Rowan: Give.. Rowan: Me.. Rowan: More. Rowan: More, Ash! Ash: You know the priests say our ancestors were in the planet that way, right? Ash: More, more more! Ash: Until the earth didn’t have anymore to give.. Rowan: Yeah? Rowan: Well some of us don’t get to go to temple. Rowan: Some of us, don’t get to go anywhere. Rowan: So come on..! Rowan: Tell me more! Ash: Stop! God! Ash: You’re such a pain in the neck for a girl who technically doesn’t even exist.. Ash: AHH! Rowan: Say it again! Ma: That’s enough. Ma: You want the neighbors to hear? Rowan: Sorry, ma… Rowan: Just tell me one more thing. Rowan: What did she wear today? Rowan: You know…the girl that you’re crushing on.. Rowan: Lark? Ash: I don’t know.. Ash: Something..yellow..? Rowan: Bright yellow? Rowan: Pale yellow? Rowan: Lemon yellow? Ash: Like you’ve ever even seen a lemon. Rowan: I wonder what they tasted like. Ash: Probably better than algae.. Ash: You should probably head back inside.. Rowan: I’ll be in soon.. Ash: Rowan? Ash: Um… Ash: Try to remember better tomorrow okay? Ash: When I get home from school, we can talk all about it. Ash: Talk about the auto-loop or Lark or… Ash: I don’t know, just everything Ash: ‘Kay? Ash: I’m sorry… Ma: For you.. Ma: Straight from Central Records Division. Rowan: Is it real? Ma: From right before the eco-fail. Ma: I thought you’d like it. Rowan: Mom, you and Dad would get in so much trouble if they found out that you took this Ma: I think we’d be in a little bit more trouble if they found out why we took it. Ma: We needed you to have something special.. Ma: Of your own. Ma: They’ll never miss it! Ma: I’ll never let them find you.. These walls are all that’s keeping you safe Ma: You want the neighbors to hear? You were almost caught Ash: It’s not my fault I was born first Ash: Secret sister Ash: I scent it– Ash: The girl who doesn’t technically exist These walls are all that’s keeping you safe.. Joey: Well, hello there! Joey: So I hope you all enjoyed that short film of the first chapter of my book, Children Of Eden! Ash: So, obviously, it couldn’t be exact to what the chapter is.. Joey: So, if you read it and your like “Oh my god, that didn’t happen.” Or “This is a little different.” Joey: Um.. Joey: Sometimes, like, you need to change a few things when it comes to, Joey: Like, a small budget, that requires a movie budget. Joey: Um, but, I’m super proud of how this turned out and… Joey: I can’t believe my book is out in stores now, TODAY! Joey: You can go and or– Well, you don’t have to order it, you can just pick it up! Joey: It looks like this. *Holds up book* Joey: It’s called Children of Eden um, Joey: I’m super proud of this story and I think you guys will really enjoy it! Joey: So, go pick up a copy, um, Joey: It’s at any book store around…the… Joey: The world! No, just kidding, not all the places in the world.. Joey: But most places, um, Joey: So go pick it up and uh, Joey: Fingers crossed we can get on that New York Times Best Seller List! Joey: AND make it into an actual movie Joey: So, if you want this to be a movie! Joey: Please go support me and go buy a copy of Children Of Eden, Joey: It would seriously mean the world to me. Joey: I put so much of my heart into this book and I think that you guys are going to lo– Joey: No, you know what? I KNOW you guys are gonna love it! Joey: Um, anyway, that’s it for today, I love you all, I will see you all tomorrow! Joey: Good damn, bye!

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  2. This already look professional and you already made a series called Escape The Night so I think you can make it into a show or movie something! 😜

  3. I haven't read the book, so I don't really have much to go off of, but when watching this, I was having flashbacks to among the hidden

  4. Me:it about it get interesting
    Joey/ash?:Your such a pain in the neck for a girl who technically doesn't even exist.
    Me:Lolllllooooolloo lmaooooo ahhh🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

  5. You need to do a movie after the trilogy movie after the release of the 3rd book! We just booked your tour in Atlanta. My daughter got me interested and we are reading the 1st and 2nd book together! She watches you and miranda all the damn time on youtube so i end up watching as well. So ive grown to love your channel and I'm almost 40! Lol. Cant wait to meet you

  6. Joey is cool but I’m low key watching this cause I have to do something with this book for summer reading 😂

  7. Hi Joey I'm a rrrrreeeeeeaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyy big fan of you I've been subscribed since you started your channel!!!!!!one day I wanna meet you and I wanna be like you

  8. Wow I love those kind of like contacts it's so cool! Well done! ❤️❤️ btw how good does Joey look with eyeliner

  9. I am on Chapter 10 of Children of Eden and I have to say that I am enjoying it so far. Keep up the amazing work, Joey.

  10. I seriously love this series, its so well written. at some points i wish i could read faster because its so suspenseful, i NEED to know what happens next. Just started Rebels of Eden this morning and i'm already halfway through!!

  11. I absolutely NEED to know the music that plays around 3:58. I read the book and I’m rereading it and I found this and I would like to listen to it while I’m reading❤️

  12. MY FAVORITE BOOK I HAVE EVER READ IN MY ENTIRE LIFE omg this needs to be a movie right now!!!!!!all my friends love it !!!!!

  13. Hey! when I can see your books in Lithuania? I already read the first and second parts but I need more 😅
    P.s. I love your books. You are amazing!😍

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