Cheli Short film Trailer (With Subtitles)  | CAPDT

Cheli Short film Trailer (With Subtitles) | CAPDT

Anjali She’s always been there with me in my happiness and my sorrow but she is not there with me because She is the reason behind my sorrow Don’t you get it! I don’t like being this way not only me no man would want to be like this She is very special that is making it even worse Who the hell are you?

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  1. Breakup..7letters..bayya..intha badha untundi ani telidhu… attitude problem…Tanu breakup chepinpdu Kuda chal Dobby anna…but a ksanam na eyes lo tears vachay…that moment I realized hw much I lv her ani…..first 20 seconds chudagane relate ayanu…Nala sad ending kakunda..hope gud..all the best guys..ur doing very well…I hope success will touch ur feet…
    Waiting to c cheli..lvu guys💙

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