Christian Movies Online Free – Road 2 Damascus

Christian Movies Online Free – Road 2 Damascus

(police sirens) (police radio chatter) (hip hop music)
(helicopter whirring) ♫ You were my candlelight ♫ But I have to turn off the flame ♫ You were my candy-rain ♫ But you brought me nothing but pain ♫ You were my everything ♫ But you put a hole in my soul ♫ You meant the world to me ♫ I would’ve gave you your way ♫ I had no words to say ♫ All you had to do was just get away ♫ I had no song to play ♫ All I want to do is just fly away Pull over at the next exit. My refreshments require replenishment. Paul please, we’re on our way to church. You’re on your way to church. Baby please, come to church with me. Towards what purpose, Lolla? How does it benefit me
to tread lightly amidst the hypocritical sinners
who parade as Christians? Paul, that is blasphemy. I blas for them, they blas for me. Stop drinking! Stop nagging. Give me that bottle! (suspense music) (sobs) I can’t do it. ♫ Pray, pray, pray ♫ Christ told me that all I had to do is ♫ Pray, pray, pray ♫ Christ told me that all I had to do is ♫ Scared to walk through
your very own hood ♫ Scared to talk, don’t know if you should ♫ Scared to praise the man up above ♫ What are you afraid of ♫ He might show you some love ♫ Did I hear you say you wanna be saved ♫ That the devil’s a lie,
you’re no longer a slave ♫ Wait a minute, your heart’s not in it ♫ Here’s a pen, write it down ♫ Put it on wax, now spin it ♫ So many people trying
to show you some love ♫ Said your father walked
out, so give your mama a hug ♫ Life to me’s not really that long ♫ Poetry, spoken words,
new beats, hit song ♫ Limitation’s not working for me ♫ I open my eyes, it’s Christ I see ♫ He’s got me working the word ♫ Like I never heard, coming
in first, not second or third ♫ Check my level, stepping on the Devil ♫ For the hater, bury them now ♫ Tell you what, here’s a shovel ♫ Moving with ease, room to breathe ♫ The Lord finally laid hands on me ♫ No more giving me the third degree ♫ I believe in the Lord,
so stop sweating me ♫ A lot of people trying to put me away ♫ Try to silence my voice so I won’t say ♫ Christ, my reality ♫ Christ been real good to me ♫ Clap your hands, stomp your feet ♫ Step back, Christ walk
and say it with me, come on ♫ Pray, pray, pray ♫ Christ told me that all I had to do is ♫ Pray, pray, pray ♫ Christ told me that all I had to do is ♫ Pray, pray, pray ♫ Christ told me that all I had to do is ♫ Pray, pray, pray ♫ God has told me that all I had to do is (applause) Give yourselves a hand. Praise the Lord, church. The Reverend Doctor Paul Dimwa. (chuckles) Pastor wrote
that song and performed it this morning as a salute to our youth. Doctor Paul Dimwa. Oh good. Praise God, thank you. Gifts of the ministry. Perfecting of the saints,
edifying the body of Christ. Take a look at your human body. Now your body has many members, but it is still just one body. Well so also is the body of Christ. Just as every member of your body has purpose, every Christian has a purpose. A gift according to the
grace that God has given you. God expects everyone, not just some, but everyone to use
that gift for His glory. Amen? All right, if you would please now turn to Romans, Chapter 12, Verse 5. ♫ Life is worth so much more than gold ♫ Teach each day like it’s your last ♫ Stop worrying ’cause worrying
won’t bring back the past ♫ Life is what we make it (phone rings) ♫ Life is what we make it ♫ Take it or leave it All right, okay. All right then, bye. ♫ Material gains will have to stay ♫ Long after we’ve gone away Pastor Dimwa, how you doing? Pretty good, pretty good, how you doing? I’m doing well. Good, you enjoy the sermon? I enjoyed it very much. Good, good, good. I want you to know that Pastor Noah Jones would be happy too. Well look, I gotta run, but you let him know I’ll definitely be by, I’m coming by, okay? I will. And say hello to my wife,
that’s her right there. I will indeed. All right, thank you for coming. Pastor. Nice sermon. Well thank you, did you enjoy it? I did, I did. Good, good. Listen, I just want you to know that should you need me for anything, anything at all, I’m available. Okay, well I’m sorry, Sister Peaches, I apologize if I led you on in anyway, but if you look over your right shoulder, look right over there. That’s the first lady of the church. She supplies all my earthly needs and God supplies all my spiritual needs. Are we clear? Pastor, I just thought that– No no, but you thought
wrong, Sister, are we clear? Yeah, we’re clear. Look, it’s good to see you again. I’ll see you next Sunday, okay? Absolutely. All right, good. Okay. All right. (laughs) You poor baby. You cannot get away from those hot in the pants heathens can you? No I cannot. Well perhaps when you’re old and gray they’ll give you some rest. You think so? No. (laughter) Excuse me, Paul? Yes. Hi. Hi. I’m from Leonard Record. You might remember my
father, Tally Dawson Senior. Ah, I was wondering who that distinguished looking gentleman was
sitting in my pews, I thought you looked familiar,
how’s your father doing? He’s doing great. He’s retired now. Okay. I took over the business. Everything’s going wonderful. Congratulations. Well thank you. Did you meet my wife, Doctor Lolla Dimwa? No, it’s a pleasure, Doctor. Nice to meet you too. Now is that MD or PhD? I’m a psychologist with the
local practice here in town. Oh, excellent. She treats all the town crazies
and the mentally retarded. Sweetheart, that is not funny, don’t talk like that about my patients. I’m sorry, I’m trying to recruit, trying to get some more parishioners. Hey listen, I’m gonna drop my wife off, then I’m headed over to my parents to have dinner, would you like to join me? I’m gonna have to pass, thanks though. I desperately need to speak to you though, perhaps we can meet over at Jose’s in let’s say about two hours? Okay, is everything all right? Everything’s great, great news. Okay, two hours, that fine with you? Fine, okay. I’ll see you in two hours. Excellent. All right, good to see you again. Nice meeting you. It was a pleasure.
Make sure you tell your father I said hello. Will do. All right. All right. ♫ A little of this ♫ A little of that ♫ Lord Jesus, He’s all that ♫ My Jesus ♫ Is coming back Is that the Tally Dawson? The one whose dad you used to call the career maker or breaker? That’s his son. After all these years. Wow. Aren’t you curious as to
what he wants to discuss? I’m interested, but not
particularly curious. Maybe he just wants to catch
me up on the music scene. Why are you asking? Another one of your bad feelings? No. Not really a bad feeling about him. I just wonder why an old figure from the past would suddenly just
show up at the church. I don’t know, maybe he wants to get baptized or he wants to join the church. Then maybe he should’ve come down to the altar with the rest of the members seeking spiritual guidance. It’s probably nothing, but whatever it is, I promise you will be the first to know. Okay? Fine. (Spanish guitar music) Lovely service. (chuckling) That Pastor Dimwa can preach. Oh yes he can. But I do sometimes wonder what it would be like to just kiss those lips. Luscious. (giggling) Oh my goodness, you are bad. I’m sure our pastor is
probably a man amongst men. I can’t wait to get out of seminary. When I become a pastor,
then all of you good Sisters can hit on me like
you do to Pastor Paul. Now Deacon, you can buy a new robe and get a degree, but you still can’t get a single woman out here. You see, nowadays it takes a little more than sex appeal and good
looks to get a woman. Women need a little money
to get with the honey. (chuckles) Now I just can’t figure out why Pastor Paul married Sister Lolla. I just can’t figure out why my beautiful Peaches is still single. What are you trying to say, Corine? Excuse me, ladies. I have an appointment to keep. Thanks for the invitation. ♫ Ooooh Wanna try it? Yeah. Two, three. ♫ Oooooooh ♫ Oooooooh ♫ Oooooooh Again. ♫ Oooooooh ♫ Oooooooh ♫ Oooooooh Right? Y’all like that? Hi baby, can I get you something? No, thank you, baby. Loretta, Remi, you guys want anything? No, we good. Okay. Thank you. Do we still have it or what? Yeah. I mean we got the sound. But what we don’t have is
a contract and some loot. Well that’s what happens when
your lead singer gets saved. You know what, we were one of the most popular groups in the country. We had a name, I mean
what a group we were. And now look at us, we’re
not The Teardrops anymore. Listening to you, I call us The Crybabies. (laughs) Girl, stop all that whining. The Teardrops are still one of the most loved groups in the world. Hey you two, come on, let’s do the song one more time, and then who knows, with a little help from the Man above, I may have a little surprise for us later on today. Surprise? A little surprise, let’s
practice, practice. All right, come on, ready? Two, three. ♫ Oooooooh Catch it. Oh you see that catch? You can’t top that. See that catch? Can’t top that. Oh! Peter and James Jr, come inside now. It’s time to eat dinner. Come on. Man, we’re not even hungry. Yeah, we ate at church Aunty, can we stay out here and play some more? Please mama, pretty please? Please. All right, all right, I guess, I guess. You know, you two remind
me of your fathers. I guess your uncle Paul
will never have children. Uncle Paul’s a celebrity. Celebrities don’t have children. Man, that’s not true, celebrities are just like everybody else, at least that’s what my daddy says. (chuckles) And your daddy would be right. We are all equal in the eyes of God. Now I’m gonna make a little plate, two little plates for my two little men, so go ahead and play. Yes!
Thank you. Now go on before I change my mind. I’m not here to criticize your behavior. I want to help you find some answers so that your symptoms can be reduced. I think it would be a good idea if everybody could open up just a little bit more to accelerate the process. Maybe find a breakthrough? Tim, why don’t you go first. I know you just referred
to me in there somewhere. Just not exactly sure where. Well Tim, what is preventing you from achieving freedom
over your addiction? I don’t know Doc, I
mean I just can’t stop. I mean Lord knows I tried. So you tried and didn’t achieve
your personal objective. Yeah, something like that. I guess. You guess. Okay Tim, the first step
is to remove all doubt. Stop questioning your inner self. You should be certain of everything that you feel so that you can be comfortable with everything that you say– Okay, okay, okay, I’m just, I don’t know all them fancy word you just said. She means you don’t try hard enough. You act like every time you do something wrong, Doctor Dimwa gonna fix it or say the right words to make it all better. If you tried, you could do it. That’s an interesting observation Julie, but why did you attack him that way? I didn’t see it as attacking. I was trying to help him understand you. (sobs) I didn’t mean anything by it. It’s okay, it’s okay, you made a statement that might help Tim to find some positive
outcome to his problems. But we all have to learn to address each other on a social level. In your face, man! In my face? You’re (mumbles). This is in your face. No, ’cause it’s not true. James, remember when Paul went on the road and he told me if I wanted to travel with him that I had to wear a suit and a tie. (laughter) You remember that? What’s wrong with that? You just dressing right,
what’s wrong with that? And then he told me if you gonna come to my house and you
gonna drive your VW Bug, you gotta park it two
blocks away from my house. (laughter) I don’t remember saying that, come on now. Paul, I know you didn’t do that. Look, I love my brother, but I don’t love my brother enough
to be embarrassed by him. I would have loved to have
known you as children. You must’ve been something. You didn’t miss anything. Paul has always been the source of trouble for this whole family. You’re a little out of line. Shut up! You said so yourself many times. Jane? Anybody ready for dessert? I made my peach cobbler
and homemade ice cream. Nah. No? Okay. So dad, did you like my sermon? Did you give the message that God gave you to your congregation? Then it matters not what I think. The only thing that really matters is the message that the people get. That is important. Do you know I can count the number of times you’ve ever complimented me? And that’s saying a lot. I had 20 hit records. 10 of which went gold and five platinum. Hey man, lay off dad man,
we heard all this before. No no no, hold on, hold on. I won four Grammys. Four. And you have never said a job well done. We heard enough of that, okay? Yeah Paul. Thanks, Peter. James. I believe I can handle this. Everything you’ve said is true, Paul. I judge a man by his character and not his accomplishments. Yes, you are right, I have not complimented you, neither have I commended you, for all
your accomplishments. That’s true. Dad, I wasn’t accusing you, it was merely an observation, if I’ve offended you, then I’m sorry. It’s all right, son. No offense taken. I feel that your observation
warranted a response. Diane, I will take the piece
of your cobbler now please. Me too. Okay. I’ll help you. Thanks. ♫ They’re writing the music ♫ And they’re (mumbles) So why are we (mumbles)? (laughter) Yeah, that was very interesting. (upbeat dance music) (knocking) Paul! Come on in, my friend. How you doing? Good to see you. Good to see you. Tally. How you doing? Good, good to see you. Thanks for coming. Ladies. We were just recounting the glory days of The Teardrops, 22 million albums sold and countless hits through the 80s there, and hey, given the tremendous interest in everything and anything retro over the years, my company has decided the time is right to bring back The Teardrops. (laughter) Sounds good. That’s nice Tally, but I don’t do that type of music anymore. I mean if it’s not praising the Lord, then there’s no place for it in my life. Paul, we’re not trying to make your religious beliefs disappear, I mean if anything we’re doing the opposite. We thought as long as it’s being done in moderation, it’d be okay. Right, so don’t be so close-minded, Paul. I mean listen to yourself,
you sound so sanctimonious. I mean have you forgotten that we know who the real Paul is under
those pastoral robes? As I said, my company is prepared to offer quite a sum if The Teardrops decide to return for a one year tour. But our offer is made under the conditions that all the Teardrops return. I mean in that case… Tally, you’ve wasted a trip. I just said I don’t do
secular music anymore. Paul, wait. My company has authorized a $30 million guarantee with a possible net of up to $100 million and a $10 million
advance against the net. That’s $2.5 million apiece easy. Paul, that’s more than enough money to build your new church. And keep your wife at home and let her continue to be the first
lady of the church. You know, you all act as
if I’m playing church. I mean as if my relationship
with God is make believe. In the bible there’s a passage that speaks about temptation. It’s Mark Chapter One Verse 13. It said Jesus lingered in
the wilderness for 40 days. He was tempted by Satan, threatened by the wild beast, but the angels
ministered unto Him. As Jesus replied to Satan by saying “Get thee behind me.” Tally Junior is not here for a church lesson Paul, all right? We just want an answer. Why would you all think that I would go for something like this without first consulting my Lord and Savior? No disrespect Tally, but I’ll have to pray about this and then
discuss it with my wife. I don’t know about everybody else in here, but yeah, you owe me. Excuse me? I owe you nothing! This has nothing to do
with love, all right? Our concern is The Teardrops. Why don’t you ask yourself
what Jesus would do. Because it’s obvious to
us that He’s not doing for you now what He was
doing for you back then. Isn’t it bad enough that I walk around here with the guilt and shame of what I’ve done to you over the years? I’ve asked God to forgive me for the sins that I’ve committed. And He has forgiven me. But I will not allow you, Jose, or Loretta to make me feel like any less of a man than I already do. Now it’s good to see you Tally, but I’m sorry it had to be under
these circumstances. Good day. Let it, let it settle. Then we’ll see. Can I get you a drink or something? Let me just sit for a second. Okay. ♫ Don’t forget to praise
Him when you wake up ♫ When you rise and shine and ♫ Give God the glory call ♫ Thanks for the wakeup ♫ Keep searching, there always ♫ A (mumbles) ♫ Don’t forget to praise
Him when you wake up ♫ When you rise and shine
and give God the glory call ♫ Thanks for the wake up (mumbles) ♫ Reality check, only (mumbles) ♫ I got a white pearl I’ll erect to get ♫ And half a glass boat with (mumbles) ♫ Life (mumbles) along the way ♫ The straight and fallen
have gone the wrong way ♫ And they were not seated along the way ♫ Together we (mumbles) ♫ Don’t forget to praise
Him when you wake up ♫ When you rise and shine
and give God the glory call Hey honey! How’d it go? It went okay. Well come tell me about it. No. I need to go pray. ♫ Praise Him for your life,
praise Him for your wife ♫ Praise Him for the food
and all you’re eating tonight ♫ Praise Him for your health,
praise Him for your strength ♫ Praise Him for the
work and single pay rent ♫ Praise Him for the sun,
Praise Him for the moon ♫ Praise Him for the pretty
flowers when they bloom ♫ Praise Him for the sky,
praise Him for the Earth ♫ Praise Him for whatever it worth ♫ Don’t forget to praise
Him when you wake up ♫ When you rise and shine
and give God the glory call ♫ Thanks for the wake up (mumbles) ♫ Don’t forget to praise
Him when you wake up ♫ When you rise and shine
and give God the glory call ♫ Thanks for the wake up ♫ And the (mumbles) About 5’7. Mid-substitute for what he’s currently on, it causes nausea, he can’t stay on that. Look up his old doctor and see if there was something that he was taking at that point that might help. Check with his job and see if there’s any change in his behavior there. Out. I’m worried about Tim, I’ve tried everything, it’s his
third suicide attempt. The antidepressants nauseate him and without them to stabilize
him, his chemical imbalance is causing depression. That’s nice, baby. Maybe we should just let him kill himself, what do you think? Maybe so, sweetheart. Paul, where is your mind? Certainly not here with me. Oh. Lord, I’m sorry, sweetheart. Can we put all this away? We need to talk. Well that’s a switch. We need to talk is usually my line. Not that you usually respond though. Come over here, Lolla. Just for a moment, just sit here and hear what I have to say. Okay, I’m sitting. Is everything all right? No, everything is just fine. You remember Tally Junior
came by the church today? Right. Well he… Come on, Paul. It was our ability to openly communicate that brought us together,
so now out with it. Well Tally Junior wants to put together a Teardrops reunion tour. He offered The Teardrops
a guaranteed net of $30 million with a possible
net of 100 million, and a $10 million advance against the net. That’s $2.5 million each. And how long would this
multi-million dollar tour last? He said a year. A year. Yeah. And who would fulfill your ministery duties while you’re gone? We could appoint an interim pastor. We can talk about the details later, right now I wanna know what you think. What I think. Must you ask what I think, Paul? Do you remember what I went through during the early years of our marriage? You were gone all the time. You were coked up, out on the road, sleeping with Loretta, and any other groupie who presented
herself at your door. And you sit there and ask me what I think about you going back
out on the road again? What do you think I think? I’m a changed man and you know that. How can you even think about it, Paul? I would never ever do that again. Never? Paul, don’t you realize when you’re out performing ’till 12, 1
o’clock in the morning, filled with adrenaline,
high on the applause, what are you gonna do at
that time of morning, huh? You gonna go see a Broadway
show at 2 in the morning? Will you take a stroll in the park? No, you’ll do the same
thing all over again. ‘Cause you sure won’t be holy
in the Ghost, now will you? That was then, this is now. You just have to trust me and have faith. I have faith in God, but I do not trust that you will hear the whisper of God during all those loud concerts. And yes, the same thing
will happen all over again. I’m a man of God, for Christ sakes! Oh look at you. You haven’t even decided
to do the tour and already you’re taking
the Lord’s name in vain. You’re a man of God? Then act like it. Paul, don’t let the evil one lure you from your path of righteousness. Satan has you at the
top of a tall building, and instead of you saying
get thee behind me, you’re saying I bet you can’t push me off. I’m a Christian. You’re a Christian, we
don’t fall that easily. You know that right now tiding is low. I mean the people give what they can, but it’s not their fault. But by doing this tour, I could finance a ministry that will save even more souls. Now I have a safety net, and that safety net is Jesus Christ, and I trust that He will catch me
before the demons do. Please don’t do this. You know as well as I do that everything that glitters is not gold. You know what? Forget it. I’m through begging. But I will not allow myself
to suffer that pain again. Look Lolla, I’ve prayed on this. Now I know it may sound
like a cliche, but… God does work in mysterious ways. Now He’s opened up a
window of opportunity. And I’m going to step through it. I need for you to believe
that He will guide me. I need for you to believe
that He will be there for me. The church is suffering. I’m suffering. Baby, this is our chance to do something good for the church. You know what, Paul? The church is suffering,
but so is your home. So is your wife. Baby, look, I’m doing this for all of us. For me, for you, for the church– Don’t you dare sit
there and tell me you’re doing this for anybody
other than yourself. Admit it, Paul. You miss all that hype. When you got clean, you asked me to give you some time before we started a family. It’s been years, Paul. Years! Where does it end? Where does it end, Paul? Or better yet, where do we,
me and you, where do we begin? Or end? (gentle piano music) ♫ If it’s God’s will ♫ If it’s God’s will (sobbing) ♫ If it’s God’s will,
I’ll see you tomorrow ♫ If it’s God’s will,
no more pain and sorrow ♫ Sitting in chair all of your life ♫ Wondering what walking would be like ♫ How do you know sitting is not good ♫ You’re thinking of
walking only if you could ♫ I saw a bird who had one wing ♫ And to my eyes it
was the prettiest thing ♫ That little bird did all he could ♫ To try to fly to make his life good ♫ Deep in our hearts and in our minds ♫ The Lord comes to repeat these lines ♫ I’m telling you somebody
had to pay the bill ♫ He paid it, he paid
it, if it’s God’s will ♫ If it’s God’s will ♫ If it’s God’s will,
I’ll see you tomorrow ♫ If it’s God’s will,
no more pain and sorrow ♫ If it’s God’s will ♫ If it’s God’s will ♫ My God has to say so,
we gotta be (mumbles) ♫ If it’s God’s will I’ll see you tomorrow ♫ If it’s God’s will,
no more pain and sorrow ♫ See sometimes it might seem
as if you’re walking alone ♫ It might seem that it’s an uphill climb ♫ But Jesus has been there all the time ♫ And your troubles
now are gonna last away ♫ That joy you want is
coming in the morning time ♫ So suffer, suffer, suffer ♫ Sometimes we have to suffer ♫ And I don’t mind
’cause Jesus didn’t mind ♫ I don’t mind ’cause Jesus didn’t mind it ♫ I don’t mind, my Jesus didn’t mind ♫ I don’t mind it, my Jesus didn’t mind it ♫ I don’t mind, my Jesus didn’t mind ♫ I don’t mind, my Jesus didn’t mind it ♫ I don’t mind, I don’t mind, I don’t mind ♫ Why should I mind, why should I mind Yeah. Is Pastor returning to The Teardrops? The Teardrops are back together? No way. Yes, The Teardrops are back together. Where’s their first show? Is it coming up? I don’t have anything else to tell you. Pastor Paul is gonna
go back and join them? Yeah. Call everybody else
and let them know okay? I’ll get back with you
later and we can talk. Okay, we’ll get together soon. Call me back. That’s good news. Yeah, I’m gonna get all the details just a little bit later, but I
just had to let you know. All right, well you keep
your eye on that for me. I’ll let her know. Okay. (synthesizer hip hop music) ♫ To the good beat of God ♫ Oh let us praise Him ♫ To the good beat of God ♫ Oh let us praise Him ♫ To the good beat of God ♫ Oh let us praise Him ♫ To the good beat of God (phone rings) Hello, this is Marty speaking. Marty. Hey, Tally Dawson Junior here. Hey Tally, what’s happening? I’m here at Long Beach, I just
booked the convention center. Yeah man, look, see if you can get a larger venue in London. Okay, yeah, we got a connection with the O2 Arena, you know they
can seat 20,000 people. Yeah, I know. How’s the media and the press responding to them going on tour? The press is going crazy. Yeah, but is the response positive? Yeah, yeah, they love them. I got a big meeting in Chicago with Nadia. I’ll give you a call and
let you know how that goes. All right. All right, talk to you later. ♫ Are you tired at work ♫ Oh let us praise Him ♫ And the boss is a jerk ♫ Oh let us praise Him ♫ He makes you feel like dirt ♫ Oh let us praise Him ♫ To the good beat of God ♫ Oh let us praise Him ♫ To the good beat of God ♫ Oh let us praise Him ♫ To the good beat of God ♫ Oh let us praise Him ♫ To the good beat of God Paul, Paul, Paul. You traveling today? Paul, take me with you. Sister, you know I can’t
do that, I’m a man of God. It’s not about us, Paul. Just take me with you, please. Look Sister, tell you what. Here’s a check. I want you to take this. Here’s a check for $3,000, just go. Just go. $3,000. Is that the amount you think is gonna make up for what you did to me? I don’t need your money, Paul. You know what, you can stop your little goody two-shoes act ’cause I don’t see any of your little church
members around here! Look Sister, I realize I did you an injustice, but I ask you
for your forgiveness now. My forgiveness. I was just a teenager when we met! Granted I was over 18,
and yes, I threw myself into your arms, but you
made huge promises to me! You promised to make me a woman, you promised to make me a star. You never needed me for your career, you have a great voice. And you certainly didn’t tell
me you were in your teens. And while we’re on the subject,
let’s clear up some cobwebs. I never told you you’d be my only woman. Then you got me pregnant. Then you forced me to have an abortion. And then it happened again, but that wasn’t good enough for
you because it happened again and you forced me
to have another abortion! Just so that your precious
life wouldn’t be disturbed! Now you come here, you listen to me. You knew the score going
in, yet you continually try to trap me by forgetting to take your birth control pill, what
do you want from me? I just wanted to have a
baby one day, I just… But now I can’t. Because I was trying to please you! And $3,00 can’t fix that, Paul. Listen, I’m sorry, I got a plane to catch. But those were your babies too. And you will never have
a child because your precious Lolla is way
behind childbearing years! You killed our babies. (sobs) You murdered them. Look, I soon learned that I did wrong. And asked God to forgive me. I expect you to do the same. Paul, your wife can’t make
you feel the way that I can. You know she can’t, and she never will. Peaches, Peaches! You are way out of line! Now you give Deacon Mayberry your phone number and I’ll call you, all right? I gotta go. No, I’m not done talking to you– I gotta go, Sister
Peaches, I’ve got to go. I’m sorry, I’ve got a
plane to catch, I’m sorry. Paul! Paul, what’s wrong? Nothing, nothing, everything’s just fine, everything’s just fine. (synthpop music) ♫ If I hold you tonight,
I will hold you so light ♫ You will want it again,
you’ll be calling my name ♫ I’ll be making new
plans for another romance ♫ Temperature is rising,
it’s time for (mumbles) ♫ I would never ever tell you lies ♫ I would never ever make you cry ♫ But if I do (mumbles) from your lies ♫ I would never ever tell you lies ♫ I would never ever make you cry ♫ But if I do (mumbles) from your lies ♫ (mumbles) for you ♫ I’ll more than hold you tonight ♫ Hold you, hold you Sister Lolla. Sister Lolla. How you doing, Sister? Oh, Deacon Mayberry. I was doing some work down at the Johnsons and I remembered you saying something about you having trouble with your sink or something? Oh, well to be honest I’ve been so busy with my clients
and the church, I don’t know if it’s still broken
or has fixed itself. (laughter) Well I can always take
a look just to be safe. Deacon, today’s not good. Do you think you could
come back next week? Well if you say next week,
then next week it is. Okay, all right. All right, Sister. Deacon. I had no idea you were such a handyman. Oh yes, Sister. My mama used to say that a man should always be able to keep a house in order. Even cook when the lady of
the house is sick or away. I do all my plumbing and electrical work. Last year I pout down hardwood floors and I saved a few hundred dollars by installing this energy efficient meter. Wow, so did you go to trade school? Oh no no no, Sister. Self taught. Everything I know about anything is from reading books or
through trial and error. Speaking of which, one time I was– Deacon, I’m sorry to interrupt
you, but I don’t get it. Why is it that you’re
not, you know, married? (chuckles) I haven’t figured
out that one myself, Sister. I guess I just haven’t
met the right woman yet. Women these days, they don’t
respect a real man anymore. They’d rather run around
with those bad boy types. Unfortunately that’s
true for a lot of ladies. They’re too busy chasing that big money. Yeah. (laughter) They don’t realize those kind of dreams can turn into nightmares fast. Oh yeah, that’s right, that’s right. Well I guess I’ll see
you next week, Sister. How’s next Tuesday at 4? Tuesday is usually one of my busiest days. But for you, I’ll make
sure it’s not a problem. I’ll call you if anything changes. Okay, great. All right, Sister. I’ll see you then. ♫ I’m feeling ♫ Some emotion Ladies and gentlemen, after many years in the ministry,
returning back to the stage, please help me welcome
Paul and The Teardrops. Bring Bring The Music. (crowd cheers) ♫ You’ve got me moving
in slow motion, baby ♫ You’re my backup against the wall ♫ Looking at you, I’m
about to fall in love again (phone rings) ♫ Never have I ever seen ♫ An angel who should be a queen ♫ Something right out of my dreams ♫ Is it truly what it seems [Automated Message] Your call is important to us, so please leave a
message after the beep. (machine beeps) Lolla. It’s 2 in the morning. I’m a man and I have needs. Needs that only you can fulfill. ♫ Everywhere I go, this
one thing I truly know ♫ I’ll be thinking of you
’cause my love is true ♫ Remember when I told you
that I’d try to get to know you ♫ If I really wanna know you ♫ I would take you out and show you ♫ My love is true ♫ Show you what love can do ♫ Remember when I told you
that I’d try to get to know you Lolla, look, I’m a man of God,
but I am still just a man. A man who needs his wife so
he does not go unfulfilled. I love you, baby. Call me, sweetheart. Remember when I used to take you out limo style, flower arrangements? I used to do the things for you that other brothers couldn’t do. Rose petals from the garage, through the kitchen, up the stairs, through your bath water, and then through your mind. The only thing left was your imagination. Even fantasy wasn’t an option because I had fulfilled them by
the end of the night. Lights out, my love. Rewind your mind because I
won’t repeat a second time. (machine beeps) Lolla, are you now acting in complicity with Satan to challenge my love for God? I am not a man who must
comply with your refusal to fulfill my emotional
and physical needs. ♫ I’ve never seen ♫ An angel who should be a queen ♫ Something right out of my dreams ♫ Is it truly real, is it what it seems ♫ Love ain’t supposed to hurt ♫ Love is supposed to be kind ♫ Girl, release my mind just this once ♫ So I can love again (phone rings) (ominous music) Hello? Aw come on man, you know me better than that, now come on, I’ve really been busy, I mean flying from city to city, you know how that gets sometimes. Whoa whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute. Now my wife is none of your business. You keep her out of this. What do you mean reality? Do you even have a purpose for this call? Come on man, now you
know me better than that. Look, I got a couple of checks coming in and as soon as they clear,
you’ll get your money. Yes sir, yeah. Yeah. (machine beeps) Lolla, I’m getting worried. If you’re there, please pick up the phone. ♫ You said that you needed time ♫ Some time to free your mind ♫ Then I waited on your every day ♫ But you never came my way ♫ Then I heard that you were with someone ♫ And that you had moved on ♫ Breaking up was not what I wanted ♫ But you took my love for granted ♫ It’s over now ♫ I’m doing much better now ♫ Better to have someone new ♫ Who treats me much better than you ♫ Better than you, it’s over now ♫ I’m doing much better now Paul. Wake up, honey. Paul, wake up! Can’t you feel it, Paul? Can’t you feel it? Honey, the Devil is busy tonight. I can feel it in my spirit. Let’s leave it in the
Lord’s hands, sweetheart. I trust in Him. Whatever you’re feeling, remember the bible says it too shall come to pass. Goodnight, honey. ♫ You’ve got all this pain (phone rings) ♫ And you wanna let it go ♫ But all your troubles [Automated Machine] Your call is important to us, so please leave a
message after the beep. (machine beeps) Lolla, I haven’t heard from you, give me a call as soon
as you get this message. ♫ You’ve got all this pain deep inside ♫ And you wanna let it go ♫ But all your struggles make you cry ♫ And all the tears are inside ♫ But baby, God, He told me ♫ Told me to let it go, let it be, baby ♫ God, He told me ♫ Oh Lord, she calling me (phone rings) ♫ She calling me on my Metro PCS ♫ Hey Lord, oh Lord, de
la, de la, de la, de la ♫ Hey Lord, I’m gonna answer ♫ Oh Lord, oh Lord ♫ I’ve been watching you ♫ And I’m liking what
I’m seeing of our life ♫ Tell me if you want me to ♫ And we can get it popping, popping ♫ Talk to me (mumbles) talk to me ♫ Are you ready (scat singing) ♫ Whatcha gonna say,
whatcha gonna say to me ♫ Whatcha gonna do
’cause I ain’t no rookie ♫ Wanna put your face (mumbles) ♫ Whatcha gonna do now ♫ Hey now, so baby girl
I know you like my swag ♫ My (mumbles) ♫ That is something your ex don’t have ♫ Whatcha gonna say girl ♫ (mumbles) I’ve been watching you ♫ And I’m liking what
I’m seeing of our life ♫ Tell me if you want me to ♫ And we can get it popping popping Hello. Lolla. I know you’re there. Lolla! Pick up the phone! Lolla, I know you’re
there, pick up the phone. ♫ And I dream to get one kiss ♫ Now I know that ain’t rich ♫ Why I’m acting like this ♫ So you wanna ride the pony ♫ I’m down with you, honey ♫ Those tats on your tummy ♫ So lickable enough ♫ If I had to do it again ♫ I can even pretend ♫ Girl I’ll take your hand ♫ With you the whole night I stand ♫ Those feelings inside,
you never can hide ♫ Girl don’t say bye
bye, just say goodnight ♫ I love what you do, it’s
like I’m in sex school ♫ You drink for two, I’ll
be doing you times two ♫ Now I wanna take a chance ♫ Wanna try to dance ♫ With that girl (mumbles)
in the real tight pants ♫ And I’m going about like this ♫ And I dream to get one kiss ♫ Now I know that ain’t rich ♫ Why I’m acting like this (doorbell rings) (doorbell rings) (knocking) Who is it? It’s me, Sister Lolla. Deacon Mayberry. I was driving by and I saw your lights on and I was beginning to get worried. Are you okay? Is everything all right? (stammers) Thank you Deacon, I’m fine. You don’t sound fine, Miss Lolla. I’ll just mosey on home then. I’ll see you at church tomorrow. (stammers) I’ll see you
then Deacon, thank you. (glass shatters) Miss Lolla! I heard a loud noise. Is everything all right? Please open the door. I’m not leaving until I know
everything is all right. Sister Lolla, please open the door. I’m sorry, I heard the noise and… (sobbing) It’s all right, Miss Lolla. (dramatic orchestral music) (upbeat party music) ♫ I’m back on track again What is your problem? You my problem, you run your mouth too much, now sit there and shut up! I’m ready to go. You ready to go? I’m ready to go. Here you go, go on. Go on, get out, leave. Oh no, I’m not leaving, I am not leaving! Stay out of my business. I don’t even know where I am. I don’t care if you don’t
know, go on, get out my face. Paul, wait wait wait, wait a minute, you can’t make her walk home from here. Sure can’t. Come here Trina, come here, Trina. Look, Trina didn’t mean any
harm by it, all right Paul? Look, no harm by it, okay? Just, look, you’re starting
to scare us a little bit. Everybody’s scared all
the time, what time is it? 2:30, all right? They’re 30 minutes late. It’s probably traffic
or something like that. Go in the car, have yourself
a drink, and relax, okay? Look look, you take Glow, I’ll take Trina. It’s all gonna be okay, okay? All right, but you tell
her to watch her mouth. I ain’t gotta watch my mouth for nobody. Paul, relax! Get in the car, will you? Relax man, relax. I got two other guys I can call and we will get the stuff, no problem. Get in the car, have yourself a drink. We’re having fun tonight, celebrate, come on baby, we’re celebrities! You’re a star, act like one. (urinating) See, I told you they’d be coming. I told you they’d be coming, baby. They’re here, they are here. We gonna party now, right, right? That means we gonna party, baby! We gonna party! What took you guys so long, man? Time is money, and I know
you know how to tell time. I figure you guys are 40 minutes late, I’m gonna take $400 out. Look man, I’m talking to you, all right? I’m gonna dock you guys about $400 for the time he’s sitting in the parking lot. You guys are 40 minutes late (mumbles). Hey Paul man, I don’t
know about these guys, (mumbles) take $400 out man, this guy, he’s dissing me here. What you talking about? I don’t know man, he’s just not listening to me, he’s just going to talk to the driver or something. Where’s the drugs? I don’t know man, he’s walking off. You said you had somebody else. I know, I got two other guys, don’t worry, within 30 minutes. Come on Jose, come on man! Just have a drink and relax man, okay? Just relax. Honey, take care of him, will you? He’s a little stressed out. (gunshot) (screaming) (gunshots) Got him? Wow. (chuckling) How you feeling? (chuckling) You hungry? Want something to drink? Want a sandwich? I’ll take something to drink. Yeah? Yeah. Don’t leave. Plenty of sunshine through today, with seasonal temperatures
we should reach our normal high of about 82
degrees by this afternoon. We have breaking news. The hugely successful international tour of the recently
reunited singing group The Teardrops has come to
an abrupt and tragic end. Word on the street is there’s
been a shooting in at least– Why’d you turn it off? Same ol’ boring stuff. Here you go. Thank you. You’re welcome. You know what? I think I’ll take that sandwich. Yeah? Yeah. Okay. I’ll be right back. All right. There’s been speculation since this tour began about rampant drug use and we’re not sure if this shooting is the result of a drug deal gone bad. Police are notifying next of kin as we speak, once we know the identities of those dead and those wounded, we’ll get those details to you as soon as possible. For now, reporting live, Cathy Watkins, back to you in the studio, Jim. (dramatic orchestral music) (police radio chatter) (ambulance siren ringing) Am I right, Doc? How can you talk to Julie like that, Bob? She got an illness too,
just like all of us. Or else none of us would be here. (Tim claps) It’s alive and it speaks. Jackie, what’s the matter, you
in love with Julie now, huh? I mean I know you like women. Or do you prefer the Rosie type, huh? Or maybe the Ellen Generous
type or whatever her name is. Fool! Who I like, or don’t like, ain’t
none of your darn business. You ain’t my doctor, and you’re
darn sure ain’t my shrink. If you would focus on yourself, maybe you wouldn’t be stuck here, on this Saturday afternoon,
with this lesbian, trying to get your so
called straight self fixed. Keep messing with me. You’ll get neutered. That’ll really fix you. Come on. She’s right Tim, you’re not being fair. No one can cast any stones,
and you know what I mean. (laughs) Lesbo! Lesbo! (crosstalk arguing) Hey Doc, we’re getting
a little out of control. Earth to Doc! Wooo, Doc! I’m sorry, Bob. You know what? I’m just a little bit tired today. How would everybody like it if we just ended early, all of a sudden
I don’t feel very good. It’s okay, doctor. We understand. But you did surprise us today. Surprise you? Surprise you how? By coming in at all, I mean shoot, if anything happened to my man, I wouldn’t be anywhere near this place today. (laughs) Happened, what are you talking about? Are you referring to my husband? Doc, you mean you didn’t know? No, what… Doc, your husband got caught up in a little mishap last night. (stammers) You really didn’t know? If I knew, I wouldn’t be asking! Come on, give me some straight answers, what did you hear, what happened? We saw it on the news last night. You know, Channel Four? The Teardrops tried to
purchase some drugs, the deal went bad, and
several people got injured. Most got killed. They said they couldn’t release the name of the murder victims until they notify their next of kin. What? Was on every channel last night. This morning too. Did they say where it happened? Oh God, where are they playing? What city are they, where’s
my planner, I gotta call. Oh God, Paul. Doc, Doc, you should go ahead and leave. We’ll lock up. Okay, I’m sorry guys, but I
have gotta get out of here. Oh God, Paul. And the Lord told us that we know not the time, nor the hour,
that we’ll be called home. But we who know God,
and we who know Jesus, and we that know the Holy Ghost, we will be given eternal life. Saved from death, we’ll be able to say death, where’s (mumbles)? Death, where is thy victory? It was already overtaken by Jesus. I’ll tell you right now,
but you have to be ready! I said you have to be ready. (mumbles). That’s right, because by and by, when the morning comes,
you need to be ready. You need to know that the Savior’s on His way back for you. That’s why we’re here tonight. Our fallen brothers and our sister. So I want us to bow our heads. Pray to God for these souls. You sir. You seek a sin to confirm
your own self-righteousness. I know ’cause I used to
watch you from the pulpit. Deacon! Deacon! Can you give me some
of that gin you got up there behind the bar,
this ol’ cheap stuff here. Peaches. Why don’t you come on up
here and give me a kiss? Baby come on, let’s go home. Don’t touch me! (dramatic music intensifies) Don’t you ever touch me. Come on Remi, let’s go. Paul. Come on, Jose. Paul. Come on Jose, you wanna
drink with me, right? Paul, come on. You wanna drink with me, right Jose? Paul, come on. Come on Jose, just drink with me. Remi drink with me, leave me alone! Leave me alone! No, you leave me alone! No! You leave me alone! I wanna drink with my friends! I wanna drink with my friends! ♫ I’m at the bottom of the ocean ♫ I’m just stuck here with a drink ♫ I’m just stuck here with a drink So how you holding up? I don’t know what I’d do
without your support, George. I’m just so tired. You need to pack up and get out of Damascus and just never return. It’s not that simple. Yes it is. You’re the one that’s making it difficult. Even the bible allows for
divorce if adultery’s involved. George, we’re both wrong. I’m no better than he is. Don’t say that. Of course you’re better than he is. You’re an angel. He abandoned you, remember? Maybe so, but two wrongs
don’t make a right. And I meant my vows when I
said for better or for worse. This can’t go on, Lolla. You’re my woman now. I’ve loved you for years. I wanna marry you and take care of you. And I have money, much
more than you can imagine. I’m so confused. Your choice should be clear. Remember Paul has Peaches now. I just don’t know what to do. I better go, George. But we have to make a decision soon. I’m going crazy leading this double life. You must decide. As for me, my mind is already made up. Pray for us, George. Pray for all of us. ♫ Help me be more patient than kind ♫ ‘Cause I feel like I’m losing my mind ♫ If I don’t swallow my pride ♫ Then I know we only got one life ♫ So I’m not gonna waste my time ♫ Oh no no no no no ♫ Feels like these
bricks are tumbling down ♫ And I can’t find my way out ♫ On the streets I wanna go downtown Tim, please, you have to try and participate in the session. It’ll do you some good. I can’t, okay, I just can’t. Hey how much longer you gonna be? Paul, please wait for me in the lobby. I’ll just be a few minutes. I gotta be somewhere. I’m in the middle of a
session Paul, please. Tim, describe what happens when you try to mingle with a group
of 10 or more people. I just get to this point where I can’t breathe and my heart start pounding. Seeing y’all two is just crazy. Jackie, we don’t use
the word crazy remember? Doc, you just don’t like the word ’cause your husband is crazy. Who you calling crazy? I’m standing out there,
you calling me crazy? You calling me crazy? You all, (mumbles) all these nuts in here? Don’t touch me! Who you call crazy? I’m calling you– (crosstalk and screaming) You said I’m crazy! That’s crazy! You want crazy, something like that? You want some of that, I’m crazy! You’re just as crazy too! Calm down, are you okay? (laughs) He got you. Stop it, Francis! ♫ Never ever question Him ♫ Just remember Jesus died for our sins ♫ Let’s all say amen ♫ Because He’s our friend ♫ And Him is where it begins ♫ Never ever question Him ♫ Just remember Jesus died for our sins ♫ Let’s all say amen ♫ Because He’s our friend ♫ And Him is where it begins ♫ Never ever question Him ♫ Just remember Jesus died for our sins ♫ Let’s all say amen ♫ Because He’s our friend ♫ And Him is where it begins ♫ Never ever question Him ♫ Just remember Jesus died for our sins Paul. Paul, are you okay? I’ve never been better. Ever since I picked up that pipe again and took up with you, I repudiated my God. And how do I thank Him? By using elicit substances
and fornicating. And leading you and everyone
else away from His glory. Paul, that doesn’t
matter, I just, I know– Peaches, wait a minute, wait a minute. Why are you with me? Huh? Why you with me? I mean I don’t love you. I mean between all the drugs I use, I mean the sex can’t be that
good, so why you with me? Paul, I love you. I always will love you,
and that’s just something that’s not gonna go away that easily. Do you remember earlier, when was that, when we was going on tour
and stuff like that– Yes, I remember that, and that was the past, this is the present, and I know what I want, and I wanna be with you. But Peaches, you can’t even have kids. What could we have? Each other. You’re sweet, you know that? Look, I gotta go. I gotta make a stop. I’ll get with you later on, okay? Okay. ♫ Never ever question Him ♫ Just remember Jesus died for our sins ♫ Let’s all say amen (dramatic orchestral music) Oh! Even my home is not safe enough from you. Are you here to take all the things that I have worked hard for to
support your crack habit? Steal? I’m not gonna steal from my own parents. Then what do you want, boy? Paul? I’m fine Rose, go back to sleep! Everything is all right here. You never liked me, and I wanna know why. Even as a child I could tell. You are right. I’ve always loved you! And I never really liked
you, even as a child. You have weakness. God forgive me, I despise weakness. Look at you, you are disgusting. Oh, I get it. You repudiate the reflection of yourself that you see in me, is that it? It is 3 o’clock in the morning, I suggest you find you another playground and another playmate. How easily we forget our
sins once we become “saved”. If my memory serves me correctly, I remember you had an
affair with Courvoisier. Even when we were children, that still raveled my so called
affection with cocaine. I admit it. But I had the strength to overcome it. So did I. I just decided to reintroduce myself to my old pleasures, so to speak. I am losing my patience, boy. I have tried everything I can do with all amount of politeness that I can muster at 3 o’clock in the morning. In 10 seconds, I’m going to put you out. You just try it, old man. Let’s talk about the real
reason you don’t like me. It’s Lolla, isn’t it? You never thought one
of your sons would grow up and marry a woman
who was your mistress. That’s it, isn’t it? Huh? That’s good. Some good stuff, huh? Who told you about that? Hey, does mama know? It’s none of your business, son. Anyhow, the way I see it,
Lolla is too old for you. Too old? Well let me see. You 65, so I’m closer
to her age than you are. You do the math. Does mama know that you dazzled this young woman with your power and
made her your mistress? Huh? You’ve got 10 seconds to leave my home, or you can choose to
join Melvin and Miles, the two gentlemen that you’ve
always so highly liked. I’m going, I’m going,
I’m going, I’m going. I’ll see you again. (laughs) (upbeat reggae music) ♫ They’re writing the music ♫ Like a running tide ♫ And gather fire with (mumbles) (chuckles) Peaches, don’t you
think you’ve had enough? No. Thank you. ♫ They’re writing the music ♫ Like a running tide ♫ And gather fire with (mumbles) They call this drowning
in your sorrows you know. Who are they, Deacon? Dance with me, Peaches. Let me be the shoulder you cry on tonight. (laughs) Your shoulders aren’t
quite my size, Deacon. Remember what Ron Isley said. What was that? Can’t love the one you want,
love the one you’re with. So what else does Ron have to say? (laughter) ♫ Baby, can we talk for a minute now ♫ See I know that they have tried ♫ To divide you and I ♫ But it’s you I need in my life ♫ So forever we will be ♫ Together forever you’ll see ♫ You and me ♫ And no matter how far apart we may be ♫ The way you hold me ♫ And the way you kiss me ♫ The way you love me ♫ Got me going crazy, going crazy ♫ From the first time I saw you ♫ I knew you were the one for me ♫ Because the chemistry flows so naturally ♫ That scientifically ♫ No one can formalize
when I look in your eyes ♫ You give me butterflies ♫ Butterflies ♫ We’ll be together forever, you’ll see ♫ You and me ♫ And no matter how far apart we may be ♫ We’ll think of each other baby ♫ The way you hold me ♫ And the way you kiss me ♫ And the way you love me ♫ Got me going crazy, going crazy ♫ So here we are, just me and you ♫ In the silence of the night ♫ The beautiful moonlight ♫ Baby come hold me ♫ Baby don’t control me ♫ Love me, kiss me, come and do me right ♫ You captivate my life ♫ You bring me so much joy Pull over by the next exit. My refreshments require replenishing. Paul please, we’re on our way to church. You’re on your way to church. Baby please, come to church with me. Towards what purpose, Lolla? How does it benefit me
to tread lightly amidst the hypocritical sinners
who parade as Christians? Paul, that is blasphemy. I blas for them, they blas for me. Stop drinking! Stop nagging. Give me that bottle. (ominous music) (sobs) I can’t do it. (sobbing) I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I ever met you! Paul, no! Paul, please! Has diagnosing the psychotic and neurotic driven whatever brain
cells you have into hiding? Answer me before I leave you out here as food for the hyenas. And the once fertile (mumbles)! Oh no! Shed your tears, come on. Shed your tears, the desert
could use the dry liquid. Come on. To God whom you feverously
serve, has He abandoned you? Does He find (mumbles) good as I do? In the name of Jesus Christ and His father, Lord almighty. I ask you God, help my husband. Where you going, Lolla? Don’t you hear me? (Lolla muttering a gospel song) Don’t you walk away from
me when I’m talking to you. Get on. My eyes, it burns, someone cutting onions? Paul. Paul! Who’s talking? Why are you persecuting me? Who is that? Is that you, Lord? I am Jesus whom you are persecuting. What do you want from me? What do you want from me? Rise up and into the city, and you will be told what to do. My eyes, it burns. Did you hear that? It was Jesus. (mumbles), come on. Take me, I think I’m going blind. Can’t see, Paul? Are you sure? My vision is going away from me. Are you sure, Paul? Yes. Go on, this way. No, no, here. ♫ Lord, if I call You, I
know You can make it rain ♫ Father I’m asking You ♫ Can You take away the pain ♫ Can you help out Let’s bow our heads, just go and pray. Father, we thank You for bringing Brother Paul back to us, Father. Returned him to us, Father. (whispers) I’m the one who helped Peaches finally get over the pain you caused her. I called Tally, showed him how profitable a Teardrop
reunion tour would be. And we just ask that you
just guide him, Father. Just guide him back to us. (whispers) I’m the one who provided your wife with the love she so badly needed. Amen. I want you to pray for me! Paul, what are you talking about? I once was blind, but now I see. God has delivered me from
the clutches of Satan and released me from
the things of the flesh. I have renounced dishonesty,
lust, and craftiness. Paul, Paul, you’re hallucinating. From the looks of things,
you can’t see a thing now. Can you? How do you propose to lead this church? By faith. I know that God would turn
the church over to me. Because it’s not you, it’s He who decides. Hold it right there, Deacon! (shrieks) You’re under arrest. Obviously you have me mistaken with somebody, I don’t know
what you’re talking about. You obviously have the wrong man! Nah, there’s no mistake, Pastor. We’ve been watching this
case for over a year. All the evidence points
to Mr. Mayberry here. Officer, couldn’t we take this outside? Could you please raise your hand sir, step down from the pulpit. Turn around and move down
the aisle towards me. (shrieks) I will kill her! Paul, help me please! Now drop them! Drop them! I’m not gonna tell you again. we’re putting them down, look
at me George, look at me. Please don’t hurt her! Paul, help me! Okay, we put the weapons down, but you gotta let the lady go. I’m getting out of here! If you try to follow me
she’s dead, you hear me? You got that? Please don’t hurt her! (suspense music) (gunshots) (glass shatters) (car revs) Hold it right there! (gunshots) (ominous music) (car revs) ♫ Oh yes ♫ Oh yes ♫ Legends rise, legends fall ♫ The harsh reality of it all ♫ Oh yeah, oh yeah ♫ Although we’re sad and we’re upset ♫ Remember that life goes on ♫ On and on and on and on ♫ Sometimes you feel you can’t go on ♫ Remind yourself that life is
worth so much more than gold ♫ So live each day like it’s your last ♫ Stop worrying ’cause worrying
won’t bring back the past ♫ Life is what we make it ♫ So start to live it ♫ Life is what we make it ♫ Take it or leave it ♫ Life is what we make it ♫ So why not live it ♫ Life is what we make it ♫ So push back on it ♫ Push back on it ♫ Wind up on it ♫ Push back on it All right brother, cool, yes sir. ♫ Let’s all say amen ♫ Because He’s our friend ♫ And Him is where it begins ♫ Never ever ever question Him ♫ Just remember Jesus died for our sins ♫ Let’s all say amen ♫ Because He’s our friend ♫ And Him is where it begins ♫ Never ever ever question Him ♫ Just remember Jesus died for our sins ♫ Let’s all say amen ♫ Because He’s our friend ♫ And Him is where it begins ♫ And Him is where it begins ♫ Where it begins ♫ Where it begins ♫ So what does it mean,
if you’re (mumbles) ♫ You’re a young girl, look at your things ♫ Follow me home, what does it mean ♫ Got a new car, look at it clean ♫ Talking to me, changing your dreams ♫ Looking for love from up above ♫ Need some help, stop doing drugs ♫ Yes you can, with a plan ♫ Think of the steeple changing hands ♫ We’re looking for
Christ, now He’s the man ♫ Avoiding Satan when we can ♫ Trying to spy, that’s the plan ♫ Now who’s disperse (mumbles) ♫ Is he talking about Jesus ♫ Never ever question Him ♫ Just remember Jesus died for our sins ♫ Let’s all say amen ♫ Because He’s our friend ♫ And Him is where it begins ♫ Homeless people look around ♫ Pick yourselves up off the ground ♫ Right about now we’re getting down ♫ Giving praises all around ♫ Another way for us to eat ♫ Let’s open the bible to compete ♫ Putting the haters right to sleep ♫ In a coma way too deep ♫ Think of the Lord, stop counting sheep ♫ Become a Christian, forget the heat ♫ They said that David killed the lion ♫ What’s to stop us from trying ♫ Think of him, remember Zion ♫ Listen to me, I’m not lying ♫ We choose this life, we’re not crying ♫ I’m preaching, you’re not buying ♫ Never ever question Him ♫ Just remember Jesus died for our sins ♫ Let’s all say amen ♫ Because he’s our friend ♫ And Him is where it begins ♫ Look at this place, it’s a disgrace ♫ Problems written all over your face ♫ Here’s a chance to ring the bell ♫ Tell them Satan can stay in Hell ♫ Look at me, I’m doing well ♫ Guess I’m lying, you can tell ♫ Pull my hair our, make me yell ♫ Put it down, you can’t tell ♫ What have I learned about this day ♫ I do need Jesus, so they say ♫ To give me hope right away ♫ So I may live another day ♫ Another day ♫ Another day ♫ Never ever question Him ♫ Just remember Jesus died for our sins ♫ Let’s all say amen (laughter) (hip hop music) (laughter) ♫ Scared to walk through
your very own hood No, she never could! And she never will, you know that! Sister Peaches, you are way out of line. Now you give Deacon Mayberry my phone number, I mean your phone number. You know that phone number.
(snickering) It’s good to see you, Tally. But I’m sorry it had to be
under these circumstances. What I do from here on out will depend upon what my Lord and Savior says. Can’t we get another lead singer? What? (laughter) ♫ Father I’m asking You ♫ Can You take away the pain ♫ Can You help out

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  1. Graphic Content
    He's Burning, No one were unable to save him. He's being tortured to drink hot burning acid 

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  2. Israel is the only country that has benefited from 9/11. Benjamin Netanyahu actually said: “We are benefiting from one thing, and that is the attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon, and the American struggle in Iraq”. When asked soon after 9/11 what the attacks would mean for US-Israeli relations he said “It’s very good!”

    Messages were sent to Israelis on 9/11 warning them of the attacks two hours in advance.

    Three Israelis were seen celebrating in New Jersey on 9/11 as they documented the first plane hitting the World Trade Center. An APB was then issued for their arrest. One truck bomb exploded on King Street, another was reported on the George Washington Bridge. When the van seen in New Jersey was stopped a few hours later, five Israelis were found inside along with traces of explosives, cameras, flight tickets and thousands of dollars in cash. They all worked for Urban Moving Systems – a suspected MOSSAD front company. 60 Israelis were arrested in the months after 9/11 as part of an investigation into a huge Israeli spy ring operating within the United States.

    Larry Silverstein did not turn up for his 8 o’clock breakfast meeting at the World Trade Center on 9/11, and neither did his two children. Silverstein is a Jewish billionaire and close personal friend of current and former Israeli Prime Ministers. He had purchased the World Trade Center lease six weeks before the attacks and then took out the maximum insurance cover possible. Security at the towers and the airports where the hijacked flights departed was controlled by SECURACOM and ICTS, an Israeli firm.

    Less than an hour after the collapse of the first tower Ehud Barak was on hand at the BBC World Studio in London. He famously called for a U.S. led “War On Terror”, which should include Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya and Syria. America went to war against Israels enemies soon after.

  3. This movie is a Rated R faith-based film.Perhaps some persons of faith live in PG worlds.Most people of faith live in a Rated R world which challenges them on a day-by -day basis to engage in behaviors that mat be dysfunctional to their long -term happiness and peace of mind.Evidence of this tension is visible in churches each week as single ,never married mothers seek refuge from the stresses generated by a moment ofphysical pleasure.This movie addresses themes of duplicity, of the power of money , and strength of ambition as a motivator of those behaviors which God has warned us against as behavior s that have destructive consequences. The state of human existence suggests that there is a need for rated R faith based film that are based upon the real spiritual journeys that we each take.I,Dr. Betty Burston, am thankful that God allows Filmmakers Ross Jordan and my husband ,Sid Burston to produce these Rated R Faith-based films .God Bless!!!

  4. I enjoyed this movie for the following reasons. I like faith based movies but my one major problem with them is, not realistic enough. We do not live in a PG world and never have. You will never be able to reach all people by hitting them with constant scriptures after scriptures. Everyone has a background and past and sometimes their past is filled with horrible events. People need something they can relate to and so many people can relate to the various events in this movie. Read the bible and see the many events that are not PG. God bless you Sid and Betty Burston.

  5. Ross and I appreciate so very much your taking the time to view this film.We appreciate each of your comments. This is particularly true send we are currently writing the sequel.Again,thank you for your continued support.

  6. I am an aspiring christian filmmaker. I really would love to get involved with some like-minded artist like this group. The acting in this film is refreshingly good. I think everyone did a great job!

  7. Nate,Ross and I love to partner with like-minded peers.Befriend us both on GB and we can exchange numbers.

  8. Not a horrible movie, but found myself laughing at that last scene where one police officer walks into a church to arrest someone responsible for a double homicide and then draws his gun from a mile away with several people between him and the person he came alone to arrest.

  9. Joyce Gayden

    This was a good movie. It was is well written with a good message. Getting toward the end I how Paul heard God and was convicted and want to get his life right again. Paul really was a good man. He just had a hard time knowing his father has a mistress that turn out to be his wife; and the women were coming on to Paul and he had a drug problem earlier in his life so he went back into the world but God is so loving, He knew Paul really loved Him and wanted to do better so God welcomed Paul back. We may turn back into the world, but God never turn from us. God said "I will never leave you nor forsake you".

    God use you all well in writing this christian movie. God bless you.

  10. This movie truly got my attention–I was very sympathetic.  I thought the wife should have still reach out to her husband as he was crying out for intimacy (I think he really was trying to be faithfully)  then I said  I guess that's just where she was spiritually but then their lives came together as God intervene and granted repentance to them both.  Although we sometimes in life get side track–getting side track is one thing but danger lies when we don't let God help us get back on track.  Repentance is  precious gift granted to us from.  Living a life of repentance; and never take grace for granted.  I think this is a wonderful movie. Thanks!

  11. this movie just goes to the show us this is the real world were in even pastor's makes mistakes but we need God in our lives daily

  12. The church of end times.. I wont judge them am a sinner we all sinners.. We are need Grace of God… Though so much is going on in the church of nowadays no fear of God…may God have Mercy on us…

  13. HalleluYah!!! Yet, please listen to me .. my sisters and brothers… Jesus is "not the name" of our Savior… There was "NOT" a letter "J" in the English language until some 1400 years after the Messiah's death, burial and resurrection and "Ascension" back unto the "Pure Spirit state of our Heavenly Father… "PLEASE " for your soul's salvation… get a "good dictionary or encyclopedia and "RESEARCH" THE NAME: JESUS… Your Savior's Name is "Yahshua"… In His Father's name; who is Yahweh, Elohim… If "Just" one person reads this and takes the time to "truly listen to the "HOLY SPIRIT" IN THEIR "Hearts and Mind"… You can continue researching and "YOU" will be "Lead to the "TRUTH"… We have "ALL" accepted Lord, God, and Jesus Chris… Lord and God are "TITLES" "NOT NAMES"… He Apostle Paul "Filled with "HOLY SPIRIT".. is talking to the Corinthians back in the biblical days; Paul tells them "THERE ARE LORDS MANY AND GODS MANY-YET, EACH LORD MUST HAVE A "NAME".. Today, whoever "listens" and takes "heed" research In a Older Kings James Bible I Corinthians:5…"We" come in "our physical father's name (well.. depending on if your mom and dad were "married" back in the day… I had my "first child" in 1974… She could've "had" her dad's last name.. Yet, I was sooo.. full of "anger," (which is "Spiritual Death).. I wouldn't let her take his name… Nowadays "it's" pretty much "Mandatory"!!! Please "just" one person look up the name "Yahweh" it will tell you it's of the "Hebrew Language" of which "Language/ seed The "Savior" was born of… That's why Yahshua states, in Matthwe5:39-Ye, search the scriptures" for in them Ye" think (the religious leaders" of that time) think you "have eternal life" and they (the Scriptures-Law and Prophets) testify of me. Please "just one person" research and look up the name YAHWEH(YHWH) is the TRUE and ORIGINAL NAME OF THE FATHER. ELOHIM "IS" HIS DIVINE TITLE… Yahshua (being) a Male (during the biblical days can in "HIS Father's Name-bearing the "Masculine part of HIS NAME-(YAH)… I was led to this "movie by the "Holy Spirit-Yahshua.. Who on the "Day of Pentecost" poured down his "Holy Spirit" then the "Gentiles" seven years, later… WE ARE NOT JEWS… ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE "NOT A JEW"…" WE ARE GENTILES".. GRAFTED INTO BY "FAITH" SALVATION UNTO RIGHTEOUSNESS, THRU Yahweh, Elohim's Divine Grace"…Read the books of Matthew, John, and Book of Acts and Hebrews… (What religious Leaders call the "New Testament it's not the New testament.. "BUT, THE FULFILLMENT OF ALL CARDINAL LAWS, STATUTES AND JUDGEMENTS…. Since the "world" is Satan's kingdom.. He has been given "power of the Father-Yahweh; to "DECEIVE THE WHOLE WORLD" … IF YOU GO TO CHURCH ON SUNDAYS AND EITHER THAT SAME DAY OR THEREAFTER.. YOU HEART AND MIND ARE "NOT AT PEACE" … DO SOME RESEARCH…HalleluYah!!! Which means"All Praise to Yah!!! I've ( the Holy Spirit of Yahshua in me) planted the "seed" the Holy Spirit "will, also do" the Watering(immerse you with "truth".. not no "water"….Peace and Love…

  14. This is what is wrong with our churches now the ministers are not serious men of God forsaking the ways of God for the evils of this world and not being totaling devoted to God, Jesus told the rich men to give away all they had to the poor and follow Him, the Bible tells us that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter Heaven, people of God be not conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing of our minds by reading God's word living His commandments and His will for our lives and loving one another as God loves us…this pastor is a mess a hot funky moving mess all around and the deacon is no better waiting in the shadows to tempt the wife and she proclaiming to be a woman of God was not hard for her sleep with the deacon in her husbands bed still married fornication wow and they call this a christian movie Rared R christian movie wow

  15. Another Christian movie where all the Christian characters are commiting adultery. Why so many films making the Church to be weak and full of deceipt

  16. the holy spirit could teach in his own way according to how you learn , i can watch fast and furious and be inspired by the holy spirit living in me , its how you view the movie. take the good and leave the bad , even in a bad movie or in a bad person ,if you be deliberate you can find something good in them.

  17. look at the jezzy bell. lol the woman who ask the pastor is it anything he need. he set her straight

  18. @39:50–43:20:What a bad Person that Guy is, the Minute he accepts to do the Tour one can tell the Holy Spirit has gone away from him, if it ever has been there much in the first Place. Because he has wronged that young Gal so much and even thought he has just been promised allmost 3 Million $$ and that is just his Advance Pay….all he has to offer her is 3000 $$ If he had ANY and i mean ANY Love in him in the first Place he would in a very nice Way offer her at least minimus 1 Million and more later and be very kind and sweet and beg her for Forgivness. But that is typical for most Men, they can use a Woman even up to the Point to force Abortion with later Consequences of Barenness and yet they still feel no Mercy, all he ever wanted was his own sexuall Pleasure!
    I will tell you what Jesus would do, he would embrace that poor Girl and throw that arrogant good for nothing Guy out !!
    AND also later how fast he commits Adultery is insane, this is even unrealistic for a Real Man who trully loves his Wife, the Tale about Men must making Love is anyway a total Lie, we know that real Children of God can stay abstinent, chaste for a very very long Time w/o even being temped. And its exactly what his Wife foretold…smh-what a bad Character this Man has! Also later on, the Deacon is also a Child of satan! Really thats why i follow no Church and never will. Jesus is all i need and he said anyway to worshipp in Private. When i meet likeminded Ppl i see their Holy Spirit and i need no men made Dogmas or Churches, Priests etc. who are just trying to steal my Money and then be Hypocrites who mislead us and live in Luxury and whoredom.
    And i cannot fathom why Peaches gone back to him…… but she loves him no matter what…my Grandma used to say. Love falls wherever it wants, sometimes on a Heap of Manure.

  19. WARNING!!! NOT for Saints!!! Ain'ts can safely watch this movie without being offended. NOT HOLY! I was deceived by the title Christian movie. The rap at the beginning is an indication of what comes next!

  20. My brothers an sisters in CHRIST JESUS let not forget the foundation of Christianity which is GODS forgiveness mercy an most important is HIS LOVE in GODS WORD it says " we all have sinned an fell short of HIS GLORY" be merciful as your FATHER is merciful" an mercy triumphs over judgment", and he is without sin cast the first stone" the only who could have stoned the adulteress was JESUS an HE didn't!!!! That is the example of GODS mercy an forgiveness thru JESUS GOD gave us HIS SPIRIT to discern an judge right from wrong from wrong but not to pass judgment!!!!! I myself am guilty of religious legalistic  beating people up with GODS WORD you see you are wrong an GOD WORD says so instead letting GODS WORD be right thru me in HIS LOVE!!!!! An i myself experienced an apostle Paul moment in jail recommitted to the FAITH of GOD thru JESUS CHRIST been received JESUS back in the day 1996 but failed tried to live out the FAITH of GOD in my own strength an then reading GODS WORD in jail GOD spoke to me thru HIS WORD an i thought i was right but in reading i was wrong but GOD didn't come to me in anger of judgment but in HIS LOVE!!!! Pointed out my wrong an showed me HIS RIGHT so trust i because of GODS GRACE that neither of us deserve but because of HIS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE HE gave it anyway there is no such thing as a perfect church pastor minister reverend priest or even first lady only GOD thru !!!!! An speaking of the first lady who committed adultery who GOD forgave just like JESUS did to the adulteress at the wall so we need movies like this because if we judge this we can judge out there!!!! If only one side is showed which is GOD which needs to showed but the other side needs to be showed to other wise the world will never relate remember light is best showed in darkness like a head light at night!!!! If GOD only cared about the sin than us then HE would have never sent JESUS because HE cared more about us than the sin HE already paid for$$$$$ that's why HE sent JESUS!!!! So let GOD be GOD to show the real JESUS thru us like HE did  4 us which is HIS mercy forgiveness an most important LOVE to remind what HE did on the cross the ultimate expression of HIS LOVE which is the message of reconciliation!!!!! The get right of GOD so GOD BLESS everyone comments an you an your family have a very BLESSED everyday an Dads an Moms Day a by GODS GRACE we are so thru us to be the GODLY example 4 HIS an are children children ETERNAL SALVATION an future!!!!!

  21. GOD SPOKE to my heart which is HIS our judgment is just as ungodly as the act itself when we judge others like said " judge an you wont judged" " an condemned  not an wont be condemned" !!!! Even as believers we will be judged not on SALVATION but on our good deeds on earth but the BLESS is that GOD will do the good deed thru us which is HIS thru JESUS CHRIST!!!! Like it says on HIS WORD " let your shine show amongst men with our good deeds an give our FATHER the GLORY in HEAVEN" because real GOD talk it is HIS good deed thru is!!!!!

  22. Isaiah 53:5, But he was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes, we are healed. For salvation, people just need to follow the way they did it in Acts? They were baptized of the water and of the spirit. Here's why! The gospel is the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. If we are to follow him, we must do the same thing. Death= repentance, Burial = baptism, and resurrection = being filled and rising again from the dead walking in the newness of life. That's what Acts 2:38 is, Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. We must obey the gospel, 2 Thessalonians 1:8-9, in flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that OBEY NOT THE GOSPEL of our Lord Jesus Christ… Matthew 7:21-23, Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of Heaven; but he that DOETH THE WILL OF MY FATHER which is in Heaven. St John 3:3-5, EXCEPT a man be born of WATER AND OF THE SPIRIT, he cannot enter into the kingdom of GOD. We can't come up with our own gospel. Galatians 1:8-9, But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. Don't be cursed. One way for all people. Jews, Gentiles, and Samaritan. Our salvation has to match-up with the scriptures and no scriptures on the subject can be taken away. Eternity is TOOO long to be WRONG! st John 5:39, Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me. The gospels show what Christ has done on the cross for us. The book of Acts shows us the beginning of Christ's Church and how to enter the Church, obeying Acts 2:38. The letters were written to the Church to show us how to behave now that we are born again into the Church. It's better to walk alone than to walk with a crowd going in the wrong direction. Are we supposed to follow the teachings of the apostles? Acts 2:42, They continued steadfastly in the apostle's doctrines. Ephesians 2:20, We are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief cornerstone. Share if you believe. Give God the glory!

  23. Ladies…no matter how much you disagree with your husband, ignoring him is NOT going to make him be faithful…Sis. Lola should took those calls…see how everything spiraled out of control, and then she actually starts crying (from loneliness, I presume) when her husband had been reaching out to her the whole time and she was ignoring him to "teach him a lesson"…this is a very realistic movie.

  24. I love the song that Peaches is singing in the club and would like to know the title of it. Lola should have answered the calls from Paul or  she should have went with her husband.

  25. You are all fucking deluded sheep! You all need help! Christianity is a mental illness! Hail Satan!

  26. In order to be a good slave you must be a good Christian, European white master has perfected the practice of slavery for centuries however black Americans feel very safe in mental and financial bondage, slavery was always a choice.

  27. It says that the devil doesn't care for the lost….His target is always inside the church….to be so call christian is a sacrifice….

  28. 2 Peter 2 New International Version (NIV)

    False Teachers and Their Destruction

    2 But there were also false prophets among the people, just as there will be false teachers among you. They will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the sovereign Lordwho bought them—bringing swift destruction on themselves. 2 Many will follow their depraved conduct and will bring the way of truth into disrepute. 3 In their greed these teachers will exploit you with fabricated stories. Their condemnation has long been hanging over them, and their destruction has not been sleeping.

    4 For if God did not spare angels when they sinned, but sent them to hell,[a] putting them in chains of darkness[b] to be held for judgment; 5 if he did not spare the ancient world when he brought the flood on its ungodly people, but protected Noah, a preacher of righteousness, and seven others; 6 if he condemned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah by burning them to ashes, and made them an example of what is going to happen to the ungodly; 7 and if he rescued Lot, a righteous man, who was distressed by the depraved conduct of the lawless8 (for that righteous man, living among them day after day, was tormented in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard)— 9 if this is so, then the Lord knows how to rescue the godly from trials and to hold the unrighteous for punishment on the day of judgment. 10 This is especially true of those who follow the corrupt desire of the flesh[c] and despise authority.

    Bold and arrogant, they are not afraid to heap abuse on celestial beings; 11 yet even angels, although they are stronger and more powerful, do not heap abuse on such beings when bringing judgment on them from[d] the Lord. 12 But these people blaspheme in matters they do not understand. They are like unreasoning animals, creatures of instinct, born only to be caught and destroyed, and like animals they too will perish.

    13 They will be paid back with harm for the harm they have done. Their idea of pleasure is to carouse in broad daylight.They are blots and blemishes, reveling in their pleasures while they feast with you.[e] 14 With eyes full of adultery, they never stop sinning; they seduce the unstable; they are experts in greed—an accursed brood!15 They have left the straight way and wandered off to follow the way of Balaam son of Bezer,[f] who loved the wages of wickedness. 16 But he was rebuked for his wrongdoing by a donkey—an animal without speech—who spoke with a human voice and restrained the prophet’s madness.

    17 These people are springs without water and mists driven by a storm. Blackest darkness is reserved for them. 18 For they mouth empty, boastful wordsand, by appealing to the lustful desires of the flesh, they entice people who are just escapingfrom those who live in error.19 They promise them freedom, while they themselves are slaves of depravity—for “people are slaves to whatever has mastered them.” 20 If they have escaped the corruption of the world by knowing our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and are again entangled in it and are overcome, they are worse off at the end than they were at the beginning. 21 It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed on to them.22 Of them the proverbs are true: “A dog returns to its vomit,”[g]and, “A sow that is washed returns to her wallowing in the mud.”

  29. According to this movie you can be forgiving for anything. It saids to commit it then ask for forgiveness later.

  30. Hip hop in church give me the old time Religion that's good enough for us .it's not humble

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