Creative Wifi Passwords – Naveen Richard | Stand Up Comedy

One of the things I find most frustrating is when people come to my house and they ask me for my Wi-Fi password and then I give them my Wi-Fi password. They use it for a little while and then be like… , “Dude your internet is damn slow dude. Dude which internet connection do you use? You should use my connection. It’s damn good, dude.” I’m like, “What kind of an ungrateful Wi-Fi vulture are you, man? Coming into my house and asking for my Wi-Fi…. Complaining about it.” Imagine I went to their house , they gave me some food right? I was all like.. “Dude your food’s damn salty dude today. Dude, which mom do you use dude? Which mom do you use, dude? Use my mom. She’s great.” For cooking I mean, God dammit. I’ve come up with some creative Wi-Fi passwords you know. Where I’m giving them the Wi-fi password But I’m not really giving them them the Wi-Fi password. Here is my idea for a creative Wi-Fi password. Password number one is, ‘Give me 500 bucks.’ Yeah! “Hey what’s your Wi-Fi password?” “Give me 500 bucks.” “For what?” “For what what?” “Why should I give you 500 bucks?” “You want to give me 500 bucks?” No! Then? “What’s your Wi-Fi password?” “Give me 500 bucks.” “Why are you being so cheap dude?” My next idea for a creative Wi-Fi password… …is all caps, ‘N O O O O, exclamation mark, exclamation mark.’ If anyone’s like, “Hey! What’s your Wi-Fi password?” “NOOOO!!!!” “Sorry!” My last idea for a creative Wi-Fi password is ‘12345678sorrysorry123456.’ “What’s your Wi-Fi password, dude?” “It’s 12345678sorrysorry123456.” “123456 is not working.” “No it’s 12345678sorrysorry123456.” “If you don’t want to give me just tell me.” “If you don’t want it, then go man!”

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