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  1. I like how the hulking space monster chokes the dude at the end & throws him meanwhile every other encounter before that was basically an instant 'you're f**ked" 😊
    Also like how the opening & closing of hatches sound like blaster shots from star wars.
    The cleaned up version looks so much better but it excludes the awesome opening narration I've noticed. Currently you can watch it on TubiTv.

  2. This film has characters with names including Beth Sladen, Davison, Jon (with no 'h'), and Susan. One of the writers must've been a Doctor Who fan I reckon.

  3. I need help finding a movie, had to have came out in the late 80's, maybe sometime in the early 90's
    All I remember is at the beginning there was a toxic chemical spill, a animal or person touched it and then it had turned them in a monster/creature and it remained in the tunnels/underground and it would feed off of people.
    I think near the end, they tracked it down in the tunnel and killed it. They used to air it on the USA network all the time back in the mid 90's.

    Hopefully there is a person out there who knows enough about older scifi/horror films who can help me find it again.

  4. These movies are so much fun to watch again, you can always know it's either 70's or 80's, 1 was a teenager in the 70's, so this is so typical, but you haft to admit, they were getting alot better at special effects, the older movies were way off in special effects, and now it's just like real life events, even animated films, progress

  5. 1:08:30 the movie the woman is referring to is the 1951 film "The Thing From Another World". Love it when a sci fi movie mentions another movie. "Creature" is a very good flick even for a knock-off there are still good elements.

  6. At four minutes in, the monster goes up his ass and there is no way I would turn this off now for any reason.

  7. Not a feminist Agenda movie. In this movie the woman actually cried in despair. No silly BITCHES jumping around and shouting orders to men.

  8. What a load of drivel. Not even the first thing, as they go to land in an unknown location and take no basic precautions like bracing themselves so they can be thrown about all over the place as the ship crashes. Who thinks up this weak rubbish?

  9. Did you notice that during the opening narration, the text says, "… two multi-national corporations have invested heavily in space."
    But the voiceover says, "… two multi-national corporations have invested in heavily in space."
    This was the first indication of the very high production values to come!

  10. "Is it dead?"
    "Well, I'm just standing here looking at a life form I don't know anything about, lying on the ground. I don't know how to check for a pulse on it. I don't even know if it has a pulse. I don't know how to check to see if it's still breathing. I don't even know if it breathes. … But yeah, I'll say it's dead."

    Wow, people in the future will still be stupid.

  11. Like a scene for scene remake of Alien without any of the good scenes, actors and a $15 joke shop monster.

  12. Кино моей юности. Покупала на видео-кассете. И взахлёб смотрела раз по сто.

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