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Oh magical door.. It is the order of Baba
Bhoot Nath Ghantal Singh. Ring the bell.. Open! Weapon. Ready. Come on. “Which destination is this..”
– Silent! Foolish. Ghantal! Search.. Oh Paatal Bhairav,
show me the treasure.. Amen.. Amen! Paatal Bhairav.. Hail to the black Goddess
of Kolkata! – One. The person who swears
by you doesn’t lose. Two. Hocus pocus.. What happened?
– Keep digging. Okay. Shut up! Abracadabra! What happened? Hocus Pocus! What is all this? Say
the magic mantra. Which mantra? Hocus Pocus.. Hocus Pocus.. which mantra? Idli.. Rasam.. Sambhar.. Dosa.. Idli.. Rasam.. Sambhar.. Dosa.. I will treat you to something
sweet.. rasagullas.. I will make mincemeat of
you and eat in hot oil. Come on.. come on.. Run.. come on.. Help me.. help me.. Take me out of here.. Help me.. Take me out of here.. Hocus pocus.. Run..! Run! All was done by this black
ghost.. come on.. “There is about to
be some magic.” “It will absorb everyone..” “Everyone will soon like
a sweet magician.” “Show us how that magician is..” “Is it like Aladdin?” “There is about to
be some magic.” “It will absorb everyone..” “Everyone will soon like
a sweet magician.” “Show us how that magician is..” “Is it like Aladdin?” “There is about to
be some magic.” “It will absorb everyone..” This rickshaw conks out in
front of this ghost house. People say that this house
is haunted. Is it true? How many times should
I tell you? The small ghost lives here. Ever since the owners of the
house left this house.. ..he is trapped here
since that time, yes. Are you telling the truth? Why should I lie? I am
telling you the truth. Has anyone seen him? I will go inside and see. No.. You won’t be able to see him. He doesn’t have hands, legs,
head, ears, nothing! Can I really not see him? You can see him.
But you need some mantra. You can evoke him only
with the help of mantras. After that, he will do
whatever you tell him. He will give you whatever
you ask him for. Whatever we ask? Even balloons? What about balloons? He will give you chocolates
and sweets too. He can take you into cinema
talkies without ticket. He can even make the
teacher all right.. ..if he creates mistakes
in the class. Are you lying? You think that I am lying?
Ask the ghost. The truth is, the ghost’s
real name was Chetan. Some people call
him a devil too. If you call him and be good to
him, he can be friends with you. And if you trouble him, he can
throw stones at you too. Ghost.. ghost! I have heard.. this ghost..
is a drunkard. Sometimes, he drinks a lot. Then he is just like my daddy. Chetan, come.. we will
have fun together. Hey.. hey.. wait.. wait.. Your bowl fell into the gutter. What is this mischief? You.. Let Chetan come.
I will teach you a lesson. You must have already sketched
the skeleton. Show me. Whose skeleton have
you prepared? It seems that he hasn’t
eaten all his life. Is this skeleton of a human or animal? Foolish. Sit down! Wow. What a sketch,
there is no heard or legs. Nonsense. Next. Yes, quickly. Everyone keep your sketch on the desk. Now, you show me. Next. Sir.. this is Laxmi’s sketch. Why? Do I seem foolish to you? Remember.
I am not what I seem to be. Show me your hand.
Show me your hand. He will be taught a lesson too.
Let Chetan come. What did I tell you? I didn’t tell you to dig a
skeleton from the grave. I had told you to
draw a skeleton. Is there nobody in your house? Who will help you? I don’t know what kind
of parents you have. Laxmi doesn’t have a mother.
– Who asked you? She isn’t there.
She really isn’t there. She isn’t there? Where is she? She has expired. Where is your father? He is a drunkard. How do you know that? I know everything. Her father drinks,
my father sells drinks. Happy birthday to you.
– He has started once more. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy.. Daddy. Laxmi.. My baby.. The master hit me a lot today. I didn’t draw the skeleton,
therefore. He hit you a lot? Why didn’t you tell
me for the drawing? I told you. But you forgot. You should have told
me when I was sober. Is there a time when
you are sober? Sit here. I will prepare
it right now. Candle.
– Yes. But this candle is special,
darling. Today is your birthday. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Laxmi.
Happy birthday to you. Daddy, do you remember who
sung this song with you? Who?
– Mother. Mother will sing with
you once again. Chetan will bring my mother. Yes, Chetan can give anything
that you ask. I cannot see him. Shout and see. Chetan.. Chetan.. Who is it? Jump.. Mummy.. – Hide. Who can that be? Is he Chetan? He is a demon. Come on. We will see.
– Yes, come on. Come on. I want to relieve myself. Don’t worry. Hold my hand. What is this? “You stupid ghost, come out..
where are you hiding?” “I will teach you
such a lesson..” “You won’t forget it forever
in your life.” Come on, come on. Run away from here.. run away.. Daddy, Chetan seems
to be grown up. Who told this to you? We have seen him with
our own eyes. He walks with the help
of a walking stick. No, daughter.
This isn’t possible. As far as I know,
Chetan cannot be old. Then, how will he be? Like he should be. Young, sweet,
like a flower, like you. Can you make his portrait? Yes. Why not? Me too. Let me see.. Let me see.. daddy.. Who told you that Chetan
will be like this? Daddy told me that if he is,
he will be like this. I like it. This is just a picture.
He must be better than this. Then come on. We will go in
and see for ourselves. The black ghost has gone away. Come.. come.. Hey, don’t go back..
– Stop him. Come with us. One minute, take this. Not there.. Hey, don’t go back.. Come ahead.. Come quickly.. come on..
– Quickly, don’t worry. Remove it. Where is the bungalow?
– There. Professor, this is
your first problem. Problem? No problem. Take it. You take it too.
Now put it on the problem. Time is changing.
The world is changing. Even the heavenly traps
are computerized now. The computer is
the Almighty now. Hail.. Hail.. The first problem is over. Take the professor Chasmish
to the second problem. Come. Professor.. second problem. Professor.. No problem. No problem. No problem at all. Professor, not there.. You mean problem number three? No problem. No problem? Then open the
box and fix the computer. So, this is Professor
Chasmish’s working car. Welcome. Professor Chasmish
PhD from Canada. The computer family
invites the.. ..special astrologer
and scientist. The person standing to
your left, Mr. Raja.. ..also known as Mamu,
the son of Fakirchand.. ..had been in prison for pick
pocketing for four years. The world of computer
welcomes him too. And the person standing
to your right.. ..Raj Kumar,
also known as Petu.. ..the son of Garibchand,
who is.. expert in stealing
children’s computers.. The computer world
welcomes him too. Did you see that? Nothing is hidden from
Professor Chasmish’s computer. Downloading treasure hunt. Insert the CD Mantra. It didn’t open. Activate treasure sensors now. Treasure here. Eureka.. we got the treasure..
we got the treasure. Silence. We just saw the
treasure till now. We didn’t get it till now. Therefore.. dig.. Dig.. dig there..
– Okay. Where is Chetan? He must be somewhere around. Chetan.. Chetan. Dig.. dig.. One two three. Dig.. dig.. Three two one. Dig dig.. Three two one.. Chetan, come. What is this.. Problem. What happened? Run! Run! Mummy! Hide here. Hey.. what is it? No problem.. Mummy, it is my computer
and it bites me. No problem..
– Professor.. Problem.. Hey, what is going on? Hey you stupid man,
what are you doing here? Oh God save me.. You fatso.. you are so scared.. Oh angel of death,
what do you want from me? This tie? I don’t want a tie,
I want your life. Life? How can I do that,
I have just one life. I have two ties,
take one of them.. Professor.. Run.. run away from here.. Game over. Children.. I am here..
I am the same.. Whom you have come
to search for.. I am Chetan.. People call me the devil. I am a spirit. Therefore,
I can take any form. I can be as small as a pin hole
and as big as the sky too. I don’t have legs. Even then,
I can walk till you. I didn’t do anything till now,
and you are crying? See, I am your friend.
Don’t be scared. I am not scared, he is. Oh.. he is a kid. I will take
care of his fear right now. There is nobody here.
Who is playing the piano? It is me. Do you want to see me?
– Yes. Why? Don’t I look nice? No. not at all. Okay, I will come
in some other form. How about this? Mummy! This is bad
than the other one. It is very bad. What can I do? You are scared
of every form of mine. Tell me. Which form should
I come in? Tell me. Yes. You should be like this. How? Show me too. Show it to me.. Like this.. Wow.. This has been prepared
by my daddy. Listen to me first. You have freed me due
to this talisman. Hide this talisman in dung
and keep it with you. I am coming to you now.
Nobody will see me except you. Come.. free me..
please free me.. You don’t need to stay here now.
Come with us. She is my mother. This is me. This is our house. I and my daddy stay in this. We are their neighbors. This is our gramophone. I am ruined. Where is Chetan? Chetan.. Chetan.. Chetan! Why? What is the matter?
What is the matter? What is the matter? Do you want to play
hide and seek? You look so stupid.. look
at yourself in the mirror. Oh god.. Chetan.. Chetan..
I will not spare you. It is afire.. come on..
extinguish it.. come on.. But how did it catch fire? I set it afire. You set it afire? Why? And how? Like this. Nothing happened. Alight it once more. That’s enough. Do you want to
set the whole house afire? Hey, he is a drunkard. Don’t drink it. Give it to me. Hey.. this bottle started
Flying.. take it.. How did this happen?
– Take the Bottle.. take the bottle.. Poor boy.. get lost from here.
You aren’t worth playing with us. Drunkard.
– You didn’t go till now? What’s so great in this?
I’ll climb too. Please.. me too.. Hey.. take us upstairs
too. Please.. Yes.. I will take everyone..
Come on.. I’ll piss.. We don’t worry.
We will go. Come on. You donkey. You are very bad. Don’t act smart again. “We will do whatever
the heart says.” “We will climb the walls too.” “All our difficulties
are easier now..” “Ever since we have
met you, oh Chetan..” “Oh Chetan..” “We will do whatever
the heart says.” “We will climb the walls too.” “All of our difficulties
are easier now..” “Ever since we have
met you, oh Chetan..” “Oh Chetan..” “We have to go to
the destinations..” “We have to make paths.. we
will go to the destinations.” “We will never stop
our moving steps.” “We will make our
dreams come true..” “We will do so many things..” “We will fly like
the birds too.” “We are friends, our
life has bloomed.” “All our sadness has withered
away, we got all happiness.” “What do we need now?
Oh Chetan..” “Oh Chetan..” “If you look from up there,
you’ll think..” “..that this sky has
become the earth.” “We are enjoying it..
it is your friendship.” “We like to be with you,
don’t make us cry.” “Don’t ever go away from us.” “We are friends, our
life has bloomed.” “All our sadness has withered
away, we got all happiness.” “What else do we need now?” “Chetan.. Chetan..” “We will do whatever
the heart says.” “We will climb the walls too.” “All of our difficulties
are easier now..” “Ever since we have
met you, oh Chetan..” “Oh Chetan..” Open the door, child..
– Hide here.. Laxmi, why aren’t
you opening the door? What mischief were you doing? Why was the door closed then? Tell me.. why are you staring at me?
Tell me.. Hey.. Why did you walk on the wall? You? Then, who did? This.. bottle.. it is flying.. What did you do?
If he sees, it will be bad. Let go of it. Hey, what are you doing
with the bottle? Give it to me. Daughter, it seems that
I got zonked a bit earlier. What are you staring at? You
will have to push a bit. Come on.. push.. The destination is ahead.. Come on.. brave people.. Banke Ramaya.. Oh Kanhaiya.. Come on.. Banke Ramaya.. Your old can has conked
off once again. To hell with your motor.
To hell with it.. He is very proud of his car. He thinks that only he has
a car in this world. Are you coming or not?
We are going. Come on.. come on.. We will go. You sit here. Go, whom are you nagging to? These children nowadays. They think too much
of themselves. Hey, save me.. stop it..
it is just going.. Stop it.. where is
it running off too? See.. where is it
running off too? That is Motu’s car.
Take it Ahead from that car. Ahead. Quickly.. faster.. faster..
faster.. Yes.. faster.. Drive faster.. drive faster.. Stop.. stop! It is the same old man. That bad black ghost.
He is responsible for our situation. I will not spare him today. Are you crazy? If we trouble him, you will
be spent like loose change. Just like the professor
Chasmish and Bhootnath Ghantal. Hey, what else can we do? Till when will we be just
king and prince in name? When will we get the treasure? You fool. That is what
I am thinking too. When will I get
such a magician.. ..who knows more magic than
this black magician. When will we get one?
When will we get one? ‘Hawa Hawai..’ See, we have found her.
Look at that poster. The one and only woman
magician in India.. What a girl.. what a girl..
she is the queen of my dreams. She isn’t a girl. Look at that
symbol. Our symbol. – Yes.. Yes.. Greetings. Three hundred and four.. Greetings to you too. No, I am not scared. Wait. I will get daddy. Don’t start drinking now.
Drinking is bad. Sit here. Don’t move from here. What is going on? Come on, daddy. Come home. Wait, child. I haven’t started
drinking till now. We are late.. This is for you,
and this is for your Chetan. Get up.. daddy..
get up.. get up.. Let him be. You go home.
We will bring him home. He cannot walk in such a state,
how will he go home? I know how to take him home.
Therefore, we two have come. Two? Get up.. daddy.. get up.. I am ready.. lift him..
lift him.. Colgate calciguard presents.. The one and only..
‘Hawa Hawai..’ magic show.. “We were passing from
here, friends.” “A demon invoked magic..
we became stunted.” “Days, weeks and years passed.” “But this giant didn’t sleep.
If he slept, we’d run away.” “If only this would
be possible.” “Listen.. there is someone
trapped in the net.. see.” “I will invoke whatever
magic you wish.” “Tell me, I will bring the
moon and the stars.” “Take whatever you
want in a moment.” “Don’t fear.. tell
me what you wish.” “Please invoke this magic.
Please tame this devil.” “I will invoke whatever
magic you wish.” “Tell me, I will bring the
moon and the stars.” “Take whatever you
want in a moment.” “Don’t fear.. tell
me what you wish.” “Please invoke this magic.
Please tame this devil.” “We will avenge all
the tortures.” “He will remember all
his antics.. hit him!” “See, there is a
big hammer here.” “His shoe on his head.” “He is taller than us.” “We have the security cover,
Colgate Calciguard.” “Save your teeth from
the enemies.” “Clear off your enemies today.” “Break down my chains.” “Avenge my insult.” “I will invoke whatever
magic that you wish.” “Tell me, I will bring the
moon and the stars.” “Take whatever you
want in a moment.” “Don’t fear.. tell
me what you wish.” “Please invoke this magic.
Please tame this devil.” “He will make you ugly,
you beautiful one.” “Run away from here,
he will hit you too.” “Why do you worry,
when we are together.” Hands up! Fire.. fire! Where did she go? Hey, fatso..
– You.. Let me go.. let me go.. Where did she go? I will teach her a lesson.. Open the door.. open the door.. I am here.. I am opening it.. One.. two.. Three! Oh.. Wait.. don’t cry.. don’t cry.. Where are we? How will we get out from here? Door.. here is a window.. How will we get downstairs? Go and get a rope.
– Okay. Uncle.. uncle! Where am I? I’ll tell you. Come out. The rope. Careful. The rope.. Hey.. rope.. Come here.. take this.. Rope. Tie it. – Come on.. come
on.. – Tie it carefully. Careful. Loosen it.. come on.. Loosen.. Where is Chetan? Who? That same Chetan.. Who made this mark
on your chest. This mark.. this is my birthmark.
My family trademark. Even my father had
one like this.. Don’t lie. But.. why are you
asking me this? I don’t know anything. Aren’t you ashamed? Hitting an
innocent and helpless girl? Innocent? You Romeo! I am innocent..
and this woman has hit me. Is this how you repay
my friendship? I will tell you. Madam,
I remember everything. You were asking me about
Chetan, isn’t it? He knows everything.
He had given me this mark. He is the main man. Yes.. Catch him. Madam.. you are wrong.
We are telling you the truth. We just want the treasure.
– And I want Chetan. Come.. this game in your
city for the first time. If an old person sees it,
they will become young. And if the young gaze,
they will be stunned. Two rupees.. just two rupees. Children cannot come inside. I have left the
children at home. Here.. take it. Hey, what is all this? Give us tickets.. Hey.. go back.. in a line. Here.. come inside and have fun. Have fun.. Give me a ticket too. Where did you come from?
This show is for adults. This show isn’t
for the children. Run away from here, come
after fifteen years. Run away from here. Till then play
at home. – Come after fifteen years. Why, grandpa.. what
Is the matter? Nothing. Special today. Miss Tina Chinchuria
from Chinchpokli. Miss Lola Jalebia from
Mahim Matunga.. I want to go inside. What is going on inside? There is a dance going on inside. Yes, so we will go too. Small children like
you cannot go inside. Then, how will you go? Come.. there is fun and
excitement of the youth. The youth.. Ticklish.. Ticklish.. Ticklish.. Cabaret.. to entertain you..
to keep you busy.. cabaret.. Cabaret.. She is naked.. close your
eyes.. close them.. Hey.. eyes.. Don’t you like it? Then I will have her clothed. Baby.. “She is the Juliet
of the west..” “These are the Romeos
of the east.” This is great. The previous one was better. What is going on? What is this? We didn’t come here to
see the fairies dance. They are looting us.. Stop this singing and dancing. Stop it. Where are your clothes? See inside. What is
going on inside? People are tearing their
clothes in excitement.. Mad.. What is this going on? What is this? Please let my board
be at least.. Chetan is a pure soul. My father had kept him in
our ancestral temple. If he was in the ancestral temple,
where did he disappear? One of my father’s disciples
stole Chetan one day. My father couldn’t tolerate
this sadness. Father.. father.. Daughter.. daughter..
that monkey trainer.. stole Chetan.. You will have to bring
him back, daughter.. You will have to
bring him back.. You will have to bring him back. I will have to fulfill the
promise I gave to my dad. I will have to free
this sacred soul. Or else, this devil will take
undue advantage of his powers. Madam. We are with you. Yes. Yes. We will take you
to this black magician. We will wait here.
We will see what he does. My rickshaw went past
a car worth millions. It ran faster than the car.
– The whole city is speaking about it. What are you staring at? Sit down, everyone. Bad. What is going on? Stand up. Stand up. Silence. I want to see the sketch
of the new skeleton. Show it to me. What should I do? How dare you! You made my face! Didn’t you see anyone else? Do I seem to be a dead skeleton? What did you say?
– Show me your hand. – Master.. Show me your hand.
– Master.. Why are you shouting?
– Who is there behind? Will you beat the children? If you beat them, I will
make you a skeleton. No.. I will never beat
students. Don’t follow me.. The black magician
has arrived. Run! Chetan! Wait.. wait.. Chetan.. I order you.. wait..
stop.. Chetan.. Stop.. Stop.. Chetan flew away? Someone is meddling in my magic. Okay. So there you are. I am unfortunate. Darkness! So, you have come after all. Yes. I have to fulfill
dad’s promise. Look at my strength then.. Madam.. Madam.. What happened to you? Madam.. Mummy.. He is falling down.. save us.. Is there anyone here.. Save us..
– Chintu.. you were falling down.. How did you fly?
Chintu, you were flying.. Hi, Chetan. Chetan.. you have come.. He is the same old devil,
isn’t it? Why are you scared of him? Yes. I am scared of him.
He stole me from my master. To search for a treasure.
That old room.. There is a very big
treasure there. But it is hidden there with
the power of mantras. I was about to release it.
When you people freed me. I’d have escaped his clutches. But I waited for you people. Now, before he troubles you,
I will have to go. I will have to go.
To my ancestral temple.. Don’t go.. Chetan.. don’t go.. We won’t let you go.
– Yes, please don’t go.. When he comes the next time.. ..we will make a nice
mincemeat of him.. We will teach him
a proper lesson. No. He is my master now.
If I kill him.. ..I will be finished too,
I will be cursed. Then I will just fly
around like a bird. Come here.. come here..
listen to me.. We will ask that treasure
if he’s going. Why? Why do we need
the treasure? There are toys, balloons,
ice creams, chocolates.. Wait.. me first..
– No, me.. – Step aside. Three million chocolates.
Two billion balloons. And just one cup ice
cream. For me. Wait. – You want all the
treasure, isn’t it? What do you want? Balloon? Where is it?
Where is the balloon? “Ringa Ringa Ringa.” “Everyday be like this.” “We will sing and dance all
the time, we will be happy.” “Ringa Ringa Ringa.” “Everyday be like this.” “We will sing and dance all
the time, we will be happy.” “These colorful balloons,
they are so nice..” “Come.. we will
sing and dance..” “Ringa Ringa Ringa.” “Everyday be like this.” “We will sing and dance all
the time, we will be happy.” “We are looking for freedom,
we wanna be free.” “We wanna be free!” “We wanna go over the moon.” “We wanna fly for free.” “Get ready for mischief..
one two three.” “There is so much ice cream
here.. keep eating..” “The heart says, why do
we need to go home..” “Why don’t we stay here?” “Because it is so tasty..
it is so exciting..” “Therefore it is favorite,
Crush the cold drink..” “The world speaks to us here.” “Along with the talks
it makes us say.” “Ringa Ringa Ringa.” “Everyday be like this.” “We are children,
we don’t want to grow up.” “We will lose everything,
but not Chetan..” “Chetan is our world,
we love him more than our life.” “Don’t go away,
don’t be angry with us..” “We are so fortunate,
we have Chetan with us.” “We can do anything,
we have Chetan..” “We want our freedom,
we wanna be free.” “We want our freedom,
we wanna be free.” “Ringa Ringa Ringa Ro..” “May everyday be like this..” “We will sing and dance all
the time, we will be happy.” How will we cure her now?
Please tell us. We have sinned a lot. We had those two killed
for the treasure. We turned this poor
girl into a cat. What was this mantra? He is gone. Chetan.. come back.. Chetan.. Come back.. Chetan.. Chetan.. Chetan.. Chetan.. come back.. Why are you people so restless? We will have to go from here. Till the time you don’t
fulfill Laxmi’s wishes.. ..we won’t let you go.
– What do I wish for? Ask for whatever you wish,
Laxmi. I will fulfill your wishes. Do you know what I want? Mother. What if I ask my mother back? Mother has gone. Therefore,
father drinks so much. Can you make my dad
stop drinking? Demolish my father’s
alcohol shop. Then her father will
automatically stop drinking. “Dance.. dance..” Why have you come here?
This place isn’t good for you. If this place isn’t good for
me, how is it good for you? You are so young,
and you speak so intelligently? I haven’t even started
drinking till now. I swear to you.. really.. If you didn’t start drinking,
how did the bottle finish off? This time bring the rum. Where is the bottle? Where is the bottle? Are you drunk? She was here right now.
Where did she disappear? I am here. Where else? What has happened to the
alcohol today? It is flying today. My bottle.. my bottle..
who took my bottle? You dog! – Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! This wasn’t good.
I will not spare you. Hit him daddy.
Just like Sunil Shetty. Get up. Hit him! What are
you staring at? Hit him! What are you looking at, daddy?
Beat him. Hit him, daddy. Yes, very good. My bottles.. My shop is gone.. Where are you taking
all my bottles? My bottle. You drunkards,
where are you taking my bottle. I am ruined. So much has happened,
and you are still drinking? Let go of this. Don’t
ever drink from today. I will drink.
Who are you to stop me? Who are you? Mother.. where are you gone? Mother.. Mother.. Daughter.. my daughter..
forgive me.. I will never drink
please forgive me. I swear to you..
I will never drink. The shop went first..
Then the drunkards.. And now.. the bottles
are leaving too.. What is the matter?
Why are you so glum? Bid Chetan farewell
With a smiling face. Why shouldn’t we tell
Chetan to stay back? Let him go. He wishes to go.
He is waiting at home. Where should I keep this? Here. Shall I call him now? – Wait..
this talisman was hidden in this dung. Where should we keep this? We will give it to Chetan.
We won’t.. needing it once
Chetan has left. Clean it. I know where Chetan is..
come on.. quickly.. Raju.. Chintu.. Chetan.. Chetan.. Chetan.. Chetan.. Stop him! Stay aside.. Chetan.. Chetan.. Chetan.. Laxmi had gone to get Chetan. She hasn’t returned till now.
Come on, we will see. I heard the noise
of the crackers. Therefore, I came here. Laxmi! Where is Laxmi?
– We don’t know.. See, all of them were
bursting crackers. And now, the young men don’t
know where Laxmi is. Where did Laxmi go? I think that she had hidden
somewhere, fearing you. Go, bring her, don’t worry.
I won’t tell her anything. Shut up! Remember.. whatever
power you have.. That is taken from me.
Your master is dead. This girl doesn’t own you, I do.
Start digging the treasure, or else.. I will burn this girl! Foolish boy,
you want to kill me. It seems that you don’t know.. You can’t survive for
even a moment if I die. See. The stars and lightning
say that too. Start digging the treasure. What are you staring at?
Why don’t you dig? Quickly.. quickly! Move back, everyone! Don’t kill me..
don’t kill me! Don’t kill me! Laxmi.. I had met you once.
You saw me once. Forget this like a dream. Don’t leave us, Chetan. I don’t have any other
alternative than that. And I don’t have time to bid
farewell to Chintu and Raju. Just think that we four met
like the birds in the skies. We met, and now we
have separated. It would be better if I left
for my ancestral temple before. If I had.. this wouldn’t
be my situation.. I am choking now..
in sometime.. my form will change.. I am going, Laxmi.. I am going.. No.. Laxmi..
– Laxmi.. Where did Chetan go? Shall we move?
– And these children? These poor children.. Don’t worry.
They will get their own Chetan. Daddy.. Daddy..

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