Chucky vs Pennywise – WHO WOULD WIN?

Chucky vs Pennywise – WHO WOULD WIN?

Welcome to Who Would Win, where every episode you’ll witness a big time showdown with a full analysis of skills,
abilities, and stats all leading up to answering Who Would Win. This episode
features two horror movie icons who have sent their fair share of kids crying
home to their mommies or more likely sent them straight to their graves.
Hailing from a ramshackle toy store in the crime-ridden streets of the
southside of Chicago a psychopathic, serial killer, voodoo ritual strangler
turned psychopathic, serial killer, voodoo ritual strangler doll… Chucky. You better
hide your kids from our next combatant because IT is coming straight through
your plumbing to terrorize and devour the youths all while wearing a smile on
IT’s face… Pennywise. Which one of these two
nightmares would make it out alive when forced to face off against one another?
Let’s find out in this episode of… Who Would Win. Charles Lee ray was just your
run-of-the-mill trench coat wearing, voodoo practicing, serial killing
strangler. Until one fateful night when the fuzz had him dead to rights and he
was on death’s door he decided it was time to become one of the… Good Guys.
Speaking the forbidden words of his Haitian voodoo master to call down a
storm from above, Charles was transformed into Chucky, a “My Buddy” inspired
child’s doll that was meant to be a boy’s best friend. He was soon sold in a
shady back-alley deal to a desperate mother who wanted nothing more than to
make her little boy’s birthday the best day ever.
Little did she know that she was about to royally
f*** up her family’s life. It didn’t take long for young Andy to find out that
his new best friend in the whole wide world had other things in mind than
cuddling up at night and playing house during the day. After Chucky exacting
revenge on his piece-of-s*** partner he learned from his voodoo master that the
only way to get out of his plastic prison was to swap bodies with the
first person he shared his true identity with. And he better do it quick or he’d
be a doll for-ev-er… for-ev-errr… for-evvv-errrr. Thanks mom! From that moment on Chucky’s main
objective was to take poor little Andy’s body for his own. He would strangle,
maim, and kill anyone who stood in his way or he’d do it just for fun.
Deadlights, Eater of Worlds, Pennywise the Dancing Clown. No matter
what you call IT… IT is one scary f***er. If you grow up in Derry, Maine,
you better hope your childhood doesn’t occur when IT needs to feed. IT climbs
out of his lair every 27 years to both wreak havoc on the plumbing and
terrorize the youths of this small town. Taking the form of whatever may scare
its victims the most, IT has a need to drive his victims mad with terror before
it’s able to devour their tasty, life-sustaining flesh. IT’s favorite form
to take is that of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. This form although scariest as f*** to
you and me, often lulls its young victims into a sense of safety and fun since you
know… most clowns are associated with such things. His favorite trick… or treat,
is to offer a balloon to further lull the youths into a deeper state of happiness
and security. Poor Georgie learned the hard way that the balloon wasn’t a treat
at all, but a really, really f***ed up trick. We will
now pause for a moment of silence for Georgie…. *Toot* Chucky’s strongest attribute is his sheer tenacity. You can stab him, shoot him, melt
him, tear his f***ing head off, and blow him into a
million pieces but if your name is Andy and he wants to
take over your body, he will still find a way to keep coming after you.
Although many villains in the horror biz share this same ability, there is
something about this little dolls will that is nothing short of inspirational.
Not unlike a hobbit, Chucky scores high in marks in his sneak trait. Due to his
size and unsuspecting nature, Chucky will often sneak up on his victims without
them giving him a second look. He’s also pretty damn quick for a doll and this
helps boost his sneak ability even more. He’s able to dash from one room to the next,
sneak up on your sorry ass, and strangle you all while you’re still searching for
what to watch on Netflix. Which brings us to one of Chucky specialties… Death by
Strangulation. In his human form, serial killing days,
this guy was known as The Strangler. Not to be confused with his Scranton
counterpart. If it had a throat, he could strangle it. It is also hard to dispute
his skills with a knife, especially big ass shiny kitchen knives. There is
something about a doll holding one of these things that is super freaking
scary. Oh… and he also knows voodoo. Tenacity – 5 Stealth – 4.5 Speed – 3.5 Weapon Skill – 4 Special Ability: Strangulation Nation/
Voodoo JuJu. Fear Factor is at the top of Pennywise’s stat tree. He’s able to see
into your soul and delve into your mind to bring your worst fears and nightmares
into fruition by taking whatever form they may be. Raised by a hypochondriac?
Lepers with dirty-ass hands are coming your way.
PMSing? Get the pine-sol ready cuz’ yo bathroom ’bout to get naaaasty. Missing your
little brother Georgie? Pennywise will haunt you with his image. Afraid of
clowns? Ooooo… you’re f***ed. Tapping into the heart of your fears clearly isn’t the only
trick up Pennywise’s sleeve. Although many of IT’s abilities are somewhat shrouded
in mystery, we know he’s able to quickly get around
the town of Derry by using their water system and then shape-shift into any
type of appearance he sees fit for maximum tormentation. Let’s not forget
about Pennywise’st ace-in-the-hole, his… Deadlights. Also known as IT’s true form.
If you’re unfortunate enough to take a gander at these three spellbinding triad
of lights, you’ll be taken under their spell and be instantly driven to madness
and then subsequently… eaten. Tenacity – 1 Fear Factor 5 Speed 3.5 Mental Projection – 5 Special Ability: Hibernation/Deadlights In the middle of Derry, Maine
we find our young friend Andy, not knowing where the f*** he is, or why the
f*** he’s there, when he suddenly becomes… entranced. A single red balloon floats by
and easily gains all of Andy’s attention. Andy follows the balloon straight to the
friendliest of clowns and for the first time, in a long time, he felt like a kid
again. Pennywise drops the clown act and opens
his gaping maw revealing his razor-sharp teeth. As Pennywise begins to feed on
Andy and consume his soul, Chucky who is patiently waiting makes his move. He
suddenly springs to life just as the unsuspecting IT begins to savor the
taste of Andy’s fear. With supernatural speed Chucky Springs on top of Pennywise’s shoulders and proceeds to strangle him with a piece of wire. The shocked
clown claws at his back in an attempt to throw Chucky off before he’s
choked to death. Though Chucky is strong for his size Pennywise is able to pry Chucky loose
and throw him against the wall with a sickening crack. Weakened by the
attempted strangulation, Pennywise attempts to conjure up
hallucinations to frighten the former gangster in order to gain the upper hand.
Chucky sees himself as a fragile, gray-haired doll with a bad back, only
able to make it to the bathroom in the middle of the night with the help of his…
tiny walker. With Chucky entranced with the horrors of being trapped as a doll
forever, Pennywise sinks his teeth into Chucky’s
face, savoring each morsel of fear. However, this only succeeds in pissing
off Chucky even more. Pennywise’s visions are dispelled as Chucky screams with
rage. After wriggling free, he rolls under the clown’s legs and draws his favorite
knife. In one smooth eviscerating motion he slices the left calf of Pennywise,
somehow finding skin through those… baggy pants. As Pennywise crumples to his knees
in agony Chucky raises his knife and thrusts downwards towards Pennywise’s
neck. Having received a mortal blow to the jugular,
Pennywise slithers away from Chucky towards a nearby sewer, barely escaping
with his life. Alone at last… Chucky covered in clown blood, turns to
the now petrified Andy and begins to recite the words that will give him a
human form once more. Little did he know that during his fight with Pennywise, a
single red balloon was slipped through his overalls. Just as the final words of
his voodoo mantra are being spoken, Chucky is lifted up off the ground and carried
away… screaming with rage. Andy, having survived his ordeal with
two of the world’s scariest motherf***ers lets out a giant sigh of
relief. Gazing upon the beauty of the setting sun, he hears a familiar upbeat
tune, that for a moment wipes away all the years of torment and fear brought
upon by Chucky and now Pennywise. As his attention turns to the source of the
happy jingle he is promptly struck in the face with an ice cream truck. Thanks
everyone for watching! If you disagreed with our outcome leave a comment below
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  1. I liked the video but why did you kill Andy with an ice cream truck after what he just went through😥😢

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