CHECK MATE short film 2019 by GIMSR 2k15 batch  | WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES

CHECK MATE short film 2019 by GIMSR 2k15 batch | WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES

what shall we do now suicide how many times did i warn you to cover up our michiefs with out any proofs i dont even know how come the girl’s issue got leaked if this issue gets into police concern , they will break us into nuts let’s plan together let the strangers kidnap them … what’s the reason for the kidnap, it’s for the proofs right ? take it why do you guys get into these activities ,is it necessary ? Is it… ?
It is … necessary Do you people even know the value of this? value? tell me your so called valuable anegdote.. we’ll decide the value of your valuable.. I only play to win.. it’s your turn bro nandu it’s your turn why the heck are we addicted to alcohol ? does nothing, but spoil’s our health! ok .. let’s initiate this with a useful move hmm… what is this ? Go through the article in the last page hey chay .. your dad is in the police department right ? grab few details from him…. okay. These 2 big shots’ sons are too hard to handle in this city. BIG SHOTS…! It’s going to be hard to deal.. even the toughest man has got some weakness I know that . we can find them in Siripuram pub now
most importantly they ‘ll be alone.. let’s go..! hey ! did you notice the girl in black ? grab his phone , we may get the proofs yeah, we got them today’s news , 23 yrs old got brutally raped in Hyderabad While we hit someone here , simultaneously the other girl is the victim there. According to studies ,per day 926 assaults are taking place in our country. but we rarely find them in the news. we can rectify one or few , but the whole world is in the same path we can’t hit everyone , we can control them. how? my idea is , all the working women should be sent home before 10 pm . this may control the assaults. he’s right . what do you say Siddu ? nowadays everyone is with a smart phone so more rape alert apps should be developed and public awareness should be created. we ourselves can form a dark circle and spread as vigilantes during the dark . what do you say Nandu ? in the country like India ,where even the signal jumping is a case , why aren’t they even considering the registered rape cases ? only one out of three cases are getting judgement . this is Guna’s phone right ? why didn’t you deactivate the sim card? I say only once just give me the proofs otherwise , you’ll not see your family again. before he traces us ,let’s submit the proofs in the police station. let’s go . hey , wait for a sec. hello are you going to the police station?
I know every moment of yours. go back immediately . he’s on the call we should submit these proofs even at the cost of our lives you are so stubborn. your brother is studying in GITAM medical college right? don’t you want him back they’re threatening me they’ll kill my brother. it’s over let’s go back okay then they got our family involved in this.
he will definitely kill us. true…he’ll kill us he’ll kill us . instead of dying in his hands let’s commit suicide. we almost decided to die At the same time Deva has sent you . you know what if you have not brought us here you would have not get the proofs as,we would have died by this time it’s a good this you have done to us by stopping this suicide we gave you the proofs right ? just leave us and let go … free them .. hey Sanju , why are you up so early ? nothing bro .. why are you laughing it’s been a long time we played cricket Sanju is finally happy… but yesterday night was a secret at last we stopped it.. what are we going to do with these proofs destiny takes them to the right place what? let’s submit them to the police where are you Sanju? I am on terrace with chay .. ok I am coming Chay? he doesn’t have any friend named Chay …. hey what are you doing ? he’ll definitely kill us its better we commit suicide before he kill us he’ll kill us . let’s commit suicide god ….. he’s insane again hey Prabhakar, please come home immediately hey why did you call me in a hurry it’s about my younger brother what’s wrong with him? he’s suffering from schizophrenia again he used to have it before he’s ok after the treatment first tell me what is schizophrenia? simply ,it leads to sudden depression sudden aggression , hallucinations which may finally leads to increase in suicidal tendancy how did you get know about him just a while ago he was found talking to his imaginary friends about committing suicide suicide ?? he’s very strong mentally I think there is a strong reason behind this.. so we have to find the reason behind his suicide and we have to stop it but how? we will kidnap him….. it’s been a long time we played cricket …
let’s play once… ok let’s go then…

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  1. Awesome film Prabhakar….and extraordinary teamwork….. looking forward for more videos from you guys…….All The very Best!!!!!!!!!!

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