Cruise Ship Mayhem & A Hot-Air Balloon Disaster | The Daily Show

Cruise Ship Mayhem & A Hot-Air Balloon Disaster | The Daily Show

News from somewhere
off the coast of Norway. A boatload of people who thought
they were embarking on an exciting cruise
of the Fjords of Norway say they got a different kind
of excitement. REPORTER:
Mutiny on a luxury cruise ship. Several say
their toilets stopped working. Passengers got into tense
confrontations with the crew. Norwegian Cruise Line
issued a statement apologizing for their guests’ inconvenience, blaming weather
for the change in itinerary. They also offered passengers
a 25% credit for a future trip. (laughter, groaning) Wait, what? Instead of a refund,
the cruise line is offering 25% off another cruise? Yo, that’s hella gangster, man. Imagine if the Titanic did that,
right? Yeah. They’re just pulling
people into the lifeboats, like, “I’m so sorry
your husband froze to death. Here’s a coupon for
a frozen margarita next time.” Also, I get that this vacation
wasn’t perfect, but– I’m not gonna lie–
these people were being a little extreme, all right? Okay, some toilets don’t flush
and the food’s not good. You’re still on a cruise ship. You got slides and pools
and endless alcohol. That’s all you need
for a good time. If the toilets don’t work,
you have the ocean right there. I mean,
it’s nature’s original toilet. Just do your thing. Over
the side, go back to the pool. You know how I know
things weren’t that bad? Is because people got together
to make a group sign. All right? That doesn’t happen
in a real disaster. Right?
When shit’s really going down, no one’s like,
“Oh, no. We’re gonna die. “Who’s got pen and paper? “We’re all gonna die! We’re all gonna die!” It would’ve been funny though
if the passengers did take over. ‘Cause I like how the people
were like, “I want to see the captain.” Imagine
if they just took over the ship and it became, like,
a pirate cruise– just people sailing around the
seas, attacking other cruises. “Argh! Take the shrimp buffet. Argh!” All right, well, moving on from a fun time on the water
gone wrong to a fun time in the air
gone really long. REPORTER:
Hot-air balloon horror. Flames erupting at one of
the nation’s largest festivals. REPORTER 2:
Fire falling from the skies. A hot-air balloon
engulfed in flames with a passenger
and pilot on board. Just one in a string
of balloons in distress during one of the nation’s
largest festivals, the Albuquerque International
Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico. Authorities also rushing
to help the passengers on this balloon after it goes
flying into the cable line. And not far from there,
a balloon crashed into a tree on a golf course
and is ripped apart. Okay, I am so happy
everyone survived those crashes. And on top of that,
it is nice to see a story where I know
no black people were hurt. I-I don’t even need to read
the articles on this. (cheering and applause) So, things didn’t go as planned. But what was the plan? Huh? I always wondered this.
They’re balloons. You can’t control them.
It just goes with the wind. Who wants to travel like that? Like, imagine if you got
in your car and it just went in the
direction the wind was blowing. You’re just like,
“All right, on my way to work. No! It looks like I’m going
into the lake!” I mean, I don’t know about you,
but I’m-I’m not getting into any mode of transportation
that’s built around a basket. I’ve never been
at a picnic and thought, “Yeah, I want to do that
in the sky. Yeah, yeah.”

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  1. Isn’t American airliners always doing this though? If your flight got cancelled or delayed, they give you voucher for future flights? This is what happens when you don’t have a better regulation America.

  2. I was in Colorado Springs about 6 years ago and and some people died on a hot air ballon. The next day going to work, there was like 20 ballons in the air. People just don’t give a fuck.

  3. Sheesh. When my carnival cruise got stuck at st martin. We had periods without power or toilets. And had to be flown back to florida… They at least gave us 50% off our next cruisw

  4. They dump the trash overboard. It's a bacteria festering virus capsule. Cruises suuuuuck. Overpriced. Never go again. Ewwwy.

  5. I went on a ncl cruise last year and it was AMAZING, all the crew members were so nice and everything was perfect. You shouldn’t judge them for one mistake.

  6. As someone who has been on one of the Norwegian cruise line ships, there are a few things of note:

    –When the toilets stop working, the faucet water turns brown.
    –There is no slide on that ship.
    –They charge $1 a minute for internet access
    –The staff is rude because they aren't paid well
    –Without excursions, there is no way of knowing what to do without paying a fortune for wifi.

  7. It's pretty racist of Trevor to say 'he's glad that no black people got hurt'. Humans are humans. Somebody got hurt and that is bad. ( Reverse )Racism in the garb of comedy IS NOT COOL.

  8. Hi
    i want to speak about Tunisia
    There are many things goings on in the politics pictures .
    So i would like if the Americans news give Tunisia some attention
    And thank you

  9. 2:42 Imagine if a white host said this? “I was glad to know no white people were hurt”. Racist af! America is turning more liberal and corrupt by the day…and trying to put the fault on whites.

  10. I’ve had a good time on every Norwegian cruise I’ve been on, sometimes the weather changes the course. What did those people want, to just go into a deadly storm? Bunch of dummies low key, drunk middle aged people love to complain though

  11. Where is the Rand Paul interview? He pointed out many interesting and accurate points about war in Syria and American politics that many dont want to hear because their hate of Trump is bigger than common sense.

  12. I'm a cruise agent and I already decided not to sell NCL to clients before this incident. I can't stand dealing with them.

  13. A couple hot air balloons: *crash*


  14. Hey Trevor, Can you talk about the Iraqi protests in the show please?!

    Becuz we wanna send our voice to other people and folks so they can know what's happening and press on the government.

    The Internet was disconnected, now it's back but there's a ban on SocialMedia sites, so we're using VPN apps.

    Man, these beaches are killing peaceful protestors who got no weapons but flags shouting "It's Peaceful".
    Atleast mention about it.

    And thanks man, huge AC, I mean.. fan from Iraq.

  15. That’s what they get for being dumb keep spending ur money on shitty cruise ships Disney is the best they don’t never go through that shit

  16. My go to is A Perfect Circle. Maynard's voice really did it for my first girlfriend and now that music is forever tied to sex to me.

  17. You know what Trevor Noah is? A puppet to the democrat party.

    A fucking loser who told his white audience to vote for Robert Byrd's protege.

    he's a fucking sell out….plain and simple.

  18. When you book a cruise you accept that the plan can change due to bad weather. No one is at fault for that and the captain is the one reliable for the ship and it's passengers. No need to refund anything and those passengers should keep their shit together and don't scream like angry idiots 🤦🏻‍♂️

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  20. I never wanted to go far enough in the ocean where I can no longer see the shore, but after seeing Hasan Minaj Patriot Act about cruises and now this, I'm definitely not going!

  21. They think this cruise ship was a horrible experience they should try the cruise ships the slaves were transported to America on. They'd be piiiiiiiiiisssssssed! No wifi.

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