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  1. I hate identity politics. "No person of color on stage", sorry but thats not a criteria to be a president. Obama managed it too, and not because he was black but because he was a good communicator.

  2. Equality of opportunity is not the same thing as equality of outcome.

    All had the same opportunity. Aiming to have a specific outcome means you’re putting your thumb on the scale

  3. At least 2 women, and lot of smart elders! Put up pics of #Dumb45 cabinet, his house, his golf hotel….ALL OLD WHITE MEN, or pretty women(no dogs as tRUMP request)

  4. DNC rigging elections and the various biased left wing media supporting candidate over another.
    I LOVE DNC primaries where they ALL admit it.

  5. I, just like CNN, can't wait for a democrat to become POTUS and start taxing us to give healthcare to the people that really matter – illegals! And once we open the border – America will be diversified with the sickest people from all around the world! #DiversityIsOurStrength #TerroistsLIvesMatter! #Death2America! #VoteBlue!

  6. I'm black and I dont really care that there are no more black people in stage. I'm mad that the only black people who tried were lame as hell.

  7. Say what you want about the DNC, but this man swats idiotic questions like flies.
    There are no people of color because they weren't represented by polling nor funding.
    So far as how unfair it is? 100 percent of Bernie's donations are from people who support him, and he wants to do away with this corporate scheme of dark influence.

  8. With the exception of Yang all their other poc were corporate tools. No one but media puppets and woke identity politics pushers are surprised by this.

  9. DNC Primaries : Where every democrat admits their elections are rigged and all accuse various media outlets of lying as well as being in the tank for one candidate over another.
    ** then when it’s all over, with one (old white) man or woman standing, they all go back, unite, and call GOP liars for saying the same thing

  10. CNN MSNBC etc cant tell you. Now that castro Booker are out. .pocahontas the the only Spanish black person as well as Cherokee in the race…with billionaires.

  11. This is BULLSH*T!!!
    The VOTERS decide and none of the minority candidates survived the early going!!!
    It's as simple as that!!!
    We've already elected a 'black' president so can we get over this race crap???!!!

  12. Who fucking cares if there aren’t people of color? If enough people supported them, they’d be there on the stage…. you can’t force diversity

  13. Yang or Sanders disrupt or complicate the century-old the multi-multi trillion dollar union and capitalistic-lobbying cronyism scam if the democrats (all of you asking “where’s Yang?)
    You heard it hear 1st: Watch next how the DNC (with CNN’s help and others) chops Sanders at the ankles, rigging it for Biden or a coherent replacement.

  14. Nothing against African Americans BUT OBAMA 🙂 One Big Ass Mistake America we all should have looked to see what Obama's name meant 🙁

  15. Democratic voters are not taking any chances of losing to the lunatic president , Amazing there are any women at all .

  16. Yeah they are all white and only 2 women remain. And there were candidates of color that dropped out. I still wish Kamala kept going however; as I'm not a fan of Klobuchar & Warren idk…

  17. And bringing up race and color is showing your racist card. It doesn’t need to get mentioned. Nobody cares. Only racist care.

  18. I’m laughing at how so many democrats here are puzzled how Klobachar, with zero support is even in it.
    Welcome to the DNC rigged process where your vote doesn’t matter, Superdelegates already have their choices narrowed down, and Klobachar being the party established safety net behind a Biden clown act.

  19. Hey CNN, why don't you show President Trump and the first lady walking onto the football field last night at the Clemson and LSU game. There's your poll.

  20. Folks we have to be realistic here Elizabeth Warren is a criminally insane opportunist, she lied about her heritage to put herself through college she knew exactly what she was doing, do you perceive for one moment that Elizabeth Warren has changed no!!! I do not think so, psychologically speaking the woman is senile and deranged, the woman sustains no morals and ethics whatsoever, is she really the type of person we want as commander-in-chief in the oval office. NO !!!!!!!!

  21. And people still wonder if channels like CNN dont have a political favour… It probally pains them to have Sanders there aswell.

    CNN get it through your thick heads, skin color does not determan if you are a good candidate. Also not being a woman, man, gay or transgender. Its all gonna be American. But people just love to add color or the race you looklike infront of a name.

    Its to bad cause i see 6 losers debating and there is probally Hillary aswell.

  22. We know why… the criteria is set to a standard where only certain candidates can meet them.. Most people aren’t stupid… just those who think we are!!!

  23. What’s wrong with it ? CNN and the dirty dems continue to push a false narrative false impeachment when the cards fall trump will reign supreme

  24. no. cnn is right. you guys need some token minorities on that stage.
    take it from the tv guys. style over substance. its all about the image you project, and has nothing to do at all with whether or not youre an idiot.

  25. So now that Booger is out, which candidate carries the torch for massive funding for male to female transvestism abortion rights, who can’t have a baby, anyway?

  26. Ouch! Downvotes to Upvotes ratio no bueno CNN! See the distaste for DNC and lack of Yang mention/inclusion? Tom Perez states transparency yet ~50+ days of no qualifying polls only to see deadline pass and Yang results in as meeting the requirements. Hooray for Democracy! Perhaps we need to band together for a better process. Establishment is using their hand to shape the picture "qualified" candidates. #MSM was a total letdown and I look forward to more independent media consumption in 2020.

  27. Ah yes the long trackrecord of democrats fighting for people in color, diversity. Hmm like how they wanted their slaves, how they have been against black people.

    Instead of putting them on a pedestal and giving them special treatment, it would be better you view them as equal. Cause i still dont see most democrats doing that.

  28. You saw that deafening standing-ovation for Trump and the US military last night?
    Juxtapose how The American people view taking out the world’s leading terrorist (according to Obama and Democrats, too), to the incoherency and contradicting hyperbole you’ll hear tonight.

  29. Where TF is yang gang????? Whats happening here…im not interested in nobody in this debate. #YangGang2020 #WeWantYang

  30. It’s not really the Democratic Party that narrowed the lineup, it was the people who were polled. For gosh sakes you can’t have 50 people on the stage at this point!!!

  31. cnn spent the day bashing bernies policies..its a sad period of america when the media will not represent the truth .exagerated polls in favour of corporate fools.

  32. Who here seeing this has ever taken a poll? Not a local poll, I mean one of the polls these people always talking about on the news? How do I do them or get contacted for one

  33. Bernie Sanders!! he and his wife committed fraud buy embezzling thousands of dollars from a college that his wife was starting, they committed this crime in they're ripe old age do you think this criminally insane couple have changed no!!! also Bernie Sanders is seen on a segment on the internet singing Russian hymns in his underwear drunk on his old ass with other Russian communists, on top of this folks he cannot even stand an answer commentary questions literally running through airports to get away from news media trying desperately to ask him pertinent questions to his feasible presidency, can you imagine this man being our President in conference with world leaders like Putin, like Hillary Bernie Sanders would sell us out just like Hillary did with the uranium deal, these Democratic swamp rats and snakes that are running for the highest seating in the land don't give a damned about the people of the United States

  34. They ask whats wrong , then bring out the chairman of the Democratic Party , WHO IS A WHITE GUY ! ! ! This proves that Trump is right . What do black people have to lose , by voting for him ? Trump is creating jobs and working on black education issues .

  35. yes, that's the real issue, not removing Trump from office… "people" demand more diversed candidates, but then they wouldn't vote for them (Booker peaked at 4% as I recall)

  36. Well, it's not the candidates fault anyways… Some candidates do not have the same support than these people have!

  37. The only people that can change the picture is people of color. The people of the color white can't make people of color run for president.

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