Chris McCarrell and the Cast of THE LIGHTNING THIEF on the Show’s Quest to Broadway on Opening Night

Chris McCarrell and the Cast of THE LIGHTNING THIEF on the Show’s Quest to Broadway on Opening Night

(fun upbeat music) – Percy Jackson is taking
his first Broadway bow. Yes, it’s opening night
of “The Lightning Thief”, a fun new musical take on the well-loved book series, and we’re on the scene
to meet all the stars. (crowd cheering) – I’m just so proud. I’m so proud of this show, and this cast. Seeing everyone in
their fullest potential, I’ve never been prouder of a show. – It’s a show that we loved so much, and have had such a great time making it, and have put a lot of
work in to making this be as specific as possible, but then also as universal as possible. – The characters are so
amazing, and deep, and rich, and they talk about things that
aren’t really talked about. – This is not just an underdog story, but it’s a coming of age story about accepting your flaws, right? And realizing that being imperfect is what makes you perfect, and that the things that make you weird are exactly why you’re so special. – What struck me about the show when I first read it was the tone. These are kids from broken homes using what little resources, and a lot of sense of
humor, and a lot of smart to fight monsters. That feels like a show I can get behind. I know how to write that show. – It’s a call to arms
at the end of the show. It’s about, you know what, whether you’re a demi-god,
or a regular kid, or a parent, or a god,
everyone makes mistakes. We’re all given what
we’ve gotten in this life, and you can’t blame what you don’t have on anyone else. So it’s all about taking
responsibility for yourself and your actions, and then
going out into the world and making it what you want. – It ignites the youth in the audience. It ignites the youth in
the adults in the audience. And I think it makes people
go out into the world ready to tackle the problems that we’re so clearly facing right now. (fun upbeat music)

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  1. To celebrate the opening night, I will recite to you this haiku, written by one L. Papadoupalos.
    clears throat

    Musical Theatre
    Mr D, God of Theatre
    Apollo's music.

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