CRAZY RICH ASIANS – Official Trailer

CRAZY RICH ASIANS – Official Trailer

Rach, we’ve been
dating for over a year now… and I think it’s about
time people met my beautiful girlfriend. What about us taking an
adventure east? Like Queens? Singapore. Colin’s wedding. Don’t you wanna meet
my family? I hardly know anything
about them. Every time I bring them up,
Nick changes the subject. Maybe his parents are poor, and
he has to send them money. We’ll take your bags and get you
checked into first class. Nick. We can’t afford this. – So you’re family is rich?
– We’re comfortable. That is exactly what a super
rich person would say. ♪ I want the money ♪ 1.2 million. ♪ That’s what I want♪ The Nick you’re dating
is Nick Young? Yeah. You guys know them
or something? Hells yeah. They’re just the biggest
developers in all of Singapore. ♪ That’s what I ♪ Damn, Rachel. He’s like the Asian
Bachelor. These people aren’t
just rich. They’re crazy rich. You really should’ve told
me that you’re like the Prince William
of Asia. That’s ridiculous. I’m much more of
a Harry. Mum, this is Rachel Chu. She just thinks you’re
some, like, unrefined banana. No, no, no. Those are for your
fingers. Yellow on the outside,
white on the inside. ♪ Do something crazy ♪ I chose to raise
a family. For me, it was a privilege. But for you… you may think
it’s old-fashioned. Don’t you want Nick
to be happy? I know you’re not what
Nick needs. She’s, like, trying to play a
game of chicken with me… thinking I’m going to swerve
like a chicken. But you can’t swerve. You gonna roll up
and be, like… “Bak-bak, bitch!” Okay maybe like not
as aggressive. I met a girl, I fell in love,
and I want to marry her. You’re Nicholas Young. You’re untouchable. But Rachel’s not. Have you prepped Rachel to
face the wolves? ♪ You know I’m back
like I never left ♪ I really admire you. It takes guts coming all
the way over here, facing Nick’s family. ♪ Another day,
another breath ♪ I know this much. You will never be
enough. You know, it’s about time
someone stood up to Aunty Eleanor. Well, you, not me. Oh, God! She can’t know I
was ever here. ♪ I feel glorious,
glorious ♪ ♪ Got a chance
to start again ♪ ♪ I was born for this,
born for this♪ Ever since I could
remember, my family has been
my whole life. Rachel. Rachel! If Nick chose me, he would
lose his family. And if he chose his
family… He might spend the rest of his
life resenting you. You nasty.
You kinda nasty… You got nastier. ♪ Glorious, glorious ♪ ♪ Got a chance
to start again ♪

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  1. Great movie! but there are like tons of movies and soap operas in asia that have the same plot as this lol

  2. Rubbish 3/10. Do rich families really look down on people of they aren't making 6 figure salary a year

  3. Why do so many Asians pretend to be more superior than Black Americans, yet COPY our style…..lingo…, etc.!? It's CLEAR who I'm talking about, in this trailer. And I have 40 YEARS of VIDEOS, FILMS, LITERATURE, PHOTOS, MUSIC….to validate my statement.

  4. Why do many sources describe this film as a comedy? It's a drama with a bit of humour in it. Describing it as a comedy-drama would be pushing it – to describe it as a comedy is dishonest. It's not particularly lighthearted either.

  5. The story is lame. In all Asian series, they are all like this, nothing new. Rich guy fell in love with the poor girl. The rich mom doesn't approve. At the end they are together. Boring….

  6. I'm sure this movie is very appealing women as its basically everyone girls fantasy to suddenly find out their boyfriends are super rich.

  7. idk why my fav part is when her friends family find out she’s dating nick young and they like keep going on about him. just love how she didn’t know him and that’s the type of girl he needed

  8. They called me and my friend crazy rich asians accept your both rich and I had forgot about this movie and we were on our phones and I was like oh fuck that's what they meant

  9. I stood next to Michelle Yeoh at a taxi rank in Jakarta last year. I think it was at Plaza Senayan (or Senayan City). Cool that she didn’t need a whole security crew.

  10. Here's momma Michelle Yeoh being a real "bad mamma" w/ JACKIE CHAN many moons ago before being crazy and on the bridge. Love her 4 sure.

  11. Watch Crazy Rich Asians ——–>

  12. Does Asian mean only Chinese , Japanese , Malaysians , Koreans or Vietnamese ?? There's more to Asia than only these races , what about Indians , Pakistani , Bangladeshi , Afghani … Asia is nothing without them all

  13. I watched this movie today and I swear I LOVED IT!!!!!
    Everyone, it's a must watch. Specially Asians, you should watch it cause being an Asian myself I could so much relate to it at times.

  14. When the wedding scene came and when Rachel and Nick were staring at each other It was the best moment and the song which was playing in the background Ahhh I couldn't hold up my tear I was sooooooooooo emotional It is the best romantic movie I have seen in awhile

  15. Trịnh Diễm Lệ

  16. I'm literally dying for China Rich Girlfriend a.k.a the sequel. I can't wait to see Harry Shum Jr as Astrid's ex – fiance who will turn into her love interest🥰

  17. OMG does every ethnic movie have to start with how they are oppressed by the White man? Jesus. Some of the most racist people I have ever met were Asians. What do they have to say about that????

  18. ha I popped on here hoping to see Gemma Chan as I heard she was in this movie, talk about barely in the trailer:) hope she is in the movie more I heard she stole the show

  19. it's about love . not just love of spouse, but love of family, love of friends, love of humanity for each other when you stop looking at the "stuff" and just see people in their struggle to be strong when we are all so fragile. ants, really. our stuff is dust and we are mere ants. it wasn't about the pretty people, the superb acting, the gorgeous scenery, but people doing what they think is best and struggling even in the face of pain and doubt. we are all God's children, country, ethnicity, customs are just decorations. we are just mere mortal creations, trying to figure out what we should be doing in this paradise.

  20. CRA: Every Family Has its Crazy
    End Game: Summer Begins With The End Game.
    Godzilla: Only One Can Be KING.

    Best quotes of the Movie 😍

  21. The only crazy rich asian in Singapore is minister…esp prime minister..earning millions of dollars and expect to have that luxury kind of living..where citizen become poorer and poorer. Agree?

  22. For people who keep saying wow it took Hollywood this long, don’t cry for more movies that focus on a cast change. Focus on making actually good movies, like this one.

  23. My one pet peeve about the movie is the layout. This is the biggest asian movie america has seen in a while. I would not have made it materialistic focusing on the luxury and glam and rich. I would've focused it on the deeper side of Asian culture: the monks. Nothing exudes Asian culture deeper than that. Their spiritual seriousness truly is enviable.

  24. After being inpired by hall of mirror in versaille now i've become an ultimate lifeform who can eat a whole bucket of familiy size macaroni and cheese in one sitting

  25. I watched this!! It’s like Hollywood movies with Asian faces!! So it’s like Singaporean’s don’t have their own culture, every thing is western


  27. just watched here in the philippines on cable channel its' a very good movie well represented of asians actor/actress us like ms. kris aquino.

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