Chhichhore | Official Trailer | Nitesh Tiwari | Sushant | Shraddha | Sajid Nadiadwala | 6th Sept

Chhichhore | Official Trailer | Nitesh Tiwari | Sushant | Shraddha | Sajid Nadiadwala | 6th Sept

‘…where strangers meet
and become friends.’ ‘Friends forever.’ ‘And there is nothing
normal about them.’ They are scoundrels. Someone has abused you on your face How are you going to give
it back to him? With emotions… Friends who are rascals. What will you accomplish
by changing your hostel? You will stay in a better room. You will eat better food. But Bunty will still sleep
in your pants. Friends who you fall in love with. Don’t even think about her. – Why?
– Look. Look. You guys are such rascals. My mother thinks so too. Na�ve friends Why is he so nervous? Is he talking to a
girl for the first time? Are you okay? Friends who are pranksters. This one is specially for you, sir… …with love, Dulari. Dulari wears men’s undergarments? How would anyone know how she really is? Doesn’t matter. I haven’t washed it in two days. Friends with whom
you laugh and cry with… …but also learn about life with. Do we want to get
rid of this ‘loser’ tag? Yes! Can we win the GC this year? Yes! “What will you gain by worrying?…” “…you will die whilst you’re alive.” “Listen to this song… Sexa, you dropped your Bunty! Attack! “Start living…
because life is short.” Bloody losers! Your dad is a loser! But true friends are the ones… …who show no mercy in good times. But when difficult times arise.. Our son is not dead! …these same rascals are the
first ones to show up on your door. I never imagined we would have
a reunion in these circumstances. You started this story… …but we will finish it together. “Don’t worry, silly.” “Don’t worry, silly.” “Don’t worry, silly.” “Don’t worry, silly.” “Let things run its course.” “Don’t worry, silly.” Guess who? Sexa uncle. You are a smart guy, Kammo. Thank God you got hit here, …and not here. Otherwise, that would’ve been a bummer!

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  1. Wo tere ko gali de kar geya hai, Ma Bhen ki gali de kar geya hai… kya bole ga andar se Madarchod… Ma Teri ka Phudaa lol

  2. Just going to watch this movie only and only for NAVEEN POLISHETTY … he is the youth icon especially for me.. Lots of love and success to Mr. Naveen… All the best

  3. 😍😍"Pata Nahi Kya Jaadu Hai College Life Mein!
    Jahan Anjane Milte Hain Aur Dost Ban Jaate Hain." ❤️❤️

    Such a real dialogue 😘😘😘😘

  4. Bahut maaja ayega …Galliya hi galliyan ..Hum indian ka yahi level hai..
    Hollywood kabhi tha hi nahi apne liye …Thanks nadiawala ji …

  5. Beautifully done guys! This is actually what happens in college, not the shit sold by the name of SOTI!
    Can't wait to watch the movie!😍

  6. Why are people even comparing chhichhore to soty 1 & 2… you guys are insulting chhichhore by comparing it to those clapped ass movie

  7. Student Of The Year 1970.
    Bollywood what's wrong with you??
    Pehle Tollywood ya Hollywood ka remake banate the,
    Ab khudki hi movies ke amateur remakes bana rahe ho. 😒

  8. फ़िल्म सुपर हिट है अंगूठा लगवा लो ❤️❤️❤️❤️👌👌

  9. Kisi ne Nazey ke song Aafat wapas ka sound suna background mein start at 00:36 seconds agar suna Hain to like Karna

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  11. Tu Ya Aap Bhaisahab Kya Chahatay Ho Tareef Karoon In Movies Ki.Chalo Kar Deta Hoon.
    Wonderful Movie By Nitish The Director Of Dangal Movie Must Go For Oscar.That's It.

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