Chicky Chicky Parm Parm – The Cooking Show

Chicky Chicky Parm Parm – The Cooking Show

-We’re in the Munchies
test kitchen. We’re going to make
Chicky Chicky Parm Parm. Or should I go this way?
-Yeah. -Chicky Chicky Parm Parm.
Or do it backwards? Chicky Chicky
or Parm Parm Chicky Chicky? It’s a reference
to “Parks and Rec” when Tom talks about
all the things he loves, and I like the weird
little things he names things, and he calls chicken Parm
“Chicky Chicky Parm Parm,” so I’ve been calling
this recipe that, and Peter just, like, gets angry
every time, is just like, “It’s chicken Parm.
It’s chicken Parm.” So lower third me. Chicky Chicky Parm Parm. [ Laughs ] This recipe is the best chicken
Parm you’ll have in your life. We really, like,
fucked with this recipe a bit to try to make it so
it’s super simple, super fast. We’re going to use boneless,
skinless chicken thighs. So they’re a lot more juicy
and tender than chicken breast, which has a tendency to dry out. We are going to also be making
our own red sauce. Instead of using
a canned red sauce, we’re going to use
fresh tomatoes from the Munchies garden. These tomatoes are so juicy and kind of sweet
and really tasty, so we’re going to use
fresh tomatoes. Okay, so get our red sauce
going, we’re going to make that first. Bah! [ Laughs ]
What is wrong with me right now? When the coffee
kicks in right here. I had a coffee this morning.
I don’t usually drink coffee. We’re going to make this
a really smooth sauce. I’m going to put it
in the blender, so you can kind of
roughly chop your onion, doesn’t have to be
perfect at all. I’m going to only use
half of it. We’re going to set that aside. Going to heat up
a couple tablespoons of olive oil in there. Going to add my onion
right in, nice little sizzle. We’re going to add
one clove of garlic. Roughly chop this guy. Season this with salt. I don’t need to get
too much color on this, so I’m going to add the salt. It’s going to help draw
the moisture out and soften it up really quickly. Okay, look, that’s already
pretty soft. This is a really fast,
really easy red sauce recipe using fresh tomatoes, which
makes this recipe so great. Going to add the garlic in. Cook that for another minute
or so. You don’t have to
peel these guys. You don’t have to do anything,
just roughly chop them. These are going to break
down in our sauce, so easy. We’re using about a pound
of tomatoes. “Jingle Bells.” Whenever we’re doing
name that tune, 9 out of 10 times,
it’s “Jingle Bells.” You know, the reason why,
I’m going to give you a little backstory
on “Jingle Bells.” My dad is the Iranian one
in my family. My mom is actually Italian. She’s Italian-American, so we
celebrate Christmas in my house. My dad does this, like, thing
whenever “Jingle Bell” comes on. My dad will be like,
“Jingle Bells,” and just, like,
randomly, like, say, like, “Jingle Bells,”
just, like, weird. It’s a really weird thing
that he just, like, does it, and now it’s, like,
become, like, an ongoing joke in my house.
“Jingle Bells.” I’m going to get my bowls
ready to bread my chicken. So little pie plates,
nice, shallow dishes. Okay, we’re going to put flour
into one of these, panko, about 1/4 cup of Parmesan cheese
in with the panko. We’re going to do some eggs
into this bad boy. See if I can still —
She’s still got it. Yep, look at that. If you don’t have
three pie plates, which you probably don’t unless
you’re, like, a pie freak, you can use shallow plates,
shallow bowls, whatever. We’re constantly
breading things. This is not the cooking show,
remember, it’s the breading show. Cue “breading show”
right below me there. So I always see my interns
using pie plates, so I’m like, “That’s a good idea. I don’t
know why I never do that,” but they do,
and so I’m literally — My interns taught me something. We’re all here to learn. Everyone is learning every day. If you’re not learning
every day, I don’t know. You must be really smart. You must have a really high IQ. I think it’s about 1/3 cup. That much. Okay, that’s going to cook,
break down a little bit. It’s going to take, like,
10 minutes or so to cook right there. Meanwhile, I’m going to
prep up my chicken. Prep up my chicken.
Crack myself up. I don’t know why that was funny,
but prep up my chicken. You laughed, right, because
you’re smiling a little bit. You just think I’m stupid.
That’s why you’re smiling. This recipe has a lot of my mom
and my dad in it, my mom being
the Italian-American and my dad
just with his dumb jokes. What do I got over here,
you ask? We’ve got a meat tenderizer,
and we got a Ziploc bag. So we’re going to
take our chicken, and we’re going — just tenderize it a bit. Going to pop them in there. I’m leaving the bag open. We’re going to just lightly
smash it down. And the reason I’m doing this
because chicken thighs are already very tender, so I’m not really trying
to tenderize the meat. I’m just trying to thin it out
a little bit because we’re going to
panfry it in here and then we’re going to add
the sauce back in and then just top it
with cheese, and it’s not going to bake
in the oven for, like, 20 or 30 minutes. We’re just popping it under the
broiler so it cooks really fast. The chicken is going to stay
nice and crispy on the outside, tender and juicy in the middle. It’s, like, the easiest,
fastest chicken Parm of your life, okay? ♪ Jingle Bells ♪ “Jingle Bells.” I’m going to season
my chicken with salt. I need you to come over here. I can’t use two hands,
and this one is dirty, so I need you to grind
some pepper on this for me. Just go one way
when you need to grind it. Don’t go back and forth.
There you go. It always bothers me when
people grind it going both ways. I don’t know if it, like,
matters necessarily, but… Okay, you can sit down now. “Jingle Bells.” Dash away. It’s a holiday video now. ♪ Happy holidays ♪ One hand here,
put that in there. My mom is really good
at Italian food, so she’d make chicken Parm.
She didn’t do it like this. I feel like my mom did a lot
with chicken tenders, but, yeah, I also really loved
eggplant Parm. My mom would always make,
like, eggplant Parm or eggplant rollups,
eggplant rollatini. It was so good. So I’m just going to smoosh
that in there. I got one ready to go. I made it for my boyfriend once. He’s like,
“I love chicken Parm.” I was like, “Oh, I’m going to
make you chicken Parm,” and this guy is such an asshole. He’s not going to watch this ’cause he’s that much
of an asshole, and he’s, like, such a snob
about Italian food. He’s from Rhode Island, and I would make this for him,
and he’s just like — and, like, he, like,
didn’t like it. He was like, “It’s fine.” It’s better than fucking fine.
Ugh. Don’t say that to someone
you’re dating, and they, like, put a lot
of effort to making you dinner. Like, don’t be a jerk. That’s why we broke up. We’re going to just
blend up our sauce. My sauces are always
really simple. It’s just, like, a combination
of onion, garlic, maybe tomato paste
if you need it, but because we’re using
fresh tomatoes, we have a really nice
tomato flavor, so we don’t need tomato paste. One thing to remember also, notice how I’m doing
this very gently? Because this is really hot,
when you put hot liquid into a blender,
there’s, like, air gets in it. I don’t know what it is,
but it’ll fucking explode in your face,
so just do it on a lower speed. Don’t go full blast because
it will shoot up and burn you. You don’t want that. Look, it’s like waves. Surfing the waves. Ooh, it’s cool, right?
Hey, that looks nice. I love it. Oh, damn, look at this.
Look at that. Look how orange that is.
It’s so pretty. I love it. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Mm-hmm. Yeah. Delicious. Mm-hmm. Yep. We’re going to fry these
bad boys, and I’ll put it aside. We’re going to add
our red sauce back in, put the chicken in,
put the cheese in, and broil it. It’s going to cook so fast. Dinner on the table in less
than 30 minutes, basically. Don’t forget
your snacking cheese. Want some snacking cheese,
Peter? Catch. [ Laughs ] Ready? Did only one get in there? Good job. [ Laughing ] Just let it brown. Ooh, yeah, she good. You ever see the things
with Parmesan, the frico, they call it, Parmesan crisps?
That’s what happening with this. Look, it’s getting so
fricking crispy right now. That’s why they call it frico.
Freaking frico crispy. Sorry, another dad joke for you. I don’t know.
I make shit up all the time. That’s why my — I was going to say, “That’s
why my pants are on fire.” Another dad joke for you. But they’re not. You’ve got all your food
groups here — fruit with the tomatoes;
onion, vegetable; cheese, dairy; poultry, meat;
bread, carbohydrates. This is literally,
if you’re looking at that pie, that little
pyramid scheme thing? Hits all the levels. Really?
What do you do now then? We’re going to pour in
most of this red sauce — orange sauce,
I correct myself — into here. Pop our chicken into here. It’s like a little
game of “Tetris” to make sure it all fits. You can overlap it. It’s not a huge deal if they’re,
like, overlapped and stuff. We’re going to pour
some more sauce over the top, just a little bit. Cheese. We’re going to top it
with some more Parmesan. Think I’ll pour a little bit
more on top of it. Ta-da. Okay. This is going right
under the broiler. By the time it comes out,
cheese is bubbling, browned. It’s going to be cooked. Come on back, Peter. Ugh. People, like, DM me now,
and they’re just like — They’re like, “I can’t
cook anything now without singing that song.” Like anytime I’m doing anything,
they’re, like, waiting for something to happen,
they sing it. It’s catchy.
I’m going to make my own album. The two songs on it are going
to be that and “Jingle Bells.” Oh, it’s perfect.
Look at that. Because I love Peter so much, I’m going to give him
the first bite. Come here, Peter. Ready? Come here.
This is one big bite. Should I cut it for you? Shut up.
Don’t be a little bitch. I’m going to give you this bite. God, your freaking mustache! How good is it? That’s all I get.
“It’s good. It’s great.” It’s delicious. It’s cheesy. It’s crispy.
The chicken is super tender. Chicken is cooked nicely
right through very quickly. This recipe, click the link
in the description below, #cookmunchies. Share it. Goodbye. ♪♪ ♪♪

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