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  1. If you're experiencing depression or any mental health problems, or if you feel like you're alone please talk to your parents, guardians, teacher, friend or anyone else. Just try. We don't want things like this to happen. YOUBARE NOT ALONE.

    uri yonghee's acting is so good ㅠㅠ

  2. I noticed in this short film yonghee’s phone password number was 1330 at 0:46 which is the angel number .It illustrates that the universe is aware of the stage that you are in life, and it is willing to help you pass through efficiently. The angel number also illustrates the importance of dedicating your goals and desires to the spirits and asking them to guide you accordingly.😮👏🏼

  3. Este cap me dejo sad.

    Me parece que es bastante admirable que traten este tema. Sin dudas estoy stanneando al grupo correcto. Los amo un mundo.

  4. No puedo ser la unica que le gritaba al computador para que contestara el celular, no pude seguir viendo.
    No estoy bien, para nada bien. Como se les ocurre hacerme llorar? Los chicos la van a romper con este comeback.

  5. Why mental illness make every people spent their life so hard…. I can feel like it. So stay strong for our. I believe we are the best person.

  6. I love you so much CIX and i hope to see you and i encorage you in all the time and i am from syria and i hope to come to syria cuz there is many FIX
    I love you
    CIX Fitting ♥♥♡♥♥♥♡

  7. Bu, aku melihat ke langit, dan aku memikirkanmu. Langit malam sangat indah. Mengapa saya tidak melihat saluran telinga ini? Anda harus melepaskan saya sekarang. Terimakasih untuk semuanya.

  8. OMG I legit got goosebumps when he jumped. I didn’t think he would or before be does it someone would save him. Guess I was wrong!! 😭😢😭

  9. I choked in the end I was shocking I really thought that someone gonna save him like drama but ….THIS IS REAL LIFE AND IT'S DIFFICULT

  10. bitch rude. had me crying and shit. my guy, you need a friend, Yonghee? I got your back 24/7 just hit me up. I’ll be the best friend you ever had mane. I’m finna fight all those hoes for you.
    Nah but fr his acting is outstanding. No wonder he had originally was going to be an actor. He’d be really really good.

  11. I really commend C9 for doing this. Such a brave move. In a world where people only care when someone dies/accidents happen/whatever misfortune happens, then go back to bullying/shaming/hurting afterwards, this is a breath of fresh air.

    It shows how real it is. In real life, THIS IS A COMMON SCENARIO. People give up because it is too much already. 🙁

    I love C9's message: You're not alone. PLEASE LET SOMEONE HESR YOU OUT FIRST 🙁


  12. I cant!!! Yonghee's acting skills is no joke. I can vote now for the actors of the year and no doubt who it is. Hmmm

  13. This comeback is going to be so amazing and so powerful. I'm glad they decided to do this and completely tell the story without filters.

  14. まさかヨンヒが自殺すると思わなかった……

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