City Girls – Act Up

City Girls – Act Up

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  1. Ppl who hate them: I ain’t got a little sister and my little brother don’t even know you exist

    Me:ohhhhhh ooooooooh OM to my god she really just said that GIRRRRRLLLLLLLLLL

  2. What strong women. Just kidding. Probably the weakest, no self control. I'm ashamed that this is what the world sees when it looks at us.

  3. What happen if that rich nigga don’t want to fuck ?? Cause they said if he a rich nigga imma fuck u intill u ain’t one

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  7. Half of these girls like me when singing this song neither there hair or nails done but they still sing that ONE part when it says nail done hair done to lmao

  8. I had to hear with my daughter was listening to cuz my ears was crazy that person whowho just came on at 1:20 she sound like she got a speech impediment she sound like she didn't have no education and she ain't got a lickof rhythm and ain't that the one who told on herself about scamming niggahs got time and Jill went to do if pregnant got pregnantwhat a life you need to go back to school she need to really go back to school but y'all listening to that Mumble mouth s*** y'all listening to that s*** yeah youngest like that s***act up or get smacked up how about get hooked on phonicspronunciation sounding out words rhythm tone tempo something

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