CliftonStrengths Provides a Clear Picture of Who You Are

Anybody who’s coached people or managed
people that only have their Top Five you sort of realize you get to a certain
point where it’s almost like you hit a wall. And it’s like behind the wall
there’s all these things that you know that live but it’s sort of a
mystery, it’s like, I wonder why I am the way I am, you know. Or I wonder why he
does the things that he does, or I wonder why that they approach this
situation in a particular way. Usually the answers to those questions
live beyond their Top Five and so it’s just always a really interesting
thing for people is when they actually have there all 34, it fills in
the blanks. It provides a very clear picture of who you are, who you aren’t,
but who you are and and what your contribution is. It gets much easier for
people as they see that whole picture to then start to understand how they
maximize their strengths. And you know it’s an interesting thing it doesn’t change at all that we
want people to still focus on their most dominant themes. But it really does help
people to have a much clearer picture so that as they start to work to develop
their themes they know exactly what they’re developing inside of and there’s
no mysteries, there’s no guesswork.

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