Daniel Radcliffe on fame and difficult fans | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

Daniel Radcliffe on fame and difficult fans | The Graham Norton Show – BBC

So now here’s the thing we know danny active you have [a] reputation being lovely to fans you very sweet you give your time very Freely to them, but I read with interest that you were starting to toughen up now You’re being a little more discerning with your fans um [limit] what what do you mean? Well? Whatever like you were being generally nice, but you were the friend and she kind [of] went you know yes, right? well yeah, well cuz I I think when when you like start acting a young age people expect you to be a Total dick all the time, and that’s the [handi] expectation that you should always find yourself coming up against yeah And and so [I] think all my life, I’ve like been Really like worked hard to not be that and to be like as far away That’s possible But that has sort of sometimes meant that like something you can be really rude to me Kind of and I’ll just be like yeah fine you know I won’t really like notice that you’ve been rude and sometimes like people will come up and muck like 99% of the time when people come up to you ask you for something on Street They are really very nice and then just occasion like someone will come up And I said somebody said can I get a picture with you, [and] I just you know just saying words not meaning anything But I just said yo yeah of course if you want to and she just went What wouldn’t have asked we didn’t want to I was like [I’ll] of course I was like Oh, no of course you wouldn’t [of] [silly] [of] [me] got it And then like she left and my girlfriend was with me. Just like that guy was a dick to you like you need so she’s giving me like a little bit of sense of Like you can judge that not I’m like a dick back now I know, I just thought but you don’t need to do that, but apparently rupert grints even worse than you rupert I don’t know the details of this at all but roofer ended up with somebody’s house one night [just] from like continuing to say yes [to] think Again, I feel bad saying this I feel like someone’s gonna take advantage of that and just like ask him to you know He’s Gonna be like the new Manchurian candidate Because sometimes people come up to you, and they don’t mean to be rude But they can be quite rude captain Boyer I had I had at the premiere of was it suffragette my wife just been in a film and And I thought if anybody calls out my name Algún Saying autographs and as it happened a [few] people saying didn’t know that that and so [this] woman was screaming screaming screaming She’s James [Dave] James. [I’m] [at] thanks. How about saying my thing [and] I came over and she went. Oh, thank you I’m a really big fan of some of your work. [oh] Yeah, thank you. I’ll saying some of your poster Okay, that was [okay]. That was a weird and people are trying to be nice to try b. I think sometimes as well There’s a thing that people do where they like and it is very particular to a particular young men with me Want to do a thing where they want me to know [that] they don’t give a shit about? Me right before they start [asking] for something so they’ll be like i don’t really like the harry potter movies, but can you sign this? Like don’t do that. [just] say something a nice thing. It’s so easy I had one I’ve gone out and really recently a fancy dress party where [there] and this is where drake do you know that thing where some people make a list of People famous people that they had allowed to have sex with if they meet them oh the free pass the free pass right yeah, she called an allowance and I Was like wallet pocket money. Yeah, how are [you] good to spend me and so? Met her and her fella and and then she came up and said there after a Sprint, so you’re my allowance And I was like a beggar [bab] excuse me, and there’s rent You know he’s cool with it, and you’re my thing and I was I By the way, that’s a whole other story And and I was really sort of like taken [aback], right and I was at married and but thank you very much That’s very nice union and she said this thing that was like it was [meant] as a compliment And she was trying to get me to do stuff But it was still really backhanded and she went ’cause you know a lot of girls would be after [something] like channing tatum Do you know what y’all know getting it achievable goals?

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  1. Like my ex who was always making herself into a victim case. She described herself as the girl who would only have someone else's leftovers (me). I should've dumped her on the spot.

  2. I want to see james mcavoy and tom hiddles do a movie together! And yes i shortened tom's surname🤭😜

  3. forget all of the usual quotes you see on peoples facebook pages!,
    we need more people saying the Mantra of Daniel!
    "Just say a nice thing, it's so easy!"

  4. I can't describe in words how much I love listening to James McAvoy! His voice and accent is so addicting!

  5. Omg if I met James or Daniel in person, I’d be so tongued tied I’d probably ramble on and confess my love to them or something equally embarrassing 😂😭❤️

  6. Ohh! the one that Rupert ended up to hang out with a group of Drag Queens and apparantly ending up looking like one

  7. Daniel is probably the nicest celebrity I've ever met, he waited behind after the show to meet everyone who waited and was so lovely :,)

  8. I met James McAvoy twice at an airport and I fucked it up completely both times. First time I was anxious when I saw him on a plane and I ducked it up by bring a fool. The second time was on the plane back and I was tired and kinda moody from the ride back and I bumped into his child and he looked so freaked out and left.

    Probably one of my worst memories.

  9. If I was famous I'd be one of these paparazzi beating spiting-at-fans people. I just hate how stupid and entitled humans are on a regular basis without even realizing it.

  10. Lines that we NEED to hear james McAvoy say:
    Dönke, get oüt of ma swamp
    Yer a wizard arry
    But muummm, its ma bowww

  11. I do not understand how anyone can be rude to either of those gentlemen. I saw Keanu Reeves and knew it was him but thought, 'You know what? That poor guy is constantly hounded by fans, and I don't want to be another one of those lunatics that feels entitled to just hassle the guy. ' So I just went about my merry way knowing that I got to see him in person. People are nuts and that is how John Lennon died. A crazed fan shot him. Stay safe gentlemen.

  12. I love James accent!! Channing Tatum? Not since the ol’ days. James McAvoy over him any day.

  13. James’ face the whole time Daniel is talking about being more aware of fans rudeness is so precious and silently judging at the same time, especially when he finally pipes in with “we’ve all been there Daniel 🤨.” 😂.

  14. Lmao I get what he means, it's awful trying to be nice to everyone and not be rude when people like to test your patience or take advantage of it. And worst thing is if he snaps sometime it will be him in the headlines.

  15. Channing Tatum? Why would anyone like that dude? 😬 James McAvoy is sexy and hot AF and has that damn Scottish accent

  16. Rupert ended up at someone's house ? Radcliffe there are photos of you with the Dublin gaa minor team pissed off your face

  17. James sounded soooooo drunk or unless his accent is so thick I couldn’t understand him . Wtf ? Did anyone understand him ???!!!

  18. You can never say a bad word about Daniel. He gave me his childhood and that is a price that is steep and many children want back. Even tho he has wealth, he is still a missing person inside in some ways. That’s how the home alone series went.

  19. My thanks for the lighting department for making Harry Potter look like Harry Hitler. Nice job, jackasses.

  20. dan is such a genuine nervous piece of cake, my baby. you're doing great.(please pass my number to sean biggerstaff)

  21. When I was a kid I watched Harry Potter sorcerrors stone
    By the time of chamber of secrets… I'm sorry to say I was one of those idiots who expect him to be a totally dick all the time… Didn't like him..

    People like me should really feel ashamed of ourselves and apologies to the people we midjudged whether they know we did so or not

    Almost forgot…
    I'm sorry #DanielRadcliffe

  22. Should always be polite regardless who you're speaking too,if you're asking for a autograph or picture you should be decent. And have respect you're asking for something irreplaceable

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