Chaos Unfolds After Trump Gives Kurds The Cold Shoulder | The Daily Show

Chaos Unfolds After Trump Gives Kurds The Cold Shoulder | The Daily Show

Donald Trump. President of the United States
and Joker understudy. (laughter) It feels like
we say this a lot, but the president is not
having a good time. A new poll is out showing 51% of Americans
now support impeaching and removing him from office. And by the way,
by the way, this was… -(cheers and applause)
-By the way… this was a Fox News poll. -Yeah. Which must have hurt.
-(cheering, groaning) It must have hurt Trump. That’s like if Gayle said
she was 51% against Oprah. (laughter) But while the Ukraine scandal
continues to engulf President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence
is doing everything he can to stay clean. I… What… I never discussed, uh,
the issue of… of, uh… the issue of the Bidens with
President Zelensky, and, uh… I… What I can tell you is that all of our discussions
internally, between the president
and our team in our context
in my office with Ukraine, were entirely focused
on the broader issues of the lack of European support
and corruption. I was… Well… Well, that’s your question.
Let me be very clear. Goddamn! (laughter) Oh, Mike Pence avoided
that question like it was a woman
with her ankles showing. That was extreme. (laughter) And I like how he says, “Well,
that’s-that’s your question.” Yeah. And now you answer. That’s how questions work. Mike Pence is out here trying to pull conversion
therapy on a question. He’s like,
“With the power of Jesus, we will cast out the demon
in that question.” Now, while the impeachment train
is picking up steam, that’s really not
the big news today. The big news is Turkey,
because earlier this week, President Trump ordered
American troops to step aside in Syria,
allowing Turkey to attack America’s
Kurdish allies in the region. And guess what?
That’s exactly what happened. Turkey tonight wasting no time
launching a military attack on U.S. Kurdish allies
inside Syria just two days after receiving
a virtual green light from President Trump. MAN: Dubbed
“Operation Peace Spring” by the Turkish government. Turkish forces driving deeper
into Northern Syria, attacking U.S. allies,
the Kurds, with advancing troops
on the ground, while pounding
Kurdish positions from the air. Another danger–
as Kurdish fighters now rush to the front lines to defend
themselves against Turkey, they can no longer properly
guard detention camps, packed with tens of thousands
of ISIS members. -What a shit show.
-(audience murmuring) Thanks to Trump’s
impulsive decision, people are now fleeing Syria. The Turkish are now bombing
the Kurds. And over 10,000 ISIS fighters
could be back on the loose. -WOMAN: Damn.
-Yeah. Which is bad news for everyone. I mean, great news
for truck dealers, because ISIS guys love trucks,
you know. And that’s the only people
who’s winning. Yeah. As soon as they escape,
they’ll be like, “We’re free just in time
for Toyotathon. Yeah!” So in the midst
of this unfolding disaster, Donald Trump is responding
the only way he knows how: by being petty as hell. Here is how President Trump
defended his decision to abandon the Kurds. The Kurds are fighting
for their land, just so you understand. They’re fighting for their land. And as somebody wrote in a very,
very powerful article today, they didn’t help us
in the Second World War, they didn’t help us
with Normandy, as an example. -(jeering, groaning)
-Wait, what? Trump’s saying America shouldn’t
help its Kurdish allies because they didn’t help America
in World War II? I mean, to be fair,
not helping in a war is one area President Bone Spurs
has experience with, -but still…
-(laughter, shouting) this logic doesn’t hold up. (applause, whooping) Right? Because… the Kurds are helping America
fight ISIS right now. Imagine if your boss
used that logic. Just walked in like, “Bill,
uh, you’ve been a great employee “for the last five years,
but, uh, you shit your pants 30 years
ago– we got to let you go.” That’s like, “But I was…
I was a baby back then.” “HR still thinks it’s gross.
I’m sorry, man.” Oh, and just-just by the way,
just by the way, the Kurds actually did fight
with the Allies in World War II. Yeah. So next time
Trump wants to bring up history, he should first check with
his friend Frederick Douglass. -(laughter)
-It’s not a real thing. So Trump clearly has no regrets about America
abandoning an ally that has lost 11,000 of their
troops helping fight this war. He also doesn’t give a damn
about what could happen if those ISIS fighters escape. NEWSMAN: The president pressed,
too, on those ISIS prisoners. Well, they’re
gonna be escaping to Europe. That’s where they want to go. (jeering, gasping) -Wow.
-WOMAN: Wow. So what, Trump doesn’t care
about ISIS fighters, because he thinks they’re
only gonna go to Europe? That’s… really heartless. And also, Trump,
you realize you need Europe. Right? Because without Europe,
there’s no Romania. Without Romania,
there’s no vampires. Without vampires, you…
you don’t have a lawyer. (laughter) -(applause, whooping)
-And then… who would the FBI indict?
I mean… Secondly,
it’s really shortsighted, because if you let thousands
of ISIS fighters regroup, they could come back
bigger than ever. I mean,
it’s exactly what happened with the Backstreet Boys–
we took our eyes off them, they regrouped, and now they’re
touring all over the world. I’m just saying,
it might seem, right now, like a few ISIS prisoners, but
in a few years, we’ll be like, ♪ Oh, my God,
they’re back again. ♪ (laughter) So, look, Trump’s decision
to move American troops and allow this Turkish invasion could have
truly disastrous consequences. And many people
have been racking their brains, trying to figure out why Trump
did this out of nowhere. But instead of guessing, maybe
we should just be listening to Trump himself. President Trump’s decision to
pull troops from Northern Syria is once again raising questions
about his business dealings. As The Washington Post
points out: Here he is back in 2015. (like Trump):
Two towers, not one. It’s one and another one. I call it “two.” In Istan-bul. (laughter) Yeah. I mean, this whole thing
would make sense, because, for Trump,
it’s always about real estate. People think he’s playing
three-dimensional chess. Maybe he’s just playing
Monopoly, you know? But whatever the reason is, Trump is now dealing
with a major world crisis in addition
to his impeachment inquiry. So that’s two scandals. Not one but two.

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  1. Not our war, we are done with other people's war. To all you bsy Sayers, go and help the Curds if you want to help. Send your kids….

  2. Emoluments clause violations are enough to impeach Trump, stupid Democrats don't impeach.
    Muller report is enough to impeach Trump, stupid Democrats don't impeach.
    Alienating our allies while supporting Russian interests and walking in front of the Queen of England, stupid Democrats don't impeach.
    Now over a year later with the economy crashing and the election coming stupid Democrats start to impeach?! Why didn't they do their jobs over a year ago?

  3. As an European I now consider Trump a danger to us and will take action in taking arms and shooting that dipshit in the face (next up: Erdogan, Putin, Assad, Kim)

  4. Omg it's amazing.. absolutely disgusting that comment about isis fighters going to go to Europe and the sadistic grin on his face. seriously I'm From The Netherlands and this is really a stab below the belt. US abandoning their allies like that I feel for the Kurds. Please please remove him before he does any more harm. He's got no respect for the Presidency he never deserved this job

  5. How about we send all the trigger happy Trump supporters to guard the ISIS detainees? At least until after the next election.

  6. Honestly, I’m impressed. After each scandal, when you think this can’t be worse than that, he finds a way. Always. Crescendo.

  7. 5:00 "Trump, you need Europe."
    "Because without Europe there's no Romania."
    "Without Romania there's no vampires."
    "Without vampires you don't have a lawyer."
    — Trevor Noah

  8. As a turk, Trump is right on this one.America was defending people who used to kill innocent people with AKs everyday in Turkey. I'm a Kurd, but there's a another type of "Kurds" in there.

  9. Kurdish allies ? Here Lindsey Graham explains.
    Here Trump confirms

    Next time, send your own troops to invade countries, would clear up a lot of confusion.

  10. Turkey is cleaning its borders from the terrorists there and its their full right to do so. The fact that those terrorist helped fight other terrorists doesnt make them any better. And if the isis prisoners get in hands of the Turks you can rest assured they wont be freed ever again. Turkey has suffered the most from Isis and the PKK/YPG. Usa should have never entered syria in the first place. Leaving is the best thing he could do at this point for the interest of the states. Save me the bullshit of being allies with those scum ypg. Turkey has been a true allie for the states but this friendship has always been abused by the former governments of the states. Clearing up isis back then would be a 2 day job for the Turkish military and still the states chose the arm the local terrorists there. They didnt allow turkish troops to enter. Now that they weaponed the terrorist up to their necka they retreat again and watch the fireworks from afar like always. But no problem, the Turkish army are veterans and we live and die for our country without thinking a split second.

  11. Lack of European support for Ukraine ,? That's a hoot , and a lie , since the EU has already given 16 8 billion dollars to Ukraine over last decade , way more than wE have ..I swear , everything out of this administration is just lies all the time . How corrupt can thry get ? Actually ..scratch that

  12. Jesus Fckn Christ this goes beyond everything.

    America has shown it's true face. Cause you voted for him.
    "Noooo……the popular vote….."

    The fact that your voting system is so fucked up that it works that way…

    "Greatest country in the world" my ass. You dumb fucks…

    You were even gonna vote for a narcisist or a pedophile…

    You dumb fucks

  13. I was shocked when I stumbled on Trump's Facebook page the other day to see how many people worship him relentlessly. That solved the puzzle of how he's still in power. He's got millions of blind booty lickers out there.

  14. The Kurds didn't help us in WW2. That's the most stupidest thing I have ever heard. Like who gives a damn about the past. This man needs to get rid off as soon as possible, but the people are scared to do so. This is what he wants from us, to destroy America and to make it unstable. That president needs to be taken care of.

  15. America is simply another evil “kingdom of this world”. America, just like all other nations, has only one agenda. That is, self-interest. America has been deserting and abandoning their "allies" for decades. Nothing new to see here.  
    America is the #1 most violent, war mongering empire on the planet right now. Other nations or groups (like the Kurds) may foolishly trust America. Many nations are "allies" with the USA simply because they are afraid of the consequences of NOT being allied with America. But if you get in bed with a disease ridden prostitute, don’t be surprised if you die from some horrible infectious disease.
    America doesn’t even faithfully care for its own military veterans. They are used up and thrown out with the trash. Why would America have any ethical care at all for anyone in the Middle East?
    Can’t understand how this is shocking or “new” news for anyone.

  16. Misinformation everywhere..
    A big amount of the population of the Turkish Republic ARE KURDS… many soldiers in the Turkish Army ARE KURDS.. Turkey was and is never against citizen Kurds.. What the army now is doing is trying to PROTECT and CLEAN OUT its own border and the lands that belong to Syrians from the "PKK Kurds", which is one nasty terror group working together with every dirty element in that region and getting constant support for decades from various countries to stall any economical progress in Turkey with the main object to establish an illegal "Kurdish Country" in the region by aiming to steal from both Syrian and Turkish lands.. and the funny thing behind all this is that Israel is the puppet master with their sneaky agenda to create a country they can later control for their future expansions into this region in the name of their so called "promised" lands.. Anyway… not gonna happen!

  17. Annnnnd it's now happened. ISIS regained a foothold. Sorry WORLD that president Cheeto just let terrorists loose again.

    Hey America…. NOW DO YOU CARE!?!?!?!?

    Actions have consequences and not getting rid of this asshats just spurred off a major consequence

  18. The reporter hitting Pence with blazing hard questions, this is public humiliation of the administration 🤣🤣.

  19. Europe should deal alone with 10000 ISIS troup now?
    Are you f*cking kidding us?
    People always lived in fear because of terroristic attack that could happen anytime.
    And now in time of piece, this shit happens again, just because he is afraid that his Trump Towers could get damaged.
    In this guy is really President?!

  20. 5:19 it’s really shortsighted because Europe is where president douchebag bonespurs finds his replacement wives—wtf is he going to do when Melania is all used up if Europe has been taken over by ISIS??!?!?! We all know the Oompa Loompa fucktard wouldn’t stick his dick in a brown person…

  21. I hate the way Turkish people are depicted in the American media.

    I am not saying that Kurdish YPG members should die because they are threatening our borders. But these kinds of lack of research, of knowledge and desire to make striking headlines is certainly abusing the power of media. Turkish people do not hate Kurdish people, we do not want Kurdish people to die. The “ally” you are talking about has killed mlre than 15k Turkish people. Regular civilians, not soldiers. They bombed our airports, train stations, buildings… I have a lost my friend in one of those bombing attacks. YPG (The Kurdish militants you are talking about) were only your ally because US makes profit by selling guns to the YPG.

    Also btw ISIS is not the active terrorist group in Syria its DAES. People are fighting DAES now.

    This is how misguiding the media is… Turkey’s population as at least 42% Kurdish, there would be no point in hating them. Kurdish people are one of us and we are one of theirs. I am not saying that we live in harmony but we do respect each other and our cultures and our languages. US media is depicting us as this genocidal paranoid maniacs but that cant be more untrue.

    Its not that I agree with Trump and our president Erdogan’s actions but I cannot help but see the xenophobia against Turks when the US media antagonizes all of Turkey and all of its people just for the sake to make Trump look bad and impeach him more easily. Whatever the media is telling you American people, it is freaking romanticized. YPG is not an ally, it is not the hero that “protects the western world from ISIS”, it is just another economic outlet for US to sell guns and arms to. Which we all know solves nothing, even creates more chaos more and more terrorist groups just like ISIS. Maybe YPG is not attacking you Americans but I have to live with the fear of dying any day any time because I live close to the borders. I have lost loved ones because US thought it was OK to sell guns to YPG. Please try to look at this from different points of view, I cant afford to be more sad than I already am…

  22. I know this is a comedy/satire show but I wish, Trevor would have made unmistakably clear, that this whole thing is absolutely outrageous. Not only did trump give way to erdogan, a president who resembles a dictatorship from day to day more, he also left his allies to turkey, who either will drive the kurds out of their country or even kill them. Not to mention, that he risks isis coming back stronger than ever and gives up the entirety of Europe, just so he doesn't have to admit he was wrong? This isn't just a scandal, this almost certainly will become a humanitarian crisis, all just because the orange man is too stupid, to understand his actions

  23. In the original article, the guy says " Let’s be honest – the Kurds didn’t show up for us at Normandy or Inchon or Khe Sanh or Kandahar. " I didn't know the other two cities were parts of the Korean War and Vietnam War, so I thought he was speaking figuratively, like, "C'mon, these people aren't heroes or best friends. They did help us during the Revolutionary War or rescue our cats from trees." I didn't know he was being literal, so I was worried at first that Trump just casually read that line and took it as gospel fact, that the guy was trying to make a point and instead the President was like, "Dude's gotta point!" Like the taking the airports thing all over again.

  24. So Thousands of people are going to die, ISIS may comeback stronger than before, whole region is going to get destabilize again because of 2 buildings…

  25. So actually this is just another reason to impeach this SOB ! He is using his power to protect his personal commercial interests in instanbul.

  26. Why are people calling it an "impulsive" decision when it is obviously a "calculated" decision. It seems he has quite the to-do list so the DEMs need to stay off twitter and work quickly!!

  27. America it would be nice if you could fire that fk dipshit from office because I am telling you if he comes to Europe he is returning in a wooden box

  28. I tell you why.
    Biden have used his Power of vice president to fired the prosecutor in ukraine. Now everyone complain trump. No sense the pres of ukraine says was not ask anything suspiciuos from trump

  29. The comment about the lack of help in WW2 – can we please pause and reflect a minute on this. The stupidity of this statement is just beyond belief. Where are the journalists that get seriously upset when they hear such a statement and call him out for the piece of s*** he is?

    The kurds helped you defeat the IS, lead your little proxy-cold-war thing with Russia for you, stabilized the region and now you leave them to die against Turkey…not like other middle eastern allies have not experienced the same treatment, but when you choose to intervene you got to take responsibility for the aftermath of your action. Otherwise you are just selfishly warmongering making the world a worse place.

  30. he pulled out 30 dudes. niggas in this thread be acting like he pulled out a million. and worst yet niggas be wanting more troops overseas

  31. Tump. Stupidity at his fines.
    You know how small children are spoiled on internet ? Well, Donald is one of those grown up.

  32. i m syrian and i got some Issues with this video, first of all i am againt putting up this flag of Syria 2:06 ,which shows support after all to a Dictator who kills his people namely Bashar alassad ,second of all lets imagine that trump still support Kurds ,they would want to have their own country ,they would want to united with Kurds in turkey and iraq and Iran and make their own country ,and make syria more divided than it is right now and by the way what he meant by Kurds didnt support us with WW2 is that he would still put the Jews in the first place and no other cuz they fought with americans Troops i guess , i think that was good decision from dumb man ,but CNN took it kinda too far ,just because you guys against Trump policies ,doesnt mean that you should be against him in every decision he makes

  33. Trump pretty openly wants these people to be the victims of genocide, though likely out of a mixture of disinterest, spite, and a belief that they are our enemies. His comments about them not helping in WW2 make his views on them clear. He doesnt care about any details, they havent thrown their lives down uselessly for American interests (as trump sees it, likely financial interests) so they dont deserve to exist. This man is gonna he remembered in history books in some fucked ways. Make sure to hide your support of this man well, trump supporters. It may very well shatter your life in the future

  34. There is no Turkish kurdish conflict its a game played by minorities who putting a huge finger in somebody ASS

  35. I am disappointed with the invasion but I know it's not the decision of the people, I know the people there…they would not agree with this. It is the higher up people that is ruining everything.

  36. even though I would LOVE to see Trump Impeached and removed from Office kicking and screaming …It would hurt his feeling so much more to unanimously VOTE him out

  37. So in three years when this loser is in Club Fed in NY state and ISIS bombs the Freedom Tower, nobody better blame President Bernie because it's this jackass!

  38. any comment on the 900k that Sleepy Joe got from Burisma? Ukraine just dropped the Bomb on Biden…and the Fake news are silent

  39. As if ISIS ever fucked with the US, Turkey became target of those motherfuckers more than Europe or any country except Syria and Iraq… Turkey had to endure 30+ years of fucking terrorist attacks by the PKK and now they should endure the attacks of their cousins?
    The purpose of the "inavsion" is not gaining new land but to secure it and settle a portion of the Syrians back there. Most people fleeing from the war are in turkey right now, even if it is just a brief stop getting to europe. If you wanna read about a shady deal look at what the EU and Turkey signed regarding asylum seekers and letting them wait on the border to Bulgaria and Greece…

  40. Three years of telling one lie after the other, making blatantly fascist remarks, racist remarks, anti-democratic remarks, obstructing justice, and so on and so forth, and it is just enough for people to say, "yeah, I guess it would be a good idea if he were impeached." Keep in mind, Americans: this is what the world sees: next to no protests – and this is what the world thinks: so I guess almost all Americans are ok with Trump. That will be your standing in the world from now on because you were too lazy to take to the streets.

  41. Somethings need to be cleared.
    Turkey is targeting only pkk/ypg terrorist groups, not any civillians or specifically kurds. Just like USA targets anyone in enywhere like it's their business. Pkk and ypg are two terorist organizations threatening Turkeys sovereignty by performing terrorist activities, suicidal bombings etc…
    Let aside the fact that every terrorist group are financed and created by USA.
    Again Turks and Kurds are living in harmony in Turkey and syria. The operation is supported by majority of kurds and syrians in the region.

  42. This whole world is f*cked. We're on a collision course with doom itself and there aren't many who can actually stop it…

  43. someone put that man with tose isis rebels and lets see how he feels then abput his 2 fucking towers … i wish i could smack the shit out of him

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