COGNITIO (Danish short film) – FULL MOVIE

COGNITIO (Danish short film) – FULL MOVIE

Tobias, how are you feeling? I’m… feeling fine. You have been here for roughly a week. Have you talked to some of the others? Emil. Tobias. Do you draw? Yeah.. I do. These are really well made. Thank you. I think it would really good for you to make some friends. So you don’t feel alone. After all, you are in a place where people know what you are going through. Done! Can I see? Mhm.. It’s uhm.. pretty. Jeez.. It’s not that bad. I would totally do her. (both laughing) Totally! You wouldn’t? Or? You mean… that thing? Yeah? Don’t you think I drew her well enough? Well, yeah but… It’s… that it’s lacking body hair… Fuck off! I’m gonna do a Christiano Ronaldo on you! Okay… Boom! So.. what do you do when you are not here? High school. Yeah, I mean.. Do you go out? Hook up with girls? That kinda thing? Uhm.. no. Okay. Well, you are not a virgin right? Uhm… Yeah.. Come on! But you do know how “it” works, right? I mean.. Oh! Oh yeah. Yup, okay. Yeah. I do know.. But uhm… But? But what? Let’s just play! No! Why? Tell me! “But..” what? I… I don’t think I’ve done it since I was fifteen. I think.. What?! Are you serious?! Yeah. What’s the problem? How on earth can you keep yourself from doing it?! I don’t know. Come on! No! How can you not.. Let’s just play, Emil! Tobias?! What are you doing? I don’t know you were in here. Did you miss me? Haha! Get the fuck out of here! Tell me if.. Tell me if you need a hand! Haha! Shut up. Goodnight! Goodnight. Cut it out! What is it? What’s your problem? I am so bored! What do you want to do then? What are we doing here?! Where did you get that?! Hurry! Have you taken Ritalin? This is Ritalin. It’s mostly given to children with ADHD. But for you and me, it will give us an dopamine kick. Pure euphoria. Here you go. Swallow. This will make us relax a little. We’ll just take half a pill each. Oh shit! I am so sorry about that! Don’t be! It’s okay! Don’t think about it! I can just use the eraser. Cool drawing by the way. Did you make it? Yes. Thanks. Don’t you think your friends are waiting for the ball? I’ll see you later! Yeah absolutely! Lay down. Come on. What are you doing? I don’t feel like laying down. What?! I’m telling you I don’t feel like laying down, you can come play with us if you want. Hey, I’m Tobias. Hi, I’m Frederik. You know.. when you are bored.. Yeah, I totally get that. I always doodle when I’m bored.. Tobias, can I please have a word with you? (Frederik keeps talking) What do you like to draw? Uhm.. I like to draw.. Listen up! Tobias does NOT want to talk to you right now. Okay? What the fuck is your problem, Emil?! Huh? What was that about? I just did you a favour. Didn’t I, Tobias? Hey everybody! Can I please have your attention? Somebody has stolen medicin from the medicin capinet. We are talking about a pack of Ritalin and a pack of Diazepam. Now we are giving the person the opportunity to come forward. You have until tonight at 8pm. And tomorrow we will begin to do room searches. You have to know that we are not doing this to punish anybody. We just have to make sure that none of you will end up getting hurt. We are sitting in the office. I told you it was bad idea! What are you going to do about it? What are YOU going to do about it?! It was your idea! It was yours as much as it was mine! No it wasn’t! It was practically YOU who broke into the capinet. And it was you who took the medicin! I don’t have anything to do with it! Don’t put this on me! Don’t think you can treat me like that. “Treat me like that” Okay, “dad”! Listen… If it wasn’t for me… Yeah, what then? Then you would have been crying yourself to sleep and called for your mommy! Yeah.. you are right, you are my hero! My saviour! You even “rescued” me from Frederik earlier! Fuck you! No! Fuck you, Emil! Who the fuck do you think you are?! I was doing fine fine without you! I AM fine without you! You think you mean so much to me but you don’t. And when I get out of here, I will never have to see you again! You hear me?! Sorry! I’ll… take care of the pills. Okay? Yeah.. You need to hear this. What is it? It’s this old 80’s band. Nice shadow on the beach babe. It’s not a beach babe. Looks like she’s freezing though. Mind your own business! Move… But I can’t! Here.. Hey Tobias! Stand up. We just need to check the room. Sure. I thought you would take care of it! Emil, I thought you took care of it! Hey, those are not mine. Emil put them there! I don’t have anything to do with it! Okay Tobias. Relax. Don’t touch me! Keep calm, Tobias. I told you not to touch me! Keep calm! What the fuck is wrong with you!? I thought you took care of me Emil! I thought… Let go of me! Let go! Fuck you, Emil! Relax! You need to relax, Tobias. Let go of me! Stop it! Stop! Emiiiil! Breathe! Keep breathing. It’s going to be okay. Has Emil visited you since? Okay Tobias. You will have to take the new type of medicin for a while. It will reduce your hallucinations. We talked to your mom, and have decided that you have to stay with us a little longer. For your own safety.

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  1. I thought this story its about LGBTQ but i was wrong, but any way this short film movie its full of lessons that we can adopt and learn. Tobias so damn cute my gosh😂😂❤️

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  3. This is an amazing short movie. Every detail is so meticulously planned and the acting and directing are both superb.

    I have always been scared that I would have schizophrenia or another condition with hallucinations. Watching this broke my heart, seeing Tobias essentially lose autonomy over his own life, while other people make decisions for him and he has to simply accept them putting him on a new medication… Has his mother even been visiting him? It's all really sad. This broke my heart.

    I thought the hallucination was done extremely cleverly – not just from the subtleties with how it was presented visually, but also with the pattern of behaviours shown by Emil. There was the cycling between befriending/comforting, and giving orders/making hurtful comments that attack Tobias. I'm grateful we never saw any violence in the movie other than the (presumed) injection of the sedation; nonetheless the aggressive and dangerous quality of the hallucination was well depicted.

    the best bl series i have ever seen in my life

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  6. I. Okay. So this isnt the fluffy gay film i signed up for. This was genuinely amazingly shot and executed. Holy hell i did nOT expect that

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  8. I thought that is about a boy coming out as gay cause I saw a music video where he played the gay guy. It's called: "fist time he kissed a boy" and I love it.

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