Childhood Trauma – IHE (Scariest Movies for Kids)

Childhood Trauma – IHE (Scariest Movies for Kids)

*Music* There’s something
inherently memorable about the things
that scare us Especially from
when we’re young and can’t always
comprehend, rationalize or understand
the things we’re seeing. Things that scare you,
stay with you; and in some cases
can even haunt you into adulthood Everyone has movies and shows that scared them from when they were young, and in this video I’m going to discuss the media that gave me more nightmares and wet blankets then I’d care to admit I’ll be ascending in order of scariness with the first movie or show being the least scary and ending with the most scary thing Young Little Alex IHE has ever seen in his whole life Please note that the film or show was not necessarily even a horror movie or Intended to be scary and most of them do boil down into a single moment or Concept that really messed with my young little head so with that in mind *deep voice* let us begin When I was a kid, I absolutely loved “Small Soldiers” But there was always s-s-something about it made me feel a little bit uneasy Upon revisiting it’s really not a very good movie in fact It’s actually quite inappropriate in a lot of ways which I guess is why it was rated a 12 here – wait Why was it a 12? How the hell did this ever get made The director of Gremlins, Joe Dante, was at the helm of this creepy project about action figures who were actually extremely, artificially intelligent toys that were created by a toy company by accident, sort of, who used said intelligence to craft violent weapons capable of drawing blood “There will be no mercy.” “I’m ???” Half of the terrifying toys were horrible mutants that only cared about escaping their cruel world they were thrust into and the other half were horrifying soldiers who were hell bent on murdering the mutants, who in the movie were known as the Gorgonites Our mission: destroy the Gorgonite enemy, defeat him. Yeah, apart from the idea of action figures coming to life already being quite a scary concept in and of itself there was one scene in particular that really did make me feel quite anxious there was something inherently quite disturbing about jacked-up soldier toys insinuating how much they’d love to fuck a Barbie doll. Take a look, sir. Bombshells, sir. Fully poseable! (laughing) Dolly (whistling) Sweet stuff. Hubba, hubba. R&R sir? but the turn this whole Barbie section takes is quite unexpected one of the small soldier characters was killed in a scene earlier and the survivors were carrying his corpse around in a tiny little body bag for toys so then the Tommy Lee Jones villain character tears the head off of his comrade’s dead body, pulls the plastic skin right off of his head, revealing his hideous skull-like features underneath, and literally breaks his fucking skull in half to remove the equivalent of its brain. And as if that wasn’t enough they use the brain chip from their dead comrade to power a production facility, a Frankenstein production facility, that brings all of the Barbie dolls which are now randomly defaced and mutants to life? “It’s alive! It’s alive!” “Hi there!” for some reason every doll is naked and has various sharp objects strapped to them I don’t know why it was necessary for them to be completely mutated and laugh like creepy maniacs But to be honest, I don’t think this film is very interested in being safe for children “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!” while neither being a truth satire horror that parodies the friendly nature of something like toy story, small soldiers just wound up being a tonally confusing mess that had no idea if it wanted to be a funny kids movie or a creepy comedy horror in a similar vein to gremlins and just wound up being disturbing for an audience who were probably never supposed to actually see this. As a six-year-old there is nothing worse than being fearful of your Own toys. Thanks very much, small soldiers. Appreciate it. Wallace and Gromit is a wonderful stop-motion animated series of short films that you’re doing yourself a disservice if you’ve never seen. While Wallace and Gromit normally reserves itself to Absurdist sight-gags and harmless antics there was one scene in particular That messed with me when I was quite young child. In the Wallace & Gromit Adventure, A Close Shave, there is a dog character who you believe for the majority of the running time is Simply just a dog but towards the last sequence this dog character Gets sucked into a scary pipe by Shaun the sheep And it’s revealed that this dog was never a dog after all this time, and was actually a scary skeletal robot “Daddy created him for good, but… he’s turned out evil!” The pacing of the scene is beautifully crafted exactly like a horror movie which as an adult is very entertaining But the young version of me was very much distressed by this and found the image of an evil robot dog to be quite unsettling Naturally luckily good old Gromit saves Shaun from being mangled by the mechanical mutt Otherwise this scene really would have upset me. The sequence quickly devolves back into the usual Wallace and Gromit comedy, But not without ending with the dog being smashed into a meat mincer so his eyes pop out then having his robot guts Distributed into cans with his own face on. Obviously not a single thing about this is scary now as an adult, and it’s actually nothing but charming and funny, but you’re not exactly rational when you’re a Developing child are you? Cans of food were a bit disturbing for a while. Was it appropriate that I was watching tremors as a young child? In my opinion yes, because I loved it. “Jim!” No, good comes from being overprotective from fiction as a parent. It’s a movie about a giant slug that lives in the desert that finds You through vibrations in the floor as you walk around. Sure There’s a little violence here and there But as long as your kid isn’t a fucking moron and knows that it isn’t real life and it’s all effects and camera trickery, I see no harm in it. Although the thought of a creature that could swallow you up while you’re just doing a casual activity such as walking down the road was Quite scary to me when I was younger it somehow never escaped my mind no matter how rational I tried to be. When I’d be walking to school and my Imagination got the better of me, and sometimes I’d even go as far as to sprint up stairs when the thought was truly stuck in my head because I knew the Graboid monster, (which is the name of the giant slug) couldn’t get me if I was up high and off the ground. Now I have a lot of affinity for tremors It’s actually very good movie, if you can get past extremely cheesy poster and how stupid the premise sounds. I definitely recommend this one as an adult if you like monster movies. “Fuuuuuuuuck, you!” *Kevin Bacon laughing like a gremlin* So far We’re still on movies that I was obsessed with despite having aspects that scared me and both The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth Continue this trend because they are wonderful for freaking the fuck out of children. “Are you afraid of me?” “Think I’m going to… eat you!?” There’s something just so much more scary about a life like moving puppet than a computer-generated Ghost or something. When it came to choosing which one I wanted to watch I always choose Labyrinth because I found it less scary, because of all the singing and generally lighter tone, But if I really wanted to challenge myself, I would put on The Dark Crystal The Dark Crystal was Actually so scary and inaccessible for children in its earlier cuts that the film actually had to be reworked to appear more friendly, to be Accessible for a younger audience. A narrator was added and the ghastly bird-like characters called the Skeksis Skeksis? I dunno. Had voices added to not be quite as frightening, but I’m afraid you just simply cannot make something like this- “Mine!” *guttural sound* Not be the most fucking spine-chilling thing you’ve ever seen. To tell the truth I still do find elements of The Dark Crystal to be Nightmarish and unsettling, but I think that’s because I feel so immersed into the world whenever I watch it It actually feels like you’re watching a completely different universe, so I found it to be completely Fascinating despite how strange and unconventional it was. Even creatures Which are supposed to be friendly and lovable are fucking ghoulish. There was a particular Skeksi (or Skeksis?) who would make this Disturbing moaning noise that would really get under my skin and make me feel fucking ill. It was like a… *mm*. Type thing. Jesus. *mm* *mm* *mm* “It’s time to make my move…” Basically every scene in the movie has something completely unnerving, from the draining of one’s very life essence to being captured by huge crab creatures. *pained squealing* Even describing it to you right now is making me shiver. It’s hard to put the undeniable magic of this movie into words. It’s definitely a… unique experience, and I honestly can’t figure out if I even like it or not to this very day. As far as Labyrinth goes though, there’s Only one single scene that I found to be nearly unwatchable And that’s this fucking musical number with these pink things that pull Themselves apart and take their eyes out and jump around on a really bad greenscreen. There is such a perfect level of unbridled Horror in this scene, that it still makes me want to throw up even if I hear the music without seeing it “I know what we should do! Take off our heads! YEAHHH” “Yeah, let’s take off our-!” I have no idea if this sequence is supposed to be as freaky as it is. I’m going to go ahead and assume that it Wasn’t, and they just fucked up horribly. *Ominous Sound* Upon reflection there’s almost nothing scary about Goosebumps. For the most part the show is so poorly acted and the effects are so Laughable, that in retrospect, I find it hard to believe that it freaked me out in the way it did. “They make me scared…” Everyone who used to watch Goosebumps had that one episode. You know the one that played on your specific fears and kept you up at night. For me This was two episodes, the first one was called The Scarecrow Walks at Midnight I don’t really remember much about the episode if I’m honest But where I grew up had a lot of crop fields and farmers land So naturally the idea of anything skulking around them in the dark is just frightening to a young impressionable child. Scarecrows still creep me out to this very day and – and can you blame me? I mean look at them. They’re – they’re just creepy. The other episode was either The Werewolf of Fever Swamp, or Werewolf Skin Something about a werewolf, I, I dunno. Again, I really don’t remember much because I was too young and at the time I thought it was so scary I didn’t finish it I just turned it off, and I even rewatched both these episodes, but nothing is triggering any memories so I have no clue which one it was. The only thing I have a memory of is something to do with a werewolf and It being Goosebumps. I just thought werewolves were scary, okay? *Ominous Sound* I still find Alien scary and unsettling To this day. When I first watched Alien when I was about 9 or 10 years old I was stuck in this perfect mix of being too scared to move but also being so Fascinated by the creature in the story that I was transfixed by every single viewing. The perverse nature of a creature Attaching itself to your face and laying an egg in the back of your throat Which is pushed down by food or drink, which proceeds to burst out of your chest, is Possibly the greatest and most horrible monster design of all time. Aliens wasn’t quite as scary to me because the Xenomorphs are killed in droves which helped combat and rationalise my fear from the first movie, because it made them out to actually be killable, But even then the scene where the woman is stuck in the wall and is begging to be killed, Really did stick with me because of how D-disturbing it was. Now though, as an adult, Alien is easily one of my favourite movies. From the Incredible set design to how real the acting and pacing feels, I would highly recommend Alien to absolutely anyone who is a fan of film, science fiction, and horror. Aliens is good too, not quite as good, but for action movie people, it’s pretty great. “Eat this!” *gunshot, explosion of flesh* *Ominous Sound* Now is when things get fucking creepy. *Pingu Intro* *Pingu Intro* Pingu was my favourite when I was a little two-year-old boy. Well, up until something happened. In one episode Pingu fell asleep one night and had a strange dream It’s relatively playful and innocent enough until What the fuck is that. I… I can’t stop looking at it. Somebody help me. *unintelligible moaning and grunting* Whoever thought this was a good idea must have been off their fucking tits. Because this is one of the most genuine, Horrors, I’ve ever had the displeasure of witnessing. *loud wailing* When I asked my mum if I’d missed anything off this list of things that scared me when I was young that I might have forgotten And she said, “There was an episode of Pingu that scared you!” I thought to myself What? Pingu is adorable! Pingu is innocent. No- Pin-Pingu is child-friendly! It couldn’t be that bad. I must’ve just been a pussy, but holy shit. I do not blame two-year-old me at all for being scared of that, Jesus Christ. I really do hope someone got fired over putting whatever the fuck that is in the show. WOOOOOOAAHHH *Ominous Sound* I was obsessed with reading all of the Harry Botter books when I was a young little boy, So of course when the movie adaptations started coming out, I was naturally excited, and for the most part I enjoyed the movies as a kid. All apart from one scene in The Philosopher’s Stone Not The Sorcerer’s Stone, The Philosopher’s Stone, get it right. As an innocent seven-year-old boy with a wild Imagination, there was a scene that messed me up, so Bad, that I actually had to have some minor child therapy to help make the nightmares go away. So what scene was it? Do you say, what scene could have traumatised me so much? Well, if you remember, when Harry and his friends go into the forbidden forest with Hagrid and Voldemort is creepily sneaking around in the background, and what was that other part? What was it again? Oh yeah, where he’s literally sucking the fucking blood out of a unicorn? I don’t really know why I found it So intensely scary at the time – rationalising fiction isn’t really important to you when you’re seven years old. But man. Even to this day, seeing this scene sends shivers down my spine, as it triggers the intense memories of unfiltered fear *Ominous Sound* And so finally, we’re here. The thing that scared me the very most. The piece of media that scared me so much, that I literally have not had the courage to Revisit it until only a few months ago, and that movie is… *drum roll* E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial. *fart* I know, I know, the classic Spielberg movie that warmed the hearts of millions, is the movie that scared me the very most. But why? What could be so scary? Well you’ve probably noticed a recurring trend with my mind ultimately being the greatest enemy for me, as sometimes not seeing something or just being teased is far more effective than letting us see all the Secrets right out. And E.T. applies this tactic early on in the beginning of the movie Keeping E.T. himself to nothing more than vague and shadowed shots of him in the wilderness and having him reveal himself in a scene that’s shot Exactly like a horror movie. It’s no wonder it fucked with me so much. Oh yeah and there’s also this. *E.T. wails* I never actually finished the movie because I thought it was so scary So once I finally did build up the courage, I did actually rewatch the movie again, as I mentioned, as a 22 year old man Who’s – Who’s, very strong, and not afraid of anything? *mhm, sure* Yeah, I built up the courage to watch a… heartwarming Children’s Movie. And I actually did really enjoy it this time. The Spielberg charm is here in its full glory And while some elements are relatively weak, such as plenty of the characters having very little development But overall with the score and the emotion this film can muster it really is quite special. Goes to show you can overcome your fears of children’s movies *Ominous Sound* While the previously-mentioned shows and movies are the pieces of media that scared me the very most I feel like there are a couple of honourable mentions I need to acknowledge quickly. So as much as I loved Indiana Jones as a kid, and still do to this very day, the ending of Raiders of the Lost Ark where the Nazis’ faces melt, and their heads explode, Made me feel Weird. Kind of like the way Alien made me feel scared and disturbed, but at the same time I kind of liked it. It’s hard to explain except for that… visceral Feeling you get in your gut. When you know Something is wrong to you. The Grudge used to freak the fuck out of me. Not really the movie per se, But more just the concept of a creepy japanese lady showing up everywhere. I specifically remember a dream I had, a recurring dream, where I’d look into a grate that was in the corner of the room And she’d just be there staring at me. Fucking horrible. And finally I’d like to shout out the beginning of An American Werewolf in London. The atmosphere of the moors is an incredibly unnerving Conceit, and I’ll never forget the blood-curdling howl of the wolf. Pretty great stuff. *ghostly howl* “Did you hear that?” *ghostly howl*
**yeah I heard it** So that’s the end of that one then. I’d like to thank YMS for tagging me in this series So I could make my own entry, I think it’s a fun concept. And make sure you check out the Childhood Trauma Playlist, which has a collection of a bunch of great Youtubers’ own take on this same idea It’ll be in the Description and linked at the very end here, if you want to check that out. So as always Thanks for watching, let me know what movies and shows scared you as a kid in the comments below, my voice is dead, I’ll see you next time. Bye! *Music*

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  1. One child show that creeps me out to this day and honestly makes my skin crawl is Charlton and the Wheelies think it's a show from the 70's.

  2. I've always found the horror movies pretty dumb, and ironically, the ones which scared me the most when I was a child were movies that too far away from the genre. The one which scared me the most was Mars Attacks when they turned everybody into skeletons using their lasers, now as an adult I dont understand why I was so afraid, but remember that I was really paranoic with the idea of a laser beam coming out from nowhere XD

  3. LITERALLY Wallace and Gromit terrified me as a kid and I can't watch those films now without getting scared, thank you for putting it on this list!

  4. When I was 19 I ate a edible so I decided to rewatch the labyrinth and the scene with those red fucks came one and game me a panic atack and I had to turn off the movie

  5. I can relate with the tremors bit, loved it but the thought of giant monster worms always spooked me into trying to get elevated and sit perfectly still.

  6. I hate Labyrinth and Dark Crystal. Not because they traumatized me as a child, I didn’t see them during that part of my life. I just hate them because they’re eye sores and terrible movies in general.

  7. I saw the title/thumbnail and immediately thought of Dark Crystal, though I don't remember anything about the movie. I just recently remembered it even exists. I only ever watched it once, actually. I was at Blockbuster with my mom, and she found it on the shelf and was like "hey I've watched this with your brother, let's get it." I don't think it scared me at all. I found it a little weird, but still kind of liked it. I'd definitely like to take the time to rewatch it

  8. all the things in the list i found interesting or funny as a kid also thanks for reminding me of the movie "small soldiers" i watched it years ago but only remembered some parts of it and always wondering what movie that was i even thought it's chucky

    tho you know what actually scared me as a kid? roadrash all those weird and horrifying faces of those characters jesus

  9. The part in the 1st hp movie when that proffessor (thought it was voldemort, forgot it) shows his dubbel face i was so scared

  10. Small Soldiers was originally cut in the UK to get a PG. The DVD is the "uncut" version hence the 12 cert.

  11. I used to get really scared by this episode of the looney tunes where some mice are trying to basically kill a cat

  12. Sesame Street – when the aliens come to the window to answer the phone
    Charlie and the chocolate factory – fat kid getting stuck in the chocolate pipe
    Punky Brewster – friend gets molded into a cave wall and Punky was confronted with an evil owl looking demon
    The Last Starfighter – execution scene
    Office Space – being stuck working in a drove white collar job

  13. I got traumatized by The Brothers Grimm (the 2000-something movie, not the actual fairy tales) when I was a kid. I don't remember much of the details, but there was a scene where this villainous wizard-or-whatever feeds these enchanted spiders (yes, it only gets worse from there) to a horse. Later on, a nine-year-old girl goes into the stables to pet the horse, and as she's petting its mouth, her hands get tangled in cobwebs and the possessed horse starts covering the girl up in a net of webs from its lips. Then the horse flings the girl into the air, and on the barn wall we see the shadow of the horse swallowing the girl whole as it goes deep down into its stomach as a big writhing bulge.
    I have never gone near horses after seeing that movie. And I never will.

  14. Goodness I remember watching and loving Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents on classic tv as a kid plus also watching Tales From the Crypt. I was given a lot of freedom as a kid.

  15. 10: Yeah…. this film spooked the heck out of me. I stopped watching right when the one soldier got spun around in the garbage disposal. And the one getting split in half by the kid's bike tire… ugh… it just…. made me uncomfortable. I didn't remember the monsters as being scary though, the human soldiers scared the crap out of me. Later I watched it in full, and I was okay with it. I enjoyed it. Yeah it's a crud movie but I enjoyed it none the less and still do cause it's like shite Toy Story for the edgy teen.
    9: Yeah…. that thing was scary, but I loved it! Not scary at all for me when I saw it.
    8: Didn't see it till I was less impressionable and didn't scare me
    7+6: Never seen either of them. Still haven't
    5: It took me a long time to really get into reading the books at all cause scary stuff didn't really sit with me cause those covers just made me too chicken (XD) to even pick up a Goosebumps book in the first place. Now I watch it and just enjoy it. I don't think any of the animated Goosebumps episodes got me…. but Are You Afraid of the Dark did. That opening…. brrr.r…. just freaks me out.
    4: Well it's supposed to be scary. And your reaction to Alien is the same I felt when watching Jaws as a young kid of "this film is WAY too scary for you to watch"
    3: We don't have that in US so…. meh. I can see why this would horrify anyone. But for UK kids stuff….. I got FREAKED out by some scenes in TTTE cause I was a whimpy little lad and got nightmares and would NOT watch for years until I became a teenager and was more brave
    2: Meh, not scary to me
    1: Okay…. I can see why. The Alien doesn't exactly look like "give me a hug" it's like, "please kill me"

  16. I still remember the Dr.seus's ABC's book I had as a kid. It had a weird creature for each letter of the alphabet. Once you got to Z it shows you one fugged up alligator that always gave me chills.

  17. One time when i was 7 years old i was left alone at home and watched a maraphone of Evil dead 1 and 2, The thing, Alien, Return of the living dead, Friday, Hellraiser on TV and i fucking watched them all. Now imagine my feels.

    Also i recommend to watch a IT porn obviously.

  18. The most frightening movie I ever saw as a child was Jean Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast. The makeup for the beast just scared me so badly as a child that I still can’t watch the movie as an adult.

  19. I remember thinking back to Alien when going through Appendicitis when I was 11—and also the Spaceballs spoof.

  20. I genuinely used to lay awake at night as a child wondering why E.T. wasn't rated PG 13. Trust me bro, you're not alone.

  21. I'm a pretty standard kid, I like cartoons and legos and such but the movie that scared me the most was the scene in zootopia when mr. Otterton went wild. The kicker here was that I was born I 2006 and that movie came out in 2016. I still close my eyes when that scene comes on

  22. Isolation (2005) was absolutely horrifying to me when I first saw it, all of them years ago when I was in secondary school! It left me beyond terrified after I watched it and no other horror movie has been able to do that to me since. Just the sheer unknown factor in this movie really got to me; it was just this weird, misshapen thing that made bone-chilling high pitched noises (If I remember it correctly). I would highly recommend this movie to anyone that hasn't seen it already and I would love to hear other peoples' opinions on it!

  23. My little sister was terrified of the Nickelodeon show "Are You Afraid of the Dark?", especially the episode titled "The Crimson Clown". I was disturbed by several scenes in The Never Ending Story.

  24. Okay but what about Return to OZ?
    Everyone seemed to be scared of the wheelers but here I was scared of the scene with the heads screaming and a headless body chasing Dorothy.

  25. I couldn’t watch The Princess and the Frog as a kid because I would cry everytime the villain came on the screen

  26. I remember when I was a toddler but I’m 10 so I remember watching dark crystal and I closed my eyes for the WHOLE MOVIE.

  27. I was scared of another episode of pingu, in which pingu gets lost within an ice maze with what I remember as some pretty fucking creepy music

  28. Childhood trauma: my parents wouldnt let me watch all this shit. So: Ghost Story. Last movie of Fred Astaire. Long lost movie. Dont dig that bitch up!

  29. Tremors scared the shit out of me when I was a kid, but I loved it anyway, and it's still one of my favourite movies.

  30. For me, the biggest bits of childhood trauma was Evil Dead 2, stephen king's sleepwalkers, courage the cowardly dog( the Pharoah's curse) and Stephen king's it( mini series version). At least those are the ones I can think of

  31. Pingu episode was aired on TV
    I recall it
    The seal not just shows up but laughs at Pingu and proceeds to torture him

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