Cheap Online Media : How to Watch Movies Online for Free

Cheap Online Media : How to Watch Movies Online for Free

Hi. This is Sheldon Bradley and we’re going
to talk about watching movies online for free. Earlier we talked about using such services
as Blockbusters and Netflix to view movies online, but those services are, you know,
for members and paid memberships or what not, but here are some hot websites online that
you can see free movies at is one and also there’s So let’s
take a look at both of those websites right now. Okay, now that we’re online, we’re going
to type in the URL for and wait for the website to pull up. Here you can see it’s
a very, very clean nice laid out site and if we go up here to the top, we can go to
the movies tab. Click on it. Okay, once we get under the movies tab, you’ll see that
the movies are in order by popular movies, popular movie clips, alphabetical order, and
under studio names. So let’s click on the alphabetical. As you can see, everything is
nicely laid out and as we scroll down, you’ll see that Hula doesn’t offer a wide variety
of movies to choose from, but you know it’s free and it’s good entertainment, you know,
when you’re working online or doing other things. But let’s click under studios and
we’ll see that there are some independent studio films here but most of them are under
Fox Production and Universal, so although they have a huge library, they don’t offer
a lot of their movies on here. And the little circle icon next to the movie are the ones
that are actual full length movies that you can click under, so we’ll click this one.
And this is general layout and you just, you know, click on it to start or what not. But
it’s a pretty nice site, so now let’s type in, which is the next site
were were talking about. It’s a fairly new site; it’s only been around for less than
a year so let’s click under the movies tab, and when we go here you’ll see that all the
movies are laid out in alphabetical order. You can click on them or you can just scroll
down to see what movies you want to look at. And as you see here, they have a ton of movies
to choose from. You know, brand new movies to movies that are, you know, years and years
old and we’ll just click on one, and one thing about Surf the Channel is they claim that
they’re not responsible and they’re, they’re not responsible for third party films that
are put on their site or what not, so that’s kind of a disclaimer here at the bottom, so
you know, a little bit of warning before you click the play button here. So in short, when
it comes to viewing both of these channels or as, well, I won’t say both of these channels,
I would say definitely is kind of view at your own risk, and also
I might add that you may be subjected to some less than tasteful advertising before viewing
some of the movies on Surf the Channel, so once again, view at your own risk but it is
a great website with tons and tons of movies and documentaries on it, so you be the judge.

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  1. yo listen this website moviesister(dot)com once u click ona movie it will say oh sign up 4 this click cancel then yes and boom the mite be there some are missing

  2. i've tried so many websites and they never worked..
    pcan someone plz tell me a site which actually works!!
    or i wont be able to watch any movies bcause in the countr where i live there r no cinema.. suxx!!

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  5. dont be discriminate against others because they only have the money with the tech they perfer to have. not everyones rich and im pretty sure hes aware hes poor, but he doesnt need people like you harassing him about it.

  6. hey thank u sooooo much for sharing this website! i have been looking a long time for a website like this your awsome im watching the texas chainsaw massacare and there are no commerical inbetween 10 or 15 minutes marks it's just straight though 5 out if 5 stars

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