Cinema 2011

Cinema 2011

Try and look normal. This is what it looked like
when people were happy. When they were sad. I was crying earlier.
My eyes are probably red. You look fine.
– Well, maybe they don’t go red
when I cry then. I’m the back-up parent.
We have to go through this thing together. This kid’s got a chance
to do something special. Maybe even change his life. What do you miss about him?
– I miss his voice telling me he loves me. Me too. Forty is basically fifty and then… That’s it for us. God, I always thought I’d be smarter. I salute you
and the great times we had together and I quit. You stay in this, okay? This is YOUR place,
this is YOUR place. Come and find me. I need you to trust me.
– Okay. Killing will not bring you peace. Peace was never an option. C’mon, Tom.
Let’s finish this the way we started it. Together! I need to know
where you came from. So do I. You may lose your faith in us but never in yourselves. From here the fight will be your own. Don’t go. You know we’re gonna be together one day. Her life is going off, getting perfect
and mine is just like… It’s what everybody’s been saying
from the beginning, like “you’ll feel better”, “don’t worry”
and “this is all fine” and, like, it’s not. Seriously?
It’s like you’re photoshopped. Everything seems unreal. You, sir, are most phantom-like of all. Let me tell you a story. The earth is evil. We don’t need to grieve for it. Nobody will miss it. I’m sorry. I never wanted any of you to die for me. We have to try
and start moving forward. You should be defending him.
– There is no defense for what he did! I want us to be together when it happens.

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  1. Excellent transition from clip to clip. Amazingly awesome work you did. My only complain is that you added 1 short clip from the best film of the year.

  2. hey there, fantastic edits
    I'm wanting to get into some serious editing myself

    was wondering how you chose your songs, and how you seem to have such a fantastic collection so well suited to this kind of thing? thanks 🙂

  3. holy shit! yes! i've spent hours searching for this video again! i watched a long time ago and loved it so much! idk how it's not on my favorites! seriously this is a masterpiece! unlike that filmography 2011 piece of poo. That guy mixed all the clips together….thanks for this (: it's incredible!

  4. I go back to these videos often. They've helped me find a ton of great films, including one I recently watched on Netflix Instant, Submarine.

  5. This video made me realize that people go through a lot worth then I do.
    That I can be happier.
    That I can be better.
    That I shouldn't worry so much about pointless things.

  6. Is there anyway to see the movies you used? I'm wondering about the movie with the kid whose talking about his eyes going red when he cries, in particular.

  7. Just by watching this changes my perspective on what I want to do in my future, it makes me want to be a Cinema major

  8. I wish I could watch this on my phone or Playstation. My computer is so slow, the video gets all choppy and I can't truly appreciate its brilliance.

  9. I agree with you Jeffrey! Thank you Kees for showing me Spanish Sahara, my second favorite song of all time 🙂

  10. what is the movie that starts at 6:16 with the quote "i want us to be together when it happens" and has the two planets colliding????

  11. Kees, what is your opinion of gen iP's use of film and song in Filmography 2011.
    mainly when the song Civilization plays?

  12. I think it showcases how our styles differ and how with the same material we can create very different things. I like the surprise when I see Gen's work and it helps me understand my own work better.

  13. Hey Kees what was your favourite 2011 movie? Also do you prefer to put more scenes of the movies you loved or it's just random/spur of the moment?

    By the way, I loved and watched/rewatched all your Cinema playlist and I really hope you could make more in the future (if you have time of course)

  14. Some of my favorites are 50/50, Beginners, Martha Marcy May Marlene, The Descendants, Midnight in Paris, Hanna, The Adjustment Bureau, Melancholia, Like Crazy, 170 Hz… Actually, this was a really good year for film. Naturally, these films get a little more room here. But I try to spread it out evenly.

  15. And absolutely awsome again. But can someone tell me what happened to "cinema 2010"? I really loved that one and I can't find any useful/complete version here.

  16. Who else is exploring Kees' videos after a long time?

    Btw a quick question: Why can't I watch his "the films of David Fincher" video? That's the best one.

  17. I really want to say you CONGRATULATIONS and BRAVO for all your works. It's really marvellous. The choice of the extracts, the musics, the editing and the dynamic is so perfect. It's a model for me. Thank you very much 😉 I regret that you didn't continue to resume the year of cinema, it's so beautiful.

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