College Kids React To Melanie Martinez – K-12 (The Film)

College Kids React To Melanie Martinez – K-12 (The Film)

– I have to applaud her
with this song because this is a song
everyone needs to hear. – It was crazy because
everyone looks so brainwashed, but that’s what we are. ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) Today, you’re gonna
be reacting to Melanie Martinez’s film, K-12.
– Yes, love it. I’m back in school, honey. – (FBE) Well, this was heavily
requested by many of our fans and since we wanted to cover this
film properly, we can’t show the full hour and a half
of it, so we asked all of the reactors today
in this episode to watch this at home
before coming in to react. – It’s okay.
I was in the theater last Wednesday watching it
when it came out. – (FBE) So, since you all
have seen the full film, we’re gonna highlight
some of the scenes and songs that we’ve seen people
talking about to get your views on it.
– I’m so hyped. You don’t understand. ♪ I’m just looking out
the window ♪ – This is actually one of
my favorite songs from it, the very first one. – This scene was so relatable.
In the school bus being bullied. ♪ Yelling behind me
and I’m terrified ♪ ♪ Counting trees as they
pass me by ♪ – This is first day of
kindergarten or school in general. ♪ Maya’s letting Dan
put his hand up her skirt ♪ ♪ And she’s got her hand
down his pants ♪ – You know I memorized
this dance. This morning, I literally
was like… – A lot of the choreography
throughout was really good, except for this one. ♪ Wheels on the bus ♪ – That’s so random,
but it’s still good. I don’t get how she does it. – It’s all metaphorically
also to our lives and how it expresses into
the people that we interact with in our normal, not that crazy
universe life. – The lyrics were very
on the nose. I feel like just lyrically,
that’s not where she put most of her energy.
I will say, her aesthetic though, her looks of the whole thing
is really, really cool. – Ooh, class fight. – Ah [bleep]. – (girl) Watch out. – I love a good girl tussle.
We’ve all been in a couple of those. – I was kind of expecting
Melanie to throw the first punch, though.
I’m not gonna lie. – It’s kinda cool how it’s
kiddie-esque, but also not. – See, that’s where it gets
a little extreme. – Then she gets her little powers. – (girl) Put me down, you freak. – This is so Sailor Moon. – Loved it.
Love a good hair braid move. – And her friend–
her best friend was like, “Yeah, that’s my girl.” ♪ After I broke her ♪ – Choke her out.
Yes, sis. – I wish I was Melanie Martinez
so I can get into her head and be like, “What?” – I like the fact that she
is the odd one out in this already odd world. – Show and tell, so good. – This is actually one of
my favorite songs from it. ♪ I don’t go nowhere
Tell me you love me ♪ ♪ But you treat me ♪
– So this part was more her, I felt.
Her Crybaby album and stuff, it’s very dollhouse. ♪ You say the cruelest words
Yes, they break my heart ♪ – No one knows how to clap
right. ♪ ‘Cause I’m over here
working my ass off ♪ – Yes, you are, sis. – ♪ Show and tell ♪ – I actually like this song
a little more than the others. ♪ I’m on display for all
you [bleep] to see ♪ ♪ Show and tell ♪ – It’s so good. – I love a production that has
a lot of thought put into it. – Ooh, God. – And then everybody’s like, “Ew.”
‘Cause they see the intestines. – See, it’s kinda like American
Horror Story almost. It’s weird, gory stuff. – It’s sort of surrealistic,
so I get that it’s like, what’s really happening?
But what the [bleep] is happening? – People love you when you’re
this pretty picture. I mean, look at Britney Spears.
Everyone, “Oh, we love her. We love her.
She’s amazing.” And then she went through
things publicly and then everyone’s like, “Oh,
we don’t like you anymore. You’re crazy.”
Everyone’s a person and everyone has those guts
on the inside, so when people show them,
you still gotta love them. – This is–
okay, on an interview, she said this was her
favorite video from the whole movie. – I like this song.
This scene really creeped me out, though.
I was like, those nurses are freaky looking. ♪ I’m tired of wishing ♪ – This is very Dr. Seuss
to me. – Ooh, and then Lilith,
my queen. – (girl 1) Wait, why are you
leaving us here? – (girl 2) We need to come
with you. – (girl 3) We must feel
the physical pain of this world. – Yeah. – (girl 3) Because the only way
we can truly learn is through–
– Experience. [Bleep], ooh. – It’s [bleep] deep.
That’s real deep. – So, those parts were
a little cheesy to me, but still, she got the message
across. – Oh, drama club.
This is also one of my favorites. – I really like this song, too. – (girl) Open your [bleep] eyes.
Get off of me. Get off.
– Then she’s like, “Wake up.” – That was crazy, ’cause
everyone looks so brainwashed. That’s what we are. – Break that spell. – Attack.
Rip them apart. – ♪ Signed up for ♪
That’s very intense, though, when they tore him apart,
I was like, “[Bleep].” – Yeah, attack, honey. – Love her face.
She’s like, ha. – They literally killed
the principal. I did kinda love that,
that they went there. – It’s creepy, but in a sense,
kind of relatable. – She’s like, “Wake up.
You need to pay attention and start focusing on
the important thing. Go behind it and look at
the details and pay attention to everything.” – I like this song, too.
Puberty. ♪ Stand back, watch it
taking shape ♪ – I low key cried a little bit
when I watched this. – I have to applaud her
with this song because this is a song
everyone needs to hear. – In the song, she talks about
the fact that men can’t keep it in their pants.
That’s literally the lyric. ♪ That’s my bad
No one taught them not to grab ♪ – ♪ (humming) ♪ – There’s definitely some
metaphors in here. – I can relate to a ton
of these issues and it just makes me feel
seen. – Especially with Instagram,
you have all these Instagram models who either have fake bodies
or edit their pictures. I have a little cousin
and she’s like, “Why don’t I have
big boobs like that or why don’t I have
a big butt or big hips?” and I’m like, “Everyone’s
bodies are different. You shouldn’t have to feel
like you have to look like that to feel pretty.” – (announcer) Truth. – Orange Juice. – This one hits the most
for me, at least. – Oh God. – Ugh, it’s so weird.
I’m never gonna look at orange juice the same now
after this. – This is one that was
a little bit more deeper and specific songs. ♪ Ee ah ah, OJ ♪ – Bye, bitch. – I hate this.
I every time I see her, I wanna sock her in the face. – (girl) Wanna know something
I learned about bodies? They don’t define us.
We aren’t our bodies. – Literally. – (girl) They’re just
temporary. – I’m so agitated.
That music video, when I first saw it,
I started crying. I’m tearing up right now
thinking about it. – When I was younger,
I went through a really bad eating disorder and if I
had seen something like that when I was younger,
I would watch that on repeat. – That’s really important because
I had an eating disorder growing up and I still
sometimes struggle with it and it’s hard because
it’s something that not a lot of people talk about.
Growing up, I wish I would have had someone to
tell me, “Nah, you don’t have to look like that.
You don’t have to do that.” Someone like–
to do this. – Teacher’s Pet.
This made me uncomfortable a little bit. ♪ Honey from you ♪ – This was so uncomfortable. – You’re drugging a student.
I mean, everything. There’s a lot of [bleep] wrong
with this music video. ♪ Do you?
I bet you think you do ♪ ♪ Well you don’t ♪
– Get shrunk. ♪ Teacher’s pet ♪
– This song is really good, but now I feel like every time
I listen to this song, I’m gonna think about this
and I’m gonna be grossed out. ♪ Yeah, why the [bleep] is that?
Do you regret ♪ – Weird.
Very weird. – Yeah, save her, bitch. ♪ I know I’m young ♪
– Yes. ♪ Well beyond my years ♪
– Yeah. ♪ But [bleep] you,
don’t you leave me ♪ – Oh, oh [bleep].
Oh no. He deserves it. ♪ If I’m so special,
why am I secret? ♪ – Whoo. – That smirk after,
it’s so dark. – He made her small
because he’s putting his dominance there.
You’re small without any clothes
and I’m the big one, the giant. – You don’t manipulate
a young mind and then play with it
and then expect to survive honey, no.
Slash, slash, goodbye. – She’s covering some taboo
subjects that I feel like a lot of artists wouldn’t touch.
She’s putting all this out for her fans and for people
to realize there’s so many [bleep] things that are happening
in the world, but you’re not alone if it happens to you. – So, this is my favorite song. – I love this outfit.
This is very cowgirl. ♪ You must promise
to love me ♪ – Her dancing is just so good. ♪ I will rip your [bleep]
face apart ♪ – I almost said this
to my boyfriend. ♪ I will rip your [bleep]
face apart ♪ – See, it’s light,
but it’s aggressive still. That’s her style. ♪ Line up
Not trying to waste– ♪ – This scene in the movie was cool
because it was just her. ♪ If you’re not my type ♪
– Yeah, it’s a good song where she’s like, “I know
what I’m worth now” and she was like, “If you–”
Literally, “If you [bleep] me over, I’ll rip your face apart.” – It’s the right balance of
subtlety and metaphor with direct honesty. – With a lot of music,
it’s been guys being like, “Oh yeah, got all these hoes.
Got all these girls.” But now girls are like,
“Hey honey, I’ll rip your [bleep] face off.
Don’t you dare.” – Yes. – The spit bubble. – Bye, boo.
Won’t miss you. – They’re so cute. – How cute.
My little heart. – Yes, bitch.
Lilith’s back. – (girl) Oh my God,
it’s her. – Aw. – I love these looks.
Look at that hair. – (girl) Are you coming? – Ending.
Should have went with Lilith, man.
That’s what you wanted. That’s what she wanted
this entire movie and she stayed.
What a twist. – There’s so much truth in that.
It’s hard to leave a familiar place when
you don’t know what’s on the other side
and even though it looks bright and airy and there’s
this light, she’s still scared to leave behind what she knows. – (FBE) So, in addition to K-12
being Melanie Martinez’s firs feature film, which she
wrote and directed herself, it’s also her second studio album,
which she has been working on for the past four years.
– Loves it. Takes time, honey.
Good art takes time. – (FBE) So, before we dive in
to everything, what do you think about both the visuals
and the music from this, individually?
– I mean, I loved it. The K-12 album, I loved.
She has matured. Her work has matured. – The film was perfect
with the album. Perfect combo, perfect match.
She did so good at writing everything in to where
it still told a story. – The quality of the movie
was really good. When I saw that she directed it
and wrote it, I was like, this girl, she does it all.
I was so impressed. I was like, wow.
That’s awesome. – (FBE) So, looking into
some of the themes of this film, Melanie talks
about issues like neglecting adults, authority,
sedative drugs, and more. So for you, what were some
of the main messages that you got from this film?
– Um, I feel like it’s kind of what we’re seeing every
single day, honestly. – As a woman, I felt
very, very– I related to the songs
she did. We’re always exposed,
wanted or not. – I just really liked that
she talked about bullying and body image.
I feel like her audience is probably a little bit
younger and I feel like for someone who they look up to
to talk about those things is just really powerful. – As a kid, you’re treated
like an adult in a lot of ways and you feel like you are,
but you’re not and being a teenager’s
very confusing. I think it’s good to make
media about it. – Everyone’s kinda [bleep] up,
but that’s life and we live and we make mistakes
and we learn. – (FBE) So in an interview,
Melanie talks about how she intended the film
to show how school is a condensed version
of life, so as a college kid yourself, do you feel like
she got this message across? – Yeah, I think so
because you feel– when you’re in it,
you feel like this is my entire life,
this is all I know, and then once you step out
into the real world, you’re like, “Oh God, okay.
Now I gotta do this on a bigger scale.” – I too, went through bullies,
I went through controlling parents and there was segments in
her album that I personally related to, so I think
she portrayed it very well. – I went to a lot of different
schools and so I saw a lot of that and even in
other countries. I grew up in Costa Rica
and even there, it’s very similar because
you have your little– everyone has their little cliques
and then you have the popular kids and the
pretty girls. It sucks, but it almost is life. – It’s preparation for life
and all of those things that you face in school,
whatever school you go to, will prepare you for
the circumstances that you have in life. – (FBE) So finally, Melanie
has said that she has two new films in the work
based off new music, so do you think this story
will continue in her next films? – Probably, if it’s–
’cause I feel like K-12 was like, okay this is
one big story of a chunk of your life.
It’ll probably be the next chunk of her life. – I have a feeling, yes.
But I will not be sticking around to watch it. – I hope so.
You left me on a cliffhanger and I kinda wanna see
what happens, so I’m ready for it.
I don’t care. I’ll wait five years.
I’ll wait ten years. I’m ready to see it. – Thanks for watching this
episode of College Kids React. Shoutout to Jaymie. – What was your favorite part
of K-12? Let us know in the comments. – Bye, Crybabies. – Hey everyone, Lauren,
producer here at FBE. Thank you so much
for watching this episode. Make sure you check out
all of our other content across all the generations.
Links are gonna be down in the description.
Bye, everyone.

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