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  1. tRump has been stepping in it for 3 years now , but this pile leaves too many tracks, and smells fresh and steamy .

  2. Masterbaking…. Eewwww!!!
    Get That DISGUSTING 🍊💩
    Impeached out of the WH!

  3. The more you speak about Trump the more he gets a chance to win and thats all Stephen been doing this year ! Like there is nothing else to talk about on Earth!!

  4. So the transcript shows that the Democrats lied and continue to lie about what Trump said to the Ukraine.

    Senator Schiff mislead Congress.

    Biden actually admitted committing the crime.

    Evil, stupid, or both, which one are you?

    You lot are guaranteeing Trump wins in 2020. Surely you can see that right?

    Clinton asked and paid foreign agents for dirt on Trump, silence. Biden used power to protect his son from prosecution, silence. Obama used the intelligence services to spy on candidate Trump, silence. Trump disavowed white supremacists in Charlottesville, silence. 50% of US border guards are Hispanic, so the Dems want to fire them all, silence. Blacks have the best employment numbers ever, the Dems don't like what that does to their narrative, silence.

    When you lot do talk, you talk shit. Cunts through and through.

  5. "Held up in the WH, furiously masterbaking" killed me 😂… Executive time… Whipping the batter and making frosting

  6. Following comment is almost as lengthy as the bible, so tuck in and you can have on this day, your daily bread.

    Now prepare to have your preconceived political notions torn asunder.

    I first noticed this during George W. Bush’s election.

    The Issue is not about facts and logic. Because that’s not how politics nor political beliefs work.

    Rather it’s about emotion.
    Because it’s about engaging the lizard brain.

    Now here is an interesting quote from Newt Gingrich showing the current game plan of the Trumpublicans:

    June 24, 1978, Gingrich
    addressed College republicans at West Georgia College.

    But Gingrich had not come to deliver an academic lecture to the young activists before him—he had come to foment revolution.
    “One of the great problems we have in the Republican Party is that we don’t encourage you to be nasty,” he told the group. “We encourage you to be neat, obedient, and loyal, and faithful, and all those Boy Scout words, which would be great around the campfire but are lousy in politics.”

    For their party to succeed, Gingrich went on, the next generation of Republicans would have to learn to “raise hell,” to stop being so “nice,” to realize that politics was, above all, a cutthroat “war for power”—and to start acting like it.

    1988, gingrich’s plan to conquer Congress via sabotage was well under way.

    Gingrich encouraged them to go after their enemies with catchy, alliterative nicknames—“Daffy Dukakis,” “the loony left”—and schooled them in the art of partisan blood sport. Through gopac, he sent out cassette tapes and memos to Republican candidates across the country who wanted to “speak like Newt,” providing them with carefully honed attack lines and creating, quite literally, a new vocabulary for a generation of conservatives.

    One memo, titled “Language: A Key Mechanism of Control,” included a list of recommended words to use in describing Democrats: sick, pathetic, lie, anti-flag, traitors, radical, corrupt.

    When Trump first began thinking seriously about running for president, he turned to Gingrich for advice.

    Now we are aware where Trump gets his grade school taunts and name calling.

    As you simply, easily and naturally discover, Trump engages the lizard brain in his followers and supporters.
    It’s a powerful tactic and if wielded well much damage can be wrought.
    And now damage has been wrought for generations on.

    Trump uses Fear and Anger because these are the most irrational of the human emotions and can cause a normally chill, reasonable and calm person to simply, easily and instantaneously to lose their feckin mind.

    He can easily mould his supporters minds according to his daily whims.

    Some say his objective is to cause a civil war.

    That He wants to see liberals fight conservatives.
    Because this way he can sell more MAGA hats and other merch.
    Up to an including his new open carry red, white and blue Trump45s.

    Recently Trump sent me an email poll about my feelings on socialism so after filling it out, I sent this to him:

    “Drop out of the 2020 re-election.
    Now, Go back to being a tv star.
    Because then you can say and do anything you want and you will make more money.

    Which means more love, and more power.
    You already use twitter like a master so you have an advantage over other tv stars.

    Drop out.

    Now, I know what you are saying.
    Right now you feel you have more power than you would if you were a tv star.

    That is incorrect because the presidency has many limits including a term limit.
    Whereas you can be a star well into your nineties, and you receive more fan fare, more adulation and more love as a tv star.

    I know you will make the right decision and now drop out of the 2020 election.”

    I sent him the above to because every day he only hears from the yes men, or regardless of what he says people never disagree with him.

    Now obviously one email sent him is not going to change his mind.

    Now imagine six months or one year from now looking back upon today as the day you decided to take your country back from Trump and the Trumpublicans and feeling really good about it.

    Because you and many like minded friends decided to send emails to Trump encouraging him to drop out of the 2020 election.
    Use his love of money and fame to change his mind. He wants to use the presidency to enrich his fortune so if we can figure ways to help him get rich by not being president, he will drop this "gig" in 2020 and move to something better.

    We can't do this without many other like minded people.
    Now we are talking to you. Can you take back your country from Trump?
    Or will you let things continue to get worse until America is destroyed?
    If you could help Trump drop out of the 2020 election things could be better in many different ways.
    Think about those ways.

    Now you can either ignore this random comment or do something to get Trump to drop out of the 2020 election.

    Now because you watched this video and are now wading through the cesspool of youtube comments, you deserve as a gift, a dumb joke.

    A social worker from Ohio was recently transferred to the mountains of North Georgia.
    On the first tour of his new territory he came upon the tiniest cabin he had ever seen in his life.

    Intrigued, he went up and knocked on the door. 

"Anybody home?" he asked.

    "Yep," came a kid's voice through the door. 

"Is your father there?" asked the social worker. 

"Pa? Nope, he left before Ma came in," said the kid. 

"Well, is your mother there?" persisted the social worker. 

"'Ma? Nope, she left just before I got here," said the kid. 

"But," protested the social worker, "are you never together as a family?" 

''Sure, but not here," said the kid through the door.

    "Because this is the outhouse."

    Yarp yarp yarp

  7. Unfortunately Colbert is a idiot……prime example of how a leftist skews logic. Only idiots listen to this moronic blabber.

  8. Faux Noise, promoting stupidity across America for decades. Faux has a new slogan….. "Faux Noise, proud to be stupid"

  9. Damn dems and satanist really trying thier hardest to impeach trump lol. The same way they tried to defend bill clinton. Welp dont call for help when yall are gona get gathered up for staging a coup. Cause yall ate gona be fuuuuuucked

  10. "So Trump is struggling to find a coherent defense against his impeachment"

    Trump struggles with coherence in general.

  11. A bit sad. Just like when Stephen was joking about how it was so obvious that Trump would be impeached due to Russiagate. Now, we have a known coke head who happens to be the son of the former vice président who gets a non executive director position in a energy company which is outside of their area of expertise. We then have Ukrainian Attorney General who decides to investigate. Because unlike Mr. Colbert, people with half a brain knows that these sort of things don't happen normally. The Attorney General is fired because the ex vice president tells the Ukrainian president and the whole world during a speech that he would hold up an IMF loan to the country if the investigation is not dropped. But of course, it is Donald Trump's fault that it happened!?! It is sad to see how much IQs in the country have atrophied over the last couple of years. Especially among late night comedians.

  12. I watched two videos last night of Obama giving speeches while he was senator and he said and reiterated that he was not born in Hawaii and that he was Kenyan. HE SAID IT!!!!

  13. These guys on Fox are ok to be ignorant of the facts while they're in their FoxNews bubble…. but surely when they finish their shift on the news they MUST have acquaintances in their home life (like their children's teachers, the local grocer, the postman etc…) that are living in the real world and must be saying to them WTF are you talking about….get your head out of your ass….!!!!!!!!

  14. So when Adam schiff & the Dems asked Ukraine for dirt on candidate Trump that was making cookies? Maybe the writers should explain that to Colbert so he won’t look like a talking piece of the Democratic Party…if you don’t talk about it it never happened🤫

  15. What was Earhardt's goal? Hopefully, she wasn't trying to make something simple sound confusing so as to befuddle her audience? Isn't the role of a journalist to take a complex issue and simplify it for the audience? Who asked her to do this: is it the Fox editorial policy or was she improvising? I wonder how 'playing the dumb blonde' helps her career?

  16. Don't Stephen think we can read why does every late night show suck on trump's every night they can't get enough of him their ate up with the man

  17. Yeah you got to admit Colbert is a comedian just jokes and jokes and nothing but jokes. So don't look for your news on The Colbert Report.Your not going to get it .nothing but of games and jokes and playing around. Just because they say it that means he's guilty don't forget that if anybody says somebody is guilty that means they are guilty. That's the new law in America guilty-until-proven-innocent. Better not get caught doing something it'll be all over the news and you'll be guilty. guilty by the media. No need for due process.

  18. I'm still waiting for stephen to explain to his "flock" viewers the reason why "Puke Bucket" polosi is so hesitant about having a formal vote for impeachment. Or maybe he can explain why "Shit for brains" Schiff didn't read from the actual transcript when he spoke in front of Congress. Seriously if the actual transcript is so incriminating to Trump then why did "shit for brains" have to do a "parody" of it?

  19. Why dont you Run For President Stephen ? ………………. We dont need a god loving brain washed hack as president either ,,,,,,,,

  20. Did Anyone Catch His Guest Is Rachel Madow !!!
    He Can Have Her On Again After Trump's Landslide Victory In 2020 !

  21. Ainsley is probably just overwhelmed from taking in so many high level ideas. Sadly, I've seen something like this before.

  22. Ainsley Earhardt gets overwhelmed so eansily. With all this "information" (the "so much information" overload is imminent) she needs to confess to "America" that she has no idea what she's talking about. I hope the "Explainsley to Ainsley" segment is helpful to her. Poor thing.

  23. U got to love Stephen's little smirk he gets when saying, or dealing with something that may be dirty….He reminds of a kid who just understood the meaning of foul language…..

  24. Thanks for keeping us alive Stephen. I am amazed at how you manage night after night. But I'll tell you that you sir are instrumental in keeping our democracy or whatever is left of it alive. Thank you.

  25. Does anyone honestly believe one of the democratic candidates can beat him in 2020 if he doesn’t get impeached before then?

  26. Colbert fake news cheerleader squad. A late night show host who is clueless to real news and real stories. What a loser

  27. I had to laugh about Ainsley and her inability to connect 3 people. She wouldn't get past the first page of "All the President's Men".

  28. My favourite part of this (as an Australian citizen) was seeing Scott Morrison's face large as life connected to Trump. He's so far up Trump's ass, he could give him a free rectal exam.

  29. This guy used to be funny in CC . Here he is an idiot . Of course Trump did all that. But if the Democrats elect Biden in the primary they are so screwed. Biden is so much more corrupt than Trump and Trump will have a field day with him in the debates. But I agree Fox and friends are the dumbest people on TV

  30. Funny. Just wondering though.
    What would you guys have as a topic in monologue if it wasnt for Trump. Night after night after night

  31. Colbert clueless to real facts and real stories. A clown for late night tv. Looking for real comedy Terrance K Williams. Diamond and silk maga challenge. And ray Stevens Mr. President Sir. Song

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