.”
Like, be a little cool. I went to the cigarette vendor
and he’s like, ‘Yuck. Go away.’ So, this is like a motor based thing. This never evokes a good feeling, no? That sound. It never evokes a good feeling. I’ve never been in a barber shop
and the moment he does this, I’m like, ‘Ah!’ Now, also I forgot the thing
that brought all this technology to life. You know like the Alexander Graham Bell
of all the shaving was this. I hope I don’t kill myself. So, this is basically – suicide. Have you guys seen Sweeney Todd? Yes. Yeah. If you guys haven’t it’s about… a movie about a barber
who kills people with this. I’m like why not. I mean, if you have a weapon. And people are idiotic to sit there. Like, yeah, yeah, use this please. Use this, no. I think…yeah.
People should slice your throat. So, this is the shaving… This is how you start it. Like you have shaving cream
and you do this. You do this with this thing. This was the most amazing thing
when I was a kid. I was like, ‘Oh my God!
You can paint on people’s faces.’ But, then. They were like, ‘No.’ We need to up this technology. And they made foam. Now the thing is that
the foam version is great. Only thing is you are
so tempted to play with it. Okay. Okay.
And there is no little bit, middle. It’s just like zero or everything. I’m just trying to get a little bit out. That’s not what I meant. I…wow. One girl’s like, ‘Yuck!’ How dare you spark
my imagination in a dirty way. I didn’t think it was possible. It’s just cream, guys. Seriously. That’s what I said. We are talking
about shaving, children. No. I want to…I want to like shave
and show you how to shave. How, I think…I need a volunteer
to put this on my face. That’s all. Anybody wants to volunteer? Yeah. You? Come. Come. What’s your name? – Praneeta.
Big round of applause for Praneeta. Yeah? Praneeta, I know… Thanks. It takes lots of guts just to come on stage. It takes I don’t know what
to put shaving cream on someone’s face. Okay, so…have you used this before? Okay. This is like…A lot of girls have like,
“Kenny, can I put make up on you?” They get very excited. So, this is a reverse version of that. You can put some cream on my face. Gel, sorry. And then use this to like… Make it… I’m trying to be as clean
because that girl will be, ‘Yuck!’ So, you can evenly distribute… the substance…No. The… Gel.
– Product. On my visage. Oh…you have to put some water. It’ll… just dab a little water. Can I use my hands?
No, you can use a giraffe. If you want. But, ask the giraffe. Because, consent is everything. You may use your hand. Why? No, why? Why? Why is that exciting? Whoa! H2O on someone’s face. You’re supposed to put water
all over my face. And then the gel. It’s okay she doesn’t know.
She’s never shaved a man on stage before. Okay, let me just wear this because… Yeah. I have a feeling it’s going to get messy. Okay. Now, you have to take the brush
and you have to like… Move it in… clockwise direction. Clockwise direction. Or whatever. Any direction. Oh. Oh. The student becomes the master. It’s very dry. It’s not enjoyable. So… Oh, now I… now I get it! It looks like a Pomeranian licked my face. Cool. Awesome. Awesome. That’s all. That’s all. Big round of applause for her.
Yeah. Big round of applause. I think I need to use foam. Good. Okay. Cool. Shit! It fell on me. Oh, now I know how it feels. Okay. I need to stop doing those sort of jokes. By the way, if you are wondering… I have already shaved.
Why am I shaving? That’s how most shaving ads are. So, I am just representing. In all these shaving ads they do one… Like you will kill yourself. Really. You would go for the throat like that? And they zoom in to all the individual hair. Which is standing in perfect line. Haven’t you heard of ingrown hair, bro? Which only women know, by the way. Yeah.
Guys are like, what is this ingrown hair? Yeah. All the women are like… My God I’ve heard nightmares. Yeah?
Yeah. All the guys are like
what is this ingrown hair, bro? Now, I am one of those lucky people where my hair stops here. Some guys the hair stops here. So, it’s just an endless… I pity those guys. Okay, this is now basically
where shaving ends. Who is that ‘yuck girl’? Where are you? What’s your name?
– Moushami. Watch me what? Moushami. Moushami (Watch me) shave.
Watch me ne ne. Now, I think the classiest of them;
there are a lot of aftershaves. And I can’t…I can’t
talk about all of them. But, I think the one aftershave
that as a kid I wanted… was Old Spice. That’s what I’m talking about.
Old Spice. Okay? A lot of people think
this is not cool anymore. Okay? But, this is what my dad used to use. And whatever my dad uses is cool. Okay? And like…And look at the…They could have
stopped innovating at this stage. But, they’re like…No. We will make a soy sauce bottle. ‘Coz, why not? I’m like how do I even open this? Whoa. And guys, there’s nothing like stopping from
the whole liquid coming…I mean I mean, there’s nothing stopping… Moushami! Can you not be so dirty, Moushami? And the worst part is it burns like… Hell. I can’t…I’m not going to comment on
how much it pains because it’s not like waxing. You girls are like,
“Huh, do waxing first. Then we will talk.” But, the sad truth is that
this is not the best aftershave. Oh no, where is the cap?
Holy shit, It’s on it.
It’s on. I have become my father. The best aftershave is Vicco Turmeric. This guys…guys, don’t be ashamed. This is the best shit ever, bro. This is an antiseptic.
It has turmeric. So, your dad AND your mom are happy. The only screw up with
Vicco Turmeric, it’s not cosmetic… Is that it smells like Vicco Turmeric. Now, if I put Vicco Turmeric, I can’t enter a room. ‘Coz everyone will be like,
“Is someone wearing Vicco Turmeric?” By the way, I don’t shave
with a mirror like this. ‘Coz this mirror has this…
I don’t know how girls use this. It has this 4000x zoom. Yeah. How is this practical? I don’t know it’s like… Guys, see like…
Oh no! I’m the Hulk. And now, basically,
this one is just weird. It’s just like if you’re… It’s super safe and creepy. Yeah. The only problem is, this is so loud, If you live with flat mates
and you lock the door and this is… Yeah, that’s the only… They assume everything. Do like the video. Share it. And… Subscribe. Aww, so sweet. Thank you guys. Have a wonderful night. Good night.

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  1. When Kenny says "The only screw up with Vicco Turmeric is.." at 10:20, am I the only one who went "It's not cosmetic"?! πŸ˜€

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  3. Hi Kenny… Love watching your videos. I just had a feeling you can enact Mr.Bean really well. Would appreciate if I get to watch you enacting like him in your upcoming videos. xx. Good luck πŸ™‚

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    That's hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  7. Kenny virus…….he just mesmerise with nothing just being himself… Simple.. Humble.. Ultimate sense of humor.. Presence of mind..

  8. Old spice bottle looks like soy sauce πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ that made me lol….and hey, my Dad used it too, so it's gotta be cool 😎. The tiny cap is annoying though πŸ˜‹

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  10. This comment section consists of people with strong vocabulary. I swear, I have poor penny worth english. It's the best way to improve your english by the mean of entertainment. Love you Kenny😍

  11. I don't know if you are gonna see this comment but I need to say this. I starting watching your standups while I am bed ridden for few months just after an accident. I forgets everything and laugh like a kid. Thank you brother.

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