Chokher Aloye | Bengali Romantic Movie | English Subtitle | Prosenjit, Tapas Paul, Debashree

Chokher Aloye | Bengali Romantic Movie | English Subtitle | Prosenjit, Tapas Paul, Debashree

Suresh, declare a holiday today. Give all my employees
a bonus of one month. But, why sir? Why?
– Why? Today is the happiest
day of my life. Got me? Take a look. Arriving Calcutta on 16th June. Air India flight 112. My dear wife. My dear wife. What happened? Why are you shouting? Why am I shouting? It’s the start of all shouting. Blow the conch shell, dear.
Blow the conch shell. Rajat is arriving by
tomorrow morning’s flight. Minu. Minu. Minu, everyone went to
the airport but you didn’t go. All your favorite dishes, mishmash, banana
flower dish, baked Hilsa (fish) curry.. ..if she would’ve gone to the airport
then who would cook the dishes? What? Has Minu cooked
everything single handedly? No. Mokhadi and Kanu da everyone
was there to help me. Yes, everyone was present but you
didn’t allow anyone to touch anything. Rajat, take rest after lunch today. Come to office tomorrow with me. I’ll go out today. I’ll met my old friends.. No. No. Minu, in foreign countries
no one forces anyone.. ..if he doesn’t want to eat. People help themselves
from the dishes kept on table. This isn’t any foreign land
and I’m not a foreign lady. We love feeding our own people. Bravo, my girl! Look at her apt answer. Excuse me. There was an old two storied
house here. – I don’t know. Who are you looking for? There was an old two
storied house here. Isn’t it? Yes, there was. It’s not here right now. Can’t you see that it has been
broken down to give way to a building? What about the people who lived there? Shivlal who used to live in the front
side has gone back to his native place. Ram Behura, the plumber
who lived in the back portion.. No, no. I’m talking about Haren
Chakroborty who lived on ground floor. Their son died of some illness. I can’t say anything about the girl. I’ve heard that the old couple
lives near river Ganges in Sahidnagar. Uncle. Raju, Raju, Madhu is very emotional. She has never seen good
times in her life after her birth. Rajat, never leave her
and go anywhere. Why are you saying such things? You are there for her.
– I? My presence doesn’t matter. We are not human beings. We are a caricature
in the name of human beings. Aunt, I’m Rajat. Can’t you recognize me? I’m Raju. You are too late. What’s the use of visiting us now
when you didn’t come all this time? Our son died and we went
through a lot of problems. No one wrote to me about it. What would you do
if anyone wrote to you? Would you’ve come back from abroad? We had lots of hopes on you, son. Madhu shed lots of tears for you. She is foolish; she is a foolish girl,
so she shed tears for you. Foolish? Yes, she is foolish else
why will she wait till the last day.. ..hopeful that you’ll come. We can’t blame you, Raju. You went abroad with the money
of your would be rich father-in-law. It’s not easy to come
back even if you wish to. There.. there is a letter for you. Where is Madhuri? Raju, I knew that you would
come and find out the address of.. ..father and mother. But it’s too late, Raju. Madhuri has lost everything
today and is bankrupt. She has nothing to give you. I’m useless, Raju. Can a deity be worshipped
with stale flowers? It’s an old story. Forget about deities there are
no human beings in the present world. You are my god so I can’t cheat you. If you had ever loved
me then don’t try to search me. For the sake of our love. No! Don’t shed tears at
the time of departure. Few years will pass away very soon. Father will retire next year. Dada is unemployed. What if you come back
and find that I’m lost? Crazy girl!
Will you shed tears even today? I will. I will wash away all obstacles
in your path with my tears. But I can’t live without you. I can’t. Come in. Go and take your seat. Let me see how much it suits you. Go ahead. Rajat, I’m happy, very happy. If I can do one more
thing my duty will be over. I’ll get you married
to Minu within this month. Give me few more
days to think about it. Rajat, I sent you abroad. I helped you get a degree
in Business management. I did all this so that you can come
back I’ll hand over this company.. ..and Minu to you.
I had promised your father. No. no. Don’t worry. I take up Rajat’s
responsibilities from today. You know that I never
go back on my words. I’ll bring him up as my own son. I’ve no regrets if I die today. Rajat has asked for few days time.
– What? Does it mean.. No. Nothing like that. It’s about his wedding
and so he is feeling shy. I feel scared. After Minu has grown up
she has known him as her husband. “How many nights will I spend alone?” “How many nights will I spend alone?” “How many nights will I spend alone?” “How many nights will I spend alone?” “I won’t see you with my eyes.” “I’ll paint colorful
pictures of you in my dreams.” “I won’t see you with my eyes.” “I’ll paint colorful
pictures of you in my dreams.” “How many nights will I spend alone?” “How many nights will I spend alone?” “The wind filled with the fragrance of
flowers will make me crazy and tell me..” “ long will your heart
bear everything silently.” “The wind filled with the fragrance of
flowers will make me crazy and tell me..” “ long will your heart
bear everything silently.” “How can I keep myself
away during such times?” “How many nights will I spend alone?” “How many nights will I spend alone?” “How long will the sitar
play the tune of love and union?” “How long will it keep rehearsing?” “How long will the sitar
play the tune of love and union?” “How long will it keep rehearsing?” “How will I cover the shame
of making this garland with my veil?” “How many nights will I spend alone?” “How many nights will I spend alone?” “I won’t see you with my eyes.” “I’ll paint colorful
pictures of you in my dreams.” “How many nights will I spend alone?” “How many nights will I spend alone?” Uncle. Uncle, I’ve decided. You fix a date. Did you see? What are you staring at? At you. Me? I thought..
– What? if you are
searching for something. You are right. I’ve got what I was searching. “Listen.. the birds are speaking.” “They are saying the
same thing repeatedly.” “The days of love have come.” “The days of love have come.” “Listen.. the birds are speaking.” “They are saying the
same thing repeatedly.” “The days of love have come.” “The days of love have come.” “In this sun soaked lonely day..” “..I don’t know what
light touched my heart.” “In this sun soaked lonely day..” “..I don’t know what
light touched my heart.” “Dreams play abound in my heart.” “The days of love have come.” “The days of love have come.” “Listen.. the birds are speaking.” “They are saying the
same thing repeatedly.” “The days of love have come.” “The days of love have come.” “Whatever I see around
appears very beautiful.” “My heart doesn’t wish
for anything but your touch.” “I don’t understand what love is.” “I don’t know what love is.” “I don’t understand what love is.” “I don’t know what love is.” “I just know that everything
is good for you and me.” “The days of love have come.” “The days of love have come.” “Listen.. the birds are speaking.” “They are saying the
same thing repeatedly.” “The days of love have come.” “The days of love have come.” What’s wrong, Shivpujan? Any problem with the car? Debashish?! Sorry dear I forgot to tell you that
Shivpujan wanted to go home.. I’ve sent him home. Form today Balai will drive your car.. He drives well. He’ quite safe. Now tell me, the brilliant
student of Presidency college.. ..someone born with
a silver soon in his mouth.. ..why is that guy Debashish
Mukherjee a driver today? What’s the use of knowing?
– Debashish.. ..we were friends few years back. You always behaved informally with me. Can’t I ask my friend anything
when we meet after such a long time? Answer me, Debashish. You must’ve been surprised to see
that I didn’t appear for the exams. Two weeks before the exam
I went to my native place after.. ..receiving a telegram. I couldn’t see my
father after going there. After the funeral rites got over
we got to know that we are bankrupt. Father had lost everything in the share
market in the last days of his life. I came to Kolkata with mother. What happened after that? The wife of landlord
Radhaprasana Mukherjee.. The mother of Debashish Mukherjee
died without any treatment.. a free bed of Kolkata hospital. I was a rich man’s
son and could drive well. So, I chose driving as my profession. The name Debshish doesn’t suit
a driver Balai sounds better for a driver. I got a job at a good place
but I can’t retain it anymore. I’ll look for another
job from tomorrow. Debashish Mukherjee’s pride maybe
hurt if he works under his friend. But, Balai shouldn’t have any problem. Let’s go home. Mrinmayee,
I want to stay as Balai. – Okay. Mr. Suresh..
– Yes. Mr. Mitra has been waiting for long. Shall I send him in?
– Yes, send him. Wait. Send him after some time. Come in. I hope I didn’t disturb you.
– No. No. Take your seat. I had some important
things to discuss with you. Take your seat.
– Thank you. What do you want to discuss? These companies are taking
advantage of the goodness of.. ..Devdas sir and making tons of money. If we give them contracts
on old terms our company won’t.. ..earn a profit of even a rupee. Then dictate new terms to them. If they don’t agree cancel
their contracts. Yes. – Thank you. Do you know what you are saying? You are asking for bribe? Why are you stressing
on the word bribe, Mr. Mitra? I didn’t ask you to give me bribe. I just asked you for some money. Very normal procedure. Everyone from Delhi to Diamond
Harbor takes or receives bribe. Come in. Mr. Choudhury, I’m Hrishikesh Mitra. I’m from Mitra Engineers
and Communication.. Mr. Mitra, speak to the
manager about the new contract. If you don’t like the terms
and conditions I’ve dictated to him.. ..then I’m sorry. Mokhda, sort the peas and grind them. It’s the orders of madam. She’ll come and make hot Kachoris
(fried snacks) for her husband. Mokhada, madam cooks
so lovingly for her husband. Don’t you wish to
cook lovingly for me? Don’t I wish to?
I badly want to do it. I’ll cook food for you on your funeral,
eat it to your heart’s content. Will you really cook for me? Just the thought
of it makes me shiver. You’ll wear a white piece of sari
and cook food for me in clay utensils. Kanu! Hey Kanu! Minu! Where is everyone? What happened? Why are you shouting so much? Why are you informing
the entire neighborhood? Why won’t I? Look at the time.
Who will get bathing water for me? Where will you go
out early in the morning? What do you mean? I’ve to go to office.. Oh no! I’ve really become mad. I don’t remember that I’ve retired. Dear wife, let’s go out today.
– Really? Yes.
– Okay. Let’s go to Dakhineswar,
I haven’t gone there for a long time. No. No. Have I become old after
retirement that I must visit temples? No. No, dear wife.
Let’s go to the zoo instead. Do you remember that after our
wedding you held my hands tightly.. ..near the cage of the tiger. Our daughter is standing here. The felicitation party
of Merchant Chamber of Commerce. Write a regret letter. Marriage anniversary of Ashok
Poddar of Poddar Group of Industries. Send a bouquet. Seminar of Swami Chinmayanada on the
character of Arjun from Mahabharata.. the Birla Auditorium.
– Bullshit! Kapoor’s lunch invitation
at Calcutta Swimming club. Send a regret letter. If I may suggest you
should accept this, sir. Kapoor does business of around
20 lakhs with our company in a year. So, he wants to meet our new MD. Well, when is it?
– Tomorrow. What are you staring at?
– At you. You are a beautiful whitish
lady with a beautiful body. Beautiful from head to toe..
with beautiful teeth. You’ve shy beautiful eyes like that
of a deer cast downwards. Are you fine?
– Why? Well, I thought that
you got moon stroke else.. ..why will you compliment
an ugly wife like me? Is it? Don’t you have a beautiful body?
– Yes, a gust of wind can blow me away. Aren’t you of whitish complexion?
– Yes, I’m on the darker side. Don’t you’ve beautiful teeth? Do I have buckteeth? Don’t you have beautiful eyes like
that of a deer, shy and cast downwards? Don’t be naughty. It’s very strange that you
stayed abroad for so many years yet.. don’t drink.
It’s really strange. I went abroad to get educated. I didn’t learn to drink alcohol. Well, we exaggerate drinking. Why do you speak so much? It’s something to drink
and you must drink it. Thank you. What happened, Mr. Choudhury? I think you don’t know her. I’ll introduce her to you. No Kapoor,
I always make my own introduction. Soumita Dutta. Just Soumita Dutta. He is Rajat Choudhury,
the new MD of DD Roy and Company. I’ve heard a lot about you. The shepherd boys if Kolkata
get half the kingdom and princess. You’ve got the entire
kingdom and the princess. Congratulations! Well, meet again. Won’t you sleep? What’s wrong with you?
– Nothing. It’s just the office work. Hello. Madhuri. Madhuri.. I..
– Wrong number. Hello. – Can I speak to Ms. Dutta,
I mean Soumita Dutta. – Speaking. Madhuri. Madhuri, I..
– Oh no! Not again. I’m Soumita Dutta. There is no one by the
name Madhuri living here. Rajat Choudhury speaking. Mr. Choudhury, morning. Why were you addressing me as Madhuri? Listen, I want to meet you. When do you have time? Does your wife know
that you want to meet me? Don’t be silly, Madhuri. Listen, please listen to me. I’m not being silly,
Mr. Rajat Choudhury. You are being smart. Many people in Kolkata
want to secretly meet me. But, I didn’t expect
you to be one of them. Madhuri, Madhuri, please listen to me. Damn you, Madhuri. Don’t’ look for lame
excuses to meet me. Mr. Rajat Choudhury if you
touch fire your hands will get burnt. So, don’t try to burn your fingers. Live a long life. It’s fine. Bless you. Leave me. Leave me else your dress
will get stained with vermilion. What’s the matter? Yes? Come home a little early today.
– Why? Many, many happy returns of the day.
– Thank you. So, you remember. Got me?
– Not at all. A small gift from us,
the students for you on your birthday. Happy return of the day. The flowers are from your garden. I just plucked the flowers
and made the bouquet. Good morning, sir.
– Morning. Even the driver knows
that it’s your birthday. I’m the only one who doesn’t know. Well, what do you
want as birthday gift? Anything you’ll give me with love. I want all the contracts of DD Roy and
Company to be bagged by our people. I’ll inform you the
lowest rate of the tender. Quote the tender accordingly. If I quote such a low
price what profit will I earn? Mr. Kapoor, let me play my game. You are just a spectator.
Keep watching. Do you want to say something? I’ve a small request only
if you allow me to speak. – Tell me. There is a small
gathering at my house. If you please attend it.. But today is.. My sister will be very happy
if you come even for five minutes. Your sister? – I’ve one sister
who has lost he parents. I live for her;
I’ve no family of my own. Okay, I’ll come but I won’t
be able to stay back for long. There is an occasion in my family too. Today is madam’s birthday. Send the bill home.
– Okay. Goodbye. Happy birthday to you. Please come in, sir. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you.
– Excuse me. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Please, young man. Sorry Mr. Dutta, I don’t drink. He doesn’t drink. Give him a glass of milk. Well, he is so innocent. A milk drinking small boy. Excuse me. “A little touch,
a little eye contact.” “A little touch of hands.” “A little touch,
a little eye contact.” “A little touch of hands.” “What else do you wish for tonight?” “A little singing in this weather.” “The sly look of the black eyes.” “What else do you wish for?” “A little touch,
a little eye contact.” “A little touch of hands.” “Do you want two hearts
to unite in one heart?” “Do you want to see a colorful
dream in this gathering?” “Do you want two hearts
to unite in one heart?” “Do you want to see a colorful
dream in this gathering?” “Then come close, come closer to me.” “Sit down beside me without worries.” “Then come close, come closer to me.” “Sit down beside me without worries.” “Let’s remain awake in the
wedding night, the last night.” “A little touch,
a little eye contact.” “A little touch of hands.” “Come closer to me in serenity.” “Come closer to me and dream.” “Come closer to me in serenity.” “Come closer to me and dream.” “The two hearts will unite into one.” “The two hearts will unite into one.” “Today we want to be each others.” “A little touch,
a little eye contact.” “A little touch of hands.” “What else do you wish for tonight?” Don’t drink more. Go home now, Mr. Choudhury. You are a novice. It’s your first day. Your wife must be worried about you. Don’t tease me, Soumita. Dada, Mr. Choudhury
doesn’t want to go home. Make some arrangement. Its fine, I can make arrangement
for myself. Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Dutta. Thank you for a lovely evening.
– Thank you. Many happy returns of the day.
– Thank you. A small present. Happy birthday.
– Thank you. Bye. Bye.
– Bye. Go. Did Rajat return late yesterday night?
– Yes. You went to bed and he returned home. Won’t you say anything to me? Don’t you want to know
where I was last night? No. you are my husband. You know everything better than me. If you ever think that you
must say anything to me then say it. What’s the matter, Mr. Khagen? The money for Minu’s wedding
jewellery? – No, madam. Sir had sent the
cheque long time back. Yesterday son-in-law
had bought a diamond ring. Here is the bill.
– Okay, give me. Goodbye.
– Goodbye. Minu.. ..the bill of the diamond ring that Rajat
gifted you yesterday on your birthday. You didn’t show me
the ring he gifted you. I’ll show you later. If you ask for my suggestion DD.. ..then I would say that
you are being hasty. – No. No. I’ve taken the decision
after thinking a lot. I’ll hand over all
my property to Rajat. I don’t want him to feel that he is
a son-in-law living with his in-laws. That he is eating
out of his wife’s money. Besides, I’ve complete faith in him. Okay, do as you wish. I’ll get the papers
ready and inform you. No. No. Okay. Okay. Do you gift diamond rings
to everyone on their birthday? Or did you gift a ring only to me? Hope you are not angry. Come another day. It’s time for Rajat to come. Mr. Choudhury won’t come here again.
– He will come. He has to come. When he comes you’ll
open the door for him. And tell him,
“Rajat, please come to my life.” Please come to my life,
my private life. – Yes. Then you’ll gradually swallow
him up just like a spider. Slowly but patiently. What will you gain by ruining Mr.
Choudhury? What will I gain?
Gain? I had a very old dream. Rajat has shattered my dream. I have to get hold
of the dream again. It’s time for Rajat to come. He won’t come.
– He will come. He has to come. When he comes.. What’s this? You? Madhuri. Madhuri. Madhuri. Madhuri. Madhuri, Madhuri.
I’m not Madhuri. How many times will I tell
you that I’m Soumita. Soumita Dutta. No, you are not Soumita Dutta. You are Madhuri. Why did you ruin my life? I’ve an innocent wife at home;
I’ve a happy family life. Why do I leave everything
and come running to you? Tell me. You are not in your senses. Go home. No. I won’t go home. I won’t go anywhere. ‘Then tell him,
Rajat, please come to my live.” “Please come to my live.” ‘My private life.’ ‘Then you’ll gradually swallow
him up just like spiders..’ Don’t drink any more. You taught me to drink and
now you are telling me not to drink. You’ll drink. Of course you’ll drink. But it is time for work, my girl. Lot of work is pending. I can’t do anything. I can’t do any work. That’s not possible. We start our work late in
the night when everyone falls asleep. Please. Please let me sleep. Let me sleep. I can’t do anything.
– You can. No.
– You have to do it. – No. Don’t you know that I’ve 25-30 types
of anger if anyone.. ..doesn’t listen to me? Why? Why will I ruin
the life of man? Why? Why? Why? Rajat is a key to a safe
full of money, diamonds and wealth. Will the key remain tied
to a foolish girl like Mrinmayee? Is it ever possible? No. never.
– No. Come on.
– No. I said come on.
– No. You swine. You bloody bitch. I shall kill you. Hello.
– Is Mrs. Choudhury at home? Yes, Mrs. Choudhury speaking. Has Rajat,
I mean Choudhury returned home? I was very worried. He was so drunk that.. Yes. My husband has returned home. Who are you speaking? Don’t you recognize me? Soumi, I’ve never been
insulted so much in life. Mr. Roy and Mrinmayee told
me that I’ve got my sister.. ..close to Rajat for money. It’s a pity. It’s really sad. Mr. Devdas is repenting
for making him his son-in-law. But, he has given me
the respect of a friend. But Soumi, Rajat is a sad soul. Please take care of him. Rajat is very lonely. Suresh.
– Mr. Choudhury. Don’t call me Mr. Choudhury,
call me Rajat. From today you’ll call me Rajat. You are my only friend, Rajat. I’m not just your friend, Rajat.
You are my brother. Yes. Father, father. Attorney has sent
these documents. – Okay. Send Rajat in. Suniti, I don’t know
if I’m right or wrong. Don’t think too much. Do what your heart wishes to do. That is why I’ve given
everything I have to Rajat. But his behavior.. Rajat is here. Come in. Keep these documents. I was thinking of living in Kashi
with Minu’s mother for few months. No one knows about the future. So, before I leave I’m handing
over everything I have to you. Why are you giving this to me? You could’ve given
it to your daughter. Why will I give my daughter
everything when I’ve a worthy son? No. I’m not your son; I’m your
son-in-law who stays with you. – Rajat! Anadi, you are watching
everything from heaven. I have done whatever I could
but I feel I couldn’t keep my promise. Father, don’t worry. Go for the trip,
everything will be fine. Mother, I’ve learnt the
values from you and father. I pray to the Lord daily. By your blessings and the blessings
of Lord I’ll definitely get him back. Just wait and watch. The Lord has called us
so let’s go on a pilgrimage. Let them sort out
their family problems. Thank you, Mr. Choudhury. Don’t thank me, Mr. Kapoor. Sues has told me that there
isn’t an honest contractor like you. Mr. Kapoor,
help me maintain my reputation. I just know one thing that
honesty is our sole property. Mr. Devdas has gone on a long trip. He cancelled all the contracts
and gave me a contract of 30 lakhs. Mr. Suresh I think you know magic. Mr. Kapoor,
just wait and watch my magic game. This is just the beginning. “Magic!” “Magic!” “Who wants to see magic? Tell me.” “Magic!” “Magic!” “Magic!” “Magic!” ‘Magic! Magic! Magic!” “Magic! Magic!” “Who wants to see magic? Tell me.” “Magic! Magic!” “Come close to me.” “Come and watch it.” “I know many different
types of colorful magic tricks.” ‘Magic! Magic! Magic!” “Magic! Magic!” “Who wants to see magic? Tell me.” “Magic! Magic!” “Come close to me.” “Come and watch it.” “I know many different
types of colorful magic tricks.” ‘Magic! Magic! Magic!” “Magic! Magic!” “Who wants to see magic? Tell me.” “Magic!” “I can bring together broken hearts.” “I can break hearts
which are together.” “I can color the happy heart
and then snatch the colors.” “Don’t talk, touch me and see.” “Come close to me.” ‘Magic! Magic! Magic!” “Magic! Magic!” “Who wants to see magic? Tell me.” “Magic! Magic!” “I can win hearts with my smile.” “I can buy hearts with my tears.” “I can make you forget
everything with my touch and..” “..trap you up with dreams.” “I can sway the heart
away and make it dance.” ‘Magic! Magic! Magic!” “Magic! Magic!” “Who wants to see magic? Tell me.” “Magic! Magic!” “One who bets and searches for magic.” “Everyone is a part
of the land of cards.” “How many true human
beings will you find?” “Come close to me.” “Come and watch it.” “I know many different
types of colorful magic tricks.” ‘Magic! Magic! Magic!” “Magic! Magic!” “Who wants to see magic? Tell me.” “Magic! Magic!” “Magic!” “Magic!” “Magic!” “Magic!” “Magic!” “Magic!” “Magic!” “Magic!” Madam. Madam. Why are you staring at me? Get sweets for me.
– Sweets? – Yes, sweets. A new guest is going to come home. Minu is going to be a mother.
– Oh! Is it? Yes dear, I know everything. Devdas Roy didn’t even get
to know that his happy family is on.. ..the verge of ruin. What are you saying, uncle?
– He is right, dear. All the old trustworthy
people have been rejected. We’ve been loyal to sir for 30 years. But, everything got over in a day. He told me, “You don’t
have to come from tomorrow.” Who told you?
– Mr. Suresh. Mr. Suresh?
– Yes, dear. Suresh has removed all the
old contractors and has given.. ..all the contracts to his man
Mr. Kapoor who is.. ..a big thug and rogue. Doesn’t he know all this?
– Who? Mr. Rajat? Things won’t change even if he knows. He is a puppet in
the hands of Mr. Suresh. Suresh is making him
stand and sit at his wish. You may go, uncle. I’ll see what I can do. Where is Mr. Choudhury?
– He has left. Where is the manager?
– He is in sir’s room. – Okay. What a pleasant surprise! Welcome. Welcome. Sit down, madam. Where is Mr. Choudhury?
– Rajat? I think he has gone out. Mrs. Choudhury,
I may be able to help you. – You? Why? Do you find it difficult
to treat me as your friend? – Friend? No, Mr. Suresh. You are burning in the fire of jealousy
and you want to burn us in that fire. I know the ugly face behind your mask. I’ll never let you ruin anything. I won’t sit quietly anymore. You are crossing your limit,
Mr. Suresh. I.. Mrinmayee, I love you.
– I hate you. You know I’m betrothed to someone. You are pretending to being love
with me for Devdas Roy’s property. Do you want to go home? Do you want to go home? Will you take me to
the place where he goes? If I still don’t go
there it’ll be too late. Take me there, Debashish. Please. I may not get the princes
but I want the kingdom. Hello. Call for you. Take it. Hello. Suresh. What?! Mrinmayee came to office? Yes, Rajat and she
insulted me very badly. She told me that I’m a thief,
I take bribe. I can’t tell you what
other things she told me. What? What has she told you? A brother can never speak such words. What an insult! Mr. Kapoor was here before us. Tell him. Tell him. Yes Mr. Rajat.
Your wife abused Soumita a lot. She called her a prostitute,
whore and many other things. You? Will you keep me standing outside?
– No, come inside. You couldn’t recognize me
but I recognized you from the voice.. ..I heard over phone. Are you.. are you Mrinmayee? Why have you come here? Why? Shouldn’t I come? Don’t try to be clever. Answer me. I’m not trying to be clever. You are my husband. As your wife can’t I go to the place
where you can go? – No, you can’t. You’ve lost that right. You’ve leveled false
allegations against my friend. You’ve called him a thief.
– No, I didn’t say so. Yes, you have. You called her a prostitute. I didn’t call her prostitute. Many people can misjudge the
character of the lady who always.. ..wears the gift of a married
man on her fingers. – Mrinmayee! Mr. Choudhury!
– Balai. You won’t interfere in the
matters of a husband and wife. I was waiting for this day
when my husband, my god will slap me. Forgive me; I didn’t want to hurt you. It’s not your fault. Bye. Let’s go, Debashish.
– Debashish? I can’t but praise your taste,
Mrinmayee. You and a servant.. shame! What’s your name? Balai.. Debashish,
I don’t want to see your face. Get out. Get out, you bastard. Mr. Choudhury, I could’ve called
you many names but it doesn’t suit.. ..a driver like me. It suits foreign returned
decent guys like you. I’m not angry at you. I pity you. I feel sorry for you. She went away in just
the clothes she was wearing. Keep the keys with you. She has taken only
the Lord’s idol with her. Respected father and mother. How are you? I hope you are enjoying your trip. We are also roaming around a lot. Your son-in-law had taken
me to Belur Math yesterday. He has said that he’ll take
me to Puri for a weeklong trip once.. ..the work pressure decreases. Don’t worry about me. Every day he comes home straight
from office then we sit and chat. They sit and chat. I convey my regards to you. Your dear daughter, Minu. Finally,
he has come back to his senses. He must’ve got used
drinking when he was abroad. You are talking as if
you were any less at young age. Don’t you remember the time when
you got drunk on the occasion of.. ..Bijoya after Pujas
and created such a scene? Everything becomes fine
when one gets into family life. Well you go to many places,
find a job for Balai. Do something. Take a reference from
me and go to a garage. See if you can manage something there. Have you kept something for yourself? No, I’ve given you everything. He is too much. I don’t have a driver’s job. Do you know how to
do a mechanic’s job? I know everything about engines. Start working from today. Let me see your work first
and then I’ll decide your salary. Is it fine? Rabi, have you put the engine of 2235? Amit is not here yet.
– He won’t come. See if he can do it. Go, do the work. Hey! Where is everyone? Where is my dear daughter Minu? Bhanuchandra, what’s the matter? You forget the acquaintances
of the owner in their absence. None of you informed me just because
Devdas Roy and Mrs. Roy are not here. Minu, Minu is like my daughter. Hey young man! Young man,
you are an irresponsible guy. It’s Minu’s first pregnancy. You must get her checked
at least twice a month. Have you fired me from
job since I’m an old fellow? Okay, listen to me. Get Minu to my chamber tomorrow. A thorough check up is needed. Okay? Goodbye. Remember to bring her tomorrow. You all didn’t think
it important to inform me? If you don’t get angry I’ll
tell you something, son-in-law. Have you ever tried to know anything? Rajat still ahs enough. How can I spare him so quickly?
Tell me. Be a good girl. Don’t disobey me. If you don’t listen to me
I get angry in 25-30 different ways. Come on. Hello. Sorry Soumita. No, I’m not well. No, I can’t come. Tomorrow? I can’t promise. I’ll call again tomorrow. Okay. Okay. I feel the bird is trying to
break open the cage and free herself. She can’t. The cage is very strong. What has sir written? When will he come? If he returns home now I’ll have
no other option but to commit suicide. I’m in big trouble. The doctor had come yesterday. He was angry that you
didn’t go for check up. Madam, I was saying
that you must come back. When son-in-law got the news
from the doctor he said that.. one had informed him. I also told him that
how could he know. Did he ever try to know anything? Have this tablet once
in the morning after waking up. Have two teaspoons
of this twice daily. One more tonic is left I will.. You’ve spent all
your money on medicines. How will we run the expenses
of the entire month? Everything will be fine. Debashish, shall I say something? I hope you won’t get angry.
– Tell me. I think that if you sell these bangles
we’ll manage for the time being. Mrinmayee.. Ornaments are to help
us in our hour of need. Keep them now. If I need them I’ll
ask you to give them. Do ask me whenever you need them. Debashish,
you are doing so much for me. I can never pay you back for all this. You want to pay me back? I’ll ask you to pay me back
when all your troubles end and.. come out of darkness. That day I’ll tell you, “Mrinmayee,
you had told me that you’ll pay me back.” “Give me, pay me back today.” Mr. Potol, I’ve been telling
you to get an honest driver for me. Mister, it’s hard to get drivers
these days and you want an honest on. If you have a car you
must drive it yourself. If you keep a driver then stealing of oil,
this and that are daily occurrences. Master, will you give me this job? Potol da, I’ll work for him
during the day time and work for you.. morning and evening. I won’t bunk work. Potol da, I badly need money. Who doesn’t need money? Tell me. But you want to work so hard? Will you be able to do it?
– Yes, I will manage Potol da. I’ll do it.
– Okay. If he agrees then do it. You wanted an honest guy, appoint him.
You won’t lose. There is no question of
doubt when you are assuring. Okay, start working from tomorrow. Well, what work do you do? You start in the morning
and work till midnight. I work for others. All the employers
are not as good as you. What do you mean? Employer?
– Sorry, I’ve made a mistake. You are my friend. What’s this? You didn’t eat anything. No, I’m not hungry. How can he be hungry or thirsty? He has thrown out the
goddess of wealth of his house. Today Potol da treated
us to big rolls in the factory. I’ve lost my appetite today. Do something. Take half of it.
– Debashish. What are you doing? You need not do this kind of work now. You do hard work throughout the day. Now you want to do this too? What happened?
– Nothing. What do you mean? Don’t do anything, just lie down. I’ll take leave from garage
and take you to hospital. Lift your head. Try to go to sleep. Great! Wonderful! Till now I knew that Indian women
accept the tortures of alcoholic.. ..characterless husbands and shed tears. Good. You’ve chosen your path. You may not lead a prosperous
life but you are happy. I’m happy with this. May god bless you. Balai.. sorry Mr. Debashish,
best of luck. Mr. Choudhury, you are mistaken.
– Mistake? I didn’t realize my mistake till date. But today the relationship that
you both share is very clear to me. Don’t speak a word. Don’t speak in this manner. I’m your wife,
the mother of your unborn child. At some point of
time you were my wife. You may be the mother
of your unborn child.. ..but am I his father?
– Rajat! Mr. Choudhury,
you’ve eyes yet you are blind. Try to see with my eyes,
Mr. Choudhury. Try to see.. Balai da. Balai da. Come quickly. Nothing will happen. Everything will be fine. I’ll be back right now. Listen to me. Swear on me that you won’t
inform anyone about my condition.. ..not even if I die. If you inform them
you’ll find me dead. How is she related to you?
– She is my relative. The treatment here is very expensive. Get her admitted to
any hospital in a free bed. Where does her husband live? He is out of station.. Who will sign the bond
and submit the money? You need not worry about it. I’ll arrange whatever she needs. Just see that she is safe. What are you looking at?
– Nothing. We’ve made this.
– Yes. Close the gate and inform the police.
– Okay. Close the gate. Hello. Yes. Please hold on. Rajat, it’s a call for you. Please attend the call. Yes, tell me. Mr. Choudhury is busy right now. I’m his company’s manager. You can talk to me. Oh I see! I’ll come right now. Please. Come. Do you know him? He was our company’s driver. The managing Director of
the company Rajat Choudhury.. ..sacked him for petty thefts. Now you know that he has
stolen all these ornaments. Did you lodge case against him?
– No. Mrs. Choudhury, the wife of or
MD who is out of town at the moment.. ..he took the opportunity
and stole these. We didn’t know until you informed us. Sir believe me, I didn’t steal. I badly needed money so I
wanted to pawn the ornaments and.. Shut up! He is a bloody good actor. Sir, if you don’t believe
me then come with me. I’ll prove that I’m not a thief. Please come with me. ‘Listen, please place your
hands on my head and promise that..’ll never inform anyone,
not even if I die.’ Yes. Yes. I’m a thief. I’ve stolen. Arrest me, inspector. Please inspector,
you arrest me inspector. Arrest me. Constable. Close the door. Close, close the door. You all disturb me
early in the morning. Rajat. Rajat.
– Who is it? Suresh? Will it help if you sleep like this? Please Suresh. Please. Leave me alone. Lots of official work is pending. How can we finish them without you? Why, Suresh? Why? You. You are there. I’m the manager, you are the owner. You, you are my friend. Do what you think is right,
Suresh. Do it. Read these papers and sign them. Sign. Anything else. I can’t bear the burden
of work alone, brother. Balai, you’ve got bail. Something is wrong. I can never believe
that Balai can steal. No. What’s the matter? Look at your condition. Potol da, you. What about the patient
in cabin number 17? She has been discharged. Her family has taken her home.
– Family? Are the mother and child fine?
– Yes, both the mother and child are fine. We can’t discharge anyone
until they are fine. – Thank you. What you gave was enough. You will get back some amount. Keep the amount.
Tell everyone to have sweets with it. Goodbye.
– Goodbye. Listen. You? I can’ understand anything. You are a man. Half of the men don’t
understand women. The other half don’t
try to understand. How dare he say that he is
the owner of DD Roy and Company? I know, Mr. Mitra. The people who had been working
since the beginning of the company.. All of them will support you.
All the old workers will support you. He has ruined you, Mr. Choudhury. I didn’t understand his intentions. I believed a treacherous
person like Suresh. I thought him to be my friend. I’m so stupid. I’ve lost far more than
what he has cheated me and got. I.. I’ve lost my Mrinmayee. Mrinmayee. Oh my dear! Mrinmayee. Mrinmayee. Won’t you speak to me? Babu Sona,
tell your mother to speak to me. Look, if you don’t speak
to us we both will cry a lot. Tell her, tell her, Babu Sona. Who is it? Soumita. Have you come to check
if I died under the debris of my ruin? Rajat, listen to me, ii want
to discuss many things with you. Don’t drink. You won’t be able to tolerate it. Toleration? Who drinks to tolerate? I drink so that I can’t breathe. I want to get suffocated. I’ll have one more sip,
one more sip and my entire world.., no my Mrinmayee
I’ll forget my Minu. I’ll remember you Soumita. Yes. You’ll help me forget everything.
– No. Won’t you help me?
Won’t you help me? My past, my present,
you’ll help me forget everything. Won’t you help me?
Won’t you help me? Tell me.. tell me.. Tell me.
– Rajat. Rajat. You’ll help me forget everything.
– Listen. Not anymore.
You’ve made many mistakes. I will help you forget your mistakes. I’ll not let you commit
any further mistakes. I’ll help you get back everything. Trust me. Trust me. Trust me. I’ll tell you everything, Rajat.
Everything. If Suresh finds out then
he’ll kill me yet I must tell you.. Suresh made you bankrupt
and ruined your family life. ‘Rajat is a sad soul.’ ‘Please take care of him.’ Rajat is very lonely. ‘Suresh.
– Mr. Choudhury?’ ‘Don’t call me Mr. Choudhury.
Call me Rajat.’ ‘From today call me Rajat.’ ‘You are my only friend, Suresh.’ ‘I’m not just your friend,
you are my brother. Yes.’ ‘You are my friend Suresh,
do what you think is right. Do it’ ‘Read this and sign it.’ Where are you going? You look very beautiful. Goddess Radha is going out towards
river Yamuna dressed in a blue sari. The lady is off to her
night meeting with her lover. Sir. Sir.
– Move aside. I’ll tell you everything, Rajat.
I’ll tell you everything. No! You won’t tell him anything. You can’t tell him. Don’t forget this photo. You are my wife. We’ve been married
according to rituals. Married according to rituals? What have I got? I didn’t get a family,
I didn’t get a child. My husband has sent me to Kapoor,
Agarwal’s rooms.. give them company. I did the right thing. In our society women
are men’s property. I’ll pawn you if needed, sell you if
I have to and also burn you to death. Why didn’t you do that? Why didn’t you set me on fire? I would’ve been free that way. I will, I will when the time comes. Do it. I won’t let
you harm Rajat anymore. Love? Are you in love with Rajat? Oh I see! I told you to pretend
to be in love with Rajat. As your husband I won’t tolerate
if you actually fall in love with him. Never. No. no. Suresh.
– Rajat. I’m not Soumita. I’m Madhuri. Yes.
– Madhuri? – Yes. When you went abroad
the evil man tortured me. Punish him, Rajat. Punish him. No Madhuri,
I won’t do anything illegal. Law will punish him. Call police. Go. Hey! I’m calling from Suresh Dutta’s flat. My life is in danger.
It’s in danger. Help me. Please come. Madhuri. Madhuri. Raju, your Madhuri was
destined to live this long.. I’ll again come to you.. No Madhuri, no. I won’t let you die. No. Madhuri..
– Bring me close to you. Closer. Closer. Raju, bring Mrinmayee…
she shouldn’t.. Madhuri.. Madhuri.. Madhuri.. Madhuri.. Suresh Dutta can’t
be defeated so easily. It’s just the beginning
of Suresh Dutta’s games. Stretcher. Keep it here. Yes. Mr. Biren, click photos of this area. Hold the head. Sorry Mr. Dutta. I can understand your situation
but I’ve to trouble you. Mr. Dutta, come to Lalbazar
PS tomorrow at 10 in the morning. Will you speak about the night on
which your wife Ms. Soumita was killed? Mr. Dutta.. It’s hurting. Leave me. My Lord, all the crimes and sins known.. ..all the evils that can
happen in this society.. …this Rajat Choudhury
has committed all of them. Any punishment isn’t enough
for this characterless murderer. So, I request the honorable
court to give him.. ..the most severe
punishment law can give. That’s all, My Lord. Accused Rajat Choudhury, do you’ve
anything to say in your defense? Yes My Lord,
the list of my sins is endless. Do what the prosecutor has suggested. Free me from the shame
of living this cursed life. Free me, My Lord. In the offence of attempt
to rape and murder of Soumita Dutta.. ..accused Rajat Choudhury
is given death sentence. per sections 302, 304,
322, 323 of the Indian Penal Code. He’ll be hanged by neck until death. Suniti. Suniti. Minu.. still cry for me. I’ve hurt you so much. I’ve committed lots of sins.. ..and have got the punishment
in this life itself. No Rajat, I’ll appeal. It won’t help. I’ve disrespected
your affection and trust. I could never keep your
daughter happy even for moment. Bless me so that I can
repay my debts in my next life. Mr. Choudhury. Mr. Choudhury. It’s me, Balai. Balai.. so you’ve come to sympathize? What do you mean? You feel pity for me. Isn’t it? Have you come to sympathize? Forget the past, Mr. Choudhury. Believe me, I only wish
your and madam’s well-being. Believe me. Believing in sympathy of
someone is irrelevant to me now. Just a minute. Tell me something before you
go that you haven’t committed murder. I’ve committed the murder. The entire world knows
that I’ve committed the murder. No Mr. Choudhury,
you haven’t killed her. Yes! Yes!
I’ve killed her. I’m the murderer. I’ve.. I’ve killed
the love of Mrinmayee. I’ve killed the trust
that Devdas Roy showed on me. I’ve killed Madhuri. I did it. I did it. I did it. No, Mr. Choudhury. You haven’t
killed her. You can’t kill anyone. I’m sure. Mr. Choudhury,
you haven’t killed her. I’ve killed her. Yes. Yes. I’ve killed her.
– No, you haven’t, Mr. Choudhury. Yes, yes, it’s me. I’m the murderer. I’ve killed her, I’ve killed her. I’ve killed her. I’ve killed her. ‘You are my legal wife.’ ‘We’ve married as per rituals. Yes.’ ‘You’ve fallen in love with him.
Oh I see!’ ‘I told you to pretend
to be in love with Rajat.’ ‘As your husband I won’t tolerate if
you actually fall in love with Rajat.’ ‘Never. No. No.’ Who? Mr. Dutta, you can’t recognize your father?
– You bastard! Don’t be scared. I won’t kill a person
like you so easily. I’ll kill you slowly. Leave me? Leave me, Balai. Why shall I spare you? I haven’t done anything. Did you, did you spare Mr. Rajat? What had he done against you? Did you spare madam? How had the poor lady wronged you? It’s hurting.
– No.. I won’t leave you so easily. Balai, what are you doing? Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. don’t kill me. Leave me. Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. Leave me. Leave me. I won’t kill you so easily.
– Leave me. I warn you. You better kill me, bastard. You bloody swine! Inspector, Rajat Choudhury
didn’t kill Ms. Soumita. He killed her. Here is the evidence. To prove that his words
were lies I’ve killed him. Please arrest me, inspector but
leave Mrinmayee’s husband Mr. Rajat. Leave him. After going through all
the evidence and witness.. ..the accused Mr. Rajat Choudhury
is being freed from all charges. Criminal Balai aka
Debashish Mukherjee.. being sentenced to seven
years of rigorous imprisonment.. ..for the murder of Suresh
Dutta according to sections 322, 323.. ..of the Indian penal Code. Mrinmayee. – Debashish..
what have you done, Debashish? Why? I’ve done the right thing. Mr. Choudhury, I had once
told Mrinmayee that I’ll ask her.. pay back for what I’ve done. I want it today. I’ll come back. I want to get back my
driver’s job when I return. Yes. Come back, come back, Debashish. Come back to your friend. I was blind all this time. I’ll watch this world with
your eyes from now on. Yes.

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