Crossout Show: Fly swatter

Crossout Show: Fly swatter

In this episode: Fly swatter Easy combo What was that? A fitting end Flying drones are surprisingly tough for their small stature. In order to take out a whole swarm, you sometimes must expend considerable amount of time and ammunition. No, we need a better way of tackling this threat. In one fell swoop. Mikhail Kalashnikov goes old school. Now, we just gotta find a fly swatter, that’s big enough. Mikhail, we hope that the award is big enough for you! Trap mines are awesome! Using them you can pin the target down and then punish it with whatever weapons you’ve got. Trap mines do miracles when combined with barrel dispensers. You just wait for the enemy to take the bait and then send a fiery gift down his way. A simple, but very effective combo! Emad Yanni, please, show us how it’s done! Oh those Raiders, they never learn. 1000 Gold is out to the winner! Boomstick equipped rides are usually not meant for long engagements and normally rush into the midst of the foe, take out one or two targets and then happily give themselves up to Valhalla. But an unlucky lancer had trouble with our protagonist, that calls himself Moose Torrent. His ride was so well armored, that the kamikaze’s entire arsenal was not enough to deal any critical damage. Ouch, that sucks! Well, certainly not Moose Torrent! This guy is alive and kicking. Good one! CRD Gaming is ever ready to entertain the players of Crossout with beautiful rides and some hardcore wholesale slaughter. This time he built a jet ram. This ride has no Hog cabin, yes, not to mention that spears and saws were removed to save on mass, you still DO NOT want to be in this vehicle’s path. On the other hand, being crushed by such a thing of beauty is not such a bad way to go, i suppose. Your Gold is packed and will soon be delivered! Keep these videos coming! Thanks! Now it’s time to pick the best comment of the past week: Recon_Raccoon_XO says: Arctic: exists Wheels: Am I a joke to you? Please respond to your original comment with your in-game nickname and email address so we can send you your prize. Please, be advised that the prize gold may take up to five business days to be added to your in-game account. Thank you for watching this episode! Okay, let’s recap the three simple steps on how to submit your video to Crossout Show. STEP 1. Record and put together a video. ATTENTION! The submitted video must be made by you, must be published for the first time, must have public access for viewers and must not violate any copyright laws. STEP 2. Subscribe to our Youtube channel and hit the like button below this video. STEP 3. Upload your video to Youtube and send us a direct link to [email protected] The covering email should contain the desired category for your video, your in-game nickname and the email address registered with your game account, so we can send you the reward should your submission win! Every week four submissions will win 1000 Gold! We will also be awarding the best comment of the week with 300 Gold. So, get your engines revving, make some content, send it to us, or simply watch and comment, either way – we’ve got plenty gold to go around! See ya in a week!

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  1. 2:22 get rammed
    Ohh i hate tusk cabin users

    Tusk cabin users watching from the croner: we did bot do that buddy

  2. Struggling to Get rid of those pesky Raiders Flies attacks your supplies and food

    Well Then You can Call MikHail The Fly Exterminator

    He will Make Triple sure that those Raiders won't be Bugging you anymore

  3. Think I need to send a few clips in. Can I do that even though I play on Xbox? I have some awesome clips including me shooting a trap mine out of the air before it ever hits the ground and lots of tusk ramming. 💪

  4. drones: I HAVE THE HIGH GROUND!!!
    MIKHAIL KALASHNIKOV: you know pal? you forgot…

  5. On a side note: Some of these clips need to be extended a bit. The Yanni clip, for example, did not show the end. Kinda of a blue ball here


    In case you guys haven't noticed, every time someone submits a ride that gets more than 3 kills in a rounds, or works insanely well for racing… they start nerfing parts. It's not worth a measly thousand coins.

  7. You would think in the wasteland that wheels would be welded so hard on to the car that not even a train can knock em' off, Though i would be wrong. 2:10

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