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  1. And does anyone think the two black dudes at 00:30 look out of place? Esp what they're wearing, which is more reminiscent of the 2000s or 2010s.

  2. Before I watch, can someone tell me if this movie got rape scene or something that is gonna haunt me for life?

  3. The flag and the letters remind me of le mepris from godard. But french clubcoulture in wich city is it like that? This is Not Paris sorry.sangria:-). This is about Berlin ?

  4. he made a promise to his father to make a kids movie or something that can be enjoyed by all ages.
    how crazy will that be when that comes around?

  5. Empty movie,predictable scenes, only goal is to shock audience,people on drugs in reality do not behave as in this film,this is more science fiction, but I must admit music and dancing are fantastic and best part of the film

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