CLOSER – Sci-Fi Short Movie – Full HD

ah oh the tent’s done and it only took you four hours uh the instructions were wrong if you would spend that much time looking at the instructions, we would already be in the tent i was looking for inspiration mmm why not look for something else (background giberish) what exactly should we look for wood its getting dark. We need a fire. you are making fun of me, right? i do my best LOOK! ill make my wish (mouth click suck noise) and i still have my underwear on? my wish is retroactive as the moves of the cudo swaaa five minutes and your foreplay will be done (mouth click suck noise) whoa AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! don’t tell my girlfriend LUKE!?!? (gasp!) Ahhh!! ahh (gasp ) no no please ohhh (alien gasping for air) huhohnowee huh? (giggle) how did you do that? i don”t know? what is that? (heavy breathing) (grunting) (snarl) Arrrrrrr!!!! Do you understand her language? So what did she say? umm I’m not sure I don’t feel good So this means that I won’t get laid? hmmmm

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