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you [Music] you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] out of the way any chance of yours truly picking up some change laughing Dylan what do you mean nothing doing but to just come in you get all your guys out and Josh I can unload it all by myself of your one I told you have no way why not it’s nothing personal I’m just following the boss’s orders and who is the boss ask them [Applause] trouble no it’s just asking him if there’s any chance of picking up a job dig yeah just kick back 30 percent yeah but we give you the 30 percent it won’t be nothing left I gotta eat already you’re too fat keep slim it’s better for your health now get moving writing write only okay go to the toilet in there I can’t go to the toilet you know it makes me get nervous I’m happy hey so good [Music] sighs now why did you tell me there was a Carter Chuck [Music] have a nice day take passing not now we got other fish to fry you’ll get another car yes [Music] [Music] [Music] sorry crap did you see what that guy went yeah he was running toward the exit to the port hey you okay I’ve been better I don’t know how you did it but thanks anyway you’re a buddy I prefer to help someone who considers me a friend and not just another chop suey is there anything I can do for you don’t worry it’s a small world sooner or later one meets again [Applause] [Music] out of the way a chief I’ve got my stomach go to my backbone got any work for me join a union [Applause] give me a break as afraid of they’re waiting to be unloaded get lost [Music] dumping wrong miss Teresa wants work listen spell you flap your wings on out of here unless you want to wear them in a sling did you call me a sparrow yeah hmm did you say they’re gonna break my wings yeah that’s what I thought let’s [Applause] you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] wrong get another car yes boots [Music] look Mac you’re on the wrong side trucks to the right put your blinker on back up and make way hey you’re just gonna walk away ah your chicken I hate it when they got chickens out – big yellow belly [Music] you tried to scare me take it walk you big banana yeah my wait a little gas bag me and all of your wake you stay here [Music] [Music] will do boss in the office [Applause] [Music] [Music] okay let’s go move sorry boys [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] that’s doing a pretty good job [Music] [Music] should I get another cardboard hamat taxi you know buddy we got a lot in common I’m med curry I’m not that’s a nice name a little short maybe what did you bet not that hard it’s a question of toilet bowls oh that makes a lot of sense you can’t fool around with toilets and now that I’ve told you the story my life go take a walk [Music] I’ll be seeing you big banana you have any reason for hanging around here no shove off then [Music] district police sergeant Adams may help you oh you sure can there’s a bomb just about to commit suicide the Rochester Street canal bridge Thanks I’ll notify the morgue but he hasn’t done it yet one for the lollipop this guy’s a regular bulldozer what to be here is it coming he’ll jump yeah that’s perfect got some business for the loony bin there he is pull over hi there hi how’s it going fine uh-huh kind of a nice day isn’t it very nice pretty hot though he’s right audits help you’re hot in that jacket why don’t you try on this one last word okay are you from the loony bin by any chance no wait a minute I’m the guy who called the police what the crazy guys over there he’s an 18-wheeler is he dangerous it’s like a lamb it’s just got this thing about toy phones toilet bones yeah he says you can trust them once they make today what’s to end it all mysteries of the human psyche yeah the gas right what’s that sleeping gas one whip and he were browsing off like a bear in hibernation great yes stay here might be dangerous okay hi nice town sure is cool is a town it’s a big toilet bowl the gentleman said it it’s a toilet bowl I don’t get the comparison modern toilet bowls are masterpieces of engineering which this town sure isn’t they may be masterpieces but where’s the joy of answering the call of nature it’s sunrise in the country or by a flowing stream at sunset oh when times have changed I have nothing against the toilet bowls of today how about you mister neither sorry but I can’t stand his church like you your broom Nant i social hey what’s that can out in there well not exactly would you like to try this on [Music] [Music] [Applause] George hey Bernie how long does it take to cook two hamburgers man they’re ready now if you want a bra what were you saying I’m tired of looking for a job well it wouldn’t take much to change our life like that hmm what do you mean an armored car there was a table for the supermarket every week they go to service though not the main entry and [Music] hey birdie god it’s hot today nice cold beer boys no nothing alcoholic we’re on duty a coke oh when you’re on duty you drink huh know where you’re from I was born in Venice Italy and what are you doing here yeah vacation no sir I’m a naturalized US citizen this makes sixteen sixteen don’t eat like Canaries what’s your top speed well if you can stay on about 130 miles per hour a hundred and thirty hey don’t suppose you could don’t let me try one out rate not listen the police force you’ll get a chance we’ve been thinking of that haven’t we hey we need guys who are on the ball hey you don’t forget it girl where did you catch like the weight first oh I don’t feel good already 516 units 2112 and 2111 throw roadblocks [Music] that took off like a coupla Rockets how many employees are there in a supermarket silly and in the office a parable made what we actually need is a couple guns all we need is a couple of fingers oh I got those okay friend I’ll see you Friday morning not so fast partner from now on we gonna cat one big shadow that’s Oh as my old man always said if you have a friend you can trust don’t trust if it’s one you can trust blindly and watch out well I mean if you’ve got the blind friend well anyway my old man had the whole thing down hat [Music] [Music] Jews were in here let’s get going and make believe it annoy hey boys oh hi hi hi well is a great day come yet yeah well maybe he isn’t quite sure yet well you’ll never regret it you’re well off with the police yeah by the way did you catch those boys who robbed the pawn shop yeah you bet 15 minutes after he got the cold they were lying on a table down at the morgue and by afternoon their rotten brains were floating in formaldehyde in the criminal museum serve them right that’ll teach him mmm right yeah they don’t get no pity from others hmm well Salaam yeah so so long so long yeah take care see you later nice guys they’ll remember this Friday for a long time you pay let’s put it off until the next Friday no I got a dime just watch how your partner fixes things partner you do [Music] [Music] he’d call if the bank we go through with it the armored car be here in two minutes I can’t the police and told them there was a suspicious-looking guy hanging around the jewelry shop on 24th Street why watch hey yes mightor the nice lush i’ve crime in my blood this is it Keep Calm I don’t go smooth don’t worry as soon as the job’s done we’re gonna have some fun in Florida we’re already in Florida we’re in in Florida Hey [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] your gun ready ready yeah this is a holdup reach for the ceiling you better say your voice is stronger hmm he caused them a real nice day isn’t it may you the phone get the door yes sir well boy did you come to join up actually it’s an important step we’re taking so we wanted to check out the situation first before it wow you’re in the wrong place this is the administration office oh this is administration mm yeah the recruiting office is in back of us in Atlantic Street and back of us I told you so I told him it was in Atlantic City then well if you hurry around there you’ll find captain McBride in first people hurry fine hi fellas how are ya well look who’s here so you’ve made up your minds finally huh we wanted to be sure where you going was it captain there bride you can go through the office it’s quicker oh we can sure he says it’s quicker mm-hmm it’s quicker hey what’s Bali here been up to armed robbery some honest citizen called us and told us about suspicious-looking character on 24th Street we nabbed him on the spot uh-oh you through the report I’ll show these boys away to the boss no worry we’ll find it no bother come on I’ll take you to old Papa McBride come on let’s go so long your round right there must be a real nice guy come on morning captain fine where’d you catch them actually they came by themselves uh-huh well now if you think my turn yourselves in it’s gonna help you it’s not tell the judge to forget that and throw the book at your tears of misunderstanding captain these boys are here to enroll in the police force here’s their application poems in the files we have on them uh-huh so who you want to be policeman do you first thing you’re gonna have to do is shave why cuz I don’t like whiskers now you’re uh Wilbur Walsh oh no that’s him I’ve got nothing to do with that I just met it ah said here that says here that you’ve kicked out of Canada for fightin destroying property and resisting arrest did you say Canada sir that’s what it says Canada yeah oh yeah remember now I was working as a lumberjack ruff ready the only friend you have in here axe always ISIL I didn’t know wood walls nothing work so I know Saturday night you went into town raise hell between boys and chicks you know fight starts up you don’t know why she stays go don’t you no no I’m a Baptist I don’t drink yeah I knew it now you’re uh Matthew Kirby you can call me mad captain appreciate it now what does this mean says here that you was disqualified for being aggressive disqualified from one from baseball I was playing with a red foxes then red foxes of Okeechobee yeah and it was a great team – I do that team captain you want to know my side of the story yeah there was his real pride on fire who called me out on face I protect he wouldn’t let me try punched him in the mouth who knows where that bastard is now that’s a good thing in the round anymore because if only I could get my hands on him Mike would you like his address you know where he is he lives with me he’s my brother-in-law huh no kidding she had like to apologize to him he was right after all he’s got a great eye and nothing goodbye what do you think boys will be boys who hasn’t had one-on-one time or another and besides everybody calls your brother-in-law names hey partner how do I look best like this or like this thank you sighs not for me thanks come on Oh sighs you take Oh sighs ex ex ex ex large bead flat 14 and a half 14 and a half tell me those gunboats are full of feet try these and if they don’t go I’ll get some pontoons for you next [Music] crime in my blood ha you can’t win them all Kenya anyway we flunked the final exam and screw the mountain 20 weasel training pay you think those trainings gonna be a picnic you got another thought coming and 20 weeks time I’m gonna teach you how to make a proper arrest how to drive a car at 200 miles an hour how to tell the difference between marijuana and parsley and short I’m gonna turn you into super goddamn cops in exchange for that the taxpayers are gonna give you to earn $50 a week they’re gonna give you a paid vacation a Christmas bonus beautiful uniform a lot of respect and esteem addition to that that’s the end of 20 weeks time you’re gonna love me like your own father how are we and [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so he should be here instead of here [Music] [Music] hands out of the window step out of the car step away from the car hates me down on your knees lie down on your stomach arms out to the sides palms up bring your head to the side [Music] good job Fred now that was a correct procedure for making an arrest what [Music] come on let’s go I taught him that one very good Kirby very good captain that’s all you ever shoot before me [Music] ready on the firing line don’t you to me to the target you bastard [Applause] not one bull guys okay why are you gonna do better did you learn a shoe like that I’ve got bulletin tonight right now boys forgot her for bed your training is almost over naturally we have left the best for the last now we’re really going to see if you got the guts to be policemen are you ready done any time you are want some gum what flavor from Aldo I hate from out the height and now boys I would like to show you you forgot to thaw out heat as hard as a rock last night I moved myself from the freezer to the humidifier think the thermos has broken I’m sorry captain we’ll have to postpone it sorry boys the party’s off a gentleman declined our invitation did he Chinese Cathy I would say so what happened to it well we really don’t know we founded by dr. 16 last night full of left I knew with that guy mmm-hmm where don’t appear 16 just before I met you was he already horizontal nor vertical actually diagonal he was bent over carrying a big box he acted like was afraid of something he helped me out though maybe he was a wharf rat did he have any identification no it’s just wearing a dirty shirt and a greasy pair of pants gonna tell the captain yeah it’s better to stay outside of these things I’m sorry about that mom don’t should I ask you to do one little thing and you can talk me like yeah I get the hell out of here yeah asshole is the homicide squad dealing with this captain no no the whole force and if any of you have any ideas you’re free to work on them don’t forget you need my advice my door is always open I like to help the young hey were you two cellmates well the chyme really mm-hmm you will want a truck grab em will ya he brought the lumber into the penitentiary at one time I asked him for a ride and I got the picture don’t worry and busted a couple of years why don’t you have a Stein seeing on the water if I say it’s broken we’ll put money in it do you mind if I take a ride go ahead awkward huh no watch your real Turkey on crutches Oh [Music] [Laughter] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] well [Applause] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] ends up yogi hands up yogi I said hands up hey mister he can’t hear you he’s a deaf mute deaf mute hey this guy really is deaf he probably does you look in peace for a guy he’s a half-wit shut up you and me tell I know their sign language okay let make it snappy Kim are you Oh what do you say he says you better take off otherwise is gonna shove your head up you can t see I’ve got him covered sure Hey [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh come on do yourself a favor what job [Laughter] [Music] what can I do now the rectum places weight nations for the damages there you go mom mom hi oh that’s nice thank you our territory now still get out and stay out so yours Brown I don’t know what to say uh-huh ah a hamburger and french fries I ordered them an hour ago hey that’s right there we go [Applause] [Music] who’s missing watch is missing sir here he comes now captain take your time waltz take your time we’ve got all day reducer didn’t I tell you to shave no sir oh yes sir he did tell you I heard him Thank You Kirby put your glasses away get a haircut right men I have good news or bad news the good news is you’ve all passed you’re on a police force the bad news is I will accept no reservations for at least six months I will make exceptions of course for those killed in the line of duty now for your assignment Nelson that white car 75 white in charge McGovern and O’Hara are 64 O’Hara in charge Kirby I won’t come on 33 Kirby in charge I didn’t tell him to put us together are you so much did you cut me off this is a police car what did you do watch copy what happened what happened what happened most as I was coming out those two jerks cut me off what sorry – none right captain look we’ve got here Jim McCoy and Tom crane we’ve been looking for these guys for months see that when I saw who was in the car rammed it I thought what of that and a shootout in the middle of the street good thinking Kirby good thinking you all right wolf take a lesson from your partner quick thinking always pays off take Carl Evan go back to work talk about beginner’s luck beginner’s luck I call it good training get this mess cleaned up sergeant things are kind of slow would you say to a burger and fries right on headquarters calling card 32118 quarters corn car 3211 wouldn’t you know with it you guys 3211 to come on back have a disturbance reported on the corner of James and Ted swing by check it out ten-four [Music] knock it off break it fling out here my old man dropped dead on the stairs from a stroke this lousy creep stole the false keeper out of his mouth and sold him for $9 all this versus for a little thing like that well seeing as how our brothers you want to split it with me yeah he’s got a point it’s not right I found him first that’s enough gonna miss chair [Music] oh by the way is it true that the university pays 20 bucks first it yeah it’s got to be fresh I will just have to call an ambulance so who’s gonna pay for it marecus thank you hey you know what I got to me five bucks – the way we put up a five-year great 3211 calling headquarters and an ambulance over to James tree there’s a customer for the morgue Hey look at that 32:11 calling headquarters check this place for me 1ww 2 3 6 8 1 check person hot-sheet and give me the owner how much that’s the time keeper make sure enough to go around with a beautiful babe in a car like that where does he get all his money hey what is calling 3211 suspect vehicle registered name of Fred shine 2016 Palm Beach Drive that reported stolen ten-four I’m gonna follow fine mess you made get your driver’s license ready lady now who’s gonna tell the old man Kirby in church I’m sorry captain I don’t know what the hell was going on I’m gonna be so dumb that’s what I want to know how I wasn’t watching get the hell out of here [Music] isn’t there supposed to be a door on both sides you don’t miss a trick hey chief I couldn’t help noticing what happen I just gave this lady a ticket we’re getting back in our car when these two big cars came right at us I just managed to jump on the hood of time who could be wanting to get you friends of the Chinaman yet enemies of the Chinaman obviously honestly do you happen to know think you could could you keep an eye on pier 16 pier 16 exactly my thought exactly my thought very good Kirby thanks captain and we give on with our investigation well of course I’m uh I’m handling just personally but don’t forget if you have any toys or whistle just knock your say this is a home that your waste you honey yeah well things worked out anyway if you ask me the worst me a stick of gum sure [Music] I chewed it all [Music] [Applause] [Music] can I help you yes you can I’m looking for 601 Pacific Street please did you say Pacific Street it’s uh it’s on the other side of town but they tell me it with me here all the way all wrong believe me it did a bus that goes to Pacific Street no I’m sorry but I can take you there I was just going that way myself and and besides it’s part of our duty the taxpayer has to go to the other side of town a police office obliged to give her a lift may I [Music] yeah it’s very interesting job sometimes even dangerous but we’re ready to make sacrifices to help a taxpayer not very honorable what you do what’s life in exchange for helping others nothing you policemen have the chivalry of the ancient samurai or less only we don’t go around parrots or what did you say oh I was just saying you’re right [Music] it’s lovely here yes you’re very beautiful if you don’t mind my asking what are you doing here in Miami [Music] now where was I oh I said to myself if I don’t intervene now I won’t stand a chance so I smashed through the wall with a car then jumped out with my gun drawn and arrested all 36 of them alone why sure who is it it’s me Cecilie Susie come in please come in thank you did you finish your Joyride look this is a very interesting case I’ll make it interesting if you don’t come back to earth you’re mine please come in please please convey Susie Li honorable grandfather these honorable gentlemen are pleased why is he looking at me like that same Miglin 80-column a beautiful Mahal nigma come to learn we learn he’ll agree to newman-green your tea should allow my honourable grandfather says it’s difficult to read your car like eyes but he feels that the Great Dragon is good and that the tiger cub is sharp and quick-witted Thank You tiger cubs sure know their stuff please sit down thank the old fisherman but the big dragon in the alley cat it’s hard to get back to the street please please sit down I guess you don’t know but the young lady’s uncle better say the breadwinner of this famiiy right he left a month ago for shanghai and since then not a word nothing he always sent word the moment he arrived but this time nothing nothing well why don’t you expect your uncle back right in a few days but my honorable grandfather says that the moon is not laughing and that’s a bad sign oh well we see what we can do but we need something to go on I’ll give you his picture that’s a good idea we’re in business not wait a moon laugh this is a picture of my uncle yeah this is notice with able to end up see you soon yeah Thanks Brutus they didn’t have nothing with him maybe was still in time let’s go I must have been born at froggy to yourself huh yeah Freddie give me a job in the doc that they had never met you’d sure even find the friend find the treasure do you find you find himself a cop six months go by like nothing we’re not ugly celibate [Music] [Music] [Music] we’re speeding it I don’t worry I’ll take care of everything they’re under my jurisdiction hey we got ourselves a VIP did you say via a dream we give him a rough time would be bounced off the foursome two minutes flat opposite huh I admit we were going a little fast but we’re in an awful hurry you see we were going to put your hands out of the window don’t make any sudden moves come out facing me come on over there down on your knees down on your stomach stretch out your arms palms up turn your head the other way legs up now what I can’t remember Jenna stand up you bums what’s the meaning of aces make one more move or you’ll be pushing up daisies let’s smell your breath you smell like a brewery you’re in big trouble pal real big it’s you were in trouble I’ll guarantee your life you shut up give me your driver’s license Miami Club Rotary Club Country Club golf you’re big on the contour club’s head pain hip I’ll have you kicked off the force for this you’ll see haha pick off the words I’ll buy you a drink if you can what is this that’s the pass to the governor’s mansion oh yeah what do you do there empty garbage no I’m the lieutenant governor you hear that he’s a lieutenant governor oh that’s so terrific huh hmm speeding and drunken driving you let some talking to do with the district attorney when I go your ass I hold that office I’m the district attorney and I’ll see that you are ruined for this oh he said this it attorney congratulations I’ll keep this you take it easy at five o’clock you come to the 16th district with a couple of good lawyers you don’t want to spend the rest of your day behind bars alright give me such pleasure to see you guys no no I hope so why sure he’ll promise you that now don’t move on oh I pray to my office we’ll see contests are chrome right out of any state I won’t how much nice going partner will he be off to for the next to no time you say this voices stronger mr. Scarface is here so don’t become in hey boss yeah foot got back all of them alright good one more thing we saw them two cops from the docks coming out of the chinks house just before we went in that’s funny why chief yeah it’s not a job for a cop on the beat this business smells of the narcotics pier to me why don’t they take care of them and add the entire state police force on our tails yeah six months in our Hospital being up okay boys what do you say Geronimo me $200 to bust up a couple of cops in uniform seems stingy to me it’ll be our first offence you understand you heard the judge what have we throwing some good stuff with it 200 bucks what do we do to him huh just put him in a wheelchair for six months [Music] he’s on the warpath 32:11 is all ears yes chief hi when did you two was hassling the lieutenant governor hey the Lord’s it’s April everybody or am I wrong that’s just what I told him they called me a few minutes ago said they were treated like a couple of delinquents they wanted me to suspend you from the force that’s what they promised us I’ll raise so much hell they’ll have to resign you did exactly the right thing is it worth it to go against two big ass politicians you don’t understand we were in the wrong and I cried out you and your great ideas [Applause] [Applause] I scream I only have vanilla left hey Cheerilee nobody makes vanilla like he does well give him a taste you like it it’s easy for you copper you take advantage of your uniform okay four o’clock parking lot orange ball [Music] [Music] [Music] yes hey one of them is already split 100 bucks for me and you keep the rest [Applause] [Music] [Applause] right 32 power right power [Applause] remember the [Applause] what’s your real name Ronnie mo John Philip horse is an unusual name for an Indian okay John Philip Forsyth why don’t you tell us who sent you I can’t think of anything I’d rather do well no yeah sure boss I think so he’ll be here any minute yeah I’ll call you when he comes okay Hey he’s crazy come on hey good [Applause] Oh [Music] [Applause] why Geronimo spill the beans missed your animal you don’t know no he did a pretty dumb when it’s smarter than we think do you hear the noise it made those two are trying to pull off something big that’s why they didn’t arrest Geronimo you’re ending in you when’s the next load coming in Friday and we got to distract their attention getting busy till Saturday night well I’ll find a way now she’ll find a way what can I do on your sisters I have a little job for me oh that’s nice curly oh you day was happy wrong with the old geezer I’ve been robbed rod last night Helen laughter who left where they steal the mice the kids rag dolls rag dolls yes all of them then they turned a house upside down they said there should have been another one my uncle brought them from Shanghai he would always bring something when he came back from a trip you remember the name of the ship he was owned a man on econia on the Japs hit him shut up man more day he says if the Great Dragon follows the tiger cub he’ll find a truth mmm Ella Bishop that the big dragon father’s time cat once they got screwed for doing it you got it I don’t understand he says he agreed with grandfather bye I have to keep an eye on the dragon you know something funny know what that Chinaman is following us around that’s funny first the steam in the port that in the morgue then but pure chant we go to his house I get the feeling and taking a personal interest in the case okay you only gonna do now and let us know who killed why oh that’s asking too much hi hi time you have heard to see your mother-in-law wiseass hey where my french fries France headquarters calling 3211 come in 32 11 32 11 is all ears there’s a car stalled on Cedar Street and check it out ten-four you better get going hmm you better get going why me Kirby in charge yeah don’t you forget it [Music] [Music] Wow [Music] move your ass what’s up – beautiful blonde for me wow he’s beautiful you take the boy I’ll look after the big [Music] I’d like you to meet our specialist mentor Berber wash yes miss Angie Angie Crawford Angie Angie Crawford hello Galina cock she lava hello Galina and that’s their car you think you can fix it I think the trouble is over here okay let’s take a look I see you know just where to put your hands you ain’t seen nothing yet got Lena Oh [Music] I love your uniform oh thank you yeah pretty tough being a policeman even dangerous but exciting at the same time I’m sure yeah do you live around here oh no I’m from Philadelphia you see I’m the countess’s guessed the countess yes my friend ganene is a countess no kidding a countess oh yes she’s Russian and she has a lovely place here in Miami Oh it was the cable to the battery see how good he is he’s wonderful you’re just too much Wilbur he’s a good dancer too well thank you so much for helping us we don’t for how to show our gratitude do you think we can have you as our guest at the villa this weekend well your treasure 2016 2016 Palm Beach dry Beach it’ll be another foot catchable we can count on it Kalina till Friday afternoon man till Friday yeah G okay ba right now da svidaniya what how about helpers Russian countess’s can smoke with one of these things is beyond me oh here they come hey whiskers going to the door with you remember that if the gentleman will come in that’s why we came may I have your hats why well I should think daddy in the house think again hmm if he gentlemen will come this week hey we got a date with two seals not with a penguin buddy so I advise princess Molly to buy this castle but it was just so hot outside that we felt we just had to take a dip in the pool oh we oh my Oh either for you oh thank you very much yeah you know your tactic yeah don’t have to water them last for years this is gonna last two minutes well we will get into something more comfortable and meanwhile make yourselves at home thank you don’t worry the only time you want but don’t be long huh Hey look at this what this picture we seen her before somewhere you remember Fred the timekeeper sure who’s this girl that’s white and this is his house mm-hmm 2016 Palm Beach Drive liberal why cause they don’t want us nosing around that’s why and now what yeah listen I’m hungry first we eat dinner and then we’ll see you got a point you lang listen whiskers cut out the French crappin loosen your garters now I want you to bring some booze lots of booze and drink there to keep the wine flowing get it good in an hour they’ll be drunk of guns hey did you catch that no the one do it have drunk soon how do you hold your liquor well first we’ll gallinger’s okay we’ll have to allocate get rambunctious what about you huh you’re kidding I was weaned on whiskey my Bloods 86 proof mm-hmm hey where do we forgive him you took a good way with murder sister you’re impatient well there’s a point at Harlan well shall we drink to our meeting I’m with you well in there then no no no let’s just hang on a feed that’s a good idea let’s go huh please hey Gwen hey come on stop it doesn’t love leaving isn’t it yeah then call for the feedback please don’t a penguin Oh [Music] how about that did you counter-strike yeah she sure did you may sell dinner now Pierre wheeler hold it hold it we miss you oh yeah what at the convenience store but it’s good whiskey anyway merci Monsieur but I don’t think shut up and drink wheat to our meeting today oh very good shall we drink vodka our bad hi Jade a sophisticated brought over there in the picture oh yeah she using Patti she’s not into a police Prince Molotov bommalattam Oh the guy who invented the Molotov cocktail that’s a great that’s a terrific drink it really helps you to keep you more now here’s the Molotov volatile volatile I don’t drink shut up and drink I don’t like with you slosh it down very very good Kannada home started whoops miss you give me oh sorry and she comes chief are you sure it’s a white lady yeah give me a signal but a diner shit-faced cops are in circulation again the goods will be stashed and ship out to sea again want to take it to the usual place I found a much better place they’re going [Music] [Music] you see that I got some stuff through customs I don’t see anything suspicious everything there is suspicious again [Music] let’s go [Music] they are loading morning pins yeah let’s follow Fred’s car [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] Hey I seen there is Park [Music] now what we wait [Music] what are you doing here we’re on duty but with the beard no you look kind of suspicious I’ve been following you can I help you in any way well if you’re hanging around here you want a favor let’s go our face twice once twice twice once twice blunt Open Sesame we have some fun Hey look I bought yeah you were right the Chinaman wants a war Pratt he’s taller but didn’t know what’s in them yeah I know you say hands up because your voice is stronger yeah I thought you said it was only five not as 18 good the one behind your boss come on come on come on check the buyers pockets hey job there must be at least 100 grand keeping covered couldn’t we talk this over no Fred there’s a dead man involved it’s so funny yeah guns are unloaded hey did you know you just told me to clean him mm-hmm and I’m supposed to follow his orders well maybe the phone please no [Music] look what I got for you [Music] much of a Novelli awesome down called it the punch to the belly hey book they will eat you guys hang around outside [Music] Hey hey Wilbur give me a hand now you’re gonna break my wings that’s right Pharaoh [Music] still like the old Saturday night brawls our Walter what happened here son have a look in the office that office hi I immediately lost I’ve seen these two creeps hanging around our back I know something’s wrong the minute I’ve seen Abu bad come on well a little fling with the police force it’s over we’re rich no I’m rich what do you mean you rabbit you did a wonderful job Kirby wonderful job there was nothing chief take care of their sergeant it’s evidence yes you know Walsh in the beginning I didn’t think you were going to amount to a dam that’s why we’re gonna hand in our resignation ha ha ha the only thing you’re gonna hand in is a complete report tonight in my office Kermie did I tell him to shave more than one sir I thought so [Music] oh please come in hi hi hi no hi it’s a pleasure to see you again please sit down no thanks Ron Judy this is for the kids thank you thank you it’s good to see the children smile again Oh Mon hi I’m a ho y’all got in touch agent Doyle I’m on chapter 2 in bed my honorable had asked if you have any good news for loozer you know in life these are always goes with like sometimes it was an accident yeah it was an accident in Hong Kong he fell off a gangplank but the captain Bishop give us insurance money to bring to you yeah oh yeah but not too much you know what do you mean there’s enough to bring him up well [Music] [Music] new Camuto company I’ll put in a louder my honourable grandfather says that only good men don’t know how to lie well we on duty we better go now I don’t know you kind genuine dragon salon you could take a cup so long [Music] the tiger covers a real sob got a good dragon is a sucker that’s it now that we’ve finished casting run big shadow I’m splitting too bad we made a good team what about the car do I keep it oh no we sell it we go half and half potentional unit 16th district attention all units especially pride here’s the no half then seriously wounded in a gunfight we need special blood donors right away all right negative now I’m counting on the old place for spirit if any of you got it thank you boys run out what kind of blood to you then Rh negative you think you have enough of both of them shut up and step on it [Music] [Applause] you

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