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What’s up Vogue Hommes,
It’s Cody. We’re here in Milan today. It’s 8 am. We’re going to the Fendi show. I’ve yet to order my coffee. You saved my whole life! Italian fantasy? Going out on Lake Como with George Clooney. With a lot of champagne. Love you George! How would I describe myself to somebody who doesn’t know me? Relaxed, introspective, relatively calm. And a guy who loves pineapple. First thing I did,
when I landed in Milan was get to the hotel
and eat a massive pizza. You guys have the best pizza
in the world Yeah, I prefer Italian everything
over American anything You’d be stupid to think otherwise. I beat jetlag with a nice big, fat cappuccino. Yeh, the French will know this:
Arthur Rimbaud. This is like my bible, yeah. I take this complete works of his
everywhere I go. An Italian man or woman, living or dead, that I would like to have dinner with would be Niccolo Machiavelli, political philosopher and writer. He has a book called “The Prince”,
that I love very, very much. So today, I’m gonna be
rocking this. Fendi jumpsuit. Probably nothing underneath, collar up, kind of popped a little, pinned down, bunch of necklaces. Good to go. And… These boots right here, with it. I usually like to pair some of these
more classy looking pieces with all my jewelry. I love skulls, so, I’ve got this little skull bad boy on my main finger. Basically, I just like to wear
turquoise and silver. I’m not much of a gold guy. Mostly silver necklaces, skulls, turquoise, native American stuff. This one’s kinda cool. This is a little shark tooth
pinkie ring. The most recent tattoo I got was this statue head of Apollo on the back of my arm right there. I’m extremely interested
in Greek and Roman mythology. All the gods and all the heroic figures in Greece. Apollo being my favorite one. They kind of made him look
a little like a woman. But I think he just did. One of the first ever tattoos I got was this anchor palm tree, right here. The significance to me was the idea that you can be anchored
in the ground and also be up in the sky. This was an old
French prison tattoo, actually, that a PO had in a movie. It was Steve McQueen.
It’s also my favorite movie. This is probably one of
the most significant one’s because every time I look at it,
it reminds me to breathe. I’ve changed my mind because
I absolutely love this suit. They’ve tailored it to me and it’s one of my favorite things
Fendi has made I’ve got a few style icons on a couple of different ends
of the spectrum. I love the classic James Dean, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen thing. And I also absolutely love the eccentric Bowie, Jagger, Jim Morrison thing, also. So, I like to kinda sit
somewhere in the center. The piece of clothing
everybody should own, according to me,
would be a good fitted white t-shirt. A fashion taboo? The man bun. And sandals. Especially, together. Clothes I feel the sexiest in? Anything tailored, like a suit, a blazer, kinda like this, or just a white or black t-shirt and jeans, tucked in. This is what I do.
I have to drink coffee in the hallway on the way out just to get one little last final buzz. You know what I’m saying. Italian elegance according to me is like an eternal simplicity. This is Italian elegance, right here. The last Instagram post that I liked was a sexy photo of my girlfriend
on stage. I was scrolling deep.
I was like 84 weeks deep last night. But it was
my own girlfriend’s page, so… That’s what I’m talking about,
right there. My favorite Italian movie? In English, it’s called The Eclipse. It’s by an old Italian director, Michelangelo Antonioni. One to many mornings and a 1,000 miles behind. It’s a reckless, hungry feeling, and it don’t mean no good… So many songs make me think of Italy. Volare makes me think of Italy. Enamorada, Volare,
and On an Evening in Roma. Hi, it’s Cody Simpson. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Vogue Hommes Instagram.

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  1. I can not believe they present him as her boyfriend he is much more than that he was real star at start 2010's ang he made gigi hadid model for real

  2. Cody Simpson “How would I describe myself to somebody who doesn’t know me”
    Vogue – Miley Cyrus’s boyfriend! 🙄😬

  3. So this is how a man who basically did nothing important looks and talks… Hmmm, talking about living in a world of smart people. At least he seems more calculated in his speech than those Jackson Kidz.

  4. not only he's an artistt poet and intellectual .. The y'all don't know him cos hes too busy fighting for climate change he's also a climate change warrior, a member of the Unicef

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