Cinema 2009

Cinema 2009

(Pike) You can settle for an ordinary life… … I dare you to do better. It’s over. This war ends tonight. (Rorschach) The world will look up
and shout ‘save us!’… … and I’ll whisper… no. I’m Max. (Max) I’m an explorer. My name is lieutenant Aldo Raine. Don’t walk so fast,
I don’t wanna have to call an ambulance. Wow! These are the best days of our lives. Whoo! That’s about it. Or not. (Rice) You will end this. I’m just getting warmed up. Hello? Oh my God!
– Why are you naked?
– Why are you wet! Yeah! What was with the homoerotic tension? Will this be in the movie? This scene?
– Probably not… Cool. You came in second out of two teams.
– Whoohoo! What happens if you fall in love?
– You don’t believe that, do you? What, it’s love, it’s not Santa Claus. So when did you decide
to stop playing with me? What makes you so sure I stopped? Spectacular mistake. Slow down!
– Here! Oh my God, Rose!
– C’mon! Do it on your own, idiot.
– It’ll wash out! You guys still think
I’m gonna be okay at the company, right? Well, I think the corporate culture
is gonna change a little bit for you…
– I should say so! Does anyone know… … WHERE THEY ARE? I have come back to life. Yeah, no, I got that.
Welcome back. You look good.
– Yeah, I do. You have no real talent for cooking… You wanna see my leg? Wanna see mine? I love this hill!

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  1. Please, Anyone know the name of the Stop motion film @ 5:49ish please?

    Watched nearly all of it one night, but missed the ending! Sad film.

  2. how do you make these videos!? i have always wanted the technology and resources to create something like this, but have never figured out what the best things are to do it with.

  3. you have THE BEST taste in music. I literally smiled every time the song changed because it was one of my favorite songs. You, sir, are an inspiration!

  4. Le cinéma est ma passion, mais je ne la partage avec personne. J'aimerais beaucoup discuter de cinéma et regarder des films en simultané avec quelqu'un dont c'est la passion également. J'aime à peu près tous les genres de films et je suis ouverte aux films de toutes les époques. Me contacter par message privé si vous êtes intéressée merci.

  5. I don't know if it is because it was the first one I saw , but I think this is the best video about Filmography, or maybe it is because of the great movies that came out in 2009…

  6. I always use to feel the same, as each new yearly video I would at first like the previous one more, but over time each one would grow on me more and more, but I love them all.

  7. On top of being an amazing video, this introduced me to my favorite Band: White Lies. For that, Mr. Kees, I am eternally grateful and hope that some day I can repay you. Never stop doing what you do, you are a master of your craft.

  8. Hey guys please check out my montage: "What is Cinema?: A Cinema 2012 Retrospective." This is awesome, Kees.

  9. лучшее что я смотрел в жизни !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I remember I watched this like 9 years ago and I was like 6 or 7 years old, i enjoyed this as a kid and i repeat it and again and again, I didn’t remembered the name so I lost memory about this video, now with 15 years and considered me like a cinema lover, this video appeared in recommendations and I couldn’t be so much happier, this video, with the clips and songs, is one of the best i ever seen, seriously. It just hit me right in the nostalgia, I think it capture the amazing year that was 2009, there were good and bad movies, but the main objective of this movies is to enjoy, laugh and cry. This video is one of the many that I have grown with and build me to that person who loves movies, Thanks you so much for a masterpiece of video (at least for me) and I hope that you return with more incredible videos. And thanks to everyone for seeing this comment. Have a good day.

  11. I just heard Death by White Lies and this video flashed in my head. It's just as good as I remember it being 9 years ago.

  12. This was the video that made me want to take video editing seriously. The cuts, the content, the music, the flow, the personality; everything perfectly crafted to create an emotional rollercoaster that to this day, I feel, has not been paralleled by any trailer I've seen since. That in and of itself is an accolade I aspire to achieve in my own work, something that truly stands the test of time which this video does. Thank you Cornelius for inspiring me to keep pushing and creating. It's saved my life 🙂

  13. This is the best video I ever seen in YouTube. Represent perfectly 2009 and gets me nostalgia all the time.

    P.D. Thanks for introducing me Death by White Lies, now is one of the favorite songs ever.

    Pure Nostalgia. Excellent. Masterpiece.

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