Crawl (2019) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

Crawl (2019) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

(suspenseful music) (woman screaming) – [Governor] The state
of Florida has issued a category five hurricane warning. All residents must evacuate immediately. Grab your families, your loved ones, and get out. – [Haley] Dad! – [Governor] We won’t
be able to come for you. – [Haley] Dad? (creature groaning) (suspenseful music) Dad!? Oh, God. What happened? (woman screaming) – Haley, are you hurt? – I’m fine. Hello, can anybody hear me? I’m trapped with my father in our house in Coral Lake. – Haley! – Please send help! – [Wade] Haley? – Wade, down here! – Pete, do you hear that? – In less than an hour we’ll be under water. I’m banging on the pipes, it blurs their senses. – I can distract them for you. You got this! – You need to go, now! – I’m not leaving you here. (suspenseful music) (gun shots) – We’re in here! (breaking glass) (water surges) (gasping) Come on you son of a bitch. (suspenseful music)

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  1. What a fail trailer lol, showing directly what is the monster they are fighting against, so why should i even bother now to watch it in theaters? I ve seen it all in the trailer, tnx movie

  2. So gators don’t act in this way. Are we expecting these gators to have been some biological experiment?

  3. If you guys like this movie, for you readers out there, you might like a book my dad wrote called Aquasaurus. It's a similar premise about a killer crocodile and he wrote it way before this movie came out.

  4. A good movie. Really interesting how natural calamity and gator bitches combined and how long can you survive. That's what this movie is about!? #CrawlMovie #ParamountMovies

  5. PSA for Dog lovers: Yes the dog lives, and it does not get hurt. No other spoilers here, but for those of us whom that really bothers don't worry.

  6. people be down here complaining that the trailer showed the whole movie, and i'm not gonna argue or disagree. But in this case, this is one of those movies that if you ARE gonna go see it, you already know what you're signing up for anyway. Spoilers don't matter if you're going for the alligators killing people lmao

  7. ah yes a normal day in Florida but just gotta say this is inaccurate though. Crocodiles are mans best friend

  8. This is actually a really good movie! It's one of those fun movies that you can watch with your family & friends and just have a good time 🙂

  9. I got mad cause theres no crawl movie in the movie list
    im from philippines and I heard the movie crawl is now showing in aug 7 in our country

  10. Crawl says its better than Godzilla,even though Godzilla has a job while crawl just is an alligator or crocodile catching people!
    Godzilla is a big gigantic Lizard while Crawl is…Just this

  11. It's a true story about a chihuahua that rescues a whole neighbourhood from marauding alligators whilst also under attack from the house goldfish who turned rabid after eating a sour burger.

  12. Is anyone lived in Florida or knows something about those alligator's behavior? Can you tell this movie is realistic or not and why alligator in this movie didn't perform a "Death roll" (Ripped of it prey) but simply dragged away a women and tried to drown her instead? I still didn't watch the movie yet because it still not release in my country and I just asked for knowledge.

  13. Muy buena, tiene todo lo que necesitas para un par de horas para estar enganchados a la silla

  14. I just watched the movie. Not worth your time. The girl yelling 363847 times „daaaad“ was really annoying and the plot is bullshit and there is too much plot armor and they pretty much showed the whole movie in this trailer.

  15. This movie is GARBAGE! Pure GARBAGE! I know it’s just a movie but a lot of things was UNREALISTIC, the gators was behaving like sharks a behave in a shark movie, the main character is annoying af, she gets bit a few times but doesn’t lose any body part (just about everybody KNOWS if a gator grab something it’s pretty much getting tore apart) I don’t recommend this movie to anyone, shouldn’t even be allowed in any movie theater

  16. Spoiler alert!
    First of all they should have tried to go up the roof of the house rather than getting the boat
    Second because they waste their time getting the boat when the father was on the stair, he was rescuing the dog. Bro leave the dog mate he even lost his arm because he saved the dog.
    Third stop making stupid decisions all the time

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