Courteney Cox Shows Off Her ‘Friends’ Knowledge

Courteney Cox Shows Off Her ‘Friends’ Knowledge

– So “Head’s Up” is our game
that we have so much fun with, and everybody, I mean– this is, um, you better do well at this. This is a brand new deck. So this is available
for everyone to play, and it’s–the category
is “Friends,” all right? This is where it’s going to be
bad, because I won’t remember. – You’re going to remember this,
of course you’re going to know these things. So we have a fan and expert, our audience department manager,
Corey, is going to– come on over here, Corey. Corey’s going to give you
the clues, all right? And then, she’s going to give
you the clues, and you’re just going to guess,
okay? – The coffee shop you go to
every day. – Central Perk.
– Yep. Um, Joey–the actor who plays
Joey. – Matt LeBlanc.
– Yes. – You’re doing very well. – What Ross always says
about Rachel when they broke up. – We were on a break. – Yeah. Uh, the theme song
to the show. – “I’ll Be There For You.”
– Yeah. Your best friend.
– Rachel. – Yeah. Or, well, her– Phoebe’s most famous song
about the feline. – “Smelly cat.”
– Yeah. Joey’s saying, his catchphrase
to pick up women. – “How you doing?” – The soap opera Joey acted on. – Oh, shoot.
The “Days Of Our Lives?” – Yes.
– Okay. – Um, the neighbor who lived
across the street from you guys, always smiling,
never wearing clothes. – Ugly Tom.
– Not pretty. – Ugly, ugly Tom.
– Not wearing clothes. – He doesn’t have clothes on. – Ugly naked guy.
Ugly naked guy. – Um, they say–Ross says this
while lifting a couch up the stairs with Jennifer
and Joey. – Oh, it’s too tight.
– Turn. – Pivot. I was good at the game. – I know, you were really good. – Wow, that was fun. What a great game.
– I know. So this is now available.
People can play the game.

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  1. Time spent on the ellen show

    20% Ellen talking
    10% Guest talking
    70% Ellen’s audience clapping because Ellen took a breath

  2. Chandler : I wish i were a lesbian…..(pause)
    Did I say it loud…no😉😉😉😉
    Ross ; I just wanna married again……(.Rachel enters)
    Chandler : And I want a million dollars…
    Phoebe : I am the one who is always last to know…….******
    Looks like the second to last to know

  3. Watching this episode 100th times! Still not boreddd…i mean someone is showing offf in front of me and i am watching happiyy 😍

  4. Courteney cox.. I really love Monica..
    Monica's beauty and cuteness is really astonishing its like The perfect Woman ever a Man wants.. You are so beautiful Monica.! Mostly in those first 3 seasons.. Bcoz I have fallen in love for Monica.. seeing her those days.. That beauty comprises several meanings that makes me say.. "Ohh she is.. I would like to marry her" apart from any other girls in the series. Also my only favorite girl character in FRIENDS! 😘😊😊😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️✌️😘😍😍😍😍
    Really Do love Monica.. 💞💝💓

  5. Did she just say that Ross was lifting a couch with Jennifer and Joey. No girl it was not Joey or Jennifer IT WAS RACHEL AND CHANDLER!!!! watch properly

  6. The questions are too lame, easy and boring lol even the casual viewers of friends would easily score perfectly…
    it's the 90's Starbucks?–Central Perk
    A song from friends that isnt about human—Smelly Cat
    The only character who lead a flopped sitcom after friends–Matt
    A Playboy's catchphrase —How you doin'

    And so on and so forth…

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