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  1. I couldn’t finish this movie for the life of me and I was stuck on a 5 hour flight. What a really boring movie, seriously. Not sure what movie Ellen watched.

  2. Daaaymn Kumail tells a story well, he's frikkin hilarious! "There's men outside our home, it's exciting!"

  3. I too once woke up to [spoiler] smell in the middle of the night. My panicky brain just told me BAD BAD BAD and it took me several minutes to identify it.

  4. I love how she used this opportunity to bash Islam for their beliefs about homosexuality like she did in her interview with Dan about the LDS church. Why to be consistent Ellen.

  5. If you're really up close to where the skunk sprayed, it's so much worse than just passing through it while you're driving or whatever. It smells like burning plastic and it's horrible. My dog got sprayed once and she went by my room where I had a fan on like all the time and my mom ran up and grabbed the fan out of my room because she thought it had caught on fire from the heavy usage

  6. Skunk smell is a weird one — sort of chemical, sort of funky. Not at all what you think they're going to smell like.

  7. Great guy…need more pakistanis who are open, liberal and who just have fun and can crack jokes on themselves……all the best from an Indian

  8. Most of us Pakistanis are like this men we just lack in english sometimes so we cant really express our feelings in english that way,,,,

  9. I'm so happy that a Pakistani at Ellen show I never thought cuz all Americans think about Pakistan is torrist im a big fan of Ellen cuz you're a beautiful woman with beautiful heart I really want to meet you and I watch your show all the time and all the games and your surprised ppl I love that I love you Ellen ❤️

  10. He has a heart of gold, shown as he waited for the love of his life in a coma, and as he dealt with the rigid family traditions he was raised with, determined to gain acceptance from his parents for the life he wanted to live. He is so much without anger, which makes most everyone around him comfortable, and has the perfect demeanor for a comedian, as well as an actor.

  11. Lawd this guy is hilarious! He didn't sound so funny doing stand up in the movie haha. Well now I know he wrote it that way.

  12. 4:35 that part is badly edited
    ellen says "I see"
    but there is no movement of her mouth

  13. Pakistan : We love you Zayn Malik

    Zayn leaves Islam

    He receives death threats and tons of hatred.

    Kumail is an Ex Muslim too he doesn’t practice Islam. I won’t be surprised if retards will cuss him like Zayn for leaving Islam too.

    Hypocrisy at it’s best.

  14. He's too woke for someone like Ellen. His comedy is too nuanced and subtle. The audience knew when to laugh better than she did.

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